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{Kingdom Tracking Sheet} {Downtime} {NPC list} {District Grid}

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Human NPCFighter3

The other three appear to be the "forces" from Restov "Ah here we go, Furiel. These must be the other carriers of the charter, got to work straight away it appears. Kesten of House Garess reporting for duty. These other two volunteer militia are Loomis and Mueller. I believe the merchant Smedley left some supplies for us... we'll set up our tents until we can get an adequate guardhouse built."
Loomis and Mueller look a little rough around the edges... but both have an air of enthusiasm ... maybe naive glory-seeking but after your morning with the bandits, it could be worse.

Male hp: 35/35; AC:16/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+4, R+3, W+4; Initiative 0, Perception +5

Norton looks at the people around him. In a few minutes the place had gone from an isolated outpost to some kind of marketplace: more horses than could be stabled, bodies being piled up, Green going on with some kind of wise lecture for Badgie, and all the outlaw stuff being itemized. Not counting the four new arrivals.

"Funny type that gnome, eager to jump in, even without knowing anybody or whats going on. And as a perfect match, our valiant Rogar greets him with the usual readiness."
He watches the strangers, and decides that, as Oleg supposed, they are not in for troubles.

Then to the others "Seems the scum camp is quite a stretch away. So we might pack a few things and be ready to go. Oleg, do you mind us leaving to settle down the scores? " Norton is clearly talking about leaving Oleg with all the bodies to handle, as well as four new strangers to deal with.

Then to the prospect and his companions: "My name is Norton Ambrosi, and as our fast friend Rogar already told you, if you are into smiting outlaws, you are more than welcome, just don't dismount yet, we are about to leave. The madam attending the horses is Lady Tar'de-win, while, inspecting the goods is Alice Morell, and the big guy with the axe is Green. We will have more time to chat along the way."

Norton doesn't need anything from the loot.

Init:3 | Per:8 | HP: 24/24 | AC:16 FF:15 T:14 | CMB:6 CMD:20 | F:3 R:5 W:7
Monk (Master of Many Styles) 3

"Nice to meet you Furiel. As Sir Ambrosi said, we are just getting ready to deal with a problem..."

Alice will take 2 rations, but other than that she doesn't need any of the bandit's gear.

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

Rogar greets the soldiers warmly:"Good to meet you ser Kesten, I'm glad the authorities in Restov were so quick with help, I was under the impression reinforcements were due for next week, but I won't complain"

Rogar points at the piled corpses:"As you can see we started dealing with the bandit problems already, and we were just getting ready to pay a visit to those fellows' friends... I'd invite you along, but I think you could help us with another task: we got two prisoners here, and we haven't yet decided what to do with them. You could help keep them in check while we deal with the rest of their band. If you are eager for battle and want to join us I'll understand though."

What about the bow btw?

Downtime Gnome Sorceror (draconic) 4

"I am eager to depart; the best defense is a good offense. I don't have many rations, let me see if the good trader here has better than trail rations in his larder. Shouldn't we bring along a well gagged and restrained bandit to help with unforeseen circumstances and possibly as part of a ruse to smoke them out?"

"And, I am a gnome by the way. I hope that isn't a problem. Well sometimes I have to be boosted up to see over the bar and order a drink."

Male hp: 35/35; AC:16/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+4, R+3, W+4; Initiative 0, Perception +5

Errata Corrige: I'll take a couple of rations as well. Thought I got some, squirrels must have eaten them.

{HP 32/32 | AC17 T12 FF13 CMD17 | F/R/W 5/3/8 | Init +2 Per +11/13 SM+4} Female Human Druid 3 {Kingdom} {NPCs} {Downtime}

Ta'de-win continues with her examination and preparation of the horses as she speaks. "I would offer you a better greeting, Furiel, but the mother wolf is still asleep and we should get there before she takes to the woods with her cubs."

Ta'de-win will take 2 rations. I also recommend someone take the alchemist's fire. I will if no one else wants to.

Downtime Gnome Sorceror (draconic) 4

"Lady, I have a talent for fire, let me."

Oleg nods "Yep ... that's a gnome alright...pardon me while I go stow all my shiny objects.. Uh yes, Ser Ambrosi I will hold down the fort. We'll see what we can get for the horses, here's what I can get for the spoils of war." bandit gear minus compound longbow (+2Str), Horses, Alchemist fire, and rations is 82gold for each person who is not a gnome.

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

By compound you mean composite, right? And I forgot to mention Rogar will take some harrows too (20 would be enough) if it's too late he's willing to pay, of course.

