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DM CH-P's CoT: The Bastards of Erebus

Game Master Are


Derek Keegan

Male Human (Azalanti) Bard 8/Fighter 4
(1,741 posts)


Darl Quethos

Male Chelish Arcane Caster 12 HP: 123/123(+11) AC: 30 FF: 23, Touch: 22 F:+16, R:+12, W:+19 Perception:+18(Effects: Mage Armor, Heroism, Barkskin+4, False Life, Freedom of Movement, Remove Fear, Resist Energy
(871 posts)
Amazing Red


"The Beast of War"

Ancient Shoanti War Spirit 12 | 148/148 hp + 81/81 temps, Init +2, AC 33 (40 with barkskin, shield, and haste, +1 near Derek) [touch 15, FF 31], Fort +18, Ref +11, Will +14; Perception +6
1st 6/6 | 2nd 5/5 | 3rd 4/4 | 4th 3/3 | Summon 7/7 | Rage 20/20

(324 posts)

Male Shoanti Barbarian/Summoner 12 | 136/136 hp + 0 nonlethal, Init +2, AC 25 (29 /w barkskin) (+1 near Derek) [touch 16, FF 23], Fort +15, Ref +9, Will +12; Perception +6
1st 5/6 | 2nd 1/5 | 3rd 1/4 | 4th 3/3 | Summon 7/7 | Rage 20/20

(2,714 posts)
FeralDM FeralGallard Stormeye

John Compton

Liebdaga Wendobound

(6 posts)
Mistress Kayltanya

Female Changeling (Mauxi Mwangi) Mwangi Spiritualist 12
(1,076 posts)
John ComptonByarsh Gyvualinn


Amiamble Piddlespot

HP 27/27;AC19; F 3,R 5,W 5; Init:3; Perc 10 (normal). Yeenoghu: 28/28; AC18;F 5,R 8, W 3; Perc 6 (lowlight)

(537 posts)
Ishani Dhatri
Appario Lind

Male Human (Taldan) Abadaran Militant 12
(1,893 posts)
PainlordDyrant Maynor, the Pre-Sainted

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