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DM Devon's RotRL aka "The Heroes of Sandpoint"

Game Master PirateDevon

Something sinister is happening in Sandpoint and only our heroes can stop it. See what happens when a group loses DM after DM and yet the heroes forge on!

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Male Half-Elf Paladin 3

"I'd be happy to help in any small way I can," Kerrec says accepting the invitation to meet with Father Zantus.

Regarding the dinner invitation. "I must warn you, this Foxglove likes to tell tall tales. He had the crowd at the Rusty Dragon thinking I had felled a goblin war party in a matter of seconds. Perhaps the events of the previous day affected his perceptions of reality. Whatever he tells us should be looked upon with skepticism at the very least. His view of the truth is skewed."

Male Human Cleric 4 [HP 21/23; AC18,T12,FF16; F+5,R+4,W+10; Per+4; Init +2]

With a smile, Rullis responds, "Were there that many? I know I was knocked on my rear in a matter of seconds then. And when I finally did opened my eyes again, they were all dead and you were being called Sir Knight! Maybe you are just being modest."

Male Half-Elf Paladin 3

Kerrec, known on the road as Kerrec the Grim due to his reputation of taking things quite seriously, scowls at Rullis' attempt to make light of the situation.

"I understand that Foxglove's embellishments of my actions can seem funny but my calling means I have to be trusted. If people believe I am a giant-killer they will be sorely disappointed when they meet me."

"Also if Foxglove will spread wild tales about this, what kind of stories will he tell to suit his own agenda."

Male Human Cleric 4 [HP 21/23; AC18,T12,FF16; F+5,R+4,W+10; Per+4; Init +2]

The expression on Rullis' face becomes more serious as he realizes his new friend didn't care much for his attempt at humor. "You make a good point. I apologize if I have offended you. I have not been in such a position where people have looked up to me for much of anything before, though I have a feeling this has now changed."

Glancing around, "Did any of the others from yesterday come as well? We should make sure they are aware of Foxglove's offer. Plus, it would be beneficial if they could come tomorrow morning as well. Maybe after we are done here we should head to the inns to see if we can locate them."

Camilo is present and is in favor of attending both the dinner and the meeting in the morning if you ask him.

Male Half-Elf Paladin 3

Kerrec puts his hand on Rullis shoulder. "No offense taken Rullis. And you are right, once a person lays his life down for others in their defense, they are looked upon differently. There is no greater honor than defending one's home. Already Father Zantus is looking for you to aid him because of what you did yesterday."

Not seeing any of the others present at the funeral. "I think it would be a good idea to find them. I'm sure Kithian and Vidar would not mind a free meal."

Male Human Cleric 4 [HP 21/23; AC18,T12,FF16; F+5,R+4,W+10; Per+4; Init +2]
DM Kacy wrote:
Camilo is present...

Rullis gestures across the crowd, "Isn't that Camilo over there? Rullis will walk over and talk to him. "So how did things go last night after I left? Did you talk with Ameiko? How did things go? Oh, and I was supposed to pass along the word that we are all invited to dinner tonight at the Rusty Dragon from the gentlemen that we saved yesterday."

Camilo waves as you advance and once you finish speaking he says, "Ahem, yes. Things are going well on all fronts," he casts a sidelong glance at Ameiko talking with some locals, smiles, and continues, "I don't really like the way that "gentleman" was looking at Ameiko this morning, but I won't turn down a free meal!" Have you heard from Kithian or Vidar since last night? Perhaps we should seek them out and pass this invitation in their direction as well."

Male Human Cleric 4 [HP 21/23; AC18,T12,FF16; F+5,R+4,W+10; Per+4; Init +2]

Following Camilo's gaze, Rullis replies, "Great! I'm glad things are working out for the two of you. And if she waited for you for this long, I seriously doubt you have anything to worry about from any other men. There have been a lot of men in town who have hit on her while you were gone and she turned down every single one of them." With the mention of Kithian and Vidar, "I believe they said they were staying at the White Deer Inn, up by where we were yesterday." Glancing back at Kerrec, "We could probably all head over there and see what they are up to. At the very least, we should leave a message to tell them about the dinner tonight."

I would suggest advancing us to the White Deer Inn if there is nothing else at the funeral.

