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Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

Rogar glares at the fleeing bandit brandishing his sword and trying to get to the ladder

In other words Rogar will try to catch the bandit on his turn

Male hp: 35/35; AC:16/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+4, R+3, W+4; Initiative 0, Perception +5

Norton looks at the fleeing bandit first, then at the always hurrying Rogar, in the end at Green.
"Uh, a play of 'catch-me-if-you-can, cute."
"Mr Green, would you and your blade, mind assuring these two are no harm by watching them closely? Lady 'de-win, could you please collect their weapons and search them for hidden ones?"
"Now let's see if our friend catches his squirrel. No need to hurry with the gate, with eight miles of clean terrain he is not getting away from Murak easily."

Norton then waits to see the outcome of the race, secretly hoping or the bandit to escape, so to have the chance to spur Murak to the gallop.

The bandit looks over the edge and back at the group... and finally unlatches the buckle for his sheath and raises his hands. "Fair enough... I surrender."

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

Rogar climbs the ladder and reaches the bandit, with his blade held with contemptuous ease:"Hand over your weapons, and get down with your friends... and prepare to talk: how many of you out there and where's your lair?"

Male Half Orc Oracle 2/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2

The Green Man grins at the bandits at his feet and pre-empts any demands they may have in exchange for telling tales.
"What? I promised not to eat you, is that not enough?"

Scratching his beard slowly he considers.
"The charter said "unrepentant" bandits, and if you speak truly about this being a choice of life and death for you...well, honest work may be hard toil, but it is a worthy pursuit when one seeks redemption eh?"

Grabbing a shovel and throwing it at the feet of the bandits he grins once more.
"Who is up for digging a ditch?"

Male hp: 35/35; AC:16/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+4, R+3, W+4; Initiative 0, Perception +5

"Ditch?" the cheliaxian in Norton awakes for a moment "From where I come from we hang bandits, alongside road trails, so for everyone to see."
"And for those who plea for forgiveness, we cut them an ear, so everyone they meet know what scum their are dealing with." Norton approaches Budgie, leaning towards his head, dagger in hand. "Unless they show full redemption collaborating with the authorities."

The first two captured bandits watch the third "hauled in". Budgie in particular looks deflated, all three listen to you discussing how to deal with them... vacillating between looks of panic and attempts to play it cool.
After Norton approaches, Budgie glances at the dagger in Norton's hand and pleads his case "In a civilized society..yes ... couldn't agree with you more Sir.. no sir.. And now, now that we know you are here working for this Charter fellow to bring redemption to us simple wood folk... caw. I'm your man, sir... we're all your man, matter o' fact... we'll be good lads .. And dare say I, me dad had his left ear cut off... only work he could get was as a no good bandit! ... Ha! Sad tale it were." He looks down shaking his head at the tragedy of it all.

Male hp: 35/35; AC:16/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+4, R+3, W+4; Initiative 0, Perception +5

"All right Budgie, let see what you know"
Norton drags him on foot then pushes him to the guest room.
To the others.
"You can question those two, I suggest to separate them first."

Male Half Orc Oracle 2/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2

"Very well...I'll take...this one."
The Green Man indicates Arliss, and then he grabs him by the scruff of his neck and guides him away from the others with a firm but gentle hand.

"The way I see it, you have three choices now lad, the rope, the knife or the shovel.
In a wild country like this, a hanging is the common means to punish bandits, and I dare say that some are inclined towards that...
The second was explained by my mounted comrade just now, even if I myself would be more in favour of taking the first two fingers of your weapons hand.
In the third case you work, and you work hard. I won't lie lad, it will be gruelling, but you can earn redemption and a place by the fire from it.
And once you have proved your good intentions, you will be a free man, possibly allowed to remain and work for a salary.
It honest work, hard but honest."

The Green Man nods as if remembering something.
"But to earn such a chance, you will have to answer questions, to prove that you are willing.
And remember, your fellows are being questioned as well, so your stories better be the same, or we will know someone is lying, and then the shovel is of the table see?"

"So what will it be, will you serve as a corpse to warn others, as a cripple trying to survive alone in the wild (and I daresay few bandits would take you in knowing you cannot pull your own weight), or as an honest man earning your release.?"

