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Brevoy is a nation divided. The land to the north was once an independent nation known as Issia. Small isolationist villages huddle like the sparse vegetation that dots the cold rocky landscape. By contrast, the rolling hills and grassy plains the Rostlanders call home is fertile and the people generally consider themselves a little more cultured.
While most of the lands and cities of Brevoy belong to the noble houses of Brevoy, Restov does not. The Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius is under the rule of the king … but not under the rule of the many Lords of Brevoy.

This city of Restov is where you have come, intrigued by word of an expedition into the Stolen Lands. And you now arrive at the advertised recruitment area in the government district. A bit of a crowd has gathered, and several wagons border a good portion of the perimeter, loaded with equipment and consumables. Surrounding the Lord Mayor’s door, the city guards each seem to be engaged in quelling some juvenile masculine posturing that has turned violent. It appears as though those unhappy with, what was a common rumor but up until now had been kept to whispers, Sir Ogden somehow being indebted to some nefarious faction or another. The rumors were all different, few were believable. However, it did not help Sir Ogden’s case that he was a crass blowhard undeserving of such an honor as taming the wilds of the legendary Stolen Lands.

You have been in Restov for a few days now. You thought it an honor to be named personal guard on the upcoming expedition. Although things you have overheard and the way people seem to get quiet and unfriendly when you mention Sir Ogden’s name give reason for concern. There’s little point in worrying about it now… you have given an oath to protect those with the charter into the Stolen Lands, and barring any behavior that you can not abide, you will do so.

Last night after returning to your room from the tavern; slightly deflated at the news of Sir Ogden Ellis taking charge of the expeditions, and the implications that lie therein, you notice a note and a sealed envelope on your nightstand.
It reads:
“You are in my debt again. Sir Ogden will not be there on the morrow. Take this note to the Lord Mayor … and I would suggest not breaking the seal. Try to not be too concerned, I have a feeling the favor I will ask in return will be in your best interest.”

Sir Ogden’s long-time loyal hangers-on knew this, and were baiting the crowd, as well as trying to bully away anyone they did not approve of who had intentions to enlist. Just when bloodshed looked unavoidable, Betrand, squire to Sir Ogden arrives without his Lord. His face is beet-red and puffy. Sir Ogdens men settle one by one as they notice Bertrand, his lack of lord, and his sullen demeanor. He moves to the center of his men, infront of the Lord Mayor’s door, mumbles, clears his throat and starts again… “He uh…Sir Ogden will not be leading the expedition…” After a cacophony of protests from some, gasps and jeers from others, he continues – steeling himself… “The expedition is cancelled… Sir Ogden has lost a duel to a witch-bladed demon-woman ”, he spits ”The result of which, she claims he is honor bound, as by her request to … go back to school.” Much of the crowd cheers as Sir Ogden’s henchmen sulk off… throwing more than a few slurs against various people’s mothers on their way out. Six people remain at the door.
During this the Lord Mayor’s door opens, and a man who one would presume to be the Lord Mayor’s assistant “Called off? Pfft. Here for the Expedition I presume? He pushes the door open wider and leads you to a room of rich dark wood and finely crafted furniture. Your escort introduces you to Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius. He stands from his desk and greets you - quill still in hand "Aha. Who do we have here? ... I've been told Lord Ogden will not be joining us? " Although friendly, nothing in his voice gives a clear indication how he feels about this... he now approaches looking each of you in the eye. "I'm sorry, that was not meant to be rhetorical... Who might you be, you do not look like his usual crowd... do you see the loss of Sir Ogden worthy of postponing the expedition?" A subtle change in his expression hints at the gravity of his query.

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

Rogar cheers loudly at the announcement of sir Odgen unexpected "demise" and if he had any doubts about the hand behind the later events they are istantly vanished by Bertrand's words"Witch-bladed-demon-woman indeed... but one with much more spine and skill with the blade than you or your craven lord... I'm in her debt indeed... and I can think of more than a couple of enjoyable methods of repaying her... but those are toughts for other, more plesant times, I hope, now let's salvage this expedition!".