Assuming there are no objections the three of you make your way to the White Deer. You're greeted by a rather worried looking man who appears to be the proprieter. "Ah, Hello friends. You must be here to pick up your friend Kithian, yes? I was hoping you'd come by a bit sooner... You see, I offered him free food and drinks on the house this morning for your valiant efforts yesterday and I'm afraid that if he keeps eating and drinking like this, he's going to run me out of business!"

Over the man's shoulder, you can see Kithian chomping on a lamb shank and drinking a large tankard of ale. Several bones and empty tankards are piled on his table and he looks to be in very good spirits.

As I haven't heard anything else from you Kithian I'm assuming you've just been here all morning taking advantage of the innkeep's offer :)

Male Human Cleric 4 [HP 21/23; AC18,T12,FF16; F+5,R+4,W+10; Per+4; Init +2]

After glancing over at Kithian, Rullis turns back to the innkeeper with a big smile, "Yes, we were looking for him. We needed to tell him about another offer for some free food tonight over at the Rusty Dragon. So it looks like your kitchen should get at least a some rest tonight! We were also looking for Vidar. Do you know what room he is in? Have you seen him around at all today?"

The innkeep, a tall Shoanti man, replies, "The bearded scholar? Yes I believe he may have mentioned something about heading out the Old Light today. You can most likely find him there. And please, take Kithian with you!"

Male Half Orc Barbarian 45/ Oracle 1, Perception +7, Darkvision, Fort +7/ Ref +1/ Will +2, Init +4, AC 18, HP :68

Yep, good call On Kithian's actions. He only had a few silver pieces to his name and used them last night!

Kithian looks up and waves a lamb chop over his head at Rullis."Friends! You must have some of this lamb! And the drink! The Innkeep must have stolen these kegs from the gods themselves! It's my favorite type too! Free!"

Male Half-Elf Paladin 3

Kerrec looks over the display with a healthy amount of astonishment. "I hope you have saved some of your appettite Kithian. Mr. Foxglove has invited us to his table for dinner at the Rusty Dragon this evening. I pray he has a good line of credit at the inn."

Male Half Orc Barbarian 45/ Oracle 1, Perception +7, Darkvision, Fort +7/ Ref +1/ Will +2, Init +4, AC 18, HP :68

"I think I may find room for more on our walk to the Rusty Dragon. Innkeep, thank you for your hospitality and fine wares, may the gods bless you and yours." Kithian stands and walks towards the door draping his arm over Kerrec's shoulders. "Kerric, I think Gorum is blessing us for our victory during the magnificent battle yesterday, either that or we died and are receiving our just rewards!" Kithian laughs and slaps his friend on the back,"Either way, with food and drink aplenty, we are blessed! Lead on friend, Foxglove's table calls!"

Assuming your next destination is the Old Light, you are able to find Vidar sitting in the shade of a tree writing in his notebook while looking up at the ruined structure.

Male Human Cleric 4 [HP 21/23; AC18,T12,FF16; F+5,R+4,W+10; Per+4; Init +2]

Rullis walks up next to Vidar and stands next to him, looking up at the ruined structure as well. "Whatcha writing? Anything interesting?" After glancing back at Vidar, "We've been looking for you. Mr. Foxglove has invited all of us to dinner tonight at the Rusty Dragon. Figured you could use a good free meal as well."

Male Human (Ulfen) Wizard (Enhancer) 6

Vidar continues to scribble for a moment, pulling at his bear, muttering under his breath, Enok instead looks up at Rullis.
"Caw...please wait a moment, the master is deep in thoughts."

Finally Vidar does look up, when he notices the trio of people he smiles a little.
"Fair greetings to you all, I see you are none the worse for wear after our little encounter with goblin kind..."

Here Enok leans in and whispers something in Vidars ear, clearly whatever it is does not please Vidar overmuch as his face takes on a very sour tone and he spits on the ground.
"Foxglove is it? Forget it, while I would certainly not mind your company my friends, I will have nothing to do with that jumped up peacock, the man makes my skin crawl, nobility indeed...."

Vidar shakes his head in irritation for a moment before he looks up again. "Have you hear anything about the attack, has the sheriff asked for assistance or anything of that nature? That would be much more pleasurable."

