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Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Just got by world :)

How has WoW been the past few years? A friend of mine from college became lead quest designer some time before the playable Panda thing.

Cataclysm (the expansion released in 2010) was kinda blah, but Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor (the two most recent ones) have been pretty solid.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Speaking of videogames, DA:Inquisition is epic,awesome surely the best in the first trilogy......and it has much more to do than i heard in earlier stages.
I'm at about 25 hours play and still in the first location,tons of subquests and very long main quest,loving it.

Not certain how much time I will have today, but I'll push things forward tomorrow if not tonight.

Back again!

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Looks like it is inevitable : in December this game dies. Hope it is going to resurrect after the holiday.

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