The young fighter checks the other people left and follows the Mayor's assistant feeling more and more confident the expedition is not going to be called off just because that swine Ogden won't be at its head. When they are received by the Mayor and he asks how they feel about continuing or postponing the expedition words come easily to Rogar's tongue and he's fast to answer, he steps forward and after a brief bow he starts to speak:"My Lord Mayor, thanks for receiving us. My name is Rogar Valertis, a blade sworn to Restov's interests, coming from a long line of warriors. I for one am decidedly against the idea of waiting and stopping this expedition. If it's important for Restov now, I see little use in a delay, our problems are just going to get worse waiting while what we need is decisive and immediate action now! So I humbly ask you to allow the expedition to be allowed to go on, despite the loss of Sir Odgen, I don't doubt he will be willing to join us when he's settled his problems and learnt his lessons, after all Restov's well being should come before who's leading the effort to accomplish them, and I know Sir Ogden would say the same, whishing us good luck if he were here...".
Rogar takes a second to take breath and then adds:"As a final note I was asked to give you this sealed note. I don't know what it says but that's what was asked of me, so I would ask you to accept the missive"
So saying Rogar hands the letter to the Mayor assistant and steps back.

{HP 32/32 | AC17 T12 FF13 CMD17 | F/R/W 5/3/8 | Init +2 Per +11/13 SM+4} Female Human Druid 3 {Kingdom} {NPCs} {Downtime}

Ta'de-win had been staying at the edge of the crowd. She did not like crowds, too many people in one place. It made hearing the spirits difficult.

A man came, hushing the crowd. This alone was cause for joy in Ta'de-win's mind, but more important was the message he gave. The man to lead this journey apparently no longer to do so. The crowd gave way at this and began to disperse. Ta'de-win was baffled. If the leader of the pack is brought down, the pack doesn't lie down and die. The strongest assumes the mantle of pack leader. These so-called civilized men would only have been a burden.

As the crowd clears, she sees that five others have remained besides her. She decides to watch for a moment, to which the door to the building opens, and the group are invited in.

Ta'de-win follows inside and listens to the words spoken by this Lord Mayor. There was a meaning to his words, but she was not certain of it's intent. This 'expedition' had lost more than this Sir Ogden, though in all fairness most of those lost may well not have mattered if they were broken so easily.

Another of the group spoke up, asking to continue on without the losses. While his concern for Restov was of no concern to her, at least he displayed the courage to continue on. A good sign. As this Rogar finishes his speech, she awaits this Lord Mayor's response to his words.

The assistant glances briefly at the seal on the envelope, then hands it to the Lord Mayor. As he does Lord Mayor Sellemius makes a comment to him "Hear that, Mr. Chodair? Speaks from his heart without hesitation, yet has the presence of mind to show restraint and remain humble." Mr. Chodair the assistant nods.
Only now does the Lord Mayor look at the seal, he opens it and drops his public persona for a second as he reads it to himself. He folds the letter carefully and places it on his desk. He quickly regains his composure... "And what of the rest of you... I am quite satisfied with young master Valertis answer on whether we should continue, but I would like to know who we have here on this most important task...

{HP 32/32 | AC17 T12 FF13 CMD17 | F/R/W 5/3/8 | Init +2 Per +11/13 SM+4} Female Human Druid 3 {Kingdom} {NPCs} {Downtime}

"I too would like to continue this expedition, Lord Mayor." Ta'de-win offers a bow, attempting to follow the same fashion as Rogar, though obviously not accustomed to the action, or the title used to address the Lord Mayor. "I am called Ta'de-win. While it appears this Sir Ogden was a great leader, judging by the pack that followed him, a smaller group will be able to travel faster and easier, with less impact on the land."

Male Half Orc Oracle 3/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2 HP 42/58 | AC:17 | T:13 | FF:16 | CMB: +5 | CMD:16 | Fort:+9| Ref:+3 | Will:+4| Init:+1 | Perc: +5 (Darkvision 60ft) | Speed 30 | Rage 9/9 | Channel 4/4

This land is like a tree, it must is my task to clear away the weed that might choke the life out of the tree before it's time.

