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DM Dan E's Legacy of Fire: Chapter 3 The Jackal's Price

Game Master Dan E

Recruited to reclaim the town of Kelmarane from a tribe of gnolls, six adventurers find themselves caught up in a series of events that may change the face of Katapesh: the Legacy of Fire.

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Joana wrote:

I like that, even though I don't grasp the whole ancient soap opera with Vardishal and his gang and I still don't really get the difference between djinns and janni and whatever all else is roaming around Katapesh, you've tied in Nuveril's backstory with events so that she (and I) have a reason to stay involved and on track, despite having no comprehension of the larger metanarrative.

Introducing AK's new character to Nuveril should be interesting, considering how many shapeshifters/imposters who end up betraying the party we've run into so far. ;)

Want to reply to this in a bit more detail but you will note on the campaign page I've collected a lot of the information scattered through the various threads. Some of it spoilers for some but the idea is to make things easier to find out of the thousands of posts.

Threads should now be linked as well.

Male HP(88/88 or 106*/106*) Gnoll Barbarian 6 - Invulnerable Rager


Dan, can you mark the old thread as inactive?

The wand charge of 36/50 should be up to date with what was used in the last fight. Although i've not reduced any charges for healing up afterwards, or for taking care of the rescued slaves. Although i think we found some wands that where low on charges on the dead gnolls. We could have used them to heal the most of our wounds.

Sovereign Court



Zeladiel Araxyll wrote:
He smiles at Nuveril and the blink dogs, but wonders how such magical creatures could have gained her trust so easily.

It amuses me both that Nuveril lavishes the trust and affection on the blink dogs that she denies to her companions and that her entire relationship with them is based on a complete and thorough misunderstanding of their very nature. If she ever learned to speak Sylvan, she'd be so disillusioned. :)

Male HP(88/88 or 106*/106*) Gnoll Barbarian 6 - Invulnerable Rager

Yes, I always imagined that Grall would make a better companion for them and Nuveril for the party...until she opens her

Male (HP 50/53) Human Monk 2/Fighter 4

Ready to jump in whenever convenient.

I should note that despite the heavy early feat emphasis on archery, Arasmes is intended as something of a switch hitter and will be taking feats for melee in further levels.


Character looks good. I was wondering why your still with the monk levels with dex 14 but see taking master of many styles gets you the kirin strike early which is very nice. Those 3d8 + 56, +4 to confirm focused crits are going to hurt. Grammiton cleric indeed.

Will fit you in shortly.

Arasmes and Zeladiel:

Arasmes's "in" will be via a prior relationship with Zaladiel's master. That leaves it open whether the two know each other (or off each) other. Happy for you to work this out.

Just a note also that we're currently the 2nd most progressed LOF game on the site (one is on chapter 4 although I think we have more posts). Most games don't make it past the pugawampis so just wanted to say I'm really pleased we're officially 1/3 of the way through the AP.

hp 34/38; AC 17; Init +5 Male Elf Wizard (Evoker) 6

Awesome. Congrats to you all and thanks for letting me join the ride- I really should read what you all did before the pugawampis... :-)

I'm pretty much okay with whatever you want. Zeladiel has met many people as a caravan guard for Rayhan, but also has closer ties to Rayhan being his apprentice. I've probably heard of you, but being away a lot it's easy to justify no prior knowledge if you'd prefer.

Arasmes is up. It may be somewhat easier if Zeladiel knows him by sight. It is up to you.

Sovereign Court


Will get a post in this evening, only just finished for the day.

Nuveril wrote:

This time is worse. She cannot help but remember the last time they were summoned to Almah's indulgent pleasure-nest: the so-called priest who betrayed them all, leading to Sajan's death. And here is another stranger, seated with Almah and her favorites, another person she will be cajoled to "trust," no doubt. She glares a warning at him. This time, she will not be so easily persuaded to ignore her instincts.

I chortled although indulgent pleasure nest seems a bit harsh :)

Sovereign Court


The gauntlet has been thrown ;).

Probably going to let you chat a bit. I'm off to Essen for the Spiel tommorow night coming back Sun. Not sure the budget hotel will have wi-fi.

