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DM Bloodgargler's Serpent's Skull

Game Master BinkyBo

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Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Is everyone out for Indipendence day? (since it isn't a holiday here,i tend to forget about it)

Men.I'm at the movies.brave is win.

Female Elf Bard (Dervish Dancer) 4/Fighter 1

I'll be back in a few hours, but yeah.

M Elf Wizard 4

About to go to a picnic, but otherwise around. It's not my turn, though!

Happy independence day ya'll!

sorry all. annoying stuff. the daughter of the guy I'm housesitting for (and her boyfriend) showed up for the holiday week... so I got a hotel room. They just left and I'm back.

Trying to figure out where Gatherine is firing from.

uh...i intended to be at p7 and shoot in a 15 ft cone scatter shot aiming for pair of zombies horizontally.

Gotcha. BTW Scatter shot is one roll for all in range, not one roll for each. (don't know if you noticed you happened to pick one of the most complex classes)

M Elf Wizard 4

Looks like my last post to this effect got eaten, but it was my intention that Tol and Gorra would both take a 5-ft step to the north in round 4 if the zombie in Q7 was destroyed (which it was). Not sure how that affects Gatherine's shot...

Oracle lvl 4 [ HP 26/34 | AC 21 T 12 FF 19 | CMD 17 | F +3 R +3 W +3 | Init +2 Per -2]

Hey guys, tomorrow I am entering the bolivian salt desert. Should be back in Chile in about 7 days. I dont belive I will have any internet access meanwhile. Fell free to npc Mugambi. See you guys soon.

gotcha Tol

np Mugambi have fun?

... I'll be out this weekend as well. I'll be back monday morning

Salt desert? That sounds terrifyingly awesome.
Ironically its 105 degrees in MD.I have experienced overheating and it was horrible.but a freaking desert MADE of salt?

Yea Tol. Hadn't ever noticed that about the attack trick. That's a little wonky... especially since there is no term for it... just take it twice.

M Elf Wizard 4

So... Is it Kekkaw's turn?

oops. Yep.

What the crap was that creepy voice just now?

M Elf Wizard 4

I'm assuming it's the "shredded man" going home for the night.

I'm confused the shredded man is the keelhauled brother and the captain is the captain of grog tears?

M Elf Wizard 4

I don't think it's supposed to be completely clear-cut at this point; we are drawing conclusions based on clues. We can ask Kekkaw to clarify after the fight (which would come a lot sooner if I could roll above a 7).

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Is everyone out?

Dunno.waiting for something.

M Elf Wizard 4

I'm here, just waiting my turn.

Shadow Lodge

Mook lvl 12

Hey guys.
Im back.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Bentornato (welcome back) :)

Shadow Lodge

Mook lvl 12

Thanks :)

M Elf Wizard 4

Welcome back, Merck. How was the salt desert?

DM: I'm guessing that Iolana and Mugambi have finished off the crawler, since it seems they both hit. Waiting on confirmation of that before I post.

Yes. Sorry have been more active than I had expected.

Glad you made it back Merck.

M Elf Wizard 4

Is everyone else still here? Not many posts the past few days. I know I'm hogging the NPC, but you guys can feel free to interrupt if you want...

Shadow Lodge

Mook lvl 12

I admit I have been following your conversation in the spoilers :P
Its very interesting and I did not want to interrupt, good info is being disclosed. We may even have a better plan than follow-the-captain-around by the end of it...

Still here--will try to post later today or tomorrow.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

I'm super busy with writing the campaign i'm running at my table game in the weekends.Iolana hasn't had much to do lately apart from being slammed by zombies,so i took a bit of a break, sorry.

Hoo boy. Was bored after otakon.looked back thru our 1000+ posts to go over inventory I neglected to record. I have a LOT of stuff. How about u all? Glad imma dwarf with no encumbrance!

Gatherine's is,as Darkwing duck would say,' Let's get dangerous!'