Male Human Cleric 4 [HP 21/23; AC18,T12,FF16; F+5,R+4,W+10; Per+4; Init +2]

An expression of shock appears on Rullis' face at Vidar's reaction. "I clearly must have missed something while I was knocked out yesterday. I hear he likes to exaggerate other people's accomplishments, but is he really that bad?"

In response to Vidar's last question, "Several of us just came from the funeral of one of the goblin's victims, but I haven't heard anything new yet regarding the attack itself. Father Zanthus and I have a meeting with the sheriff tomorrow morning. You would be more than welcome to come along. I could use your knowledge and insight into these matters. Several others here are joining us as well."

Male Human (Ulfen) Wizard (Enhancer) 6

Vidar frowns. "The man is obsessive, when I approached him to see if he was hurt he completely ignored me, that itself is a slight that would have cost him dearly in the Linnorm kingdoms, not to mention a dagger in the back on the streets of Riddleport, then he launches into a tirade about Kerrecs prowess that is so overdone that not even a bard could come up with it." Here Vidar looks at Kerrec and Calmio. "Please believe me, no slight was meant towards your skill in combat Master Valorian, nor any insult intended towards those that follow the bardic crafts."

Vidar shudders. "No, the man makes my skin itch, there is something...oily about him, it is fair to say that I do not hold a lot of regards for nobility in general, at least the kings of my home needs to earn the right to rule by slaying a Linnorm singlehandedly...(that is a big fey dragon if you do not know by the way) but even that does not necessarily mean they can command, like they seem to think, bit this Foxglove, I do not think I could stand him."

Male Half Orc Barbarian 45/ Oracle 1, Perception +7, Darkvision, Fort +7/ Ref +1/ Will +2, Init +4, AC 18, HP :68

Kithian finishes knawing the last of the meat from the lamb chop he is holding and tosses the bone in the direction of Old Light."Hells, I sorta like Foxglove. I was thinking we could have him follow us around, carrying Kerrec's battle standard, and pay for all of our meals and drink!"

Male Human (Ulfen) Wizard (Enhancer) 6

Vidar snorts in unexpected amusement at Kithians comment.
"Well spoken master Darlok, but I fear that after a few days of hearing him sycophantically extolling Master Valorians prowess you may decide to eat him just to silence the fop"

Male Half Orc Barbarian 45/ Oracle 1, Perception +7, Darkvision, Fort +7/ Ref +1/ Will +2, Init +4, AC 18, HP :68

"Well, I am not too sure what you just said about him and Kerric, but rest asured I will never eat another human." Kithian turns and looks away to the east, "The last one tasted like horse dung."He laughs and slaps Vidar on the back."Come to the dinner friend Vidar, you can show your dislike for Foxlove by not eating or drinking any thing he buys, and I swear to Gorum that I will personaly remove any offensive food or drinks placed infront of you for the sake of our companionship."

Male Half-Elf Paladin 3

Kerrec decides not to dwell on what Kithian meant by he will never eat another human and addresses Vidar. "The choice is yours Vidar. He invited us to dinner and so we are passing the message along as well as letting you know about tomorrow morning's meeting with the sherrif. I am not relishing spending a lot of time with the man myself, but it will give me a chance to make him understand that his over-effusive praise is not needed. He wants to thank us with a meal. I am willing to do that and nothing more."

Male Human (Ulfen) Wizard (Enhancer) 6

Vidar sighs a bit but then nods. "Oh very well, just as long as all of you realize I am going only to keep you company, and I still consider the man an oily, double dealing, slime mongering, irritating, obnoxious, monosyllabic, pompous, despicable boor."

Male Half Orc Barbarian 45/ Oracle 1, Perception +7, Darkvision, Fort +7/ Ref +1/ Will +2, Init +4, AC 18, HP :68

Kithian slaps Vidar on the back again. "That's the spirit Vidar! Together we shall all make him regret ever meeting us, by draining his coffers and placing him in the poor house when he has to pay the bill for tonight's festivities!" He turns and sweeps his arm from Kerrec towards Sandpoint."Lead on O' righteous knight of goblin slaying wrath! The Rusty Dragon's ale awaits rescue from it's imprisonment of the keg!"

Male Human (Ulfen) Wizard (Enhancer) 6

Vidar nods to Kithian and rises. "Well spoken master Darlok, perhaps your frankness will serve as a good counterpoint to what I am sure will be an evening of lilac speeches spiced ever so lightly with pomp and priss."

