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DM Bloodgargler's Serpent's Skull

Game Master BinkyBo

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Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

added 70 gold as well if it is right

yep, half+1 for hp.


few leveling things
Your initiative should be +3
Your saves should be "Fort:+3 Ref:+7 Will:+2"
and "CMB:+1 (+3 to Bullrush or Overrun) CMD:14" should be "CMB:+2 (+4 to Bullrush or Overrun) CMD:15" now

Shadow Lodge

Mook lvl 12

2nd lvl!!!
Charater updated.
(I hate first lvl, all the classes suck at life at 1st lvl.)

Gatherine having bad dreams of how she really feels running away from home.Flavor text tasting.Gonna sift thru goodies some more.Forage for fruit or something.Then check on camp----and Sasha with those? Lizard-bird things?

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Let's decide if we want to check on camp first or go deeper in the jungle.
Iolana doesn't have much simpaty for Sasha however.

M Elf Wizard 4

If we're going to explore the island, we'll need to stay away from camp for more than a morning. We should press on.

Shadow Lodge

Mook lvl 12

Agreed, press on I say.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Jungle for me too

Shadow Lodge

Mook lvl 12

Aparently identifying magical itens is made through the spellcraft skill. From the entry of said skill:

Determine Properties of Magic Item

Attempting to ascertain the properties of a magic item takes 3 rounds per item to be identified and you must be able to thoroughly examine the object.

When using detect magic or identify to learn the properties of magic items, you can only attempt to ascertain the properties of an individual item once per day. Additional attempts reveal the same results.

Identify the properties of a magic item using detect magic: DC 15 + item's caster level


Okay.Pressing on.Use Survival skill to find food.Wouldn't happen to be any mushrooms around?Like in Mario.

Oracle lvl 4 [ HP 26/34 | AC 21 T 12 FF 19 | CMD 17 | F +3 R +3 W +3 | Init +2 Per -2]

Dm Blood, is it save to assume the bluish morningstar is a masterwork one? What should i write on my character sheet? Are the shields masterwork also?

Oracle lvl 4 [ HP 26/34 | AC 21 T 12 FF 19 | CMD 17 | F +3 R +3 W +3 | Init +2 Per -2]

I am picking up the healers kit Gatherine found at the last wreck, everybody alright with that?

Also, Gatherine I think your calculations of the number of potions are a little off or maybe i misunderstood something.

You said it was 6 cure potions for each of us, that would make a total of 30 potions. But we only found 13 so far. 12 on our ship and 1 in this wreck. I think we aready used 2 so we have 11 left.

My suggestion would it be 2 for Gatherine (because she is a ranged combatent), 3 for Tol, 3 for Averine, 3 for Iolana (the melees) and 0 for me, i can heal myself. If I get dropped down below zero hp one of you guys uses one of the potions on me.

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

You know nothing is for free right? :P

How did I do that? Sure Mugambi

Alkali Bluesteel Morningstar is masterwork, shields are not.. only one of the shields is usable as is.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Then i'm going to put 3 potions in Iolana's inventory right? cure light wounds?

I'm wondering DM...can I just sample my potions and discern what they are?

Perception check .. Identify the powers of a potion through taste DC equals 15 + the potion's caster level.

Seriously ?! My best rolls EVER are two natural twenties that are damn near thirty for tasting potions? I know Gatherine is a bit chubby and loves to eat,but come on!

DM Bloodgargler wrote:
Perception check .. Identify the powers of a potion through taste DC equals 15 + the potion's caster level.

Looks like I passed.Maybe Gatherine should just lick everything she finds to identity it.

That's probably a good idea. hmm .. now where did I put that list of potions?

I leave you guys for a couple days and come back to ~60 posts, well done all. I think I'm caught up, and am leveling Averin now.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Comp just died :-( only with phone now
Will let you know

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

managed to turn on the comp for now, but will have to take it to a technician,so don't know how long Iolana will be away.Added the pearl of power to her equip, if someone wants a part of its value Iolana will pay it of course.

