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DM Caleth's Multitude: Doom of the Old World (Inactive)

Game Master Saint Caleth

For a thousand years the Dragon God and his ilk ruled the world they had usurped from man. When he was defeated, the human children of the dragons ruled for a thousand more. The last three centuries have been a whirlwind of change for the Old World, however. First, the gods of man, who had always walked alongside their adopted children, began to leave the world. Then men, human and otherwise, of other planes of the Multitude came, tying the Old World ever closer to the rest of creation. Finally, with the newfound thunder of guns, the last of the Dragonborn Emperors was swept from his ancient throne, heralding another Age of Man at long last.
The great city of Ashar has stood for a millennia, largely apart from the changes wracking the rest of the world. Now, however, even the great deserts of the East may not be able to save the City of Man from the fate of the rest of the world. For several years refugees have been fleeing east from the heart of the Empire. They say that they are fleeing the end of the world itself…

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