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DM Carbide's Through a Cracked Mirror: The Dark Road (Inactive)

Game Master John Woodford

As the myriad potential Golarions collide, a small group of heroes is charged with setting things right.

baldwin the merciful

Dashel de Penderwon

Male H Cleric 7, AC19/22, T 10, FF19, HP 26 /63. Int +2, P +10, F+9, R +3, W+9, CMB +8 (+10) ; (Tripping); CMD 19(19 vs. Trip);
Ongoing Spells:
divine favor +2 att/dam, shield of faith+3

(598 posts)
baldwin the merciful


Conner Hawthorne

Human Fighter (Duel Wielder)/3; HP: 28/28; AC: 16 (17);Init:+2; Passive Perception 12; SW 1/1; AS 1/1
(713 posts)

STR Ranger

Duncan Redhammer

Male Dwarf Expert 1/Inquisitor 4 (Witchunter) Int+4, F6, R1, W4, +4 vs Spells/PoisonAC19/T12/FF17, HP46/4663/67 when raging
(1,589 posts)
White Dragon

Adventure Buddy! AC 20/14/18, Saves 4/5/4, Perception +6, Blindsense/Darkvision 60ft, Immune Sleep,Paralysis
(10 posts)
Warden Rogard Hammerfell

Dwarf Warpriest 6 Int+2, F8, R5, W9, +5 vs Spells/PoisonAC21/T12/FF19, HP55/55
(16 posts)
STR RangerCalainXavier Longsaddle


Madame Ivanja
Scarab Sages Lyekeli Veran

Female Human Sorceress 6
(43 posts)
TareEretria Whitethorne

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