Who wants pipes of haunting? Its worth 6000 gold,that's 1200 apiece when sold.and I will trade.potion of water breathing for gaseous form
And the cat trinket although I can't think of a situation where a jump spell would be needed

Shadow Lodge

Mook lvl 12

I think the fetishes are worth keeping as party resorces. You never know when you are gona needed. I agree on selling the pipes though.

M Elf Wizard 4

So the potions are:

  • 5x cure light wounds
  • 1x cure moderate wounds
  • 2x water breathing
  • 2x endure elements
  • 1x gaseous form
  • 1x unknown

If that's correct, I'd like either

  • 2x clw
  • 1x water breathing
  • 1x clw
  • 1x cmw
  • 1x water breathing

If that works for everyone else.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Tol is the one with the most HP of our front liner (Tol,Iolana and sometime Averine) so he should get the most powerful cure potions available.
Iolana already took 3x cure light wounds as suggested by Gatherine and Mugambi,but maybe she should put down one, two are enough for her.

One water breathing may be useful since she is often in water,but she already got one very expensive item (the pearl of power) so i'll be fine anyway you want to share the rest.

I'm for selling the pipe too.

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Feeling lonely :(

M Elf Wizard 4

Sorry to hear it. Here's an amusing story from the RL session I GMed last night, which may cheer you up:

The party is traveling through an enchanted desert, mostly made of flowing quicksand, on a magical boat that can sail through sand. The party has 7 PCs (Fighter, Rogue, Bard, Wizard, Cleric, Oracle, Ranger) levels 7-10. They also used diplomancy on the NPC who gave them the quest, and consequently have a number of NPC mooks with them.

Suddenly, a unique Crimson Worm (CR 13) burrows up through the sand to attack their ship. In the surprise round, it takes it down to a little more than half the ship's HP. Some mooks jump off the ship to the flowing sand to attack it, and one (the one with a name!) is promptly devoured; on the same round the worm takes out a lesser mook with its sting. The PCs, terrified of getting off the boat, make various ineffectual ranged attacks against it. Next round, it destroys the boat, which begins to sink into the quicksand. Now desperate, the PCs rush it. It knocks off about 85% of the fighter's hp in one attack, and has him held in its mouth, ready to swallow next round. The archers, buffed by now with inspire courage, good hope, prayer, and haste, really come into their stride, the cleric delivers slay living, which does good damage even though the worm made the save, and they kill it before it can swallow their fighter.

What's amusing it what happened next: There they are, in a river of quicksand on a quickly sinking boat. They cut open the worm's stomach to rescue the corpse of their NPC, the wizard casts fly, and they all hop into his portable hole (sharing between them a bottle of air) while he flies them to the nearest rock outcrop. Then, the cleric burns 5000 gp in diamonds on casting raise dead on the dead NPC. I honestly didn't see that coming!

They are still stuck in the quicksand desert, so, since it's an emergency, the LN cleric uses some alignment flexibility and 400 gp in onyx to cast animate dead on the corpse of the crimson worm. So the party is riding on a 100 foot-long zombie worm. This is a majestic but creepy Dune-inspired image, until there are some rocks the worm cannot climb over or burrow through, so the wizard casts fly on it. Now they are riding on a 100-foot long flying zombie worm.

I am glad that the rest of the adventure will make it impossible for them to keep this thing.

yea that's nuts .. so is the answer a 500 foot long flying zombie fish? I sure hope so!

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

I would prefer a 10miles long flying gunship that arrives with guns firing :-) (maybe something like Darth Vader's flagship the Executor only in magical wood and sails version)

M Elf Wizard 4

The Crimson Worm Zombie

I'll let them keep it for now; they're enjoying it, and it is a creative way to deal with the situation. This is a session they will be able to talk about for a long time. I don't think it's unbalancing in combat; it makes a pretty good meat shield (literally!) but with only 10 ac, its 143 hp won't last long against level-appropriate enemies. They'll have to leave it outside when they go in to dungeons.

Also, I think Abadar is displeased with the worm. Using it outside of combat to get past a likely-death environmental hazard is OK, but he won't be granting the cleric's prayers for inflict spells (he channels positive energy) until the worm is disposed of.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

I couldn't log the site for hours yesterday in the evening (here) ,was it only me?

