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DM Deinol's Crypt of the Everflame

Game Master deinol

Crypt of the Everflame by Jason Bulmahn

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Male Human Male Human Ranger-2 | Init +3 | Spell Slots: 2/2 | Spell DC 11 | AC 15 HP 20/20 | S+4/D+5/C+2/I+0/W+1/C-1 | Perc +3 | HD: (d10) 2/2

Sitting back and enjoying a good cup of ale, Yarroth watches the crowd passing in and out of the inn, before he turns in for a good nights sleep.

Yarroth - You notice Haldor, a young man from Kassen who left a few months ago to move to the city, sitting by himself nursing an ale.

Male Human Male Human Ranger-2 | Init +3 | Spell Slots: 2/2 | Spell DC 11 | AC 15 HP 20/20 | S+4/D+5/C+2/I+0/W+1/C-1 | Perc +3 | HD: (d10) 2/2

Yarroth gets up, bringing his drink with him and walks over to Haldor's table.
"Haldor? Is that you?

M Human Bard / 3

Drummer checks for rumors.

Male Human Ranger 3

Haldor puts his ale on the table and slips a large sword casualy on the bench to stand up and great Yarroth.

Of all the people... What are you doing here?
You can see a big grin comming from Haldor! Even doh hes only been away for a few months you notice that he`s a bit more carefull and shifty looking then you remembered. But the sight of his older friend and teacher brings joy to his face!

Male Human Male Human Ranger-2 | Init +3 | Spell Slots: 2/2 | Spell DC 11 | AC 15 HP 20/20 | S+4/D+5/C+2/I+0/W+1/C-1 | Perc +3 | HD: (d10) 2/2

"I was going to ask you the same thing!! We have been hired by a local to look into some problems that are happening around here. What about you? What brings you to this place?"

Male Human Ranger 3

I needed some new scenary Haldor eyes go dark and he looks carefully over his shoulders while touching his hood for a brief second.

Im glad I came to Kassen when I did, but after the adult cermony in the crypt I just felt watched. I needed to get a distance from the past you know, and Iv been scraping my way here at whatever comes my way

While Haldor know Yarroth from Kassen, Haldor is not born there. He arrived 4 years ago with a bad look in his eyes and avoided everyone and everything. In time and with the help from Yarroth and others in the small town he was integrated in the socity. He has always been quit about his past, but Yarroth has gotten some part of the story. He knows that Haldor was born in a good woodsman family but was sold by a bad uncle and hold against his wil in an fighting arena for many years and had to escape. Kassen and the people there helped Haldor become a "human again", and since he atleast had learned skills with weapons and bravery in the arene, he was offered the adulthood cermony at an early age, and a year before Yarroth. After that he left Kassen

M Human Bard / 3

Drummer takes a break from eavesdropping and chattimg up locals to see what Yarroth is up to. "Ah, a familiar face. Good to see you again..." Drummer tries to remember the young man's name. He's sure he saw him in the audience several times when he played in Kassen, but the two never really spoke.

Male Human Ranger 3

Haldor sizes the newcommer up and sees for his eyes atleast, just another traveling clown/muscian.

Haldor arches an eyebrow and looks at Yarroth.
You know this traveling jester Yarroth, or is he talking to me?

Due to his past Haldor doessent take friendly to strangers before knowing/trusting them. But as Yarroth can vouch for, he is good and helpfull to those who earn his trust.

M Human Bard / 3

Drummer smiles patiently at Haldor, and says, "Indeed, introductions would be in order. I am just called Drummer. Sadly, not so much of a jester. Yarroth, Tarric over there and I have come from Kassen to learn who defiled the Crypt. I must say it's good to see another fellow from Kassen so far from home, though I think you left several moons ago if memory serves. Has word traveled this far of the evil unleashed there? It only happened recently."

Librarian 2

Tarric leans across the table, nearly knocking over a mug of ale in his haste to grab Haldor's hand and shake it vigorously.