Budgie puts up no struggle and walks, slow and silent, head bowed and hands raised limply.
Arliss starts to whimper and sniffle as his fellow captive is being taken away. Green palms his neck and Arliss cringes.
The third bandit speaks up for the first time "Be good boys now." He casts a glance at Budgie and makes sure to look Arliss intently in the eyes.

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

Rogar hits the bandit he captured with a backhanded slap on the nap of the neck, then adds in a colloquial tone but making sure all three hear him:"I fear you don't get the gravity of your situation, friend. You are known as outlaws, bandits, robbers and possibly rapists and murderers. We have been given the authority to deal with your kind as we see fit, which, in a joust world would mean execution here and now. Despite that we are giving your lot the chance to live as honest people as long as you tell us where to find your accomplices, and don't bother denying, we already know there are others... and you don't seem thrilled by our generosity... I'm getting a distinct feel of ingratitude from your lot right now... and this makes me very sad, because, despite all I said and did today I don't like killing, and killing in cold blood I like the least, but you, my friend, you are forcing my hand and I fear I will have to do to you what I did to your boss. So, last chance: where are your other accomplices, how many of them are there and how do they defend their lair. So , it's very simple, really: alk, or die. Your choice" so saying Almar readies his sword making sure the bandit sees him prepare to strike.

Intimidate check:1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

As Norton pushes Budgie toward the guest house .. he sees Budgie stiffen at the third bandit's chilling words. When Rogar lays in to him, Norton catches Budgie look back with an impish grin.

Arliss continues to whimper as Green goes on ... until he realizes what Green meant by choosing "shovel". He gets himself under control and seems to really listen. Arliss whispers to Green.."Yeah uhh I'll pick the umm .. shovel?"

Completely certain Rogar is about to lose it, the third bandit's stony "thousand-yard stare" eventually breaks. He nods and closes his eyes.

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

Rogar is taken aback by the bandit reaction, he doesn't really want to follow through with his menace but it seems he will be forced to, but he hesitates:"For the love of the gods man! Do you really want to die here to defend a bunch of cut-throats? I don't want to kill you, not like this, but you are leaving me with no choice, now I have spoken the others will think we are all talk and no action if I don't put you down! Talk damn you!"

Rogar steels himself and prepares to deliver the coup de grace...

Male Half Orc Oracle 2/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2

"Good lad, first step on redemption is to want it. Now granted, I'd pick shovel too if I was in your position, And here The Green Man pokes a finger into Arliss chest, but I have hopes that you will come to earn redemption by your own sweat, even if it was forced upon you."

This is followed by a toothy grin.
"After all, you did say you were forced into the life of an outlaw against your wishes, well, here is a chance to step of the path that leads to the rope eh?"

Assuming a thoughtful mien, The Green Man begins to ask questions, in a slow soft voice, but with enough steel hidden to still retain a level of threat should the answers not be forthcoming.
"Let's start easy shall we? Who is your leader, and I don't mean the corpse cooling nearby, but your real leader.
How many are there of you in all?
How far away is your camp?
When are you expected back?"

Init:3 | Per:8 | HP: 24/24 | AC:16 FF:15 T:14 | CMB:6 CMD:20 | F:3 R:5 W:7
Monk (Master of Many Styles) 3

"Sir Rogar, I know it is our duty to bring justice to these bandits, but might I suggest we stay his execution a tad longer? Perhaps having some time to think of his predicament will assist him in making a wise choice. I think he is merely scared, I doubt he has any true loyalty to the other bandits."

Alice approaches the bandit.

"I know living your life in fear of retaliation from the other bandits is a heavy burden. My question is, can you be strong enough to bear this burden? Can you prove you are more than just a nameless criminal, or do you prefer to just throw your life away?"

Male hp: 35/35; AC:16/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+4, R+3, W+4; Initiative 0, Perception +5

After having brought Budgie to the guest room Norton starts to speak. For once not hiding but stressing his Egorian accent.
"Let's make it quick, I don't like wasting my time. I already made clear your options here, I won't repeat myself."
He pauses briefly to let the outlaw ponder his situation while the dagger blade still shimmer in his hands.
"What I want to know is how many of your comrades there are, how do I get to where they hide, what defenses they have. Before you even think about lying to me, just know that in Egorian we are trained not only in making dying long and painful, but to extend the agony even beyond."

