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Please check and post at least once a day. This format allows for a much quicker playing game if everyone is involved and engaged. With less party management on my part, I should be able to focus on game text and plot line which is what you guys are here for. That said, I know we've taken long hiatus's from this game. I really want to get it back running, so everyone's gotta help throw that in. The big change will be in role playing.

Note the "How to format your text" box at the bottom of the posting area. Forum standards for gameplay are as follows, and I intend to use them:

Gameplay tab: For in-character posting ONLY! NPCs will post as their own alias. DM discussion will be done by my DM Fflash alias.

Discussion Tab: OOC Tab: Everything else should go in the discussion tab, to include Level Ups, rules question, player-player discussion.

In-character dialogue: Use bolded text
Ex:"Hey Epik, let's go grab a drink at the bar"

In-character thoughts: Use italicized text
Ex:I wish he would fall off the chair and die

Out of character for questions specific to the immediate posting
Ex:Do I get a +2 for flanking

The game has a dice roller, so please use it for all active rolls. I'd ask that any time you roll a to hit, also roll damage. If you're in your critical threat range, roll a critical confirmation and critical damage. If you have odd modifiers, let me know.

To hit: [dice]1d20+5+2[/dice]
+2 for flank
Dam: [dice]1d8+4[/dice]


Combat will be done round by round; DM will roll initiative and everyone will post their actions for that round; if someone else's actions change your post, changes will be accepted until the round's actions have been posted. Characters will make all active rolls each round.

For spells, please include the DC in the post plus any dice rolls required (damage, range, # targets etc.)

At the beginning of each combat post, please type the Round #, current/total hps, current AC, active effects (like spells) and conditions (like fatigued or shaken)

Saving throws will be in the next immediate post your character makes after the Round posting, in addition to anything else you want to know. If it's not done, it's an auto-fail.

As before, I will have 2 dungeon maps, a combat map and an exploration map. They will be kept updated on the Maps & Images section of the Site. New monsters & NPCs will have added images as well when they're presented. I'll try and mention in the forums when a new map or image is added but assume they're updated regularly (new combat round or new area explored]

Flex Time:
This is a unique construct afforded us by the forums and introduced to me by nomaddic (who stole it from someone else). When dungeon exploring or participating in multiple events, instead of running through it serially, I'll detail multiple rooms at once. If you have inputs on an area, just add the ooc title of the area (e.g.Throne Room) and your inputs to what you're doing there. This will result in you inputting on multiple things at once, but it allows us to blow through some of the empty 5x5 rooms quickly. Whenver we start combat, we'll take that to completion and then resume flex time. You'll understand once we start using it.

Role playing:
There's a lot more opportunity for in-character interaction with the forums. I encourage you to use it and participate. Throw out comments on what you're doing and what you think through in-character thoughts and dialogue. This will help with the feel of the game and help me feel less like I'm writing a novel.

Loot & XP:
I'll award XP at regular intervals after major events. Magma is tracking loot and will sell, divide, etc at the appropriate times. If something needs to be identified, and I don't post it, remind me. Each PC is responsible for tracking their own funds and XP. If you miss something, sorry, but it's all posted. I'll give every character their starting XP in the OOC thread shortly.

Level ups:
Track in OOC and post what decisions you make. Hit points are either take half or roll and keep.

Spoilers: Like those I used above. In game they are to be used for different languages, knowledge results, or when party members are separated. Good for asking sneaky things of the DM as well. If you open and read something that your character wouldn't know, I'd expect you not to act on it. The best rule of thumb is to not open it and let the informed explain it if they so choose. Mystery helps the game. :)


"I spit on your toes, humie!"

Relevant Golarion Gazeteer Info:

Osibu: Within the gold-laid streets of Osibu, surrounded by the glittering ring of statues called the Circle of Twice- Honored Women, the calls of the surrounding jungle are briefly abated, and the carnivorous plants that roam nearby turn back in confusion. The people of Osibu know neither thirst nor hunger—the rains bring fresh water with
each morning and the fruits of the jungle are pluckedeasily from the trees. The great Dimari-Diji, Final Tree of the Elder World, watches over the ancient, democratically ruled city of Osibu. Here, the great
hunched treant guards over the Nemesis Well and recounts to all who listen the Echoes of the World- Name. In Osibu, the wise-women practice a form of medicine unknown in the outer world, a rare art of mingling sweet herbs that seems to elongate a life for centuries and stave off the most virulent of diseases.

Screaming Jungle: South of Lake Ocota,
across the spirithaunted Bandu Hills, the Screaming Jungle looms
like a wave of verdant terror on the horizon. The confounding tangle of towering trees and sentient, man-killing plants gets its name from the
constant screeching of millions of monkeys that inhabit the canopy. The cacophony can be heard several miles in all directions of the forest, and most travelers notice the screaming before the woodland itself comes into view.

Actions in Combat Reference:

Standard Actions
Attack (melee) No
Attack (ranged) Yes
Attack (unarmed) Yes
Activate a magic item other than a potion or oil No
Aid another Maybe
Cast a spell (1 standard action casting time) Yes
Channel energy No
Concentrate to maintain an active spell No
Dismiss a spell No
Draw a hidden weapon (see Sleight of Hand skill) No
Drink a potion or apply an oil Yes
Escape a grapple No
Feint No
Light a torch with a tindertwig Yes
Lower spell resistance No
Read a scroll Yes
Ready (triggers a standard action) No
Stabilize a dying friend (see Heal skill) Yes
Total defenseNo
Use extraordinary ability No
Use skill that takes 1 action Usually
Use spell-like ability Yes
Use supernatural ability No

Move Actions
Move Yes
Control a frightened mount Yes
Direct or redirect an active spell No
Draw a weapon No
Load a hand crossbow or light crossbow Yes
Open or close a door No
Mount/dismount a steed No
Move a heavy object Yes
Pick up an item Yes
Sheathe a weapon Yes
Stand up from prone Yes
Ready or drop a shield No
Retrieve a stored item Yes

Full-Round Action
Full attack No
Charge No
Deliver coup de graceYes
Escape from a net Yes
Extinguish flames No
Light a torch Yes
Load a heavy or repeating crossbow Yes
Lock or unlock weapon in locked gauntlet Yes
Prepare to throw splash weapon Yes
Run Yes
Use skill that takes 1 round Usually
Use a touch spell on up to six friends Yes
Withdraw No

Free Action
Cease concentration on a spell No
Drop an item No
Drop to the floor No
Prepare spell components to cast a spell5 No
Speak No

Swift Action
Cast a quickened spell No

Immediate Action
Cast feather fall No

No Action
Delay No
5-foot step No

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