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DM Carbide's Through a Cracked Mirror: The Dark Road (Inactive)

Game Master John Woodford

As the myriad potential Golarions collide, a small group of heroes is charged with setting things right.

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Just need to finalize equipment. Otherwise Syndir is ready.

Hey guys,

Ton has happened in RL since I left. In any case I find myself with enough time to play again.

If it's cool with you guys, I would love to return.
Not as a fighter though. Been a long time and considering the environment and monsters I figure a Melee with better skills and some utility magic would better suit the group.

Ok. Here is my submission.

Duncan is an inquisitor from another game who was a ton of fun to play.

Uses for the party?
8 skills per level
3/4 caster
Melee brute who has tanky AC.
Because of Dwarf/Steel Soul/Glory of old Trait has +5 racial to saves vs Magic. (Don't want a repeat of the Seugathi)

Duncan is a gruff veteran, father figure type. Believes the best defense is a strong offense. Worships ANGRADD dwarf god of war.
He recently died in another game saving the party's ass from some devils.
Figured ANGRADD took the opportunity to drop him here to save the world.
I can de level him to 5th and redo his gear.

Hope you guys are happy to have me back.

8hp at 1 +2con
1d8 ⇒ 6+2con
1d8 ⇒ 8+2con
1d8 ⇒ 7+2con
1d8 ⇒ 5+2con
+2 favored HP

Party looks like it could use a trapfinder. I'm thinking about a Archeologist Bard. And would like to pick the following trait from ultimate campaign:

Fate’s Favored: The fates watch over you. Whenever you
are under the effect of a luck bonus of any kind, that
bonus increases by 1.

Alex Mack: That one seems like Lingering Performance--no archaeologist bard build will be complete without it. I don't have Ultimate Campaign yet, but you can go ahead and use the trait.

Scarab Sages

oh man but I loved xavier in the group D:

Aww really? He misses you too.

I'll read up the game thread.
Would you prefer Xavier back?
Been ages and I don't have the original build but I could knock it out again.

Just caught up on the thread.

Really looks like you need some sort of Divine Caster, rather than Xavier.
There is plenty of Melee in the group between the Eidolon, Darc and the new ranger.

Duncan is 90% ready to go.
I can mod his spellist a bit for more healing.
Still no word from DM Though....

Duncan is complete and ready.

Oh, yeah--Xavier/Angus/STR Ranger--I'd be cool with you coming back. As long as you know it's not guaranteed. Incidentally, Darc had to drop out.

Submissions so far:

valliss-Mibbiwicket, Gnome Titan Mauler
Stiehl9s-Syndir Apep, Human Monk-Master of Many Styles4/Draconic Sorcerer1
STR Ranger-Duncan Redhammer, Dwarf Witchhunter Inquisitor (or Xavier Longsaddle Revenant, Human Two-Weapon Fighter)
Alex Mack-???, ??? Archaeologist Bard

ETA: Duncan, you've still got hooks from what looks like a Council of Thieves campaign.

Yep. Duncan died at level 6 from council of Thieves.
Was having an absolute blast with him and looks like this group needs some divine ompf. Thought I'd offer him here.

If Eretria and the others prefer Xavier I can try to make him as he was, but his page was re written to be a Wild Stalker ages ago. I am working on recreating it and you wrote him being taken back home so story wise the door looks open for a revival.

Tossing my hat in with some ranged support (in an unorthodox fashion). Literally, bringing in the big guns if allowed.

This is not the avatar proposed, have to create that one.

Inquisitor 5, high Dex

Large Heavy Repeating Crossbow 2d8 (-2 to Hit, for over-sized, mithral & darkwood)
Gravity Bow item making it 3d8 (purchased gear), can't wait to Crit!

Did I mention the Bane power? 3d8+2d6.

Stats - 13, 20, 13, 10, 14, 7 so far.

Mucking with race, most likely human for feats, crossbow demands it.

I'm working on an Archeologist bard. My impression is that the group won't have any need for another front liner so I'm aiming for a support build with high dex and charisma. The build will likely be good at handling scouting and trapfinding sport some face skills and be a viable switch hitter with the emphasize likely placed on Archery.

But I'll probably need a few more days to get a build up as I've got a lot of real work to do this week. So if you plan on closing recruitment before Friday I'm prolly gonna have to pass.

Hey folks, reviewed the thread and have no chance of making the deadline.

Best of luck to DM and all. I'll keep working on my Uber-Crossbow concept and should be ready if there's another recruitment.

Happy gaming!

