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DM Flykiller's Council of Thieves

Game Master flykiller

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Liberty's Edge

Congratulations gents; and good luck!

So I'm reopening this recruitment thread. Our DM has gone MIA for about 3 weeks now and we've also lost one of our players in the process. So we're looking for someone to take over DMing. We're currently invading the goblin lair so we're not that far ahead.

Right now we have:

Dracius Ludio - Half Orc Cleric of Shelyn

Dario Westone - Half Elf Archaeologist

Ferrucio - Possibly Evil Human Wizard

Bishop Jerro(Me) Human Pistolero/Martial Artist

Any takers on either slot? As far as party roles go, someone willing to tank would be great. As far as a DM goes, I'd like someone willing to update regularly and frequently if possible.

Possibly Evil?!? Harrumph. ; )

Okay, how this?

Ferrucio - Obviously Evil Human Wizard


Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'd be interested in playing. CoT was my first introduction to the PF ruleset, and the DM got us through the first half of The Sixfold Trial before the game fell apart. Since you've already got an arcanist, that precludes me from bringing my previous character (Infernal Bloodline Sorcerer) along, but I can definitely take the character and remould him into a tank.

As always with this background, I warn you - it's slightly disturbing. Then again, when dealing with Hell, what isn't?

Giuseppe Valtresi, Faithful of Iomedae:

Before Humanity's Power died, before the Storm at Sea raged, before the world broke, House Valtresi was a one of the more respected minor noble houses in Westcrown. They had a strong militant tradition in their history - the Valtresi were often responsible for new arms and armor for the Chelaxian armies. They had one major downfall - they also had close ties to the Church of Aroden. When their patron deity died, so began their slide into obscurity. They clung to the power they had left through the military and their ties with Iomedae's cult, but the times were changing in Westcrown, and indeed, throughout the Empire. The rise of the Thrice Damned House of Thrune was the herald of Valtresi's dissolution, but its instrument would come from within.

Alphonse Valtresi was the patriarch of the family, and he deeply loved his family. His wife, Adele, was a pale-skinned beauty with blonde hair the color of the noonday sun. She was not just a pretty face - she was a shrewd negotiator, and softened her husband's rough edges. Then there were the twins, Claudio and Claudia. Eight years old and his pride and joy. Claudio enjoyed dressing up like a Chelaxian officer and playmarching around the estate. Claudia loved horses, and had secret names for all of them on the estate. She claimed they told her their real names. Adele had recently told him that she was expecting again.

Then the Andoran offensives began. All officers were called to the front, and Alphonse reluctantly left. He would miss his wife entering into labor, but he could not refuse his country, even if they had fallen from grace. Off to the front lines he went, and he fought bravely, ordering his men against the Andoran secessionists. While the war is lost, Alphonse committed his men well, and was decorated in the conflict. It cost him a fifth of his men, and himself an eye, but he was able to translate this victory into a quick pass home to be with his wife when she had the child. He rode his horse hard, a white stallion named Pasquale (known as Signore Murrasciare to his daughter), and arrived back at his estate, scarcely leaving time for horse or rider to rest.

He was shocked to find the place empty. His wife, children, even servants, missing. He called out as he searched, his sword already in his hand, but could not find anyone. He heard a creak behind him, and turned to see Yves, the Taldan butler leap upon him with a carving knife. He struggled with the man for a time, and was forced to run him through. As Yves died, a black smoke issued from his mouth and nostrils, and a sinister chuckling could be heard. The scent of brimstone attacked Alphonse's nostrils. Diabolism was at work. Alphonse searched again, and found a hidden panel in the larder slightly ajar. He followed it down.

He found a scene of horror. A finished chamber made from black stone was filled with the household servants, and an altar bore the angry red pentagram of the Lord of Hell. A pentagram of bright crimson was painted on the floor, and the servants chanted around it. Alphonse found the source of the blood, and cried out - the twins had been tied up, their throats opened, and their blood painted to create the blasphemous circle. He then saw Adele - she wore the robes of the Asmodean clergy, and was lying on the altar. She screamed and clutched her belly, as the child was preparing to be born. She heard Alphonse as he entered, and screamed for her minions to prevent him from interrupting the sacrifice.

He couldn't move for a moment - the scene of horror was too great for him. Until the servants began to rush him, he could do little but wonder how deeply his wife had fooled him. As they attacked, however, insticts kicked in. He began cutting down the servants he had lived with his whole life, pushing further into the room to interrupt the black mass.

He finally reached the altar after cutting a bloody swath through the room. Adele had given birth, and the babe was screaming. She took him into her arms, and pulled a blade from her robes. It was already red with blood - no doubt the same implement she used to end her other two childrens' lives. Alphonse moved without thought - to strike her down would take too long. He shielded the child - his child - with his body, and took the blade in his back. He gathered the child in his arms, tearing the infant way from his mother's grasp. She fought like a woman possessed, and began chanting the rites of the Lord of Hell to end his life. Alphonse leapt onto the altar, pinning her down, and strangling the life from his wife. At last, the only sounds in the chamber was that of tears - both that of the child, and of his own.

House Valtresi died that day. Alphonse took the boychild from the estate, and set the place ablaze. He took refuge with Iomedae's cult, and began to raise the boy with the teachings of the Inheritor. Giuseppe, as he was to be known, had only recently learned of his history, but has always had a dislike of the Chelaxian government and their inflexibility, citing their favored line, "As Below, so Above." The Iomedaeans taught him the ways of their faith; his father taught him the ways of the sword. He would merge them, and do what he could to heal Westcrown.

I prefer 'pragmatic', thank you.

And I had nothing to do with the party paladin's demise.

No, really.

No takers on running this for us? No wonderful soul willing to make our dream of playing this AP come true?

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