The Green man's unsettling green eyes scans the remaining faces around him, seeking that look of determination that signals someone worthwhile in this endeavour.
He finds determination and eagerness in the face of Rogar, and an equal amount of determination in Ta'de-win.
Noding to himself he slowly hobbles forward, favouring his uninjured leg and speaks in a soft tone, all the more powerfull for not being raised.

"The land calls for a champion, and one man has answered..."
The Green man looks at Rogar and inclines his head in respect.

"Be he the one the land seeks or not, there is little harm in letting him try surely?
And with help from others his strength may well prove up to the task."

The Green man then inclines his head to Ta'de-win as well.
"Wisdom already walks by his side it seems..."

The Lord Mayor looks like his thoughts are elsewhere as Ta'de-win starts to speak, but snaps out of it after she bows to him. He nods when she continues with her opinion "True true..."
When Bregor steps forward he mouths "massive" breathlessly so as not to interrupt. After "Yes ... you must be the Green Man I've heard Betrand wax poetic about... and, as the stars see me, you are an impressive sight." he lingers for a while gazing for an awkward moment "Gentle giant .... Let's hope not too gentle, eh?" he turns to look at Mr Chodair, who rolls his eyes on queue.
The Lord Mayor turns back to the group and continues to the next in line "And you?..." His demeanor has become decidedly more familiar... it seems he has just realized how much he is enjoying this ad-hoc inspection.

Male Half Orc Oracle 3/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2 HP 42/58 | AC:17 | T:13 | FF:16 | CMB: +5 | CMD:16 | Fort:+9| Ref:+3 | Will:+4| Init:+1 | Perc: +5 (Darkvision 60ft) | Speed 30 | Rage 9/9 | Channel 4/4

A slow smile spreads across the face of the Green man, showing off a little more of his tusks.
"Nature...sometimes has a need to take the life she gave."
Here, The Green man drives his fist into the palm of the other hand, creating an audible smack.

Init:3 | Per:8 | HP: 24/24 | AC:16 FF:15 T:14 | CMB:6 CMD:20 | F:3 R:5 W:7
Monk (Master of Many Styles) 3

Alice, not one unfamiliar to the inspecting eyes of others, bows slightly to the lord mayor.

I am Alice Morrell... daughter of Priest Edmus Morell of Caliphus, student of the great Sendu Phu, and humble follower of Pharasma.

Alice pauses ever so slightly to take in reactions, then continues on.

As for the other question... with all due respect to Sir Ogden, I cannot see progress being blocked by one man's absence. Especially since I see so many capable people before me now. We are all here for our own reasons, and not to be callous, mine certainly was not to follow
Sir Ogden. Rather, I seek...purpose, a sense of belonging, and..

Alice pauses...looks around at the others and recomposes herself.

Enough of that though, it's neither here or there the reason, all that matters in my eyes is our collective willingness to go.

The Lord Mayor nods approvingly after Alice's introduction and mention of Pharasma. After she finishes, he states "And here we have the crux of the matter. It is the nature of things that each soul has their own motivations. What is important is the understanding that that those motivations can unite toward a greater purpose... a greater good.
I fear Sir Ogden's ego fueled motivations were not in line with what I see as a greater good. Considering his ruthless nature in bar fights and duels, I cannot imagine him cut loose in the wild.
Unfortunately, he and his men have been intimidating our other candidates out of enlisting for the expedition...
" he stops and turns to his assistant again "Mr Chodair? Why do you let me carry on like this?"

"My apologies sir"replies Mr Chodair

The Lord Mayor turns back to the group..

Male hp: 45/45; AC:17/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+7, R+4, W+5; Initiative 0, Perception +5

Norton's mind is focusing on what happened.
"a witch-bladed demon-woman" he doesn't know the details "but this sounds too much like Egorian for my likings. I hope this is not a bad omen for the future. For sure one more reason to go on with this expedition and leave the place."

Years in Cheliax taught Norton that speaking last gives intelligence and, after having spoken, people tend to lower defenses. It comes as a second nature even if he is not in a threatening situation.

