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DM Deinol's Crypt of the Everflame

Game Master deinol

Crypt of the Everflame by Jason Bulmahn

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M Human Bard / 3

"...I must still be addled from all that getting thrashed. Nothing's springing to mind about these artifacts. Perhaps later, when I've rested..."

Drummer turns his attention to Yarroth. "You know, 'Yarroth the Younger' won't quite do for you anymore. You're a hero of Kassen now. I'm thinking 'Yarroth the Brave', or perhaps 'Yarroth Curse-breaker' or something. Regardless, yes, let's get back to Kassen town. I'm sure this girl needs some rest, and the lot of us would benefit from a trip to a temple."

Librarian 2

Tarric smiles broadly at Anton. "I believe that Drummer's idea to investigate the tactical probablities of a nap in the middle of combat was utterly sound. Which is why I emulated him. I am deeply disappointed that you did not see what we were trying to accomplish! Why by placing our prostrate forms on the tomb floor we were proving you with tactical ground by which to trip up your enemies! I think that it was brilliant." he finishes, grinning, and slaps Drummer on the back.

"I am glad that you were able to overcome the creature, I would not have wanted our naps to become a permanent state."

Knowledge local: Kassen's chain and artificts 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15

"Well if nothing else interesting happens, I guess I will be on my way to the monastery of my order in Kaer Maga. So you were here to get that lantern? They really didn't say anything about it when I was in town, I guess that they were more concerned with the undead."

When you reach up to light the lantern with the Eternal Flame, a ghostly figure appears before Kassen's tomb. You recognize the figure from the statues and murals as Kassen himself.

"Thank you brave heroes. Asar was once my adventuring partner. When I retired here he must have felt that I kept more than my share of the treasure. Eventually he returned and attacked the village. We fought, and I defeated him, but was mortally wounded in the process. It appears that even in death his greed knows no bounds. At last his evil is at an end. Take these gifts as a reward for your service."

From somewhere in his tomb he produces a bag of holding (type I), a +1 bashing shield, an elemental gem (water), and four scales from his armor.

Male Human Male Human Ranger-2 | Init +3 | Spell Slots: 2/2 | Spell DC 11 | AC 15 HP 20/20 | S+4/D+5/C+2/I+0/W+1/C-1 | Perc +3 | HD: (d10) 2/2

Bowing in respect, Yarroth takes the items offered by the shade. "It was our pleasure to help clean these halls of the evil we found here. We thank you for these gifts and hope you are able to return to you eternal slumber."

Librarian 2

"Thank you for your generosity Sir Kassen. Securing your tomb was actually a pleasure and an adventure...much more exciting than being in the monastery, I assure you!" Tarric grins and gives the shade a jaunty wave.

M Human Bard / 3

"Kassen himself. This is indeed an unexpected honor. Please, before you return to your rest, is there anything more we should do?"

"The amulets that Asar and I were buried with have been stolen. They were part of a key that unlocks a vault we plundered years ago. The last piece was given to Iramine, an elven sorceress who traveled with us. I do not know why they were stolen, but I fear the thieves are up to no good. But it is your turn to worry about such things. I return to my eternal slumber."

With that the ghost of Kassen fades away.

M Human Bard / 3

Knowledge of something for Iramine 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16

Librarian 2

Know: Local 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10

Tarric shrugs. "We may need to ask around. The library back home didn't mention anything about her that I recall."

Male Human Male Human Ranger-2 | Init +3 | Spell Slots: 2/2 | Spell DC 11 | AC 15 HP 20/20 | S+4/D+5/C+2/I+0/W+1/C-1 | Perc +3 | HD: (d10) 2/2

"Well lets get packed up and out of this tomb. I will be happy to breath the fresh air and be out of doors once again. I am not even sure what time of day it is!!"

You make your way back to the village. Gregor Wisslo, the captain of the guard, somberly greets you as you enter town. He escorts you to the mayor's house. There are signs of preparations for a feast and celebration, but the townsfolk just watch you quietly as you pass through the town square.

Mayor Uptal receives you in his office. "I am glad to see you are well. I have heard Artagan's report, what has happened since?"

