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DM Fflash's Shackled City Campaign

Game Master DM Fflash

Chapter 4: The Zenith Trajectory
Bhal Hamatugn

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You did check alignment of both the prisoners.

Male Half Elf Rogue 7

I'll be honest....I don't remember their alignments specifically, but I know that if I said they were evil, the lawful folks would seriously consider just leaving. I was trying play my character, manipulation for survival. :)

Male Teifling Bladebound Magus 7 (AC 21/(27) / Hp 72 / Init +4 / Fort +8 / Ref +7 / Will +6)

You did, before we went down and killed the mummy. We had one released and you sensed they were evil and so we locked them back up.

You and Dalamus are both incredibly weak, there is no way to know that if you release both of them that they won't turn on you and try and kill you both. They are evil, and would have no problem killing you both.

Male Half Elf Rogue 7

no doubt...unfortunately we have a bunch of good guys here....They can't let it go.

I am just surprised that the being good, you want to release evil

Male Teifling Bladebound Magus 7 (AC 21/(27) / Hp 72 / Init +4 / Fort +8 / Ref +7 / Will +6)

Now I have to worry that you all are going to stage a prison break in the city since they are prisoners as well...

Sama'el Val'varen wrote:
Now I have to worry that you all are going to stage a prison break in the city since they are prisoners as well...

Hmm, if the prison were collapsing?

Male Half Elf Rogue 7

Damn morals! :)

Although we still have a couple things to wrap up at the end of this adventure (reward, raising Sam), you all will be having quite a bit of down time, so if you wish to craft, interact with NPCs etc, start sketching out your plans, now.

and ... you've all reached 8th level! Please post your level ups here

Magma, let me know what needs to be identified or assessed for value as far as the loot goes.

Here in a bit, I'd also like to post some thoughts for you all to consider in planning your way forward. Some of the ... limitations ... if you will, in your party makeup/planning.

In addition to leveling up, everyone gains 2 prestige points for their faction.

For additional prestige, I'll entertain your solicitations on what you believe you've earned for this Chapter. Look at your Faction Reward list and let me know what you think you've earned and why.

For those that don't have a faction (Sam), you can earn prestige in one, but can't use it until you've joined ... make sense?

Now, things you should consider for future chapters

  • A healer NPC: there are several you could solicit, Jenya (cleric 7), Fellian (fighter 3/cleric 4), Shensen (monk 2/druid 5)
  • Barring that, you should consider stat damage and condition issues (i.e. neg levels, fatigue, exhaustion, disease, poison, curse) and get the proper scrolls/wands/items
  • At this level, flying and invisibility are common, so consider that
  • For that matter, enemies with magic in general are more common
  • DR breakers ... you'll encounter more and more things with various types of Damage Reduction

Male Half Elf Rogue 7

Tike, we had talked about the Assassin prestige class. I was thinking that I can do the role playing portion while in the city, and level up into that prestige class now.

What are your thoughts?

Assassin or Red Mantis Assassin?

But for either one, yes we can make that work.

Male Half Elf Rogue 7

Ok I will level the character up tonight or tomorrow and send it to you. Then I will start the roleplaying portion of the prestige class.

Male Teifling Bladebound Magus 7 (AC 21/(27) / Hp 72 / Init +4 / Fort +8 / Ref +7 / Will +6)

Level Up

HD - 1d8 + 2 + 73 ⇒ (8) + 2 + 73 = 83

Stat Increase Int +1

BAB +1 = +6/+1 Second attack Woo Hoo!

Fort Save +1
Will Save +1

Improved Spell Combat - +2 on Concentration Checks when using Spell Combat

Skills (Tike can you double check what you have for my skills? I think when I get an additional Int point I can go back and spend those extra skills points but I am not sure what you have for me on my sheet I am at 64 skills)

+1 Disable Device
+1 Fly
+3 Know Arcane
+2 Perception
+1 Spell Craft
+1 UMD

Still working on spells. Will update when I have that picked

Male Teifling Bladebound Magus 7 (AC 21/(27) / Hp 72 / Init +4 / Fort +8 / Ref +7 / Will +6)

So what are our prestige faction options? I know you and I have talked about a couple, the academy I think was one that Nowzai is a part of but I can't find the post that talks about the other ones.

And how do we go about finding ones that suit our character more then what are available.

Cool things I did this chapter:

Role played pretty well in the negotiation with Celeste and Nowzai

Fairly solid back ground story

Exploded the Mummy with a pretty solid crit on a shocking grasp

Died heroically trying to slay an evil cleric

The factions are on the Google site. Should be a link under the campaign tab

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