During the conversation with the mayor he evaluates who is left.
"The man is quick, first to step in, I bet that in battle and danger he will be even quicker. Impulsive people are unpredictable but at least they tend to be loyal"

Then he looks at the other two speakers. "People of the wild, who better suited for such expedition? The woman seems shy, probably more at ease in a mountain lion's den than here in a city. And the brute? Not at all like the ones in Egorian jokes, the words he spoke, wise if not sophisticated. The problem with the lot is they tend to see things in a different way compared to other folks. I wonder what their agenda is.

This last one. The names she said and her accent, Numeria, no maybe Ustalav. I should have paid master Godil's lessons more attention. I don't see weapons but the posture and the way see moves... as master Tulir used to say, is not from the weapons that you spot the fighter.

Seeing his time to speak Norton introduce himself, sure that his Chelish accent is going to betray him to the others, he hasn't worked enough on that. Not yet.
"Lord Mayor" he bows, as the etiquette requires, firm and gentle as per master Godil teachings "My name is Norton Ambrosi, and it was made me the honor to be chosen by sir Ogden as personal guard for this expedition. As much I mourn sir Ogden withdrawal my duty was bound to the expedition and there still lays."
"I am no man to rush in the unknown, but wagons and equipment are ready, as well as men. Waiting jeopardize the chance to leverage the good season time. All the effort and money put in the undertaking will be lost in matter of a couple of days.

I read the Kingmaker Player Guide, but what do we exactly know about the purpose of the expedition and the reasons behind it
oh, and I think we lost Sorcerer

you know the purpose but you might not necessarily realize how much of a part you will play past surveying and "taming the wild"
sorceror probably just hasn't checked in since we started early

"Not from Brevoy, eh? Well from what you say, it would seem you would have been of use to Sir Ogden. From what I've received from young master Valertis it would seem your loyalty would misplaced if your honor is as important to you as I infer." the Lord Mayor bows to Norton "The people of Brevoy thank you for your oath."
"Now ... don't be shy miss. To whom do I have the pleasure of meeting?"
Mr Chodair rolls his eyes again, this time adding an exhausted sigh.

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

Rogar smiles widely as each one of his newly found companions declare their willingness to go on with the expedition and the Lord Mayor seems clearly to favor the endeavor. The matter of the letter still intrigues him, and he would very much like to ask, but even as straight forward as he is he knows such a breach of protocol could jeopardize the whole expedition, so, for the moment, he remains silent while his last companion presents herself.

There is a quick polite knock at open doorway behind you. Another aide says "Pardon me, Lord Mayor. Kesten Garess is here at your request."
The Lord Mayor straightens and his familiar demeanor diminishes slightly. "Very well ...send him in." He walks back to his desk, inks his quill, and starts writing. The second aide and another man dressed as though he could be a lesser noble with a grim stubbled face.
Lord Mayor Sellemius finishes writing in silence, salts the page and then rises. He gives the man you would assume to be Kesten a dour look on his way back to the group, then hands Rogar the parchment. He wears a curious subtle smile as he takes another look at the group. "Off with you. And I wish you luck. Mr Chodair?"
Mr Chodair immediately ushers you out of the room. You can hear the Lord Mayor start in on Kesten as you leave... "Kesten Garess... what are we going to do with you? ... You are lucky to find me in such a good mood..." Mr Chodair shuts the door to the office and takes you back to the front door.

Mr Cordair stops in the foyer "Oh I suppose you would like a chance to look at the charter..."

Be it so known that the bearer of this charter has been charged by the Swordlords of Restov, acting upon the greater good of the Dragonscale Throne, has granted the right of exploration and travel within the wilderness region known as the Greenbelt. Exploration should be limited to an area no further than thirty-six miles east and west and sixty miles south of Oleg's Trading Post. The carrier of this charter should also strive against banditry and other unlawful behavior to be encountered. The punishment for unrepentent banditry remains, as always, execution by sword or rope.

--So witnessed on this 24th day of Talistril, under watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov and authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of the Dragonscale Throne.