M Human Bard / 3

"Mayor Uptal, you honor, these two young men have truly proven themselves as heroes of Kassen. They overcame numerous undead foes, including the skeleton of Asar himself, to rescue this girl, rid the crypt of a foul corruption, and light the lantern from the everflame. The last member of the original group of youths was not so fortunate; he lies buried in the soil before the crypt. He fought honorably and well, but the forces of evil were strong. The crypt is in some disrepair, and will require the work of masons and carpenters to restore it once the winter has passed. We have all fought against great evil, and will need to pray and consult at a temple before too long."

Knowledge of whether there's a temple in town that can help us 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6
Diplomacy 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9

Drummer, dirty and weary from the past few days, is plainly not on top of his game.

Male Human Male Human Ranger-2 | Init +3 | Spell Slots: 2/2 | Spell DC 11 | AC 15 HP 20/20 | S+4/D+5/C+2/I+0/W+1/C-1 | Perc +3 | HD: (d10) 2/2

Oh yeah...I forgot the plague zombie things got us!!! Thanks for remembering Durmmer!!

Yarroth has begun to feel the rigors of the past few days. Dirty, cut and bruised with a fervor slowly growing inside of him, he wearily nods his head in agreement to Drummers tale. "I think we all could use a few days to recover, if possible."

Librarian 2

"Mayor, Taric Abol, mendicant of Irori. I was passing through town when I heard of their troubles in the tomb and went to help. I have a you know of a sorceress by the name of Iramine? She may have interacted with Kassen in the past..."

Male Human Fighter 3

Anton seems relieved to be back among familiar surroundings. He nods his agreement as Drummer relates the story of their trials at the crypt.

"I also agree with Yarroth. I feel like I haven't slept in a week. I probably have grave rot, I lost my favorite shield, but I did get to meet a ghost and save a damsel in distress. All in all, kind of a wash." he says smirking.

Looking up at the mayor, and realizing who he's speaking to, "Sorry sir, it's just feels like a long time since I've been back. I did find a nicer shield though."

"You did well to purge the crypt of this evil. There was to be a celebration on your return, but events have dampened our spirits. Rest up for a few days and then we shall have a wake to celebrate the fallen."

The mayor turns to address Tarric. "I have not heard Iramine, but perhaps our sage Holgast may know more."

M Human Bard / 3

After they leave the mayor's office, Drummer turns to his teammates, "I feel like I could rest for a year, but a temple is clearly our first business. I seem to still be addled from my little visit with Death... could one of you lead the way? Also, let's bring the girl along, in case she needs their help too."

Librarian 2

"Yes, yes, the girl..." Tarric adjusts his spectacles, obviously not really listening to Drummer. "The mayor said someone named Holgast? Do either of you know him? Do you know if he has a library?"

Tarric follows along behind the group, not really paying attention to where they are going, but peering around at likely looking buildings in the town and muttering about scroll and book preservation in damp rural environments.

M Human Bard / 3

"Tarric. Focus. Knowledge is useless to bloated plague zombies. Temple first, sage later."

M Human Bard / 3

"Looks like Tarric's as addled as me. Anton, Yarroth, can one of you lead us to a temple? I can't even remember if there is one in this city."

The only temple in town is dedicated to Erastil, god of the hunt and farming. It is the only completely stone building in town and is located in the center of town. Father Prasst is young for a high priest, being only in his mid-twenties. There are small shrines to other commonly worshiped gods along the outer walls of the temple, allowing everyone in the community to worship there.

Father Prasst greets you warmly as you enter. "Ah, our heroes have returned. How may I help you?"

Male Human Male Human Ranger-2 | Init +3 | Spell Slots: 2/2 | Spell DC 11 | AC 15 HP 20/20 | S+4/D+5/C+2/I+0/W+1/C-1 | Perc +3 | HD: (d10) 2/2

"Good Father, while battling the terrors in the crypt, Anton and myself were subjected to a horrid disease from rotting animated corpses. I can feel it even now, working its way through me, attack my health and strength. Is there something you can do for us??"

Librarian 2

"Ah. Yes. Father. Unfortunately the required prayers are beyond my knowledge, so I think that we will need your help with this disease. My studies indicate that we are not contagious, but that the disease will eventually kill us and cause us to rise as undead."

Male Human Fighter 3

Anton bristles at Tarric's matter of fact description of their eventual fate as undead zombies.

"Yes, as Yarroth said, I'd like to get rid of this horrible rot before any of my important bits fall off..." he says, itching his groin, then coughs.

