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DM Corvus' Carrion Crown PBP (Inactive)

Game Master CorvusRed

United by the death of a common friend and teacher, five heroes must face the horrors of Ustalav's past.

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Congrats and welcome!

Please check in with your aliases and completed profiles here.

Please follow THIS TEMPLATE. for character profile. I find it easier to find what I need this way.

Remember to outfit yourself with 150 gold worth of gear.

IF you want to expand or intertwine any backgrounds, please go ahead. More ammo (errr, information) for me!

Male Human (Varisian) Rogue (burglar, cutpurse) 2

That character looks very familiar... :P

Updated my profile to follow the template - lemme know if you want me to make any changes.

Also, since Peredur is going to be joining us, I'm thinking of adding the Cutpurse archetype if that would be OK. I think it's a closer fit to my backstory but avoided it at first since I'd lose trapfinding.

Looking forward to giving this AP another go... thanks for picking me!

Male Elf Magus 2

I noticed you placed rations. will we be counting those as the days go by?

EDIT: I fixed my profile already. Is it good? I didn't know how some of the stuff were to be formatted like certain bonuses, what to put and not put under special abilities, and a spellbook section. So I did those myself.

Profile looks good. Supplies like Rations may be a factor at some point.

I think since your character is older, I'm going to play Lorrimor's background with him as happening when he was younger, say, 40+ years ago. Does that gel with your idea of Taanyth?

yup. I'm thinking drinking buddies during college actually. or around that drift.

Alzano Vignari wrote:

That character looks very familiar... :P

Updated my profile to follow the template - lemme know if you want me to make any changes.

Also, since Peredur is going to be joining us, I'm thinking of adding the Cutpurse archetype if that would be OK. I think it's a closer fit to my backstory but avoided it at first since I'd lose trapfinding.

Looking forward to giving this AP another go... thanks for picking me!

whatever you want to do is fine. either one will fit very well i think.

Male Half-Elf Ranger 5 (Urban Ranger archetype)| Init +5|Perc +15/+17 for lycanthropes/+19 for undead| HP 24/44| Saves F +6/R +7/W +3; +4 vs. ench.

Peredur checking in; thanks for picking me, and I'll reformat my profile shortly. One caveat regarding urban rangers; they don't get trapfinding until third level. Hopefully we won't run into a lot of traps before then....

female Half-elf Cleric-5

I'll get my profile and equipment set to your template by Sunday night. Sunday days are my RL gaming days so tomorrow will be busy.

Alias and profile complete, I do believe.

Just wondering. When do we start? XD

In the next few days. By Wednesday at the latest, though I plan on having the first gameplay post up Tuesday evening.


I realize the example character doesn't have a description, but please include an idea of what your character looks like as well, if you haven't

Lol. I've been drawing him.

Posting rules:

When posting in combat, please do not simply post rolls. The more you give me as to what exactly you are doing, the more likely it'll work out in your benefit. Roll damage and attacks together, and if you crit, simply edit the post and add in the additional roll.

If you get a natural one on your attack, you need to confirm fumbles as well, so roll again, but do not add an additional damage roll.

Please use the following template during combat for all posts as well


HP: x/x AC: xx Conditions: None Duration: (if applicable) x out of x rounds)

If you are doing anything that occurs out of sight or without the other characters' knowledge, please keep it behind a spoiler:

For DM Corvus:

You are a fantastic person and excellent DM.

I will sometimes perform checks for you (usually when they need to be behind a spoiler).

I think that covers it.

Male Half-Elf Ranger 5 (Urban Ranger archetype)| Init +5|Perc +15/+17 for lycanthropes/+19 for undead| HP 24/44| Saves F +6/R +7/W +3; +4 vs. ench.

I believe I have the character reformatted and equipment updated for 150 GP, if you want to have a look at him. I also have a template for combat status behind a spoiler, but it includes a header with the round number if that's OK--it looks like this:

Round x:


HP: 12/12 AC: 17 Conditions: None

I'm fine with you rolling initiative and checks.

female Half-elf Cleric-5

OK, quick equipment question. Can I take 'Parade Armor' from the AA? It's mechanically the same as studded leather, it just looks neater.

Iesha - Yes you can.

Perdur. Not all checks, but I'll do initiative for now , I think. also yes, including the round number is good, i had forgotten about that.

female Half-elf Cleric-5

OK, I've got all but the final background up.

Alzano, want to be relatives?

Male Human (Varisian) Rogue (burglar, cutpurse) 2

Hm... did you have an idea in mind? I guess it could be possible, since my stupid parents were part of a caravan in Ustalav.

I'll expand on Aleksandr's background and description later today.

female Half-elf Cleric-5

Iesha's background is that her mother was from a small clan of entertainers who ran a traveling circus. About 26 years ago (she's 25) it was attacked by slavers. The matriarch of the group (Iesha's great-grandmother) a fortune-teller and Harrower of no mena skill, determined that her granddaughter was still alive and called in a debt owed to her by Professor Lorrimor to find her. The Professor managed to retrieve Iesha's mother, who was pregnant by her captors and died giving birth to Iesha. The rest of the goup was afraid of the strange-looking child and wanted to dispose of her. Great-grandmother, however, noted her birthmark resembling Shelyn's bird symbol and after a Harrowing, asked the Professor to take Iesha to Ardis where she was left with the major temple of Shelyn there. The Professor has monitored (and mentored) her ever since.

Given our character's respective ages it's even possible they're half-siblings or one of your parents could be an aunt or uncle who left the caravan because of all this.