Male hp: 45/45; AC:17/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+7, R+4, W+5; Initiative 0, Perception +5

"Well" Norton speaks to his new acquaintance "Seems to me that the enterprise is on us since, for a reason or another, all of us are eager to push this further. I say lets get everything ready as planned."
He gently show his hand to Mr Cordair silently asking for the charter

Male Half Orc Oracle 3/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2 HP 42/58 | AC:17 | T:13 | FF:16 | CMB: +5 | CMD:16 | Fort:+9| Ref:+3 | Will:+4| Init:+1 | Perc: +5 (Darkvision 60ft) | Speed 30 | Rage 9/9 | Channel 4/4

The Green Man studies the charter for some time, reading it carefully.
Exploration and banditry, quite a mixed bag indeed. The main task itself seems clearly outlined however.

The Green Mans eyes narrow a little as he considers the task ahead as well as an estimation of the time it may take.
"This charter does not specify an end time, should we take it that this charter is valid until the task is completed?
Even if that is the case, there is a preferred time limit is there not?"

Stroking his long green braid for a moment he then continues.
"Unrepentant banditry, are we to make that judgment ourselves? And if we find one or more bandits that are willing to surrender and seem to genuinely want to reform their wicked ways...?"

"I would assume that it would be your decision. The Lord Mayor will be sending a retinue of soldiers to help fortify your initial staging area, Oleg's Trading Post. Tell Oleg the troops should arrive in about a week with additional supplies. At that point, we should be able to keep lines of communication open." Mr Cordair opens the front door, walks outside and holds the door for you.

{HP 32/32 | AC17 T12 FF13 CMD17 | F/R/W 5/3/8 | Init +2 Per +11/13 SM+4} Female Human Druid 3 {Kingdom} {NPCs} {Downtime}

Ta'de-win leaves the building. "I must retrieve Heart of Wind and I'll be ready for the journey. How long do the rest of you require?"

Female Half-Elf Sorcerer (Undead bloodline) 1

Sorcerer, who has been silent the whole time, finally speaks up, asking Bregor Rowain if he would please read her the charter in a thick Ulfen accent.

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

"Good, good... I'm ready to go whenever you are. And people... I want to tell you although we may be few the determination we showed clearly shows how we are meant to suceed! We'll tame the green belt and return as heroes of Restov! The stolen lands will be stolen no more!"

Rogar feels inhebriated, things seem to be working just fine. After a long time his luck seems to have taken a turn for the better! As he comes out of the building Rogar considers the parchment the Mayor handed him and checks what's written inside.

the parchment is the charter
You hear a voice outside through the open door "Oi! Oi! We still goin? I need to get this stuff to Oleg." A chubby little man stands beside one of the wagons with on leg up, gripping the handle to pull himself up.. "Oh good day Mr Chowder!"

Female Half-Elf Sorcerer (Undead bloodline) 1

After several seconds, Sorcerer looks around and whispers, somewhat shyly, "Can anybody read what the charter says to me?".

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

Rogar answer the request at once... he's already noted and appreciated his new companion beauty... "Well, of course my Lady! I can and certainly will indulge your request! Here's the glorious words entitling us to the mission of reconquering the wild for Restov!"

Rogar proceeds to read the parchment in a solemn tone stressing the parts about exploration and adventure:

"Be it so known that the bearer of this charter has been charged by the Swordlords of Restov, acting upon the greater good of the Dragonscale Throne, has granted the right of exploration and travel within the wilderness region known as the Greenbelt. Exploration should be limited to an area no further than thirty-six miles east and west and sixty miles south of Oleg's Trading Post. The carrier of this charter should also strive against banditry and other unlawful behavior to be encountered. The punishment for unrepentent banditry remains, as always, execution by sword or rope.

--So witnessed on this 24th day of Talistril, under watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov and authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of the Dragonscale Throne."

That's it, fair one. I'm called Rogar of the Valertis family, but I reckon you didn't speak much during our audience and as much as I hate to admit it I must have missed your name for I would never forget the name of one as lovely as you. So, my lady tell us your name again so we may get better acquainted!