Grall wrote:
Don't worry, just keep poking the beehive, nothing will

You've got another PC rolled up and ready to go after we kill this one in a fit of paranoia, right, AK?

The party: *poking through dismembered corpse* Huh. Guess it wasn't Zayifid after all. Well, better safe than sorry.

Back and hoping to get things chugging along at more typical pace.

Continue with the application process. Just don't want to bog things down with the "We did this... then we did that..."

Sovereign Court


Normally this is where Sajan would have a quiet chat with Nuveril to get her back on side... :S

He could always return to provide spiritual advice, Star Wars style
... nah maybe not.

Carry on.

The main group may want to keep talking to Arasmes (or not).

I assume Nuveril is not coming back any time soon :)

Male HP(88/88 or 106*/106*) Gnoll Barbarian 6 - Invulnerable Rager

Grall is not much of a talker, please continue per my post...

Before i forget again. I will be busy thursday-sunday this week and my posts will be scarce, if not non existent, until monday.

Guys sorry for lack of updates from me rather pressed at work. Should resume shortly.

I know the feeling :) Take yourt time.

Male HP(88/88 or 106*/106*) Gnoll Barbarian 6 - Invulnerable Rager

Seems like many of us are busy ATM, I guess this is good...I start my PMP class tomorrow.
9 HRS of class, 2 HRS of driving, 2-3 HRS of homework plus residual normal work after that...won't leave me much time to post but it seems we are at a slow spot anyways. Will check in by the weekend.

I've had a really s%&*ty day and not much in the mood for anything in character related. So don't wait for an update from me right now. Keep the game rolling and assume that Linah goes along with everything and she will be back to her caring self shortly.

Male Humanly Awesome 'n Totally Rockin' Paladin of Greatness

What's up folks? Sorry about the threadjack but I just wanted to give a BIG KUDOS to you, DAN E, and to you the FELLOW PLAYERS. I initially kept up with the thread when it first started--how ever long ago that was--but eventually had to stop due to lack of time.

But the shout out is for the fantastic ability to accept and deal with a pc like Joana's. There are folks out there who just don't have the ability to take on such a challenge as having to deal with a barbarian pc that's played like a true barbarian. By the way, well done Joana. She really is a firecracker. :)

And as much of a firecracker, take no crap, tell it like it is kind of pc she plays, you folks find a way to make it work. Which--this also is my opinion--would be an absolute fun challenge as one of the other party members to attempt to make it work. And from what I've read just in this new thread, you actually understand why she is the way she is. Which some folks out there refuse to look behind the eyes of a character to find out why they are who they are. It's all gotta be black and white.

It's good to know there are folks out there who are willing to accept a challenge and adapt to it. Instead of being like those who just gripe and whine about such a type of pc and how they are not following "protocol", and if they can't follow the rest of us like some kind of pathetic lap dog then they need to move on.

Again, it takes a special group of people to take on such a pc and you folks do a marvelous job.

Keep rockin'. :)

Male HP(88/88 or 106*/106*) Gnoll Barbarian 6 - Invulnerable Rager

Oh just wait until Grall sees her again....this could get ugly...

Thanks Javell. Lurkers are welcome here.

Guys very conscious that this is my biggest delay in posting where I haven't been on holidays since thread start. Just extremely busy and haven't had the chance to do the narrative for the next post. Was hoping most of you could continue on a little way without me but guess you need some direction.

My interest hasn't waned and I'm ever frustrated about general slowdowns. Will get back to it as soon as I can.


Sovereign Court

HP: 39/42 AC: 23 (SoF) Init: +6 Kelishite Human Inquisitor 6

No problems. Dealing with an end of year slam at work myself.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

How dare you Dan. You know how hard I work lately to make daily updates to the Serpents Skull game you are in!

Oh, wait...

Carry on...

Male HP(88/88 or 106*/106*) Gnoll Barbarian 6 - Invulnerable Rager

I am feeling the same thing until I get past my certification...too much work going on. No worries, the PBP's have been very slow in general.