If they're half-siblings, then her mothe risn't dead, but chose not to keep the child that had been forced on her. In that case, your parents left the clan in fear of her former captors...or perhaps the Sczarni were even involved in or behind the orginal attack and they feared further hassle to the clan.

Also, while I'd orginally chosen Ardis as her home Caliphas works just as well. Both might work if we go with the sibling route. Iesha was placed with the Ardis temple but transfered to Caliphas when she began to train as a Cleric.

Male Human (Varisian) Rogue (burglar, cutpurse) 2

I could see cousins... would our characters know? It sounds like Iesha wouldn't know too much about what happened unless Lorrimor mentioned it. Maybe Alzano could have had an older brother who was a child when their parents left and hates half-elves as a result. Alzano learned a little bit of what happened (with a little racism rubbing off on him) and might be able to piece it together once he learns of Iesha's background?

female Half-elf Cleric-5

Works for me.

Iesha probably doesn't know much about her heritage. If I give her a Varisian scarf as part of her gear the markings might start both of us investigating the issue.

Has anyone run this before, or been a part of it? If so, how far in to the adventure path did you get?

Male Elf Magus 2
Iesha Shadowstar-Petrosca wrote:
Iesha probably doesn't know much about her heritage.

Being the Lawful Evil elf from Kyonin, this gives me a lot of roleplay openings with you.

Male Human (Varisian) Rogue (burglar, cutpurse) 2

I was in a PbP group that only made it up to the reading of the will, which I guess isn't much of a spoiler since the Player's Guide tells you what happens there. :P

Other than that, it's one of the few APs I'm completely unfamiliar with plot-wise.

Male Half-Elf Ranger 5 (Urban Ranger archetype)| Init +5|Perc +15/+17 for lycanthropes/+19 for undead| HP 24/44| Saves F +6/R +7/W +3; +4 vs. ench.

I've played in two attempts at it. The first fizzled just as we entered the false crypt, that being about the first thing we went to do. The letter "V" had appeared under mysterious circumstances shortly before we went in. The second attempt was the one that Peredur is being recycled from. I got in late (just before the false crypt entry) after one of the initial players disappeared. The DM dropped out of sight about the time that we were finishing the research checks on the criminals and the Whispering Way.

female Half-elf Cleric-5

I'm running it for my RL group of three. We just finished Trial. I had to alter the rewards due to -rather strongly worded- comments on the lack of proper WBL treasure in the AP.

Trial is also the worst for critters too large for the place they're in situations.

And as a sideline, my hubby's wizard/spellthief is planing on having a rather pointed discussion with the Beast's father's architect about safety standards and the importance of handrails.

I am making an effort to not set her up in a way that makes the AP easier...which is why I have her from Ardis rather than Caliphas. I intend to play it straight and will not use prior knowledge. I bought the AP because it sounded like something I'd want to play and the further I run it the more I want to!

Well, fair enough.

I'll try and keep it interesting and vary things enough that it will hopefully keep you entertained.

Also, finalize all backgrounds and descriptions as well as inventory, etc, as we'll be starting the game itself tomorrow night.

Male Elf Magus 2

Added appearance

Aleksandr Markov wrote:
Alias and profile complete, I do believe.

I just need you to include character's race, class, level, and ability scores please.

Male Human (Varisian) Rogue (burglar, cutpurse) 2

Background and appearance are all set... have all the gear I need... I should be good to go!

Looks pretty good to me.

Gameplay thread will be up tonight around 6:30 EST

female Half-elf Cleric-5

Ok, background and appearance up, equipment finalized.

Ready when you are.

Gameplay thread is up.

Please portray your characters' approach to the Restlands, and we will go from there once everyone has gathered.

Male Elf Magus 2


Oh! And last thing!

"please put all spoken dialogue in bold and quotation marks!"

all inner monolgue in italics1

Happy posting, my victims... I mean friends. yes. friends.

I covered that up quite well... yes

Male Elf Magus 2

how about memories? It's kinda "inner" so that's why I italicized it.

yeah, i think that works well

I had made small changes in Taanyth's description. Mainly age and religion.

From what I know of the AP, I believe the Professor would have a closed casket...

oh seriously. damn.

Male Elf Magus 2

How many feet are we from the farmers?

female Half-elf Cleric-5

Snicker, this should be good...politely lectured by a half-drow and then threatened by a Varisian.

Male Elf Magus 2

Indeed! I also wrote down my prepared spells just now. (I forgot to. lol)

female Half-elf Cleric-5

Just a quick note: I've medical appointments today and tomorrow so I will have limited availablity until later in the evening.

Nothing major: today is what *should* be the final dermatolgy visit due to freezing off wards and tomorrow is minor therapy for my shoulder (I pulled the rotator cuff).

Male Elf Magus 2

is it weird that I already have imagined voices for the cast?

Male Half-Elf Ranger 5 (Urban Ranger archetype)| Init +5|Perc +15/+17 for lycanthropes/+19 for undead| HP 24/44| Saves F +6/R +7/W +3; +4 vs. ench.

Not at all.

BTW, I know Peredur just asked for trouble with what he said, but I have to think the characters don't know they're starting an adventure path.

Is everyone clear on how the researching will have to proceed if the pcs choose to?

Male Elf Magus 2

well... Taanyth is already at the studies. I rolled (badly) for day 1.

The researchwill not come from the tomes the professor entrusted to the PCS. sorry i wasn't clear on that. They are merely to be delivered in a month's time.

the result still stands, for today if you want. as it's an 8 hour process that will dedicate your character to spending the remainder of the day among the professor's numerous shelves of books. at this point it is roughly 3 p.m.

He has plenty of other books in his house that will be used for the researching.

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