Yes, Rogar is the flirting type... tell me if this makes you unconfortable, it's just me playing the character

"That's ChoDAIR, Smedley, ChoDAIR" Mr Chodair turns back to the group when Sorcerer speaks "Hmm? " He waits for Rogar to finish reading.
"Now. Smedley will take you to Oleg's. He is taking supplies there, but has some room on his wagon, I believe."
To which Smedley nods, then looks and quickly flings what looks like a mostly eaten turkey leg off of the passenger side.
Mr Chodair then indicates a second wagon with two horses "This will be yours to use. If there is anything else you need, I hope this will cover it." He hands Rogar a coin bag with 30 gold, and then backs away into a butler-esque pose while you prepare.

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

"Thank you good sir! Rest assured we won't fail Restov! Now, let's move! Adventure and glory await!"

Rogar's good humor is palpable if probably a bit obnoxious. After Chodair leaves he checks the coin bag and feels a tad disappointed.

"Well, people, it's not much I admit, but we will surely have plenty of opportunities to increase the amount, so no worries. It's 30 gold coins, which means each one of us will get 5 of them. We are in this togheter so I think it's only natural we split our gains.

So saying Rogar hands each one of his companions 5 gold pieces.

Female Half-Elf Sorcerer (Undead bloodline) 1

"Thank you, Rogar. You may call me Sorcerer. It is what I am.", Sorcerer responds.

The wagon is fair-sized four wheel wagon. Room for two in the front, and room for four average size adults in the back with little room left for gear. There is a single bench facing the back with storage underneath in the most forward part of the loadable area.
In Smedley's wagon you see axes, saws, picks, crates and covered woven baskets.

"This the lot of yuh then? Hop in! I'll give yuh a ride to the stables if yuh got horses... uh I do hope one yuh can drive a wagon? " He looks around "Well if not yuh get over here and take over Elray and Vera, they know the way ... weuh'll just hope we don't run inna any reason to H'ya dem horses." Smedley hops down to take over the reins of your wagon.

Init:3 | Per:8 | HP: 24/24 | AC:16 FF:15 T:14 | CMB:6 CMD:20 | F:3 R:5 W:7
Monk (Master of Many Styles) 3

"I can jump in you wagon Mr. Smedley, I haven't handled horses much though I must say..."

Alice climbs up on Smedley's wagon and waits for the others to get situated.

Smedley takes over the reins and gives Alice a quick lesson while the rest of the group finds suitable places to sit. "Dem horses made this trip hunnerd times." He says reassuringly again, once he feels Alice has the hang of it.
no roll necessary holding the reins on Smedley's horses, as long as Smedley leads the way on your wagon, someone is holding the reins, and you don't experience any unexpected hazards

Male hp: 45/45; AC:17/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+7, R+4, W+5; Initiative 0, Perception +5

Norton keeps watching the assorted group. "Sorcerer? Doesn't she have a name? Everyone should have one of his own, not just the one identifying the group he belongs to. And it seams she can't read, that should be a quite interesting story."
"This Rogar, again the first to jump in, even on the girls and the money"
Norton smiles "I wonder how many troubles will he drag us into?

I've a steed of my own down at the stables, he will be ready to go as soon as he is saddled, that should give you more room to stretch legs"

Then while Alice is taking her lesson from Smedley "... as I sensed, quick to react and practical..." he glances at the loaded wagon to get an idea about what there is in
Perception 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 1 = 15
"About the money, Rogar" in clear and loud voice "Is Rogar, isn't it? 5 golds each would make little more than a couple of meals. Maybe is better if we pull things together and see if we need something for the expedition, maybe 30 would serve better as a whole"
"For me, aside from food, I already have what I need to travel, but I would make sure everybody is up to the task before leaving"

Male Human (taldan) Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) 03

It's Rogar ser... Ambrosi if I remember correctly? And as for the money I think it's better this way, if we'll need to pool them we'll have to discuss it first and then everyone will contribute the designated amount. That way everyone is responsible for his part and can contribute by his own choice, so take the money and save them, others will do as they see fit, as free people do, ser. If you have a suggestion for saving up money I'm all hears, but know I won't take another man's money unless in payment for a service rendered or because he gave them to me like in a game of cards... do you like cards, ser?"

