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DM Bloodgargler's Kingmaker

Game Master BinkyBo

{Kingdom Tracking Sheet} {Downtime} {NPC list} {District Grid}

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Yep. Wondering when a decision might be forthcoming.

Soon I hope... the current player's choices are all over the place.
I will post a decision within 4 hours.

Really good submissions for one role is hard... because I can't cave in and take two.

Sounds like we've got a really close horse race going. I'm not surprised mind you. There are some annoyingly talented folks on this board :)

Well when you've reached my age you've learned a few tricks, and forgot a good many too boot! Don't feel bad son if they want some one with a bit more experience and talent under their belt. You've got plenty of good years left in you.

He reassuringly nods and pats Nedyr on the head

"It's true," The elf sighs, taking the head pat with odd amusement, "As only 133 years old, I am but a babe in the woods as it were. And frankly, the facial hair just isn't forthcoming, which as any dwarf will tell you, is a great weakness of my people. Second best of luck to you,"he smiles.

OK... thanks everyone.

We are going to go with Senex.

Took me a while to hit submit post. Really tough choice... my head was bursting with ideas for each of you.

tell me how you want me to come in, in meanwhile, dotting the gameplay so it shows up in my list.

Congratulations, Senex! :)

Pathfinder Adventure Path, PFS RPG Subscriber

Congrats, mate. And DM, thanks for the consideration!

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

Likewise. Have fun, Senex.

*Gives three cheers for/to Senex[/i]* (^_^)

Looking for three 4th levels.

We have a
Dragon Disciple Sorcerer

20 point buy
Anything Paizo is usable except... Advanced race guide content will have to be OK'd, and no new playtest classes please.

Max hit points first level
2nd level and up... roll half max + half max
(ie... fighter 1d5+5)
One trait for now... if a kingmaker campaign trait fits, go ahead and take it as your second trait. Otherwise, please wait on your second trait.

Though it shouldn't affect character creation too much... what I would like for this recruitment, is to have the three chosen already know each other - preferably already a party with members recently slain.

Yes, come one come all, I do not want this game to die.

How do you feel about a goblin wizard who was exiled from his clan for liking to read? He has gone exploring in search of a place where people will accept him, instead of assuming that he's like most goblins. Obviously, he would have to be leveled up and re-crunched. I'm thinking either wizard 2/rogue 2 or wizard 3/rogue 1.

Well, we've had a lack of int characters in the past, so that is promising.

just discovered this.
Say 3, 4th levels? Wow, what a happened to everyone? and recruitment is still open?

Yes, recruitment is still going.

Dolgrym would still have interest, DM.

Pipsoo - I am not immediately opposed to goblins, and what you have proposed sounds good.

DoubleGold - yes. We've had trouble keeping the fifth spot, and just lost one of the four originals.

Dolgrym - yes!

stat dropping okay? wanting to sacrifice two points of cha to get a better rogue.

Dumping two points of Cha is no problem.

With all the multi classing, you guys seem pretty well covered. :) Are there any niches you feel you need that won't step on anyone's toes?

We are a little light on ranged, have no dex/mobility melee, might be a little light on healing with a bigger group...

Oh... and actually (I'm sorry pipsoo. I hadn't thought about this affecting your submission... which is really cool btw, I'd hate to see him leveled for nothing)
I am pretty certain I am taking Dolgrym. I really wanted him and Ridge's submission Nedyr last time.

So, assuming Int casting dwarf is spoken for, I think a rogue-ish and any kind of hybrid class.
Character (gender/race/personality type) we have some room for diversity.
Overall, adapting foes for the group combat is easier than trying to force fluidity to a group with no chemistry.

Would you consider Pipsoo for the rogue-ish slot? I'm planning on taking ranged touch spells mainly, so I could fill a ranged role (with sneak attack if I'm within 30 ft.)

Yes, a little backup in the healing department might be nice, not much needed, just a touch.

I'm going for mostly a melee and sneaky rogue. And he will be a pure rogue so as to have a complete skills monkey too.

Well I had some interest interest as an inquisitor of Erastil. Ranged death dealer and Rogue-ish stand in (with 6+int skills) Also have some healing as a divine caster. Not a great deal though, what with the inquisitors focus on murdering things.
Give me a little bit and I shall have a skeleton concept with backstory.