"They surely were well equipped... good for us I guess, and I see the horses were yours, Oleg, I guess you weren't expecting to get them back so soon, eh?" Rogar grins at Oleg, his good humor somehow returning

Male Half Orc Oracle 2/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2

"The others are getting anxious to leave sounds like, so better tell me quick if there is anyone you'd like spared, and if there is anyone besides your leader you think might have more information about other bandit camps in the area.
You may or may not have realised things yet, but we intend to clean out this area from bandits altogether see?"

Good thing you had horses, I wouldn't want to slow us down on the way to the camp.

yea I mean composite .. and feel free to take 20 arrows

"No I'm sorry, not my horses. I just know the branding on the four young ones. They are from the farm up north where we get our produce - Gielgud Farms. Reward may be a little less than a sale but, I'd rather not sell em myself. The three others are cleanskins, no problem there. Svetlana will return them when she heads to the farm for the shopping."

"Sounds like you might be out and about for a few days, eh? I will be anxious to see you again, my friends. We've been out here with nothing but bandits, couriers with ill tidings, and trappers who are even grumpier than me! HA!"

Svetlana adds "I started to get worried... when I caught myself looking forward to seeing Smedley the merchant..." which Oleg makes a face.. "Ugh... HA! Sorry Smedley wherever you may be!" He walks off to the storage shed to show Kesten and the other two guards to their supplies.

Male hp: 35/35; AC:16/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+4, R+3, W+4; Initiative 0, Perception +5

"What do you think guys, should we bring Badgie with us, or are we good on our own in finding that nest?"

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

"Your call, I didn't get to interrogate these two personally. If you think we can trust one of them, let's bring him, if you'd rather be careful I'll accept that too. We know enough to track the rest of this band down, but one of them may still be useful, provided he doesn't join his former camerades at the first chance..."

Male Half Orc Oracle 2/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2

"I'd say leave them here, we do not need them I think, and while I trust them to stay true, it is pointless to bring noncombatants with us.
Not a tactician however, so I'll go with whatever the more military minded decide."

Downtime Gnome Sorceror (draconic) 4

"Tis easier and faster to conveniently lose Badgie as a threat with a good sap or blackjack rather than go back and get him if we need him. Can I grab some hot food real quick before we go? Living on trail rations is making me, well, uncomfortable sometimes lets say."

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

"I think you should ask Oleg about that, friend. You are welcome to share my rations if you need them, we are all friends here, after all"

Downtime Gnome Sorceror (draconic) 4

"Sir trademaster, may I purchase a bowl of stew or a hot haunch of meat for the road?" Furiel withdraws a small coin pouch.

Oleg looks a little uncomfortable, unable to provide such a simple request... "Uh I uh.. didn't really think we'd make it through today... so I uh we are a little low on fresh food. I'll be sure to be well-stocked for your return. How about a few bran muffins to hold you over... and if you don't eat em today they'll make deadly projectiles!"

Svetlana and the quiet young elf girl saddle up, Kesten insists on sending Loomis with them as an escort. On her way out she hands Furiel an oil-cloth wrapped around cheese, sausage and the muffins. She wishes you all luck... the elf girl just keeps her head down ... they head north to Gielgud Farms for supplies and to return the four stolen horses.

Male Half Orc Oracle 2/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2

"By your silence I take it that you don't think there is anyone else that should be spared eh Budgie? Very well, that is fair enough...and quite telling.
As for information, well, we will just have to hope one of them have some information and try to take one alive."

The Green Man returns to the others with Budgie.
"Hello? What is this? The guards have arrived already? Not a very large force, but a few trained soldiers beats none wouldn't you say Goodman Oleg?"

The leader looks familiar, did we not see him in Restov?

The Green Man then raises an eyebrow at Furiel.
"You do not look like a soldier to me, why are you here good gnome?"

Downtime Gnome Sorceror (draconic) 4

Furiel bows and barely stays on horseback. "I guess I couldn't meet the height requirement to be a soldier. I am a last minute charter holder and came to help tame these lands. I hear we are going after bandits now. I am an aspiring sorceror. Keep me out of the front line, and I will make your enemies pay. Mount up, I missed the first action, but I won't miss the second."

Furiel hands Oleg a gold piece. "Please start a tab for me, I'll be back."

Male Half Orc Oracle 2/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2

The Green Man throws back his head and laughs merrily at Furiels reply.
"Small in stature he may be, but surely not in spirit! Why if your spirit is any yardstick to go by, you are an equal to any of us indeed.
I look forward to seeing your magic in the field then.
People call me The Green Man, but you can just call me Green."

The Green Man puts one hand on the heavy horse that is "long in the tooth".
"This beast will carry me so I do not slow you down, we seem made for eachother do we not?"