"Good to meet you Haldor! Very pleased indeed!" he says with a wide grin.

"And what was your experience in the crypt like? Any visitations?" Tarric asks with a slight rise of excitement in his voice. "It's nice to find someone we can compare experiences with. The dichotomy between our respective experiences could be quite telling!"

Male Human Ranger 3

Haldor Looks a bit taken bak at Tarrics gesture and looks for Yarroth`s nod before talking to Drummer.

Good to meet you Drummer, im Haldor Haldor drags out, almost as he likes his name not to be spoken.
I cannot say I remember you or your older friend from Kassen, but if you are a friend of Yarroth, then you are more then welcome to share an ale.

Haldor Turn to the pudgy older fellow Good to meet you aswel, by your look I would guess you are some sort of scribe or historian? As for the crypt it isent much to tell. Haldor Schrugs. We had a good time the lot of us, and the only thing we founds was some bats and bruices. I fell down a hole with a pillow, and a friend of mine charged alone into a room and was hit på hundreds of blunt arrows, and we had to pull him out of there. Haldor get a wide grin on his face thinking back.
Apart from that it was a nice bonding trip, and we got a few nice items. Seems like a good tradition. How did you end up?

As for the evil, I cannot say iv heard anything. Has anything hapened to Kassen Haldor gets an angry look in his eyes, and his large right arm moves slightly to his empty shoulder sword scabbard, before realising it and stopping himself, while looking carefully to see noone took offence.
And what is this defiling of the crypt, who would anyone do that to that old hole in the ground.

M Human Bard / 3

In hushed tones, Drummer relates the tale of skeletons and zombies, and clues pointing back to the Ranger's Lament, apparently an inn here in Tamran. He explains their meeting with Aeda, and their trip to the Pathfinder Society to look for more clues.

Male Human Male Human Ranger-2 | Init +3 | Spell Slots: 2/2 | Spell DC 11 | AC 15 HP 20/20 | S+4/D+5/C+2/I+0/W+1/C-1 | Perc +3 | HD: (d10) 2/2

Yarroth sits back as the rest of his group introduces themselves to Haldor. It has been some time since he had seen the troubled man, and it was good to see that he had made use of the skills he himself had taught him.
He nods and adds small comments as Drummer retells the story of their battles in the crypt.
"Like you said before Haldor, it was a bonding experience. I would trust my life to either Drummer or Tarric, and I would do anything for either of them! I wish all of our companions had joined us, but alas some when in different directions. Perhaps you might be willing to join us continue this investigation? We could sure us another strong arm and quick mind! What do you say?"

Male Human Ranger 3

Haldor listens intent to Drummer`s story, his eyes going wider and wider while looking to and from the others faces. At the end he sits down on the bench and takes a big sip of his now warm ale.
Undead? He whispers. Did anyone die from the village?

Im glad I wasent in your shooes. Iv fought many bad things, beast and men in my life, but how to kill what is already dead!
Haldro drubs his fingers on the table for a bit.
What I do remember from the crypt are the big mural on the wal picturing the warriors and their similare golden medalions. When i saw it I was thinking on a story i heard once about the gold they stole and how there was a key of some sort. I might be mistaken but maybe it was more then just the gold the crypt defilers where after?

Dm Deinol. If I over reach here please do tell, but that was what I figured when I played the crypt with my DM.

Haldor turns to Yarroth. Il be honored to join you old friend if you have use for me. I do not know much of this Pathfinder society or Ranger laminent im afraid. But im happy to help with whatever I can.

M Human Bard / 3

"Indeed, Haldor, fighting the dead was nearly too much for us. Several of the men setting up the initiation were killed before we arrived, and two of the initiates as well. If not for Tarric and Yarroth, I myself would not have survived."
Drummer shudders a bit at the memory, and goes on more quietly, "Nicely done observing the medallions on the mural. We have similar suspicions, but we're keeping them quiet from Aeda because we're not sure of her yet. She knew a bit too much of our travails upon our meeting. It would be an honor to work beside you to bring the defilers of Kassen's tomb to justice."