If you're still looking for new blood I'd love to adapt a druid I came up with for another campaign. She'd be from an Iobarian tribe to the east, past the Nomen Highlands- since we don't know much about Iobaria I've kind of mentally mapped the culture of Rashemen from Forgotten Realms onto it, so the female spellcasters, while highly regarded, are expected to travel outside the region before coming back and committing themselves to the good of the tribe.

Tactics wise she'd focus on summons and would be a domain druid instead of an AC druid and she can play backup healer. I'm thinking Plains or Weather domain.

Scarab Sages

Still have some things to work out but rolling HP for my rogue
Con modifier of 1. Hit dice of 8. So max at 1st=9. Levels 2-4=1d4+5 per level. 3d4+15+9=HP
HP: 3d4 + 15 + 9 ⇒ (4, 3, 4) + 15 + 9 = 35

Scarab Sages

All finished this Knife Master Rogue is now complete.
A thing people might want to know is that although this rogue is cha 8, he is diplomacy 6.


I'm fine with that. I see you have conjuration school... I know that doesn't necessarily mean summoning, but I should point out the sorcerer has feats for summoning.

DoubleGold/Kane Hue:

Looks good.


Sounds good.


Sounds interesting. Just so you know, the current sorcerer is pretty summon-based.
Also... I assume despite what you have in your post as background, she would be ok with building a kingdom here rather than returning?

One thing that might be worth considering if you have not already, the role you want among the kingdoms rulers.
We do not have a designated ruler yet, but that is the role I myself plan on assuming.

Hmm. I don't mind being a second summoner spellcaster if you don't mind another bunch of beasties to keep track of. In addition to SNA summons she would be big on using trained animals acquired via Call Animal. If you'd prefer a non-summoner or dont like the idea of adding a small menagerie to keep track of I'd switch to a different spellcasting class; your team looks like it has melee covered so a combat druid and AC would be redundant. Maybe a debuffing cleric or witch?

I could see the Winter Witch archetype being popular in cold, windswept Iobaria. That sounds interesting. The background would be the same but she'd focus on debuff spells and hexes. She would have been accompanied by a barbarian bodyguard, but going along with the idea of the newcomers being an established party with some dead members, he would be deceased.

Poor Minsc; maybe I'll buy her a (miniature giant space-) hamster pet to go along with her familiar/spellbook. And if nobody but me is amused by my Baldur's Gate references I promise I'll stop.

DM, if you have any questions, or want Dolgrym to change anything, just PM me or send me a note here.

Oh, and I was thinking this but forgot to say it. Her interest in sticking around and building a kingdom would be to create a friendly 'civlilized' country not too far away from her tribe's home region. So she'd be thinking eventually she might go home but not for a good long time.

Rolling HP:

2(d3+3+1[Con bonus]+1[favored class])+d4+4+1=2d3+10+d4+5=2d3+d4+15

HP: 2d3 + 1d4 + 15 ⇒ (1, 1) + (4) + 15 = 21

+8 at 1st level

=29 HP

Profile is updated and ready for review.

I'm away from a keyboard today and most of tomorrow but I've got the beginnings of the Iobarian Winter Witch submission up here. I'll finish it up tomorrow night.

Scarab Sages

what is going on, was selection pm based?

No idea. Was wondering that myself.

Don't worry, Bloodgargler is away at the moment, but he said he'd try to get the picked recruits into the game before the end of next week.

Oops... thanks Green, meant to put that message here instead of just in discussion. Just got back... I will post some thoughts on the submissions later today.

OK. Your submissions were all more than acceptable.
I could not make a determination based on your characters based on the existing party and my subjective view of the quality of the character.
Therefore, my choice had to come down to how well I thought your characters would work in the future narrative, and in leadership roles.

We will take...
Kane Hue
Sonechka Alkaeva

Thanks, DM! Looking forward to it.

Scarab Sages

thanks, also fixed him, realized bracers of armor does not stack with armor, so I switched it out for quick runner's shirt of the same price and adjusted my ac to its right position of 19 instead of 20.

Awesome, DM. Let's rock and roll. Should we wait for a prompt from you before posting in the discussion thread?

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