Female Halfling Barbarian (superstitious) 6 | hp 56/64 (68/76 raging)
Grall wrote:
Oh just wait until Grall sees her again....this could get ugly...

With a gnoll involved, "ugly" is a given. ;P

OK rolling again hopefully.

Note as with Arasmes's post IC I believe his approach is more "I am going with Zeladiel back to Katapesh" as opposed to trying to push himself on the group. As for the rest of you I think only Linah has said she wants to accompany Zeladiel although several others might have thought it or assumed they have so stated.

Male HP(88/88 or 106*/106*) Gnoll Barbarian 6 - Invulnerable Rager

Grall has already said he will as well. Haleen is going as well...we have unfinished business in Katapesh anyways.

Should be interesting. I can't come up with a reasonable motivation for Nuveril to go to Katapesh, and Zeladiel's actively discouraging anyone from accompanying him. :P

hp 34/38; AC 17; Init +5 Male Elf Wizard (Evoker) 6

Yeah. Sadly, I think we'll have to ask the other players to work this out for our characters this time. Thanks for carrying us guys. :-/

Male (HP 50/53) Human Monk 2/Fighter 4

Arasmes is not as intuitive as Sajan was. I'm sceptical about his chances...

I've scattered some seeds around for Nuveril and some more possibly to come but ultimately your motivations are your own.

Plus, and this is minus any snark at all, if she truly doesn't care about anyone in the group falling victim to a vengeful shapechanging jann then this is just going to get harder as we go along :)

Edit: Just to say also Joana its been evident to me from the start with knowledge of the wider plot that Nuveril would have issues going along with the group once the "against the gnolls" bit was apparently over. If you don't feel like you can justify it and stay true to your idea of Nuveril then lets talk about it. I've shifted many things to try and make the AP better fit players and characters and its not a problem from my side.

Well, it's entirely possible I'm missing things due to my overall ignorance of the setting. Good for playing a fish-out-of-water PC, bad for picking up nuance. I still really have no idea what a Rough Seed is, except that it's connected to Rovagug in some way so is probably a bad thing, and I know that rubies are supposed to be indicative of ... denizens of Leng, is it? But I don't have any clue what they're about either. And when Grall or Nuveril ask a question about it IC, we basically get brushed off with a "don't worry about it, it's above your paygrade," which is probably a reasonable reaction when a barbarian asks about complicated things, but it doesn't help me get a handle on what exactly the party's mission is right now.

I'm presuming that the mention of rubies in Sev's journal is supposed to indicate a possible connection between her sister's quest and Zeladiel's Sunset Ship which I gather has something to do with Leng, but there's no way for Nuveril to make that connection and no one has said a word to her about it. She gets that there's a connection between her sister and the scroll of Kakishon, but the point of taking it to Katapesh, as she understands it, is to kiss up to some stuffy old consorter with arcane spirits to ask questions about it and she sees no reason why those more suited to not causing problems in polite society with noble wizards can't go and do that and then come back with what they've learned. (I get that they're probably going to get attacked and not ever come back to Kelmarane because that's how APs go, but she doesn't know she's a PC.)

And as far as protection from Zayifid, I haven't picked up a vibe that anyone else is that concerned about him. Grall seems to think he can handle it alone, anyway, as no one's suggested we should do anything but go on with our separate ordinary Kelmarane routines. I presume he'll be smart enough to appear as someone important that we're supposed to be polite to anyway, and Nuveril's had enough of getting slapped down for questioning the trustworthiness of high-status people. :P

OK without yet getting into the specifics what do you see as Nuveril's current motivations and plans?

Not sure if it makes any different but just to note that an overland trek south to Katapesh will cut through the savannahs of her tribe.

The last thing she wants is to be seen by anyone in her tribe traveling with a gnoll and about 15 magic users! How humiliating would that be?! Like a Pathfinder initiate who didn't make it running into a group of her former fellows working as a mercenary with an Aspis Consortium expedition. Awkward!