Intimidate check 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24

Budgie swallows hard. "Got your point sir, so to speak.. yes sir ... No intention to waste your time.. no sir.. Wouldn't exactly call them comrades so much.. Was always just me an Arliss which was close. I try me best to watch over him. His brains gone a bit tender, know I mean?"
"How many you ask?"... the blathering wanes as he starts sweating.. " should be under a dozen, sir. .. go uh that way (points south) until you hit the treeline, then ride along the forest edge until you hit the river. Follow river (gestures to the right) in to the woods for a bout an hour or so, and there you are."

Arliss looks up at Green timidly and whispers again "Can Fenning hear me? He is a bad man, good sir orc. He will tell you he will shovel too, but he won't. And if I tell you where our camp is .. he will get me, I know it. I think Budgie will shovel... I hope he does. Was always just us .. take chickens from people who had loads, not hurt people."
"Kressle.. Kressle is the leader. She is meaner than Fenning and Hruska both." his face screws up and a a bit of bottled rage seeps into his whisper "Shes always smacking me for looking at her bum. I never looked! I never looked!" Arliss catches his breath. Passive aggression against the other bandits driving his words now more than fear... "Some come and go, but when we left there where eight. Its a day's ride away." he stops, thinks, and then adds "Its a day's ride back too, good sir orc."

The third bandit grimaces through Rogar's tirade. As Alice speaks the grimace turns to a maniacal grin.. as he responds, he grows louder and more hateful "foools. You pious fools... If Kressle does not KILL YOU ALL ... the wilds will devour you. You are weak .. words.. words.. words are whats used by the weak to beg for their lives. Not me.. NOT EVER!!" He starts laughing madly and begins to push himself to his feet.

Male Half Orc Oracle 2/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2

The Green Man nods in silence as he digests the information Arliss passes on.
His ear catches the sound of what he assumes most be Fenning shouting and nods thoughtfully to himself.
"I wouldn't worry about Fenning, I think he just chose the rope as it were.
Whatever else happens today, I think you are free of his influence at the very least."

The Green Man pulls a little at his braided beard.
"Hmm, so eight more bandits left at camp, and it is about a day’s ride away.
But you didn't look like you were in any great hurry, so you wouldn't be missed for a few hours beyond what it would take to ride back anyway.
Oh, is that eight including Kressle or not?
What kind of guard stations do you have?
Do you have some people who hunt or forage? If so, when are they usually out?
Any other bandits you know that might chose the shovel if it was offered?
Any you know shouldn't be offered the chance?
Are there other bands of bandits in these parts that you know off?"

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

"No! She had just saved you! Fool! Now I have no choice but to kill a prisoner! I came here to regain my honor not to sully it even more!!! Damn you and damn me for forcing me to do this!"

Despite his inner turmoil Rogar face shows no emotion as he plunges the sword in the bandit's back severing his spine and cutting several arteries in the process.

Rogar delivers coup de grace

Init:3 | Per:8 | HP: 24/24 | AC:16 FF:15 T:14 | CMB:6 CMD:20 | F:3 R:5 W:7
Monk (Master of Many Styles) 3

Alice puts a hand on Rogar's shoulder and says sympathetically.
"Rogar you did as the law commanded us in the charter. He was given every chance to repent. He chose his path..."

fort save1d20 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9
The bandit Fenning slumps lifeless to the ground.

A muffled yell comes from the main house "Safe to come out? Are we clear?"

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

Rogar's answer is quiet and seemingly devoid of emotion, like he's talking to himself more than with Alice:"Yes... but sometimes there are more important non written laws... but you are correct, he brought this on himself". After a second the fighter shooks himself and adds a warm and sincere:"Thank you, Alice" and in response to Oleg:"All clear, but better to keep the ladies in a little bit more... it's not a pretty sight right now my friend"

Oleg comes out of the house wearing a mismatched set of armor including a battered ceremonial replica greathelm. He looks around, nodding his head. "You've all done an incredible job today. ... I'll get this all cleaned up for you." Looks over at the mountain of a corpse, Hruska.. "Might need a bit of help with this one." He lets out an overjoyed belly laugh "Once you've gone through the "battle spoils", I will be more than happy to pay my sell price for what you have left over. And .. hold on.." He pounds on the double door until Svetlana opens it, he says something quietly to her. She returns with a bag of coins and a few vials. "Thank you love. Here you go... a little something extra."

he gives you 50 gold, 2 cure light potions, and one disguise self potion.