"Like my shield arm, of course." he says, looking for somewhere else to be. "Oh, I'd like to pay my respects to Desna at that shrine, and thank the stars we made it out of there in one piece."

Turning, his voice trails off "If he requires payment, take it out of my share of what we found in the crypt..."

M Human Bard / 3

"And this young lady and I have been traveling in the company of our heroes here, and she spent a bit of time as a captive of the undead. If you could check that we haven't gotten cursed or diseased along the way, I would be much obliged."

Turning to Anton, Drummer adds, "Nonsense. We fought together, risked death together, triumphed together, and shall pay together as needed to assure that we are all healthy and strong to continue Kassen's work."

Librarian 2

Tarric squints a bit. "Would there be any other way? Share and share alike as we work towards a common goal. Irori would have it no other way."

Father Prasst says a quick prayer to Erastil before examining each of you. "It does seem you have been affected. I have just the thing for emergencies like this. No charge for our returning heroes, but donations to the temple are always welcome."

He retrieves a simple wooden box from behind the altar. Inside are several scrolls. He unrolls one and speaks a ritual.

Anton cure check: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21
Drummer cure check: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4
Tarric cure check: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9
Yarroth cure check: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (9) + 3 = 12

All but Drummer feel their strength returning.

"I'm afraid that is the last of my scrolls. Drummer, I'm afraid you'll want to rest for the next few days. I can give you a blessing that will help your body fight off the infection on its own."

Male Human Male Human Ranger-2 | Init +3 | Spell Slots: 2/2 | Spell DC 11 | AC 15 HP 20/20 | S+4/D+5/C+2/I+0/W+1/C-1 | Perc +3 | HD: (d10) 2/2

"Is there anyone in town you might have a potion or some kind of herbal cure?"

M Human Bard / 3

If you recall, Drummer was never in melee with the zombies, and didn't have to make a fortitude check. If he avoided getting diseased, I'm happy to just go forward. I was just playing it safe.

Oops, you are right. That's what I get for not checking the log. Forget I said that, everyone is cured!

M Human Bard / 3

Yay! On to more derring-do, then.

Drummer thanks the priest and deposits a few coins in the donations box. Then he wanders over to the shrine of Iori and offers a short prayer.

"Gentlemen, we appear to be healed. I personally am planning on finding an inn, taking a two hour bath, and sleeping like a stone until tomorrow noon. After that, I will be making some enquiries and doing some research to see if we can learn anything about our coming quest. Tarric, I wasn't planning on dropping in on Holgast. Will you? When shall we meet up again?"

My plan: Check to see if there is a library in town, or anyone rich enough to have a lot of books. I want to learn stories of Kassen and Iramine.

At the inn, I will try to learn whether they know of a place called The Ranger's Lament, and check whether they remember any treasure hunters coming through who might have turned into our bloated zombified friends. I will also ask about the history of Kassen (the hero) under the pretense of wanting background material for the epic of our heroes.

I'm happy to role-play any of that, or just dice-roll it.

Male Human Fighter 3

"I'll head to the inn with Drummer. I can tell all the girls I am now entirely free of disease." He looks at the rest of the party for a reaction, then he chuckles. "See, this is why I generally let someone else do the talking. They like the brawn, but I'm not always so charming!"

"I'll wash the stink off later. Right now, there's free drinks to be had. If I'm going to be a hero, I'm going to take advantage of the perks" he says, whistling some old tune as he clanks off. "Maybe I'll see my uncle there and tell him he'll need to be finding some help for the farm. I think adventuring might be a more lucrative profession." he shouts to Yarroth and Tarric.

As he walks down the street he seems to be talking to himself at this point. "...drinking contest...with a dwarf...ha!"

Librarian 2

"I want to see if Holgast is around...I am certain that he has a reasonable library, and a man of learning might have some rare Drummer, of course I will go and see him." Tarric nods, his spectacles slipping down his nose.

"Food does sound good though...I could use a warm meal.", his stomach rumbles. "I think that my mind has been outvoted by my stomach. Anton, I am not very familiar with the town, would you lead the way?"

Sorry about disappearing there. Emergency work trip to Florida took more out of me than I expected. I'm back and adjusted to the time zone again.