Oh yea.DM Bloodgargler, what kinda poison was it that the blowgun cannibal had on his darts. I picked it up to use with pitted bullets,even tho it decreases DC by 2. And what kinda shield is the one from tears of grog with the crest on it.

M Elf Wizard 4

Glad to hear everyone's still around. Carry on. :-)

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

I would like to share something that happened during the last session at my weekend game.
And to know if you think i did well or i could handle things differently.

Scenario:Warning, offensive content:

My players are a female elf magus, a male dwarf cleric of Pharasma, a male aasimar paladin, female tiefling rogue, female human sorcerer (draconic bloodline) and a male human fighter (TWF);the party alignment is good centered (many CG, one true N,one NG and one LG)
They are in a Katapesh/Osirion like setting (home -made world) and they were, in the last session, going again a whole ruined village in which gnoll slavers made their camp/slave auction.
A girl (human bard 4 NPC) they needed to escort during a trip has been captured by the gnolls and were now chained and naked in a cage, waiting for a "customer".
The camp included a small market in which the gnolls sold the items/gear they stripped off the people they captured, a giant building containing luxury rooms to put the girls on display and an arena for fights and other forms of fun with the slaves ( all this crap i wrote just to build up the sense of urgency in the PC to destroy the gnolls camp and free the slaves ).

But there were a whole lot of gnolls: about 80 of them,many regular CR1, but more or less 20 CR 4 elite and one CR 6 barbarian chieftain.The PC were all 5 at that time (now they are all 6) and immediately realized they had no chances of taking on the entire camp at once,but again i had planned several occasions to create a diversion, and there were some capable NPC around to be discovered and befriended, so to have an ally during the decisive fights.
The NPC were:
Xaisha - CE Lamia ,regular CR 6.She has been captured by the gnolls chieftain, but instead of killing her outright, he offered her a deal:to help him subduing the slaves with her mind-affecting skills and in exchange the gnolls won't eat her.Of course she obeyed by force, but wasn't happy and took the opportunity to talk in secrecy with the PCs.
The bodyguards of some of the real customers there to buy the girls.Just normal level 4-5 warrior, but they could be talked into changing side (they aren't of evil alignment, just mercenary paid to watch over the merchants).
Jhalisiel - CN female elf cleric of Calistria 5. She was there acting as a customer to try setting free the enslaved girls, and she was waiting for an occasion of getting help, just like the PCs.

What happened
Seeing a female elf around there the PC asked her who she was and what she is doing in such a place.Of course Jhalisiel, fearing that the conversation could arouse suspicions, told the PCs not to bother her (she couldn't know it, but the rogue, the cleric and the paladin made their Perception and noticed her Calistrian symbols under her cloak). But Xaisha too saw the conversation, and seeing the diversion she needed alerted some elite gnolls,who went after Jhalisiel.
Meanwhile the gnoll chieftain were talking with the tiefling PC about organizing an arena fight between a gladiator/slave of his and the party's fighter, whom the gnoll believed a bodyguard of the party's rogue (who was posing as the slave merchant).
When the fight was going to begin the gnolls that Xaisha sent after the elven girl rushed into the arena with an unconscious Jhalisiel, only to drop her at the chieftain's feet.
He slapped her to wake her and had her talk about the real reason of her presence, then in front of the audience he had the gnolls pin her down to the ground; afterward she was stripped completed naked and sexually harassed before being hung to a torturing rack and whipped until she passed out again. (I didn't thought of getting this far, but looking at the gnoll's behavior i could not save her taking in account the gnoll chieftain was there to offer a “show” for his customers). The PCs were there also (except the paladin, he stayed with their caravan watching their goods) and they just kept saying “To hell with this, we cannot help her now or else we'll end up doing her company”.