Oleg looks down at Fenning.... "Oh I remember that one.... and I believe..." moves over the corpse "..THAT is the hand that touched Svetlana" He brings his boot down hard on Fenning's right hand.

{HP 32/32 | AC17 T12 FF13 CMD17 | F/R/W 5/3/8 | Init +2 Per +11/13 SM+4} Female Human Druid 3 {Kingdom} {NPCs} {Downtime}

"These will be expected back soon. It may be advisable that if we are to take action, it would be done soon while the mother wolf is content her cubs are out hunting timid prey, and to help ensure the safety of the Levetons. Though I'm not sure what to do with these two."

Male Half Orc Oracle 2/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2

"Hear that lad? You were worried Fenning would get you, but Fenning is no more.
So be a good lad and answer the rest of my questions now."

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

Rogar nods at Green's words:"He lived as an outlaw and died a fool. He chose his fate, try not to do the same choices he made...". Then Rogar adresses Ta'de-Win's suggestion:"I agree with you milady, we need to deal with the other bandits swiftly or they will be on their guard against us. We'll never get a better chance to wipe them away than this"

Arliss wipes the wetness from his face and nods. "Can i see Budgie first? ... I just wanna see he's alright and tell him its OK to pick shovel."

Svetlana approaches she gives Arliss an unexpected comforting smile... Arliss looks much younger now that he has wiped most of the grime from his face. She turns to the group. "I'd like to take Claptrap to Gielgud farms for some shopping... I'll see if I can get a couple of their strapping boys to help keep an eye on our new friends if you need to leave for a bit." she makes sure to put emphasis on the "strapping boys" and give Oleg a teasing look.
"I'll take the young elf girl with me... she has awoken.. seems perfectly healthy but only words I've gotten out of her is "That's strange" ... creepy... I'll leave her with the doctor they have there."

Male Half Orc Oracle 2/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2

"Very well, this one thing I'll grant you, but listen lad, don't waste my time anymore after that, because until I have some more words out of you, this is all you get from me."

Taking Arlis by the arm, The Green Man guides Arliss to where Budgie is kept and allows him a glimpse.

"Say what you want to say, and make it quick, YOU still have questions to answer lad."

Still bubbling from the morning's victory, Oleg beams, a little too loud "Well get to it!" and slaps Svetlana on the rump.

Arliss responds to Green "Thank you, good sir orc. I understand."
When Green opens the door, Budgie looks over and brightens - seeing his friend alive. Arliss says "Pick Shovel." leaving Budgie a bit confused. Arliss then turns to Green "thanks again, good sir orc... now what would you like to know?" after speaking this last bit he looks to all around ... as if opening the question to everyone.

Male Half Orc Oracle 2/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2

The Green Man sighs a little and then holds up one massive hand, slowly he repeats himself, ticking each question of on his large fingers.

"Hmm, so eight more bandits left at camp?
And it is about a day’s ride away?
How soon are you expected back?
Oh, is that eight including Kressle or not?
What kind of guard stations do you have?
Do you have some people who hunt or forage? If so, when are they usually out?
Any other bandits you know that might chose the shovel if it was offered?
Any you know shouldn't be offered the chance?
Are there other bands of bandits in these parts that you know off"

Male hp: 35/35; AC:16/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+4, R+3, W+4; Initiative 0, Perception +5

Still questioning Budgie Norton ask.

"You said one hour from the river. How long the whole trip? What do they usually do during the day?"

"Yes there were eight when we left including Kressle. They 'spect to see us back around sunrise. We split up prizes then we sleep in. Budgie and I forage after lunch.. Hunters hunt at first light and last light.
There's a watchpost on one side of the river and the other. They are all mean. I know there are other bandits but I don't know em. We don't talk to no one but blue cloaks. Budgie sometimes does and they say "Shut it worm!