Male Human Ranger 3

Haldor gives Drummer a nod, and looks them over.
But you have traveled far by boat, and are sure to be tired. This inn is a good place to rest for the night. I can recommend the stew and ale if you need some food before finding your rooms.

In the morning we can look into this information of yours, and see if we can discover the truth for our self.

Haldor gestures to the vaitres and ask her to aid the newcommers with food and rooms for the night.

M Human Bard / 3

Once Drummer has eaten, his exhaustion finally catches up with him. "It has been a long day. I'll see you all in the morning."

Drummer heads up to his room, makes sure the door and window lock properly, and quickly falls asleep, most likely sleeping through breakfast unless someone wakes him.

Male Human Ranger 3

Haldor uses some time to chat with the newcommers about their experiences over food, before he joins them to a good nights sleep.

Everyone has a nice night and wakes well rested. It is good to have a real bed that doesn't sway at night. Even if it still has the salty smell of fish.

So what do you do in the morning? Does anyone remember where you were going or do I need to give you a refresher?

M Human Bard / 3

Here's my thoughts:
* Tie off loose ends by meeting up with the barge's captain and trying to sell the pirate boat.
* Do some more rumor-gathering, since we're new in town
* Head over to the Pathfinder Society with Aeda (main plot advancement)
* Do targeted research at the Ranger's Lament to see if there are any leads there

Drummer meets with the rest of the party in the common room to discuss a plan.

Male Human Male Human Ranger-2 | Init +3 | Spell Slots: 2/2 | Spell DC 11 | AC 15 HP 20/20 | S+4/D+5/C+2/I+0/W+1/C-1 | Perc +3 | HD: (d10) 2/2

Sounds like a good play Drummer...should we split up and complete these things, or stay together?? Yarroth and Haldor could go and take care of the boat, while you search for rumors, then we meet at the Pathfinder society around noon. What do you think?

Male Human Ranger 3

Haldor wakes grunting to another morning from the noise ouside his windows.
Another day hoysting barrels and pulling loads... Or is it!
Haldor gets a grin on his face while he notice his sword and thinks back to the last night.
He hurrily gets dressed, grabs his gear to hastily get down stairs to

Movie plot spoiler:
Find presents unde the tree? :)
get some food and meet Yarroth and his friends, to what seems to be a lot more interesting than staying in this pit!

M Human Bard / 3

After talking things over with the rest of the group, Drummer suggests, "So Tarric and I will do some research while Yarroth and Haldor finish up the boat business, and then let's find lunch together near the Pathfinders and see what we can learn from them."

Male Human Ranger 3

Sounds like a good plan Drummer
Haldor pics his gear up and nods to the barkeep.
You ready Yarroth? Lets go find this captain of yourse and strike a good deal!

M Human Bard / 3

Drummer takes Tarric by the elbow and says, "Alright, Tarric. View this as ethnographic field work. Watch closely and see if you notice things I miss. We'll check every few minutes. Don't ask any questions while I'm gathering rumors, and don't take notes. It'll make people nervous."

Just to cut to more exciting things, I'll say after a morning of haggling you sell the boat for 300 gp.

Barkeep Puglas lost his arm to a fish 6 years ago, and has mounted the beast that ate it, a giant gar, on the wall above the bar in the taproom. Happy to tell the tale for paying customers, Pulgas even answers a few questions afterward.

Puglas has heard of Reginar and claims that the Pathfinder makes an appearance in the taproom every once in a while, mostly looking for information about this or that. He has not seen him in at least a month, but assures the Drummer that Reginar frequents a feast hall called the Forest Bounty, and that they might want to look for him there.

Anything specific you wanted to ask about?

