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DM Devon's RotRL aka "The Heroes of Sandpoint"

Game Master PirateDevon

Something sinister is happening in Sandpoint and only our heroes can stop it. See what happens when a group loses DM after DM and yet the heroes forge on!

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Male Human (Ulfen) Wizard (Enhancer) 6

Vidar rubs the back of his head a little sheepishly.
"We certainly have concerns in the town, but we have no leads as where to start.
I am thinking that perhaps we could inquire in the fort as to where to begin to be perfectly honest."

Male Half Orc Barbarian 4 / Oracle 1, Perception +6, Darkvision, Fort +7/ Ref +1/ Will +2, Init +4, AC 18, HP :59

Kithian finishes his breakfast and 4th ale and shrugs his shoulders. "Which ever. Dosent mater to me. Sure some one somewhere needs a killing, let's get to it."

Male Human (Ulfen) Wizard (Enhancer) 6

Vidar merely smirks at Kithian.
There was a certain appeal to the way he lived his life, a simplicity that was far beyond Vidar, who at times seemed to WANT to complicate it as much as possible.

Female Assimar(Idyllkin) Oracle of Battle/4 - Paladin/2 [HP 61/61; AC27,T13,FF26; F+12,R+7,W+11; Per+7; Init +1(roll twice)]

Sayniek, in her armor as usual, but without the full helmet that is a part of her regular garb, sits across from Kithian as she finishes her breakfast. She had to admit, small town inns such as this certainly knew how to prepare fresh eggs, bacon, and other local produce.

Don't worry I am sure that more than a few will need vengeance to be brought down upon them before long.

Bard (Arcane Duelist) 3/UC Rogue 3 | AC 22/14/18, hp 34/38; 10/10 Bardic; Effect: None

Camillo sits quietly, observing the body language of the wizard and the ranger, thinking of someone else...

Awakened from his reverie, he says, "I suspect the men of the fort might be able to provide us with useful information about the town. I am hopeful that our quarry has had less luck infiltrating out there."

Male Human (Ulfen) Wizard (Enhancer) 6

"Well then, with no dissenting opinions so far, he briefly glances over at Pinocchio in case he wants to speak, we have a plan.
So, eat up, we shall depart after breakfast."

AC 13/11/11 | 2/5/6 | HP 40 | Init +2, Percep. +10 CMD 13 Slots: | 1st-8 2nd-7 3rd-4 | Arcane Bolt 9/day

Pinocchio holds up his hands to indicate no objection. Sounds good to me! I'm excited to get back to the adventure!

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