Rogar smiles warmly while he answers Norton's request, he seems adamant about not wanting to keep someone else's money

And for those who are wondering, yes, Rogar is chaotic good...

His stowed wares appear to be roped in four sections, marked with four different colored cloth rags. The open boxes containing tools are within the largest grouping of supplies. It looks like there is a wide range of things like clothing, armor, weapons, foodstuff, bolts of cloth.

It does not take long for curiosity to get the better of you. Inside the compartment (under the bench, facing the back, inside your wagon's loadable area) you find a dozen scroll tubes, a flat of ink vials and dyes, brushes, quills and ink-pens. In the scroll tubes are many blank parchments, some with grids. You find one marked with the name of your charter. It also includes your first destination.
Greenbelt Charter Map

{HP 32/32 | AC17 T12 FF13 CMD17 | F/R/W 5/3/8 | Init +2 Per +11/13 SM+4} Female Human Druid 3 {Kingdom} {NPCs} {Downtime}

Ta'de-win listens to the exchange over the coins. It would appear that we have two cubs butting heads for lead of this pack. This bears watching.

"I too have a companion at the stables. Shall Master Ambrosi and I meet you at the road leaving the town?"

Male hp: 45/45; AC:17/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+7, R+4, W+5; Initiative 0, Perception +5

Norton smiles at Rogar, he likes the man: "he must be quite adept with a blade, or he wouldn't have survived so long with that temper"

Norton speaks gently and calmly. Not used to rush into things he tries to slow down without cooling spirits.
As free people we joined, but, no matter the reason, we are a group now. A group that just lost the lead. I say let's asses the situation before rushing into the wild. I think is in everybody best interest if we are little more than strangers before progressing further.
What are the task we will be challenged with? What do we need and what each of us can bring to the team?
Little time now could spare lot of pain in the future."

Then a little more louder, hoping to involve the others too
"As I said, I'm geared for travel, unfortunately I've been on the road mostly alone, so I have little to spare, a small tent and a horse if needed. And I've never been at Oleg's, nor in the Greenbelt. I can fight for myself but I'm not very good at hunting: in the wild I might provide for myself, but for five other people I fear it would be out of my league. If nobody here is able to provide that I guess we have to buy as much food as we can. What about you guys?"

"There's food at Oleg's... plenty tuh hunt if yuh don't like Svetlana's cookin'... I'll be 'round ever week er two if yuh need sumpthin from Restov or New Stetven." He looks at the sky " Will be pert' near a ten to twelve hour ride. Be there few hours after dark. "

If you would like to post a coordinate on the map to give me an idea where everyone's default spot for the ride there will be ... just in case... the covered wagon with Smedley driving is yours, the driver bench is a little cramped for two but he can scoot over.
The wagon driven by Alice is Smedley's... there is a tarp, rolled up on the side that he rolls over his goods when it rains but at the moment there is no sign of rain. ride to Oleg's

Male hp: 45/45; AC:17/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+7, R+4, W+5; Initiative 0, Perception +5

Norton will be riding Murak along side the caravan, dividing his time between the two wagons and quick ahead scouting when the road bends and sight is poor.
Norton will gladly share the scouting duty with Ta'de-win, if she is willing, as well as having conversation with the others. If an encounter comes just throw a die
1 scouting
2 left hand side front wagon
3 right hand side front wagon
4 left hand side rear wagon
5 right hand side rear wagon
6 rear

Male Half Orc Oracle 3/ Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2 HP 42/58 | AC:17 | T:13 | FF:16 | CMB: +5 | CMD:16 | Fort:+9| Ref:+3 | Will:+4| Init:+1 | Perc: +5 (Darkvision 60ft) | Speed 30 | Rage 9/9 | Channel 4/4

At first, The Green Man atempts to walk next to the caravan, however, while his stamina might be up to the task, his limp slows him down too much to keep up.
Eventuall he heaves himself up on the second wagon, taking a seat next to Alice.

"Forgive the intrusion madam, but I have no wish to fall behind, nor to slow us down."

Slowly flexing his injured leg, The Green Man grunts a little in displeasure, his tusks jutting up a little aas he growls at the faliure of his own body.

