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DM Bloodgargler's Serpent's Skull

Game Master BinkyBo

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Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

PC will be in assistance for some days, and as such i won't be able to post.

Now it will be time to discuss how to get off the island.

Right now you have Tol, Gelik, and Jask at the camp. The other castaways Sasha and Aerys left the camp at first landing.

Female Elf Bard (Dervish Dancer) 3/Fighter 1

There's always swimming. ;P

We could try building a ship?

Female Human (varisian) Magus 4

We could use the lighthouse and wait....Iolana will anyway vote for resting down a bit in the cannibal camp.
Sure we should try to find Sasha and Aerys.
There is the ship at the shrine that controls the tide,don't remember how it is called ; it is in good shape if i remember correctly, easier to repair it that to build a new one.

These are the items I had not yet posted, and a few things from the last room... I will go through gameplay and assemble a list of the things I've already posted

Quick runner's shirt
wand of mage armor CL5 24 charges
2 water elemental gems
Mnemonic Vestment
3 incense of transcendence
Acolyte Burial Masks - grant bonuses to Animate Dead (temples of good deities will likely pay you for handing these over.)
1 Restorative Ointment
Stormlure necklace

Sorry yall, Been sicker than a old hound with a sinus infection. what's up?

You have a good deal of junk to sell... there are also gems and jewelry to sell.
You should be in pretty good shape cashwise to upgrade your gear when you return to civilization.

Gath - wrapping up the first book.

Female Elf Bard (Dervish Dancer) 3/Fighter 1

It looks like the Mnemonic Vestment is only useful to a spontaneous Syndlara. The Quick Runner's Shirt would also be useful for her, given that she relies so much on mobility.

Female Human (varisian) Magus 4

How much to lvl 5 ? :)

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