Don't know if it was the same time, but I had problems, as well.(like 20 hours ago)
I've been busy catching up with schoolwork for about a week now, so I've been pretty slow and stupid here anyway. (If any of you have an idea for a 5-10 minute screenplay ... I think I've sprained my brain. After my last pitch, my professor asked me if I was getting enough sleep .. and rejected it)

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Damn, you make awful memories come back :-(
Seriously,i would like to keep the game going,but don't overlook your life for it.

I have plenty of time usually, but this past week I had two projects overlapping.

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

And now Gatherine too is missing :-(
Well i'll read something or keep playing Mass Effect 3 (not great as its predecessor but worth playing through at least once)

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Still feeling lonely...well not as much,cause i finally found a group of new people eager to try tabletop RPG,and i recommended Pathfinder of course.
We should start this Sunday.

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Tol? Now would be a good moment to show yourself

Dwarf Beast Rider Honor Guard (Cavalier) 3; AC 18/11/17; CMD 17; Saves +5/+2/+1 (+2 vs. pois., sp, sla); hp 28/31

I'm still here... RSS feed wasn't working for some reason, so I didn't see everyone else's posts. Can't post now besides failing that perception check, because I'm about to leave the house, but will do more later tonight.

Shadow Lodge

Mook lvl 12

Dont be lonely man, we are all still here. Well, maybe not our ranger friend, its been more than 20 days since last time Mozard posted. But the rest of us are still around.

I am loving this game. It was my first pbp and I had no idea how luck i was to the get a good group and dm like this. Thank you all guys.

On a side note, I followed your advice Gandal and my RL group is starting Carrion Crown, you were right, it is really good. Thanks for the tip.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Anytime man :)
For Averin, i'm sorry to be suggesting this, more than anything else because he could be back sooner or later and read this post.....but i'm afraid it is time to think about getting a replacement.

My new group is scheduled to start playing this Sunday and i still have no fu****g idea of what to run.I'm using my homebrew world,so have less info to read,but it is always the most difficult part how to put together the party.

Shadow Lodge

Mook lvl 12

From what I understand of this boards its a commum pratice to replace players that drop out. Nothing against Averin, I really like his character but its been 3 weeks since last we saw him.

Tonigh I played with some friends in a group where half of them had no previous experience with RPGs. The dm decided to run a module called Crypt of the Everflame, we are in the middle of it I think. Big oldschool dungeon, a lot of nice encounters and one or two tough ones. So far its pretty cool.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

I know it, but hate the idea of :

Crypt of the Everflame intro:

The PCs are the town's heroes and must venture in a fake dungeon set by the town's people themselves as a rite of passage from childhood to adult.

And i have this module in the italian edition (the only PF module published so far in my lang) so it would be more work on my side, because all the other books i have in english and to match info i'ld have to translate the whole book.

Ummm....hi.hope you're all well.anybody know the range of a blowgun is?
And Poor Averin turning into a Chew-toy.And sorry if I'm being obnoxious by shooting.

M Elf Wizard 4

Gatherine being trigger-happy is AOK with me. Looks like cooler heads may prevail this time, though.

I think getting a replacement for Averin is reasonable at this point; I do think we can get by with only four, but it would be nice to have a wilderness expert. If it makes more story sense to wait until after the first adventure, I'm okay with that too. Blundering about in the jungle without a guide may be "dangerous" or "stupid," but it makes for a good story!

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Story wise, it wouldn't be difficult to add a player now.He/her is another castaway which was lost after the shipwreck, and we find him/her only now (what a coincidence).
Would like to know if Mozart left or has problems logging,but'll feel safer with a fifth PC (the ideal being another ranger or a druid)

Oracle lvl 4 [ HP 26/34 | AC 21 T 12 FF 19 | CMD 17 | F +3 R +3 W +3 | Init +2 Per -2]

What do ypu think DM Blood? We wait more? Try to recruit? Just stay with 4...
Personally I also would rather have a fifth player.

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