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

"So... it's everything set? Do we know where their base is and how many of them are there? Let's move people I need action"

Is everyone OK with moving out and starting the hunt?

Male hp: 35/35; AC:16/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+4, R+3, W+4; Initiative 0, Perception +5

"Badgie told me the way, but I'm no tracker. So we will need to be smart getting there."

Fine with going. A rule inquiry, how would it work if Norton had Furiel ride with him in battle? From a story point of view, Norton is the one who protects the other, lending AC and stuff. Graphically having him to keep Furiel close fits, but while mounted I don't know if it would be possible. He should be small and light though.

{HP 32/32 | AC17 T12 FF13 CMD17 | F/R/W 5/3/8 | Init +2 Per +11/13 SM+4} Female Human Druid 3 {Kingdom} {NPCs} {Downtime}

"When it comes to tracking, do not worry. I am skilled at hunting prey." A smile creeps up on Ta'de-win's face at the anticipation of the hunt.

Budgie speaks up again finally first to Green "Sorry so quiet, sir.. Been givin it all a good think. Can't quite say I'd risk my life to try to save any of theirs, no sir. You've been very fair so I will say this..." leans in toward Rogar and lowers his voice.. " if Kressle gets away or won't be taken alive... the man you will want to talk is the two hush hush types that load "His" cut of our haul.... their haul rather, sir."

@Norton Yea I'm not sure how well that would work ... personally I'm waiting for the Green/Furiel "fastball special"

Downtime Gnome Sorceror (draconic) 4

"You need action; I missed the first fight. Green man, I think I would like to see you fight big. I better make sure you are off your horse or he would be your first casualty. Let's find em and make em pay."

Furiel eats some bran muffins-- Hope these work

Male Half Orc Oracle 2/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2

The Green Man grins at Furiel.
"Fight big? Me? Why my dear gnome, I am a healer by trade, not a warrior."

Hefting his axe as he slowly and ponderously climbs into the saddle he chuckles.
"But I suppose I do not carry this axe of mine for ornamental purposes alone..."

Well, once Furiel learns fireshield it might be worth chucking him at foes eh?

The old heavy horse does not react at all as you mount and stands motionless. It's head drooped slightly ... Budgie calls out (currently guarded by the new soldier Mueller) "Sir Orc, .. the eyes, sir.. closed ... she's a heavy sleeper, sir."
Oleg and Kesten give their goodbyes and well wishing.

let me know if you are taking along anything other than what is in your inventory... I am assuming you are leaving wagon behind and the two captives?

consolidated info:

In the daytime you get a good view from the palisade towers. The landscape to the south is completely open plains.

Oleg has told you it as about 8 miles to the forest, hard to believe it is that far with nothing but atmosphere obstructing your view.

"How many you ask?... should be under a dozen, sir. .. go uh that way (points south) until you hit the treeline, then ride along the forest edge until you hit the river. Follow river (gestures to the right) in to the woods for a bout an hour or so, and there you are."
"Yes sir one hour along river, sir. Whole trip takes just after eggs to sunrise next day... fifteen to eighteen hours I'd say if I had to wager, sir."
"if Kressle gets away or won't be taken alive... the man you will want to talk is the two hush hush types that load "His" cut of our haul"

"Yes there were eight when we left including Kressle. They 'spect to see us back around sunrise. We split up prizes then we sleep in. Budgie and I forage after lunch.. Hunters hunt at first light and last light.
There's a watchpost on one side of the river and the other. They are all mean. I know there are other bandits but I don't know em. We don't talk to no one but blue cloaks."

all quoted from earlier.. just putting it together for convenience

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

"Everything is set, then. Let's ride!"

Rogar jumps in the saddle and moves out of the outpost. And I vote to leave the 2 bandits in the care of the newly arrived soliders

Male Half Orc Oracle 2/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2

The Green Man leans forward in the saddle and raps the horse gently right on the forehead.
"No time for a nap now equine brother, we got work to do."

Agreed, they would be in the way I feel.

Male hp: 35/35; AC:16/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+4, R+3, W+4; Initiative 0, Perception +5

ok with me

"Finally, Murak was getting restless, being held inside without a good ride for a whole day."

Norton took a light blow form the alchemist fire, if nothings happens during the first day, he could use a little heal.

Male Half Orc Oracle 2/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2

Oooh, sorry, I missed that.

Channel positive energy: 1d6 ⇒ 3

Downtime Gnome Sorceror (draconic) 4

Furiel hasn't left his saddle (maybe he wanted to avoid a dismount and mount). "I like that warm and tingly feeling Green. If I knew the way I'd take point." That way if I fall off there are more people to help me.

