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DM CH-P's CoT: The Bastards of Erebus

Game Master Are

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Female Changeling (Mauxi Mwangi) Mwangi Spiritualist 12

"A good rallying cry—for Westcrown."

Before everyone begins opening new doors, Yahirma reviews a few tactical considerations. "Remember that greater devils are resistant to all but blessed and silver weapons, although for whatever reason, Appario, you've proven capable of overcoming that fact through your own means. If we find ourselves in combat with such a fiend, and your weapon seems ineffective, wave to me and point at the blade, and I might be able to correct the problem.

"There's a possibility that I might be able to project my spirit and take control of Liebdaga's body, though that would take some time. If I am preparing to do so, I will collapse suddenly." She holds up her hands in a mollifying way. "So long as my body is in danger, though, do not worry. If I should succeed, I will hold up my arms like this," she explains, holding her arms straight up before crossing them in front of her to make the letter 'X.' With a moment of thought, she adds, "And if Liebdaga is chained up, I'll just improvise."

"Speaking of preparations…" She casts a few spells.

Remove fear on everyone but Appario (+4 morale vs. fear—doesn't stack with heroism for a net +2); freedom of movement on Derek, Xerath, and Yahirma; and resist energy (fire) [30] on everyone.

Once the Xerath and Maddok cast shield, Yahirma casts align weapon (good) on the massive halberd. She keeps her lesser metamagic rod of reach and her prayer beads at hand.

Male Chelish Arcane Caster 12 HP: 123/123(+11) AC: 30 FF: 23, Touch: 22 F:+16, R:+12, W:+19 Perception:+18(Effects: Mage Armor, Heroism, Barkskin+4, False Life

"I have a plan for combating the devil when it comes down to it. But thank you."

Opening the massive door by uttering the four answers in Infernal, the group then enters a short hallway leading east and then north, where it ends in another massive door that immediately opens as you approach. Searing heat blasts towards you, as if the air itself is on fire within the large, circular chamber beyond. An immense, fiery pentagram is inlaid in the floor, while hanging suspended 15 ft above the center of the floor is a large, adamantine cage, fastened to the walls with eight thick, black chains. Within the cage, a pit fiend lies forced into fetal position, its body seemingly only partially real as it rapidly fluctuates between flesh, fire, and smoke.


>>>Current Map<<<

Up next: The PCs.

Male Human (Taldan) Abadaran Militant 12

"Is that it? That's Libby? I was expecting...more..." Appario asks. "What should we be doing now?"

Smite evil. Just in case.

Male Shoanti Barbarian/Summoner 12 | 136/136 hp + 0 nonlethal, Init +2, AC 25 (29 /w barkskin) (+1 near Derek) [touch 16, FF 23], Fort +15, Ref +9, Will +12; Perception +6
1st 5/6 | 2nd 1/5 | 3rd 1/4 | 4th 3/3 | Summon 7/7 | Rage 20/20

"If there was ever a time we would need Shu-Ak’eh-Di's strength, this is it", Maddok says. "Give me a minute to summon him."

Male Human (Azalanti) Bard 8/Fighter 3

Have we already shut down all the cooling chambers?

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