"Yes sir one hour along river, sir. Whole trip takes just after eggs to sunrise next day... fifteen to eighteen hours I'd say if I had to wager, sir. No real tight schedule to get back, sir. We left early this time on account of Hruska jawing on about coming along and takin a good gander at master Oleg's missus, yes sir... He was a slow one. No tears from me bout that one in a cozy dirt bed, no sir!"

Init:3 | Per:8 | HP: 24/24 | AC:16 FF:15 T:14 | CMB:6 CMD:20 | F:3 R:5 W:7
Monk (Master of Many Styles) 3

"Well Oleg graciously offered to buy these bandits gear from us.. Anyone want to help me at least gather it up for him? I am sure we might need some supplies for the dangerous road ahead."

Alice will help Oleg with moving Hruska, and also help gather anything of value for the party to sell.

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

Rogar cleans and sheates his sword, and talks with a dangerously calm voice:"Are we done with the questioning? If not I suggest you to hurry it up, we need to ride and surprise these other bandits while they don't suspect anything. I'd say take one of these two and bring him along to guide us, but I don't know if we can trust them enough... Whatever, I'll help Oleg and Ms Alice in the meanwhile, but try to be quick with the questioning, I'm in a sour mood now, and a good, clean fight will help a lot with it"

{HP 32/32 | AC17 T12 FF13 CMD17 | F/R/W 5/3/8 | Init +2 Per +11/13 SM+4} Female Human Druid 3 {Kingdom} {NPCs} {Downtime}

"Since the bandits have so graciously provided us with means of quick travel, I can see to preparing their horses for those of us without such means." I'll examine the horses and select the best ones out of the lot for the others taking into account temperment..

Handle Animal 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (7) + 4 = 11

bandit gear:

2 leather armor
2 studded leather
1 chain shirt
2 short swords
1 longsword
6 daggers
4 light riding horse -- all young and branded (Oleg IDs as Gielgud farms)
1 light combat trained horse
2 heavy horses -- one long in tooth
1 light crossbow
1 longbow
1 compound shortbow (Str +1)
1 compound longbow (Str +2)
2 vials alchemist fire
12 trail rations
4 quivers 72 arrows
1 quarrel 19 bolts
5 unmarked vials
carved bone blowgun
pouch of 12 blowgun darts
silver amulet of deer skull
crude bone pipe
pouch of shredded tobacco... smells like radish and pine sap
silver and onyx wide band "lattice-style" ring
Oleg will tell you how much he can give you after everyone picks through it

Male hp: 35/35; AC:16/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+4, R+3, W+4; Initiative 0, Perception +5

Norton exits the guest house with the bandit.

Then seeing the extra body laying on the ground. "I see someone wasn't going to pick the shovel." grinning "Though he was served a too mercifull death, I must say."
Then to the others. "Gathered some useful intelligence?"

And if he sees Oleg with shovels and such. "I won't bother to dig for them. Drag them along the road till the trees, hang them up there for the crow to feed. At least the will serve as a reminder"

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

Rogar gives Norton a long silent stare and says nothing for a long, tense moment. Then he speaks:"If you are finished with your questioning and you know where their hideout is let's move immediately, we shouldn't waste this chance to erase them once and for all"

Rogar would like to claim a couple of rations and the Longbow (str +2)


You have gotten word, from your master, of Brevoy's intention to reclaim the wilds. He has taught you all he can about unlocking your potential. He feels, just how stress and conflict bring out your claws, this expedition may be quite helpful in "finding your way" far from the repression of civilization's yoke of normalcy.
He sent you with a recommendation to Restov. Asking around, you are told the leader of the expedition is currently (and will be for some time) at the Whitetail Alehouse.
You find the tavern, and ask the barkeep. A stubble faced human near you is glaring into a crowd of carousing beefy nobles. He says to you slightly slurring "Ah. Here to sign up well good luck lets do it... OGDEN! You fat-headed self-important hog! We are here to kiss your arse, like all these other swine-suckling toadstools! What say you!? He then turns to you and introduces himself during the brief stunned silence before the hurricane barfight. "Kesten Garess, pleased to meet you." The room then erupts into flying mugs,fists and splintered wood.
The watch comes, both you and Kesten implicated and are thrown into a holding cell. After sobering up a little he apologizes profusely and says he will make it up to you.
A guard comes the next morning and tells Kesten the Lord Mayor will see him. Kesten returns one day later, the guard unlocks the cell and returns your gear. Kesten grins and says "Well lets be off!" He shows you a paper from the Lord Mayor stationing him at Oleg's Trading Post in Greenbelt. He then hands you another paper "Took the liberty of giving him your mentor's recommendation. Here's a charter for ya."
He walks with you outside where you see two raggedy human soldiers on horseback, your horse, and one that Kesten mounts. "If your needing anything before we head out, now's the time!"