M Human Bard / 3

Drummer will try to learn about Aeda, and about The Ranger's Lament. Also, general info about the town and its environs (though this is less vital since Haldor is likely to know it.)

Yes, looking forward to more exciting things.

Librarian 2


After a good nights sleep, Tarric is eager to tackle the days events and follows Drummer about the town as he proceeds through his lists of errands.

Tarric takes the time to ask Puglas if there are any local information repositories other than the Pathfinders, such as a temple or bookseller.

Male Human Male Human Ranger-2 | Init +3 | Spell Slots: 2/2 | Spell DC 11 | AC 15 HP 20/20 | S+4/D+5/C+2/I+0/W+1/C-1 | Perc +3 | HD: (d10) 2/2

Yarroth pockets the money from the sale of the barge and heads back to the meeting place to hook up with the rest of the group.

Male Human Ranger 3

Haldor tries to help with as mutch information he can about the city, and makes sure he has his pack filled with good food after the sale of the barge.
He uses the day to talk to Yarroth about their comrades and slowly lowers his guards and warms up to them in time.

Merry christmas, and a happy new year BTW. Hope you had a great one with the people you love, good gifts and excelent food.

M Human Bard / 3

Thanks, Haldor. Hopefully you had a good holiday too.
Tarric and Drummer meet up with Yarroth and Haldor at the appointed time, and share information over lunch. Then they move on to look for Aeda at the Pathfinder society and see what more they can learn.

Sorry for disappearing. Holidays were hectic and then I got the plague over New Years.

Tamran doesn't have an official Pathfinder Lodge, but they are known to hang out at the Forest Bounty when they are in town. The Forest Bounty is a large feast hall located on the northern edge of town. It is busy for most of the day and late into the night, serving food and drink to hungry travelers, rangers, and common folk.

The majority of the locals follow a more naturalistic druidic faith, but there is a temple in town. The followers of Razmir from across the lake founded a temple two years ago. Puglas knows of the temple of Razmir, but does not trust the strange folk from across the lake. He swears that the faith barges scare away the fish and that no captain should tangle with them on the open water if it can be avoided.

You make your way over to the Forest Bounty to meet with the Pathfinders. Made from enormous timbers, the Forest Bounty is a long hall, open at both the front and back, filled with wooden tables and benches. Dozens of people gather here, eating, drinking, and laughing. One table of patrons even carries on with a bawdy song that seems to have most of the folk smiling.

At a table sits a robust man, wearing green and brown leathers and cloaked in a large bearskin. A longbow rests against the table next to him. He looks up and with a hearty laugh says, “Welcome, friends. Aeda has told me all about you. I am Reginar Lacklan. Please sit—we have much to discuss.” He sweeps out his arms in an inviting gesture as a serving maid places a tray of roast boar and forest vegetables on the table before him.

Male Human Male Human Ranger-2 | Init +3 | Spell Slots: 2/2 | Spell DC 11 | AC 15 HP 20/20 | S+4/D+5/C+2/I+0/W+1/C-1 | Perc +3 | HD: (d10) 2/2

Yarroth looks the man over as he sits. He also looks over the longbow resting on the table, comparing it to his own.

Male Human Ranger 3

When entering the new part of town Haldor pulls his hood up while keeping a lookout for trouble or old "friends".
He lets the other people of the party lead on since they have a better grasp on the situation with Aeda and this interesting mission.

When Arriving the feast hall he nods short to this Lacklan fellow, sizing him up to see what kind of man this is.
Perception1d20 + 10 ⇒ (8) + 10 = 18

Haldor then sits down with his back to the wall and reaches for a boar rib, using his knife to carve out some meat.

M Human Bard / 3

Drummer greets Lacklan heartily, "Indeed. There are some ill goings on that need to be resolved before worse comes to pass. I gather we have a common interest?"

Librarian 2

"I like this place! Its quite lively!" Tarric says as they walk in the door and the sounds of singing and the bustle of the crowd wash over them.

