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DM Fflash's Shackled City Campaign

Game Master DM Fflash

Chapter 4: The Zenith Trajectory
Bhal Hamatugn

DM Fflash

DM Fflash

(2,032 posts)
Wen Histani
Jenya Urikas *NPC*

Female Human Priestess of Iomedae 5
(16 posts)
Imeckus Stroon
Lord Vhalantru *NPC*

Male Human Aristocrat 10
(14 posts)
Shensen Tesseril *NPC*

Female Half-drow Sensai 3/Jaguar Shaman 3
(7 posts)

Magma Iron Clan

Barl Breakbones
Magma Iron Clan

Male Stonechild Stonechild 4 / Fighter 3/ Cleric 1 (HP 108 AC 28) (Fort 16 Reflex 9 Will 10)
(676 posts)

Malcolm Reigns

Sama'el Val'varen

Male Teifling Bladebound Magus 7 (AC 21/(27) / Hp 72 / Init +4 / Fort +8 / Ref +7 / Will +6)
(381 posts)
Malcolm Reigns



Male Human Ranger 1/Fighter 4/Order of the Bow Initiate 2
(415 posts)


Nowzai al'Nazari

Male Human Wizard (Conjuror) 7
(501 posts)
nomadiccDM NomadSage


Sir Holton

Male Human Paladin (Oathbound Paladin - Fiends) 8; AC 20, HP 80/80, Fort +13, Ref +8, Will +11, Init +1, Greatsword +13/+8(2d6+5/19-20x2)
Tracked Resources:
Spells 2/2 1st, 2/2 2nd; 3/3 smite evils; 14/14 LoH

(398 posts)

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