But it wasn't ended.
Next morning the PCs were still trying to figure how to create a diversion to sneak into the arena and getting to the chieftain's rooms when i said them they were again hearing screams of pain and shame coming from inside the arena: Xaisha contacted the chars and said them the chief ordered some of his gladiator slaves to rape Jhalisiel,and the Lamia was happy with it,since the raping of the elven cleric would have given them the time to create a diversion.

In the end
The chars again said “We cannot just rush in the arena weapons clanging and shouting to save that elf, we still won't stand a chance.Let's do your plan”(So the idea wasn't even theirs)

Xaisha knew of the lair of a basilisc nearby, they just needed to drive it out of his hole without being turned to stone, and they managed it.The lamia then used her Charm monster ability to throw the beast on some of the gnolls. Soon a lot of gnolls were being turned to stone and others were trying to fight back.
Xaisha convinced the second in command that it was the merchant's doing, so to create a diversion and flee with some of the “goods” (slaves) so another fight begun in another part of the village (many merchants and their bodyguards were slain along with other elite gnolls).
With all of this fighting the chars managed to get into the arena and fought the chieftain and only a few on his elite guards,slaughtering them and “saving” Jhalisiel.

Now, they managed to free the enslaved girls (including the one they needed to, the bard) and destroy the auction, but my general feeling has been that they shouldn't have acted like this. A lot of NPC were sacrified ,not to talk of what poor Jhalisiel had to go throught.
Do any of you think i should have forced things to have the PCs captured instead?
Or that there were another way to save the elven girl?

Without knowing your players it is tough to say how I would have handled it. I'd say be wary of how and when you create a sense of urgency. It is best saved for when the players are close to ready... add tension to the last phase of their set-up for the plan. Some people's ability to come up with creative solutions shuts down when they think it is impossible (also some players throw compassion aside in those situations as well). I know the look on my players faces when they turn off their brains and wait for the rails.

In those situations I'd make sure there were enough ingredients for many possible plans. Any plans suggested by the NPC's could give ideas, lead to info about useful things that the players could adapt to their own plan, give an idea about the NPC's abilities... but ideally not be a complete viable plan.

Gatherine - poison stats
Injury, DC12 fort save, freq 1rd, effect unconscious 2d4 minutes.

the tears of grog shield is a heavy steel shield.

M Elf Wizard 4

@Gandal: How were you intending for the PCs to ally with Jhalisiel? It sounds like they saw the possibility, but then were rebuffed, and then she was captured by the gnolls. That may have felt to them like you didn't want them to try to find allies. Letting them notice the symbol of Calistria gave them a clue that she really was a potential ally, but that isn't necessarily enough. If the PCs had already given away that they were there to try to free slaves, then I would at least have had her give them a wink as she's telling to go away, or look to them for help when she was captured. If the PCs were still maintaining their disguise, and she was still maintaining hers, then there's no reason for her to have been given away to the gnolls. It sounds like you forced a situation where the PCs would be able to win with the aid of their allies, but they didn't necessarily trust the lamia, they didn't know that the cleric was powerful enough to be of use, and they never even had a chance to interact with the bodyguards; so all they saw was their party against 80 gnolls, and felt powerless. I would have given them more time to make contact with and befriend their potential allies before attempting to push them to action.

Especially our current generation (myself included) who have been raised up on video games tend to want to see all the pieces lined up before they jump in; the idea that they should follow their ideals and trust to fate, come what may, is not natural to many players.

M Elf Wizard 4

My campaign is recruiting for two new players. Here's the thread if any of you are interested.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Things went out of the way quite fast effectively.Jhalisiel wanted to talk again with them during the night, as they intended to do too.
I rolled if the Lamia noticed the conversation and she did. I could have said that the elf cleric was initially able to drive off her attackers and look for assistance from the PCs, but in the meantime they went to talk to the gnoll chief.

I didn't wrote every dialogue and everything that happened however, so it is difficult to get the right feeling.

