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DM Fflash's Shackled City Campaign

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Chapter 5: The Demonskar Legacy
The Demonskar: Vaprak's Voice

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Male Human R:1/F:6/DSniper:2 - AC: 25 (T:15, FF:21) HP:93/93, F10 / R11 / W6
DMFflash wrote:

Yes, you would get one if your ability gives you a 10 foot range? (Snap shot right? Thought it was limited to 5 foot until you got improved snap shot) Need combat reflexes for more.

Order is correct. Can retcon the damage if you interrupt it. Pick left or right.

-Posted with Wayfinder

Yep, I have both snap shot and improved (until I fail that neg level save!). Will have combat reflexes as soon as I finish retraining, but I think I'm 2 weeks minus a few hours :)

Actually neg levels don't take away feats, just give you a bunch of penalties (-1 and 10hps per I believe)

-Posted with Wayfinder

Nemoris, if Sam does hit you with prot evil, it will be next turn before you can act (maintain init). Will save your dice rolls.

-Posted with Wayfinder

Male Teifling Bladebound Magus 9 (AC 27 / Hp 83 / Init +6 / Fort +9 / Ref +10 / Will +7)

The spell says an immediate new save, so wouldn't he then get his actions?

Doesn't reset his initiative ... it just no longer makes him helpless

Male Teifling Bladebound Magus 9 (AC 27 / Hp 83 / Init +6 / Fort +9 / Ref +10 / Will +7)

What are the init's now? I know they all got messed up but I don't even know what they are

They're in my previous round post to this last one. They didn't get all messed up ... they're still intact.

Male Teifling Bladebound Magus 9 (AC 27 / Hp 83 / Init +6 / Fort +9 / Ref +10 / Will +7)

I am on the work laptop, I will get a post up in game play as soon as I have everything in front of me but I don't want to slow the game down.

I will quickly explain what I know about the big demon, you can read the spoiler.

I will use the wand on Nemoris.

If I don't move, and use the Wand Wield Arcana can I use the want twice in one round or is there no way to do that?

Nope, just allows you to use it and still attack as part of a full attack action ... I don't know much of anything other than quicken spell that allows you to cast twice in a round.

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