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DM Carbide's Through a Cracked Mirror: The Dark Road (Inactive)

Game Master John Woodford

As the myriad potential Golarions collide, a small group of heroes is charged with setting things right.

Current Characters

Ava "Eidolon"

played by overfiend_87 (34 posts)
Conner Hawthorne

Human Fighter (Duel Wielder)/4; HP: 36/36; AC: 17 (18 Dual Wielding);Init:+2; Passive Perception 12; SW 0/1; AS 0/1

played by Filios (739 posts)
Dashel de Penderwon

Male H Cleric 7, AC19/22, T 10, FF19, HP 26 /63. Int +2, P +10, F+9, R +3, W+9, CMB +8 (+10) ; (Tripping); CMD 19(19 vs. Trip);
Ongoing Spells:
divine favor +2 att/dam, shield of faith+3

played by baldwin the merciful (598 posts)
DM Carbide - Dark Road

Weakly Godlike Entity

played by John Woodford (1,779 posts)
Duncan Redhammer

Male Dwarf Expert 1/Inquisitor 4 (Witchunter) Int+4, F6, R1, W4, +4 vs Spells/PoisonAC19/T12/FF17, HP46/4663/67 when raging

played by STR Ranger (1,589 posts)
Krolmnite Underhill

played by overfiend_87 (188 posts)
Madame Ivanja
Scarab Sages Lyekeli Veran

Female Human Sorceress 6

played by Tare (43 posts)
White Dragon

Adventure Buddy! AC 20/14/18, Saves 4/5/4, Perception +6, Blindsense/Darkvision 60ft, Immune Sleep,Paralysis

played by STR Ranger (10 posts)
Warden Rogard Hammerfell

Dwarf Warpriest 6 Int+2, F8, R5, W9, +5 vs Spells/PoisonAC21/T12/FF19, HP55/55

played by STR Ranger (16 posts)

Previous Characters

baldwin the merciful

Evil GM
(25,894 posts)

(751 posts)
Jarl of the North Wind
Liberty's Edge John Woodford

(1,611 posts)
STR Ranger

Male Human Ranger 1
(2,195 posts)
Shorafa Pamodae

(341 posts)
Loris Raknian
Sczarni Berbas Huber

male Half-Orc Bard (Archeologist) 5

played by Alex Mack (17 posts)
The Fifth Archdaemon
Briar Uumeaonna

Male Tiefling Magus 4 (Bladebound Kensai)

played by Greg Donaldson (47 posts)
Villamar Koth

Male Half-Orc Wild Rager 2/Witch Hunter Inquisitor1 HP: 42/42 48/48 raging AC18/12/16-2 for Rage , F9/R4/W6+2 Fort/Will while raging Perception: +7, Init:+2

played by STR Ranger (537 posts)
Jeggare Noble
Charles Beecroft

Male Half-Elf Bloodrager (Primalist/Steelblood) 9 (HP 14(+27)/84(+27)) (AC 28/12/27) (CMD 27 (37 Vs Disarm)) (Fort +10, Ref +6, Will +7) (Init +7) (Perception +25)

played by Luke_Parry (596 posts)
Darc Jonash

HPs: 67/67 AC20/T14/FF16: Saves F8 (+2 trait bonus vs. poison or drugs (+4 to avoid effects of alcohol)),R9,W6: Perception+5: Init+3
Human Brawler/7

played by Deevor (301 posts)
Danse Macabre
DM Aron Marczylo

Master of Gaming and Grognardia

played by overfiend_87 (5,245 posts)
Sargava Vignette
DM Carbide

Weakly Godlike Entity

played by John Woodford (5,230 posts)

female Half-Elf Ranger 5 (Hit Points 49 Current 54; AC 18; Initiative +3; Perception +14)

played by GeraintElberion (197 posts)
Madame Ivanja
Scarab Sages Eretria Whitethorne

Female Human Sorceress 6

played by Tare (324 posts)
Gaston Cromarchy
GM Rapscallion

Male Human Taskmaster and Overlord / 10

played by Nayr Trebrot (405 posts)
Imizael Borlavor

Male Gnome Druid 5

played by CorvusRed (17 posts)
Danse Macabre
Rashun Tollinger

Male Human Ranger 1/Inquisitor 4 HP: 38/42

played by concerro (259 posts)
Rhual Ghaan

Male Half-Orc Oracle(Lore) 1

played by concerro (39 posts)
Sajan Gadadvara
Sami Johoro

Male Nagaji Monk / Master of Many Styles 5; HP 35/35; AC 17/16/15; saves 5/7/7; perc +12

played by Nayr Trebrot (246 posts)

female leopard animal companion; initiative +5; perception+6; AC 19

played by GeraintElberion (14 posts)
Watcher Uatu

played by concerro (1,698 posts)
Brother Swarm

m half-elven Lich 15 DM/10 Grandmaster DM

played by concerro (36,262 posts)
Baron Hannis Drelev
Xavier Longsaddle

Male Human Warpriest 8, AC21/T10/FF21+2 if using Shield, HP74/74, F10/R4/W12, CMB+10/CMD+20, Perception +5

played by STR Ranger (527 posts)
Ezer Hazzebaim
Yeronimous Nethysborn

Human Skirnir 4

played by Pixel Cube (34 posts)

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