For example, the rogue, since she was posing as a slave buyer, when Jhalisiel was about to be tortured said "Stop, i'm interested in that elven woman, she is beautiful,and she'll serve my master's bed just nice.But only if she is unharmed" but rolled low on Bluff, so the gnoll replied "She must suffer what she deserved for trying to interfere with my business.I have a healer, so she will be like she hasn't been touched...afterward"

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38
Gandal wrote:

For example, the rogue, since she was posing as a slave buyer, when Jhalisiel was about to be tortured said "Stop, i'm interested in that elven woman, she is beautiful,and she'll serve my master's bed just nice.But only if she is unharmed" but rolled low on Bluff, so the gnoll replied "She must suffer what she deserved for trying to interfere with my business.I have a healer, so she will be like she hasn't been touched...afterward"

Another poster in the thread i opened just to talk of what happened to Jhalisiel asked why the other party member present during the "show" didn't roll aid another for the rogue's bluff.

I realised that was my big error!!!!! i forgot that rule.But the other PCs present (the elf girl magus and the human fighter) forgot as well because they didn't asked to roll for aid the rogue.

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

You may look, but don't touch

Showing off Gatherine's slightly above average intelligence

LOL had an adventure today

At work of all places. I put out a fire. My manager thought I was kidding when I started saying fire and started, according to him,dancing.

*Deep fryer bursts into flame.Manager does not see,taking an order.

Me:S~@!! HEY,Fire! Flame!* flailing my arms in alarm as it spreads*

Manager:Hunh? *back to me,oblivious as he takes order* What are you talking about,fire? *turns and squints at me*Why are u dancing?

Me:*frustrated,stamps feet,shrill shriek,points at flames rolling up side of fryer,eyes wide*WHAT PART OF F@%@ING "FIRE" DIDN'T YOU UNDERSTAND??!

Manager:*gawks at it*...Oh s$+%.

Other coworker:*pops head in at my hollering* Fire??

Me:Yes,f#+!ing FIRE. GO!*grabs fire extinguisher from wall,struggles to unseal it*

Manager:*shoos waiting customers from window.Lady waiting in line hears me over speaker in background,hilarious exclamation. Tries to help me with fire extinguisher but has no clue. *Um,we have an emergency. I'm sorry but you have to leave.

Me:WHY IS THIS STORE SO S#~!TY?!*I rip out pin and zip tie with teeth,toss it, and blast fry station with green stuff. Puts out fire. I cough as the nasty smell of burnt grease and chemical fill the store.I flip off power switch,drop the extinguisher,snap at him to flee,and hop out the nearest window.*BYE!

*Customers standing outside stare at me as I hustle across parking lot. I glare at them.*


Customers:*scramble back to cars,drive off*

Me:*dials 911. Put on hold* I could be burning alive right now and you put me on hold? Seriously?

Ironically today was the best day at work ever. I was called a heroine by the fire department,I got to shoo customers away all day,and made serious overtime. And I got to switch shifts with somebody else so I get a say off! Yay!

Now if only my pbps would get rolling again...

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Any chance you come to my workplace? But this time don't set the alarm and let the f*#~ing place burn, maybe along with some of those d**ks.

Only reason I put the fire out was cause I actually like my coworkers.well,the ones that were there anyway.

If I didn't like my job AND my coworkers I would've just hopped out the window and let it Burn watching the conflagration gleefully as I did online job applications in the parking lot

There was this kid that worked for a pizza shop around the corner from my shop. Really annoying kid that they fired because he always called off with car problems. He went in at night, stole money, and set the place on fire. He then went back to his car, and it wouldn't start. Got picked up by the police pushing his car down the road... 2 in the morning... with empty gas cans and small bills stuffed in a plastic "thank you" bag in the trunk.

LOL. Irony..

M Elf Wizard 4

Let's just stand in the middle of the path arguing loudly about which way to go until the cannibals come, and then kill them! Problem solved!

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