Off the main square is Seven Silvers, most visitors to Kassen end up at this comfortable two-story inn and tavern. Run by Trelvar Silvers, this inn features modest prices (4 sp/night), decent food (3 sp/day), and a lively taproom. Trelvar is assisted by his daughter, Asina, and the overly friendly Jimes “Short Change” Iggins, who is known for giving himself generous tips.

When you enter the tavern you are greeted warmly by Asina. As returning heroes she serves you a free meal. Many of the townsfolk are willing to buy you drinks, your cups won't go dry tonight.

After an hour or so of enjoying yourselves in the tavern, a young woman from out of town approaches your table. "My name is Aeda. I work for the Pathfinder Society. I heard what you did at the crypt. Would you be interested in doing some work with me? I'd like to investigate the robbers who broke into Kassen's Tomb."

Male Human Male Human Ranger-2 | Init +3 | Spell Slots: 2/2 | Spell DC 11 | AC 15 HP 20/20 | S+4/D+5/C+2/I+0/W+1/C-1 | Perc +3 | HD: (d10) 2/2

Yarroth looks the young woman over and then invites her to join them, call over Asina to bring the woman a drink.
"Is there anything you can tell us about these men? Why they were there, or where they are now? They have a lot to answer for!"

M Human Bard / 3

knowledge check - what's the Pathfinder Society? 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13Starting to roll a little better. Still fuzzy-headed.

Drummer's not in a very trusting mood, but is intrigued by Aeda's offer and this mysterious pathfinder society.
sense motive 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19
He plies her with alcohol and friendly questions, while avoiding the hard stuff himself.

"Indeed? Hunting tomb-defiling robbers seems like honorable work. Though from the ones we met, they don't appear to have fared so well..."

Librarian 2

Is there a way to identify Pathfinder Society members that Tarric might know of?

Tarric is eating quite heartily as the woman approaches the table, a slice of pork cutlet on the end of his knife and his mouth full of sourdough bread he can only nod his greeting to the woman.

Pathfinders...I know that the greatest Pathfinders are Charter Captains, but how does one identify them...did I read something about that?

Many of the greatest explorers of Golarion’s modern age record their victories in an ongoing series of chapbooks known as the Pathfinder Chronicles. The amazing, often unbelievable tales bound in these ofttraded volumes tell of lost gods and sunken continents, of creatures older than the world itself who fell from the stars in the eldest days, and the fantastic ruins they left behind. These volumes also tell the stories of people—individuals who experienced some of the very best and worst Golarion has to offer.

The authors of these tales are members of the Pathfinder Society, a loose-knit group of explorers, archaeologists, and adventurers who search the globe for lost knowledge and ancient treasures. While an honest desire to unlock history’s secrets motivates some Pathfinders, the promise of material fortune and fame propels others, who seek a sort of immortality in the publications of the Society. The rewards of academic study and glory-seeking, however, are not enough for yet another type of Pathfinder, who takes up the trade out of the simple thrill for perilous adventure.

Edit: Sense Motive - She seems sincere in her interest.

There is no certain way to identify a Pathfinder, but many carry a device called a Wayfinder, a magical item that tells which way is north. The nearest Pathfinder Lodge is in Tamran.

Aeda takes a seat at your table. "I do not know who they were or where they went. But I have contacts in Tamran who should be able to put us on the right track. Was there anything distinctive they left behind? Do you know what might have been taken from the tomb?"

Librarian 2

"Aeda, you might think me rude, but I have done a lot of reading on various and sundry topics...many written by Pathfinder Captains. One of the things that they mention is the use of a device called a Wayfinder, but I could never find an illustration or description of the device's operation. Do you have one that I might see? I am very curious." Tarric beams a toothy smile at her.

Aeda grins back at Tarric. "I see that I will have to earn your trust. Once we reach Tamran the lodge can verify my identity, but for now I can show you this." She rolls up her sleeve to reveal a dial strapped to her wrist. As she turns her arm the dial rotates to indicate which direction is north.

Librarian 2

"No. Honestly, I really do want to see the wayfinder! Does it work only for you? Is it fixed to geography? The stars? Does it have a metaphysical connection to a deity? If the world is flat as some scholars say, which way does the compass point on the other side of the world?" Tarric interrogates with breathless intensity.

M Human Bard / 3

Knowledge check for wayfinders 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5
Ugh. How about diplomacy, maybe that'll work 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15 Passable.

