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DM Devon's RotRL aka "The Heroes of Sandpoint"

Game Master PirateDevon

Something sinister is happening in Sandpoint and only our heroes can stop it. See what happens when a group loses DM after DM and yet the heroes forge on!

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Kithian and Jut search the bodies as the group reconvenes. Kithian notes the presence of a jeweled dagger of some fine cratfsmanship and a pair of nicely made swords, bows and armor. (MW s. swords, MW Composite S bows at 14 strength and MW studded leather) while the third warrior seems to be dressd more in a mix of tanned hides and carrying a solid oak cudgel. He has the look of a druid.

Bewtween the mercenaries you find 6 days of rations, 25 gp in assorted coins, 500 gp in assorted jewels and a small leather bound portfolio which contains rough descriptions of Vidar, Camillo, Sayniek and Kithian along with some hand written notes relating to the groups apparent destination and potential travel routes.

Jutmerlum notes that they are all three mercenaries from a relatively small company based out of Magnimar called the "Redbolts" and each wears a stylized crimson and bronze bolt charm on a neckale. Jutmerlum knows them to be a low costing option for low moral types.

Male Human (Ulfen) Wizard (Enhancer) 6

"Hmmm, I find it somewhat heartening that these descriptions do not contain information of our newest comrades, but somewhat less heartening that they lack the description of our older ones.
If no-one has a spell prepared to send a message with, remind me to prepare one for tomorrow.
I wish to warn our friends back in Sandpoint, just in case someone will try to go after them there."

Bard (Arcane Duelist) 3/UC Rogue 3 | AC 22/14/18, hp 34/38; 10/10 Bardic; Effect: None

With a look of concern, Camillo replies, "I have nothing that would reach Sandpoint, no."

AC 13/11/11 | 2/5/6 | HP 40 | Init +2, Percep. +10 CMD 13 Slots: | 1st-8 2nd-7 3rd-4 | Arcane Bolt 9/day

Pinocchio, with significantly less concern, relies, Nope!

Fighter (archer) 6 (half-orc) | HP 63/63 | AC:21 (23 Shield), T:14, F:18 | CMD:22, CMB:+7 | Save F+8, R+6, W+2 (+2 vs Fear) | Init:+5 | Perc: +5 (DV 60ft)

Jutmerlum slips a dagger into the loop of the necklace, studying the badly crafted image of a jagged red line. He crouches there and chuckles. ”Redbolts. Bunch o’ low-lives outta Magnimar.” He shakes his head and stands, sheathing his dagger and giving his chin a scratch. ”Anyone from flesh-peddlers to red powder dealers use ‘em. Real choice group y’all musta crossed back in city if they’re sending these turds.”

After a view of the drawings and documents Jut says, ”May be these uns are respondin’ to a bounty. Ifn ya gotta price on yer heads, we’ll see more like as not. Prolly closer to our destination, n’ prolly a better cut o’ merc than these idiots.” His good eye goes to the pouch of gold and the assorted jewels. ”Although, not many bounties get paid in advance of success...unless that’s a down payment.”

AC 13/11/11 | 2/5/6 | HP 40 | Init +2, Percep. +10 CMD 13 Slots: | 1st-8 2nd-7 3rd-4 | Arcane Bolt 9/day

If that's a down payment then whoever's mad at you guys has deep pockets and not great underworld connections.

Sincerest apologies, I got a new promotion that also came with moving offices and computers and what not so my access to tech has been severly limited as my crappy home laptop has decided to play "turn off without notice and always require to be plugged in". But I'm moved, set up, and adapting so I should be more present.

What next?

Bard (Arcane Duelist) 3/UC Rogue 3 | AC 22/14/18, hp 34/38; 10/10 Bardic; Effect: None

Can we learn anything from the one I carried to the camp? I assume he survived the experience. Do we want to search their camp in depth since there is not another battle we must return to?

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