After a few moments of silence a sly smile slowly creeps over Vidar's lips. "By now I am sure the count of Master Valorian's kills number in the thousands, perhaps we should refer to him as "thousand slayer" by now?" Eonk chuckles a little at that, a weird sound coming from a Raven. He then speaks "Yes-yes, in a week it will not even be goblins but ogres too"

"And stone giants after that!" Camilo chimes in with a chuckle. "Well we still have a few hours before mealtime? Do you any of you fellows have any business in town or shall we part ways and meet up at the Dragon?"

Male Human Cleric 4 [HP 21/23; AC18,T12,FF16; F+5,R+4,W+10; Per+4; Init +2]

"I have nothing pressing, though I was intending to stop by the cathedral today since haven't had a chance yet. If we're splitting up until dinner, I'm gonna head there." Glancing towards Kithian and Vidar, "It sounds like it is going to be a long and interesting night tonight!"

Male Half-Elf Paladin 3

"I too was going to head back to the cathedral. From there dinner."

Bard (Arcane Duelist) 3/UC Rogue 3 | AC 22/14/18, hp 34/38; 10/10 Bardic; Effect: None

"Sounds like a plan, then. I think I will meet you gentlemen at the Dragon, then."

Camilo has friends in town that he has not seen for years. He figures he will touch base with some old friends, let them know he's back in town -- and see if any of them has anything interesting to share about Aldern Foxglove or the goblin assault. Mostly, he's just trying to establish - or re-establish - some contacts.

Knowledge (Local) 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21

He'll make sure to return to the Dragon so he has plenty of time to get ready for the dinner - he's guessing this is a party he should clean up for...

Camillo heads over to the Hagfish tavern and chats up a few of his old drinking buddies. After asking around a bit about Aldern Foxglove, Jargie Quinn, the peg-legged proprietor tells him, "Aldern Foxglove, yes I've heard o' that one. 'is family used to hold lands along the coast south of here, but that Aldern is a city boy through and through. Word has it that after his family passed he up and abandoned his lands and is living it up in Magnimar. He passes through 'ere sometimes to see shows at the Theater or go huntin' in the woods, but never stays long 'fore scamperin' back to the city life."

As the sun falls low in the western sky, the five of you gather at the Rusty Dragon. When you enter, you can see that Aldern already has a long table set up in a corner of the room and is casually sipping on a glass of wine. When he notices your presence, he stands and announces, "Ah, the Heroes of Sandpoint arrive! Everyone, a toast! To these five brave men who stood up to the foul goblins and saved this town!" He raises his glass to you and is joined by the entirety of the tavern, including Ameiko behind the counter. Looking around at the faces of the common folk of Sandpoint you find them all to be filled with genuine gratitude and respect.

Ameiko steps around the bar and walks up to you, "You know, Foxglove is a foppish windbag of a man, but on this matter he tells it true. The town of Sandpoint owes you all a debt of gratitude," with a grin, a quick glance at Camillo, and a motion towards Foxglove's table she continues, "Let me show you to your seats friends."

Male Human (Ulfen) Wizard (Enhancer) 6

"Hah! vidar barks a short laugh at hearing someone else expressing similar feelings as his own towards Foxglove. "And then some..." He mutters to himself.
Nevertheless, he still follows Ameiko to the designated tables, resolving to put up with whatever empty headed prattle Foxglove might be intending to pepper the evening with.
"At least the food and drink will be good."

Male Human Cleric 4 [HP 21/23; AC18,T12,FF16; F+5,R+4,W+10; Per+4; Init +2]

Rullis follows Vidar to the table and takes a seat while responding to Foxglove's comments with a stern voice. "Thank you Mr. Foxglove, your words are overly kind. But I would hardly say we saved the whole town. We only fought those that attacked the cathedral square and yourself. There were numerous other goblins causing chaos throughout the town that we had no part in stopping. There must be numerous fine folks in this town who deserve just as much recognition as you are giving us. Not to mention those who failed to be saved such as the late Darrin Welk."

Bard (Arcane Duelist) 3/UC Rogue 3 | AC 22/14/18, hp 34/38; 10/10 Bardic; Effect: None

Camillo grins and gestures to soak up the praise before holding up his hands to get some measure of silence.