Drummer attempts to suavely rescue Aeda from Tarric's questions, "Really, Tarric, I think our new friend is more interesting than her gear, as useful as it may be. Tell us about yourself, Aeda. You came to us seeking help, and I think I speak for all of us when I say I'd like to learn more what you have in mind. As you've discovered, Kassen's tomb was indeed defiled by robbers. It's unclear, though, what they were after or whether any of them escaped being turned into zombies. With your wider travels, perhaps you've heard news of other such incidents..?"

Male Human Male Human Ranger-2 | Init +3 | Spell Slots: 2/2 | Spell DC 11 | AC 15 HP 20/20 | S+4/D+5/C+2/I+0/W+1/C-1 | Perc +3 | HD: (d10) 2/2

Yarroth listens to his friends talk to the pathfinder. He enjoys drink, but still feels the somber mood within the inn.

Male Human Fighter 3

Anton saunters over to the group conversing with the stranger. "Well, so far I've won two arm wrestling contests, and got a slap from a serving girl. All in all, it's been a good night so far." He drains a tankard and sets in on the table, pulling up a seat. He doesn't seem too drunk.

"You're all awfully serious over here - what are we discussing?" Smiling at the woman talking to Drummer and Tarric, Anton tries his best to make a good first impression. "Apologies, ma'am. I'm Anton Viello, the immovable object of the group."

Diplomacy 1d20 ⇒ 1

Anton reaches over to take her hand, and succeeds in knocking over and spilling several of the drinks already on the table.

"Gods damn it." he mutters, mopping up the spill with his...shirt. "Next round is on me, obviously. So is this one, apparently." He slinks back into his seat, and decides to shut up for a bit.

Male Human Male Human Ranger-2 | Init +3 | Spell Slots: 2/2 | Spell DC 11 | AC 15 HP 20/20 | S+4/D+5/C+2/I+0/W+1/C-1 | Perc +3 | HD: (d10) 2/2

Yarroth laughs as his friend spills the drinks. He slaps him on the shoulder and steers him into an empty chair. "Maybe you need to take a break from celebrating,"[\b]he says while signalling the serving girl to bring another round. [b]"We are talking about what was taken from the crypt, and what we can do about it. Asina was asking our help in tracking down the people responsible...and they may be responsible for rousing the dead in the crypt as well."

Aeda laughs and helps clean up the spilled drinks. "It is nice to meet you Anton." She turns back to Drummer. "I do not know where the bandits have gone. I only know what I have heard around town. I was hoping you would be able to tell me more. Was there anything taken from the tomb that you can tell? Did you find anything that the bandits left behind that may help identify who sent them?"

M Human Bard / 3

Very uneasy here since we didn't tell anyone there were bandits. Not sure if it's a continuity issue or her knowing too much.

"Well, there was one clue. One of the dead bandits was carrying a note to meet at the Ranger's Lament. I'm thinking it's an inn, but it isn't one I've played at. Perhaps you've heard of it..? What sorts of things might bandits go hunting in a crypt that could unleash such evil?"

Librarian 2

Tarric stits back with a huff at his rebuffed questioning about the Pathfinders. He returns to his meal, but listens intently to the flow of the conversation.

That's what I get for not paying close attention to the details. I'll make it work.

"I believe I have heard of the Ranger's Lament. It's a popular bar in Tamran.'

Aeda turns back to Tarric. She unstraps her wayfinder and hands it to him.

"I didn't mean to be all business, but you overwhelmed me with questions. I don't really know how it works. It will work for anyone. If you say the command 'fos' it also glows."

M Human Bard / 3

Knowledge of Tamran 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11. Drummer apparently doesn't know much right now.

"Great news, Aeda. It's a relief to have a lead to go on. Tell me more about Tamran. This is where the Pathfinder society you mentioned meets, isn't it? Is it far? Tonight we rest, and there are perhaps a few errands to run about town, and of course there's the wake to attend, but it seems that fate leads toward Tamran, and soon. Shall we meet here again in two days' time, in the morning, and set out?

Once this conversation is done, Drummer will be asking around to learn more about Aeda. Specifically, how long has she been in town, what's she been interested in, what's the story that's been circulating (does her claim of having heard about the bandits from townsfolk stand up). I don't know what dice to use for this. Also, I have all my other research mentioned before to do still.

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