Set my sights on a whip wielding Half-Orc Archeologist relic hunter. I was thinking of making him a veteran Pathfinder as that would work well for the character I have in mind and would tie him into absalomon. However I have no idea how to tie him in with the group.

It was kind of short notice to come up with a fifth-level character, Sandru. Some other time.

Getting people into the group is not a problem, Alex.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I woould like to get in this but I would need help. First, I've never played a pbp game befor so I'm unframiliar with some things. Second, I always played d&d 3.5. I rece.tly switched to pf and love it, but I'm new to this site and how it works. I have lots of down time at work and could
ake however many posts a day are needed. Id be interested in playing a magus unless you already have one. Let me know if yur interested in letting me join:)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Sorry bout the crappy typing^, I'm on a phone

I know how that goes...I just got a Note, though, and the thing is practically a tablet. It's much easier to type on than anything since my old Blackberry.

I'm going to close submissions now, and will likely have a decision by the end of the day (wrt GMT -6 or so, for anyone outside the western hemisphere).

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Cool man ill be checkin. I can whip a toon up tonight afteter work if u post a decision early enough. Getting you a copy of my toon would be another tadk though lol. Like I said, not framiliar with how things are done in pbp

@ jimibones83 - typically in PBP you create a new alias. Click on My Account at the top of this page and then under Message Board Aliases click on Create new alias and then just fill it in. Feel free to click on some of the users (including mine) you see around the boards to see how they fill them out to give you an idea. Alot of people just copy and paste from Hero Labs.

For a more formal understanding of how things are done check out Doomed Hero's Guide to PBP

good luck!


Alex Mack here submitting Berbas Huber, Half Orc veteran pathfinder with a shady past.

Berbas, I'm not sure about some of your skill bonuses--I think you may be shortchanging yourself for clever explorer and bardic knowledge. Knowledge skills should be +6 for one rank (1 rank, +3 for class skill, +2 for bardic knowledge at 5th level). Perception should be +9 (5 ranks, -1 for WIS, +3 for class skill, +2 for clever explorer at 5th level). It also looks like you're low on rounds of luck per day--you've got 9, and AFAICT you should have 11 (base 4 + 2 (CHA bonus), +5 for favored class bonus).


Tossed stuff together a bit rushed so yeah guess your right. Added some fluff which was also written a bit hastily and is a bit barebones but should give you and idea who you're dealing with. Now I'll look to get my gear sorted out.

Edit: Got my gear together still have a few hundred to spend...

ETA: This is a reply to a post by jimibones83 which he seems to have deleted.

Nope--Pathfinder Society is something different. Most PFS games are played face-to-face, though there are a fair number going on via PbP. The majority of PbP games here on the boards, though, are not PFS games. This campaign isn't PFS.

What you do to get your character sheet attached to your alias is to go to the Profile tab. Over on the right should be a button that says Edit My Profile; click that and it'll take you to a page where you can insert stats and a few other things. The last field on that page has a bolded header; in your case it says About Lord Carnage. That's where you insert your character sheet, essentially. Underneath the field is a button labeled Show that'll show you how the formatting codes allowed on the boards--bolding, italicizing, inserting links, making text larger or smaller, inserting out-of-character comments, and rolling dice.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I cant even find a Profile tab

good news is I found the profile tab but the bad news is that I get confused when I get to the last field. also, do I have to change my default alias to lord carnage each time I sign on? it keeps switching back to jimibones83

ok im getting it now. I should be able to be done by tomarrow. do I need to do anything to get into this game? or is it more like u click on my pic from this thread to check out my sheet and add me if u choose? if the latter, would I then notice my pic under player and character tabs? feel free to check out my toon, though its not done

It's possible to change your default alias, but if you're playing in several campaigns (with different characters in each) you may not want to. OTOH, if you look up at the top of this page you'll see a set of six tabs: Campaign Info, Gameplay, Discussion, Recruitment, Players, and Characters. The second, third, and fourth are posting threads. (Recruitment should be bolded, as that's the thread we're in now.) Once someone posts under their character alias in the Gameplay thread, that alias comes up as the first option on their alias list under the Post As tab under the posting field.

ETA: Sorry, missed your post while I was putting mine together. You're right; I pick, then the people I chose start posting to the Gameplay & Discussion threads (if they're still interested).

All right, decision time. I based my choice on where the party had holes that'd keep me from running the campaign as I've envisioned it, and as it happens for the next stage of the game they could really use--well, that'd be telling. Duncan and Berbas, please report to the Gameplay thread. Everyone else, thank you for your interest, and if any other vacancies open up in the near future I'll drop you a PM.

Aye. Been too long since me axe was swung in Anger. By Angradd's arse, tis good t'be beathin again.

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