Oleg returns from a trip dragging bodies outside the palisade "Four riders approaching on the road from Restov. Probably safe. Looks like they have a child with them." He looks around the post grounds and shrugs.. "Not really a good day to do business..."

Downtime Gnome Sorceror (draconic) 4

As the riders approach, it turns out the small rider is not a child, but a gnome, and a small gnome at that. He is physically weak and seems to struggle to stay in the saddle with every bump, yet he has an obvious inner strength. He has pale white hair and a pale white complexion that has been recently sunburned. It appears this trip has been one of his few outdoor excursions. The small gnome is lightly equipped with a light crossbow and nimbly leaps to the ground with a charter in his hands.

"Looks like I am fortunate have an invitation, but I have learned an invitation does not mean acceptance. It appears by the bodies outside I am a little behind. I would be honored if you let me join this group. Furiel is my name and I am an aspiring sorceror."

Furiel looks you in the eye. He has a personal strength and charisma behind intelligent, darting eyes that automatically command the attention of a room or crowd. From his impetuous manners and speech, you would think he typically acts first and thinks about the consequences later.

He smiles and asks, "Now who do I have to pin to join?"

Male Half Orc Oracle 2/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2

"Not so fast there...I still have one or two questions for you Budgie."

The Green Man puts a hand on Budgies chest and gently but firmly pushes him back into the guesthouse.

"Take a seat and listen, then talk ok?"

The Green Man sits down heavily on the ground, placing his great axe across his knees.

"We have a charter to deal with bandits, which means WE ourselves make up the law, understand?"
Not giving Budgie a chance to respond he plows on.
"Did you see the body outside? That is what happens to an unrepentant bandit.
From what Arliss tells me, you have been looking after him, and it lends you credit. He is a bit soft in the head is he not? Childlike?
Children do not tend to lie, so I am willing to bet you can be redeemed."

The Green Man clenches the haft of the axe hard enough for his knuckles to whiten, and for the haft to creak in protest.
"Don't mistake this for stupidity or softness, I just don't like killing unless it is needed see?
Now tell me, are there other bands of bandits you know of in these parts? And if so, who leads them?
How many are there?"

Budgie does his best to speak slowly to assert the truth of his words. "I wish I had an answer for you, sir. I know of at least two other groups, but - how many, where, and who leads them .. I don't know. Fenning and Hruska were from another group." his voice changes to something more appropriate for delivering the "inside scoop".. "From what I could glean, their band were once rivals, sir. I believe we .. or they rather as it were...are now allied with someone in charge that I've only heard called "Him", sir. Its my understanding this "Him" spread his men among ours .. theirs, keep us in line..... ... ahem ..them, sir."

Male Half Orc Oracle 2/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2

"But you don't know who "Him" is I take it? Who amongst your FORMER companions would know besides Fenning, Hruska and Kessel? The first two are dead, and the third one is not someone I feel should be offered the shovel anyhow.
If there is someone you think might be worth saving tell me now, because once we are off it will be too late."

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

Rogar examines the charter for some time then smiles at Furiel as he hands over the parchment:"Good to have you on board Furiel, I'm Rogar Valertis... you'd be a gnome, right? I hope not to offend you, but you really seem small... I trust you know what you are getting into, we are just getting ready to hunt down what's left of a bandit gang that was terrorizing this outpost, and some of them are really nasty pieces of work, they'll be coming to kill you and you might be forced to kill them instead. I won't lie to you, it's going to be a bloody work, but if you want to join us anyway I'll gladly take you in, just know what the risks are"

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