"Reginar. Pleased to meet you, I am Tarric." he says as he plunks down at the table with a grin. "And thank you for sharing your table with us." he adds, loading up a plate with meat and vegetables.

He looks to be an experienced woodsman, capable of surviving on his own in the wilderness. He seems to be an open and honest fellow.

Reginar smiles at you. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I do believe we have a common interest," he leans closer and lowers his voice, "but I don't wish to say too much where others can overhear." He speaks up again, "I take it your journey was pleasant?"

Poke. Anyone alive? I must admit, the site has been really slow for me this month. I blame RPG Superstar and the MMO Kickstarter.

Librarian 2

I am still checking in. Tarric isn't really leading this crazy party though. He is doing a happy-go-lucky follower thing...just glad to be in the world instead of cooped up in a monestary.

Male Human Male Human Ranger-2 | Init +3 | Spell Slots: 2/2 | Spell DC 11 | AC 15 HP 20/20 | S+4/D+5/C+2/I+0/W+1/C-1 | Perc +3 | HD: (d10) 2/2

Yeah here, but busy..I hope to post tomorrow...

M Human Bard / 3

Drummer makes idle chit chat with Reginar. Not sure what to do until we get somewhere Reginar is willing to talk.

Male Human Male Human Ranger-2 | Init +3 | Spell Slots: 2/2 | Spell DC 11 | AC 15 HP 20/20 | S+4/D+5/C+2/I+0/W+1/C-1 | Perc +3 | HD: (d10) 2/2

Where would you like to go? Yarroth asks.

Male Human Ranger 3

Haldor moves forward and raises the flagon to take a sip, while his face give little expression My fellow travelers here have endured many hardships, and I am sure they are happy to finaly rest for a couple of days. But im more curious in our common interest as you say, and also why you would trust us of all people.

I am also wondering if there are any place we might talk more privat so we dont have to whisper like small children Haldor wipes his mouth with his back hand and sits back again against the wall.

Male Human Ranger 3

Any chance we can kick this into drive again, or have you lost interest Deinol?

Sorry for the disappearing act. My company has been dying for the last month, so I've been distracted. I have a new job I start on Monday. I'll try and kick things back into gear this weekend.

"Enjoy the meal, and we shall retire to a private location afterward." You have a good meal, the food is fresh and tasty. He turns the conversation to unimportant topics such as the weather for a time.

After eating, he leads you to a nearby fletcher's shop. He nods to the shopkeeper, a tall balding man, and heads into a back room. There is a small wooden table and chairs and he motions you to sit.

"I trust you because Aeda vetted you. You are from out of town, and have had no interactions with the cult of Razmir. Which makes you perfect for the task I will ask of you.

The cult of Razmir appeared in Tamran about two years ago, first as a small band of missionaries. They soon raised the funds to build a temple, which was constructed over a year ago. Their power and influence in the city have grown ever since, and the local guards seem to give them no heed, even going so far as to dismiss any reports of their foul practices. I suspect the guards even help protect the temple, watching out for thieves and intruders.

While on the surface they frequently go out to aid the poor and proselytize, I believe it is just a cover for illegal activities, such as thievery, blackmail, and extortion. A few months ago a group of them headed north and returned a month later, minus a few members. I am not certain what they brought, but they headed directly to the temple. A week later another group, led by a female cultist in blue robes, left the temple and boarded a boat.

I sent Aeda to follow the first group's trail and determine what they had been up to. I believe they are the ones that broke into your crypt, although what they could be after I don't know.

As you are new to town, and have no known association with the Pathfinder Society, I would ask if you are willing to infiltrate the cult and learn more about it. Are you interested?"

Hey Jesse(DM Deinol).
I know its been a long while, but I wanted to thank you for a great game and for all your time!
Im sorry we couldent finish it, but it was great while it lasted!
Thank you!

Take care! :)


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