I would also like perception checks for next time they are needed on the road... if there is something you wanted from town and didn't have a chance to tell me, let me know as soon as possible
You meet up with Norton and Ta'de-win heading west-northwest out of Restov. Smedley stops a couple times to take orders from two of the larger homesteads a few miles from town, and then you are able to settle into a easy pace. "Straight shot der, here on out"
Norton and Ta'de-win work out a rotating patrolling escort, and Smedley "zones out", staring blankly at the road ahead.

Init:3 | Per:8 | HP: 24/24 | AC:16 FF:15 T:14 | CMB:6 CMD:20 | F:3 R:5 W:7
Monk (Master of Many Styles) 3

Alice turns to the Green Man with a faint smile.
"Welcome aboard, was wondering if the trip down was gonna be a lonely one or not. Though it should be nice to get away from the city for awhile."


Perception 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (14) + 7 = 21

{HP 32/32 | AC17 T12 FF13 CMD17 | F/R/W 5/3/8 | Init +2 Per +11/13 SM+4} Female Human Druid 3 {Kingdom} {NPCs} {Downtime}

Ta'de-win has no qualms about sharing scouting duties.

Perception 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (18) + 10 = 28

You travel for a few hours, the farmlands on your right, the desolate unnatural border of the Stolen Lands to your left. As you continue the farms fade further from the road, until they disappear completely.
The landscape of the plains here contains several small copses of trees. Dozens of species of grasses fight for their turf, the dead left in clumps all around. The tall grasses seem to prevail in most areas more than ten feet from the road. This makes the ground a little uneven when flanking the wagons, but by no means difficult to maneuver for Murak and Heart of Wind.

While on the south side of the second wagon you catch a flutter of movement in the tall grass near a large grouping of trees. You spot a young elk leap out of patch of tall grass no more than 40 yards from the southwest. The way it is running it is clear that it is being pursued.

At first you see Ta'de-win react to something... you follow her eyes and see an elk sprinting maybe 100 feet away to the south.

After a few hours of riding, you notice Alice look to her left, past you, toward the horizon to the south. You notice the elk as it veers toward the road in front of the wagons.

A young elk darts out in front of the wagons. Smedley yells "Woah!" and stop the horses from bucking. You see the cause of the elk and horses' panic. Two mangy yellowish-brown striped canines have emerged from the tall grass, ambushing the elk. Then the two that were apparently initially chasing it appear.

the canines were occupied with the deer long enough for everyone to avoid surprise. Ta'de-win can act in the surprise round, as well as Alice and Bregor although it will take at least that surprise round to stop the horses. Alice roll a handle animal check with a +4 for well trained horses, +2 if Bregor cares to assist (I can add that after if you want to go ahead and roll with just the +4)


Rogar: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20
Alice: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7
Ta'de-win: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 2 = 16
Sorcerer: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5
Bregor: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4
Norton: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (3) + 0 = 3
Canines: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 2 = 9

combat map

edit: the rest of you that didn't get a chance to roll perception you still can (DC 15)... ill just give you an extra move action if you succeed and were skipped

combat action order:

Surprise round

Initiative order after surprise round

Hungry Canines

{HP 32/32 | AC17 T12 FF13 CMD17 | F/R/W 5/3/8 | Init +2 Per +11/13 SM+4} Female Human Druid 3 {Kingdom} {NPCs} {Downtime}

Surprise Round
Ta'de-win will cast Entangle (DC 15) on the two canines to the south. (Q17)

Round 1
Ta'de-win will move up on Heart of Wind and use Storm Burst on the southern most canine in front of Smedley.

Storm Burst 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8 Damage 1d6 ⇒ 3 and -2 to attack rolls for one round

Male hp: 45/45; AC:17/14-ff16/14-tch10; F+7, R+4, W+5; Initiative 0, Perception +5

are the bushes difficult terrain or with Murak Norton might charge?

Only difficult terrain on map is the light green long grass - row 18 and below.

canine (P-17) save vs entangle (DC15)1d20 + 4 ⇒ (20) + 4 = 24 saved
canine (S-19) save vs entangle (DC15)1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12 failed

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