"Friends, it is truly gratifying to be able to return to Sandpoint in her hour of need. My new friends," gesturing to the other four 'heroes' that have moved on to the table, "and I were merely in the right place at the right time. We did not do anything for Sandpoint that you yourselves would not have done."

"However, the generosity of our host," indicating Aldern, "requires some compensation for our good deeds, something yours truly," with a sheepish grin, "does not have the pride nor the funds to turn down."

As he reaches the table and retrieves a glass, he raises it high be it water, wine, or ale. "Friends, may we toast our host this evening." And with a sober look, "And may we toast those that our host nearly joined when those little monsters ran through our streets." He hangs his head for a moment before raising it again, "To the survivors and to the fallen. May Cayden Cailean smile on all of us!"

With that, he will allow someone else to take a seat next to the fop. I'm assuming Vidar will be seated as far as away as possible.

Male Half-Elf Paladin 3

Kerrec cringes at the initial toast and then nods his head in acknowledgment of the townsfolk's cheers. He takes his seat and shakes his head in agreement with Rullis' comments. "We played a small part in the overall scheme of things Master Foxglove, but I appreciate this fine dinner you are honoring us with."

Taking a sip of the wine Kerrec continues. "Please, tell us about yourself. It's good to hear about a man's life, especially one that has been recently saved."

Male Human (Ulfen) Wizard (Enhancer) 6

Vidar turns to Ameiko, speaking under his breath so only she can hear and nods towards Foxglove. "He is footing the bill for this correct? I want you to bring me mead, the strongest you have, in the biggest tankards you can muster, make sure there is a full one before me at all times, I fear I won't last long otherwise."

Enok calls out with a loud caw at this point. "Right, I was getting to that Enok. Vidar then turns back to Ameiko. "And if you could, serve my obnoxious raven some spirits in a bowl or glass or something. Drunken sot that he is..." Enok ruffles up his feathers and gives a huff of indignation at that.

Male Half Orc Barbarian 45/ Oracle 1, Perception +7, Darkvision, Fort +7/ Ref +1/ Will +2, Init +4, AC 18, HP :68

Kithian strides up to Lord Foxglove and slaps him on the back hard enough to rattle his teeth. ”Lord Foxlove, glad to see you are none the worse for wear after the scare you had yesterday! I for one am Glad Sir Kerrec was there to save you! And might I just say thank you for the hospitality and never let it be said a Foxlove does not show his gratitude! Now where is that ale? Who knows maybe I can enlighten you tonight on the better parts of “Smashing Goblins”! You never know when Sir Kerrec may not be around to save you!” He slaps Foxglove on the back again giving him a little shake and roars in laughter.

Responding the Kerric's question, Aldern says, "Me? I'm simply a connoisseur of the arts and a man who makes his way in the world best he can. I've seen plays and read stories about great heroes such as yourselves, but I'm afraid the only battles I've ever fought have been against the boars of the Tickwood and I always made sure to have a heavy boarspear on me at those times. Your humility is honorable, but you truly are warriors worthy of great tales. In fact, in light of your abilities I would like to reward each of you with 50 gold pieces and if you'd accept more coin, I'd be interested in financing your adventuring party in recognition of your good deeds. What would you say to that? I'm thinking you could go out and combat evil in my name and perhaps give yourselves a catchy sounding title... I'm partial to 'The Foxglove Five' myself! Brilliant plan, yes?"

@Vidar: Ameiko smiles and replies, "He is indeed picking up the tab and I'll be right out with some drinks for all of you." She gives Enok a tap on the beak as she passes and says to the little bird, "Oh yes, even for you little fellow."

@Kithian: Foxglove seems a bit shaken up and put off by your tousling of him, but smiles despite himself and replies, "Ah yes, certainly. Have a seat and enjoy yourself, food and drink are both my treat this evening."

Male Half-Elf Paladin 3

Kerrec's ears perk up when Foxglove offers the 50GP and financing... he is a worshipper of Abadar after all.

"Your offer does intrigue me Master Foxglove," Kerrec replies. "Being financed would aid me greatly in my role of adjudicator."

