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DM Bloodgargler's Heroes of the Shiv

Game Master BinkyBo

Plug-in module>Racing to Ruin (Book 2 of Serpent's Skull)

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Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

DM Bloodgargler:
There is nothing Iolana can do here,she picks up the scrolls under Alton's arm,the axe and does a quick recognition of the stable Perception 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14.
She will eventually look for a way to the upper bridge.


the steps up to the deck seem intact .. the break is a few yards further aft.. You make it to top deck just as Gatherine's pick and then stubby hand appear as she reaches over the rail.. your cabin is on the way to the deck should you need anything else from there.

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Iolana stops in her cabin on the way to the upper bridge.
There should be some clothing or dry rags left in one of the shelves or trunks and after the dive she is unpresentable.
She than heads toward the noises Gatherine is doing with the pick.

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine grinned triumphantly as she heaved herself over the railing,stabbing her pick into the slanted floor for leverage and digging in her bootheels.She called out,Oi,Miss Iolana!You alright in there?

Over her shoulder she called to the straggling Mugambi.OI!!Hurry up!I thought you longshanks were supposed to be faster than that!she teased.

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Well, i didn't find any danger so far, but after Gatherine's "greetings" if there was any i surely would've know by now

Shouting in response:
"I'm fine,i'm just searching something to wear.We'll need Mugambi;i found the corpse of Alton in the stable.Probably died by poison"

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine grimaced and called back at Mugambi,watching his mask bob as he hobbled his way steadily closer.EWWW! MUGAMBI,GUESS WHAT?!ALTON KICKED THE BUCKET!

Bolka watch over us…She added in a quick prayer as she scanned what apparently was the top deck.

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (19) + 3 = 22

Oracle lvl 4 [ HP 26/34 | AC 21 T 12 FF 19 | CMD 17 | F +3 R +3 W +3 | Init +2 Per -2]

Mugambi slowly make his way towards the wreck. His limp make walking on the uneven terrain more difficult.

take 10 on the acrobatics(balance) check, 12 as the result

When he finally arrives at the side of the ship Gatherine is already up there. He hears her shout about the poor first mate's death and becomes sad. He quickly tries to climb aboard the ship while asking back.

Ya girls in danger?

climb check

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 = 14

But his bad leg slips and he falls back after going up just a few feet. He lands in the shallow water and rocks making a splash.
Not sure what happpens now, do i take dmg?

He gets up nervously and resume the climb with as much speed as he can gather.

Nat now spiritss, nat now...

climb check

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 2 = 21

Judging by the others' response to his suggestion to eat the lobster-creatures and the availability of decent rations basically made the decision for them. After eating and recovering their strength, Averin followed Iolana into the water, but found the swirling of the waves around the rocks more difficult to navigate than the experienced sailor in front of him. He eventually just found himself treading water in a calm patch while he tried to decide whether risking the rocks was worth it or if he should just turn back and wait on the beach with Tol.

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13 - Swim check

1d6 ⇒ 4 damage from slipping on rocks to Mugambi
1d6 ⇒ 2 non-lethal damage to Averin

Oracle lvl 4 [ HP 26/34 | AC 21 T 12 FF 19 | CMD 17 | F +3 R +3 W +3 | Init +2 Per -2]

With considerable effort the mwangi makes it to the deck, practically rolling over the railing. He quickly stands, readying his shield and drawing his morningstar.

Perception check for enemies or any other danger:
1d20 - 2 ⇒ (3) - 2 = 1

Turning to Gatherine with an anguished expression on his face: Where is he?

Mugambi Status:

Init +2; Senses: Perception -2
CMB +2 (+0BaB +2strength)
CMD 14 (+0BaB +2strength +2dexterity +10)
AC 13, touch 12, flat-footed 11 (+0 armor, +2 Dex, +1 shield)
HP 11/7 (1d8+2)(+1 Favored Class)
Fort +2
Ref +2
Will +1
Speed 20 ft 15 ft Armored
Melee Morningstar +2 (1d8+2/x2)

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine gave the human a curious glance as she noticed how his right leg was scarred and how he favored it.He was lame.She flushed guiltily when she realized how her teasing could have insulted the ship's doctor.