Right now, Nuveril is rudderless. She left home to kill gnolls, and now the gnolls are dead without it giving her any appreciable sense of achievement. She doesn't want to go back to the Lions because she still doesn't feel she's proven herself as a warrior. She has no reason to stay in Kelmarane. She would like to find out about her family, but she has no idea how to even begin and has fatalistically given up on it as an impossibility. Whatever Khalid and Zeladiel and the educated members of the party are whispering about amongst themselves, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with her, nor has anyone told her she has anything to contribute. If the scroll is any danger from Zayifid, Grall and Khalid seem to feel that the two of them and Haleen can handle it.

It feels like everyone has their place in the party: Khalid is leader and has the magic sword and the dead hero in his head; Linah is the healer; Zeladiel is the arcane; Grall is the melee-beast; and AK's new character will presumably cover our deficiencies at range when Zeladiel is casting. Nuveril is ... what? Grall's sidekick? Nuveril's pride won't let her be satisfied with tagging along behind a gnoll and finishing off anything he leaves alive. She feels redundant: Anything she can do, Grall can do better. His natural attack even lets him "two-weapon fight" without expending the feats she's had to.

To a certain extent, it's a positive thing for Nuveril to feel unhappy and alone: Her discontent and resentment are what drive her. If she were well-adjusted rather than hypercompetitive and desperate to prove herself, she would have stayed home with her tribe. I just don't know what her next goal is. If everyone weren't going to Katapesh ... I don't know, I guess she'd go look for something else to fight somewhere else, I guess. Preferably without Grall so she could be the hero, for a change. ;)

Sovereign Court


Take Risky Striker and Big Game Hunter feats at the earliest opportunity. Combine with Power Attack for "Goliath-Slayer" feel :P. You'll be cranking out the highest damage against the big foes and it would give you something of a speciality.

I'll have more to weigh in later methinks.

ARG and Ultimate Combat. Neither one blanket-DM-approved, iirc. (I believe i asked about Risky Striker a while back, and Dan hadn't decided yet.) I know the books aren't permitted in DM AK's games. ;)

Male HP(88/88 or 106*/106*) Gnoll Barbarian 6 - Invulnerable Rager

To be honest Grall would have been inclined to try and get Nuveril more involved, he liked the halfling's bluntness and honesty as well as her fight.
But after she insulted his honor when they were last together he now believes she just can't let go of her predjudice of Gnolls and even after fighting side by side for over a year she feels no kinship to him.

Personally I have always thought that adventurers were like top professional atheletes. There is just something different in their makeup that won't let the sit around. They have a need to do something exceptional.
What else does Nuveril have to do? Even if she feels like a third wheel is it better to be wit us than grumbling around this desert town feeling sorry for herself :]

Well, she is prejudiced against gnolls, but honestly, she's still furious about that fight with the demons when we got all set up to draw them out of the darkness and then Grall leaped in and insisted on soloing them rather than letting anyone else get involved. That was the most disrespectful and offensive thing he could have done to her, was not let her have a part in the fight. It's one thing to protect the spellcasters and another to "protect" the fighters who want to be allowed to carry their share of the weight. Right now she resents him more than she did when they first met. He's definitely her least-liked party member, and that includes the magic user and the new guy.

Male (HP 50/53) Human Monk 2/Fighter 4


Lol! :D

hp 34/38; AC 17; Init +5 Male Elf Wizard (Evoker) 6

Wow, harsh. Hey, does that mean I'm her 3rd favourite in the party?
I wonder how I can get rid of Khalid and Linah? :-)

Male HP(88/88 or 106*/106*) Gnoll Barbarian 6 - Invulnerable Rager

Personally I like it, it is a rare challenge to be in a game where two of the characters don't get along, this is my first!
Grall would never hurt Nuveril, heck he would probably die for her, though he would never admit to it.
That doesn't mean they have to get along during their journey.

Grall thinks of himself as less than the rest of the group, which is why he throws himself into every combat. He fully expects to expend his life so the rest of you can finish some great quest. He thinks of the rest of you as heroes and he is the expendible. Sarenrae has dictated it in his mind. Why else would she elevate a Gnoll slave to his status and turn him loose against his people?
Of course Nuveril may never understand that with her own complex view of the world which is why they will probably never see eye to eye :]

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