Kerrec's eyes then bore into Foxglove's. "But are you a man who I can trust? Are you a good man who lives an honest life or do you wallow in lies and deceit? I have the ability to look straight into your soul and find those answers Master Foxglove. If I did that what would I find?"

"I've heard of holy warriors such as yourself possessing such abilities. Yes! Submit me to your discerning gaze and you'll not find me to a saint for certain, but nor am I a sinner - At least not where it counts!" he finishes with a laugh, downing another swig of wine.

Male Half-Elf Paladin 3

Sense Motive (+6) to see if his bravado is false and then detect evil.

Male Human Cleric 4 [HP 21/23; AC18,T12,FF16; F+5,R+4,W+10; Per+4; Init +2]

Rullis follows the conversation between Foxglove and Kerrec. While Kerrec seems to be subjecting the man to his discerning gaze, Rullis pipes in, "I agree with Kerrec. Your offer does seem a little too good to be true. What stipulations would you be placing on us if you were to finance us. I have my own quest now that I must follow through on for the people of Sandpoint. Could such funds be used for our own purposes? Or are you simply trying to hire some muscle for your own hidden agenda?"

Secret Rolls:
Kerrec Sense Motive: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (13) + 6 = 19

@Kerrec: Foxglove emits no evil aura, nor does there appear to be any evil in your line of sight. His bravado appears to be genuine; he really likes you.

Responding to Rullis' question, Foxglove replies, "Your pay is your own, I want only the chance to befriend such excellent heroes and assist in whatever way I can. Besides, not every nobleman in Magnimar can boast that he has his own adventuring company on the payroll. But tell me about this quest! A dragon to slay perhaps? Or a magical artifact, I've heard adventurers are fond of those... is that what you seek?"

Male Human Cleric 4 [HP 21/23; AC18,T12,FF16; F+5,R+4,W+10; Per+4; Init +2]

"A dragon? You truly overestimate our abilities! No no, my quest is much more personal in nature. Earlier today I spoke at the funeral of a man who was killed in the attack yesterday. Perhaps you knew him, his name was Darrin Welk. I made a commitment to those present that I would personally seek out whoever was responsible for that attack and bring them to justice. Given how this attack nearly caused you to lose your own life, I'm certain you would understand the sorrow that those in this town who lost their loved ones now face." Turning to the others at the table, "And I was meaning to ask all of you, those who have already proven your worth, would you be willing to aid me in such a quest? I am just an acolyte in the church and surely no match on my own. I could use your help in this manner."

Male Human (Ulfen) Wizard (Enhancer) 6

Vidar has listened in on the conversation with half an ear, when Foxglove mentioned pay he did come around to focus more fully on what was being said, when dragon slaying was mentioned he snickered a little and muttered under his breath. "Sounds nice, I could earn my very own Linnorm kingdom..."

As Rullis speaks of the attack he nods and speaks up. "I have my own reasons for wanting to discover who was behind this, and I did swear a blood toll against the goblins, 5 heads for master Welk, and swift justice to those behind the attack."

He again grows silent after that, speaking is thirsty work, and he has yet seen his first flagon put before him.

Bard (Arcane Duelist) 3/UC Rogue 3 | AC 22/14/18, hp 34/38; 10/10 Bardic; Effect: None

@Aldern: "Ah, well, after that toast, I certainly cannot claim that I don't need the money, now can I? Obviously, I cannot speak for my friends, but I would be willing to consider the idea."

@Rullis: "A worthy task, my friend. I would be happy to stand by you to aid you with it." Pausing, he looks toward the bar, "And I only just got back to town..." But he smiles as he looks back to Rullis, "Perhaps there is another to be considered. Let me answer that question for you after the dinner, yes?"

Wow, you guys paint a great picture. I may have trouble keeping up if you always post like this...

Male Half-Elf Paladin 3

Kerrec takes another sip of his wine as he listens to the others obviously warming to the idea of having a benefactor. Kerrec had to admit that he was smitten with the proposition himself, as long as Foxglove's child-like hero-worship could be tempered.

"Master Foxglove, Rullis' promise is a worthy endeavor. Finding out why a band of goblins raided a peaceful town, while not dragon-slaying, is the most important thing we can accomplish at the moment. And you seem to be honest in your enthusiasm about this business arrangement. I sense no deception. So please, tell us what would be our obligation to you and how would you finance us in return?

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