Still mid-morning, you head south following Ta'de-win. The trail must be fairly clear... so far she has been able to track from horseback at a steady canter.
Light cloud cover... cool air near cold at this pace. After a few miles you notice a different smell to earth here.. may have gotten accustomed to the sun baked clay smell around the trading post (when you weren't catching a gust of middens wind) ... regardless, the earth smells like good soil here...

I'll need a track check .. and I'll take perception checks from everyone for next time I need them.

{HP 32/32 | AC17 T12 FF13 CMD17 | F/R/W 5/3/8 | Init +2 Per +11/13 SM+4} Female Human Druid 3 {Kingdom} {NPCs} {Downtime}

Survival 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (17) + 11 = 28
Perception 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (20) + 8 = 28(+2 if natural surroundings)

Male Half Orc Oracle 2/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2

Making good time, Ta'de-win surely knows nature well, even though we have never traveled this area before she moves like it was her own garden.

Perception: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (1) - 1 = 0

Male hp: 35/35; AC:16/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+4, R+3, W+4; Initiative 0, Perception +5

Perception Check 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (9) + 1 = 10

Downtime Gnome Sorceror (draconic) 4

PER 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (16) + 3 = 19

Init:3 | Per:8 | HP: 24/24 | AC:16 FF:15 T:14 | CMB:6 CMD:20 | F:3 R:5 W:7
Monk (Master of Many Styles) 3

Perception Check 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11


you can see their tracks clearly ... judging by the stride of the horse tracks and frequency of stops, you are making better time and should be ahead of the estimate Budgie gave.

You ride for less than an hour and half before you come within a hundred yards of the treeline. The remnants of rotted stumps dot the area all the way up to the forest edge. The tracks seem to scatter at this point... up until now, most of you (when paying attention) could see the tracks yourselves fairly clearly.


erratic weaving around stumps, and root structure without underbrush to investigate makes tracking more challenging. Not much.. but enough to slow your horse down to a walk. There are other tracks here to .. you've seen appropriate wildlife tracks but this is different ... bipedal .. one more check please

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

Survival check:1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22

{HP 32/32 | AC17 T12 FF13 CMD17 | F/R/W 5/3/8 | Init +2 Per +11/13 SM+4} Female Human Druid 3 {Kingdom} {NPCs} {Downtime}

Wasn't sure if you meant survival or perception, so...
Survival 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (8) + 11 = 19
Perception 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (13) + 8 = 21 +2 if natural surroundings.

Ta'de-win feels the joy of hunt flowing through her. This is how it's meant for me, prowling through the trees.

Ta'de-win and Rogar:

The horse tracks meander around the stumps.. but most -including the freshest tracks- go along the treeline south-south-east. Along with the horse tracks you catch sight of a few footprints .. they look goblinoid.. these tracks look like they are more numerous the closer you are to the forest. The seemingly random pattern of the footprints suggests chasing small game.

{HP 32/32 | AC17 T12 FF13 CMD17 | F/R/W 5/3/8 | Init +2 Per +11/13 SM+4} Female Human Druid 3 {Kingdom} {NPCs} {Downtime}

Seeing tracks different than the horses normally expected, Ta'de-win examines them more closely. These aren't horse tracks, and are to small to be men. Goblins.

Waiting for the others to gather, she informs them of the discovery "Besides the tracks of the horses, it appears that there may be another prey in the area as well. Take a look." Ta'de-win shows everyone the tracks. "They appear to be goblin in nature."

Does it appear that the goblin tracks are taking the same route as the horse, traveling together, or cross paths?

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

Rogar halts his mount and makes sign to the others to stop too:"Seems like there are goblins around. Should we hunt them down too or do you think we have better press on? Goblins might be a small nuisance now, but may grow into a big problem later on, and our charter certainly authorizes us to deal with these kind of pests... For myself I think we should hunt down these creatures, they aren't likely to be a huge loss of time judging from the number of traces"

@Ta'de-win horse tracks skirt around treeline (south southeast)... Goblin tracks seem to come from and return to the forest (south southwest)


rough map red dots are trail of bandits .. blue X is your current position .. The woods continue much further... what you have come to is the Northeast corner of the forest. Cardinal directions might get a little confusing until you have the area mapped out more

Init:3 | Per:8 | HP: 24/24 | AC:16 FF:15 T:14 | CMB:6 CMD:20 | F:3 R:5 W:7
Monk (Master of Many Styles) 3

"We could always press on to make sure there are no suspicions from the other bandits of their missing comrades. If there are goblins in the area and they are a threat, I am sure they will make their presence known to us."

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