Sheepishly,she motioned across the deck.Uh,she said the body's in the stables.But she's naked right now coz she needed to change her clothes so…wait a minute.

Oracle lvl 4 [ HP 26/34 | AC 21 T 12 FF 19 | CMD 17 | F +3 R +3 W +3 | Init +2 Per -2]

Not seeing any imminent danger on the deck the tribesman barely hears what Gatherine says. He runs to the stables as fast as he can. He has seeing enough people confuse unconsciousness with death before and one can follow the other quickly.

As he arrives at the stables he starts to examine Alton's body, making sure there is nothing he can do and trying to figure out what happened.

Take 20 on heal check to figure out what happened to the first mate: 22 on the check.

looks like death by multiple stings and venom. Iolana was able to determine that the hole in hull at Gorra's stable looks to have been hacked open by an axe.(forgot to tell result of Iolana's percep check)

Oracle lvl 4 [ HP 26/34 | AC 21 T 12 FF 19 | CMD 17 | F +3 R +3 W +3 | Init +2 Per -2]

Crouched besides Alton Mugambi finish his examination. He turns the body belly up, with his hand he close its eyes and coif the hair.

He says a final prayer in the first mate's own religion and then wisper to him.

Shhh, ya rest now friend. Rest, Mugambi will figure out what happened.

He then chant another prayer in a strange guttural language.

Polyglot Language:
May your creator welcome you with open arms.

And for a while he just stay there, looking at the corpse, lost in silence.

Would the sting's wounds be the same as the ones made by the lobster/scorpions at the beach?

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine decided to stand guard on the deck until either Iolana or Mugambi returned.She didn't fancy seeing a corpse that had been someone she had known or a naked human.Both were creepy and unsettling to her.She shuddered at the thought.Icky!
She wondered whether or not there was anything to be found in the galley-- or any of the other cabin's.Perhaps she could find something in the captain's cabin for clues…

Dwarf Beast Rider Honor Guard (Cavalier) 3; AC 18/11/17; CMD 17; Saves +5/+2/+1 (+2 vs. pois., sp, sla); hp 28/31

Tol's belly rumbles as he watches the proceedings from afar. He cannot hear much of what is going on. He breathes a sigh of relief when Gatherine makes it successfully onto the ship, but frowns as she moves out of his sight. He pats Gorra absently on the neck, and then digs in his saddlebags for a ration. I'm not going to try my luck with any more food from that ship until I'm out of my good, dwarven rations. He eats it, glancing frequently up at the Jenivere to see if there is any more action. After finishing his meal, he retrieves a whetstone and nervously sharpens his imposing axe, checking for further developments on the ship after each stroke. He appears oblivious to the other survivors gathered on the shore.

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Iolana joins Gatherine and Mugambi after having wore larger strips of cloth tied around her chest and waist couldn't find anything more elegant but it'll be enough

"Sorry if i kept you waiting,but believe me,i wasn't presentable."

She then hands out a pair of parchements and an axe "There were these under the body,haven't read the scrolls yet,but think we could do it now before they get wet too much to be read.Also,i think the axe is what hacked open the hole in the hull....not making too many conjectures but it seems it was Alton to sink the ship"

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Iolana should have remembered earlier,but does she saw the captain on the beach or if there was someone else missing?

no sign of the captain or rest of crew yet .. about 12 people missing

The scroll tubes contain open sea navigational charts with two dotted lines. One line has been marked with a question mark .. One line has "actual?" written next to it.

There is also a map of the island ..

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Profession sailor to analyze the dotted lines 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20

Maybe these lines are sailing routes?

Iolana is able to determine the original line is the normal sailing route .. the other line suggests someone believed you have been off course since the day after you left last port.

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine gave the map a bewildered look,tapping a long nailed stubby finger at the red question marks marked in the upper right corner.Wonder what these are for? Treasure? Maybe we should check them out?

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

"From the point of view of a sailor,i'ld say whoever drew them was wondering which was the correct one,leading to a safe port that is.I wouldn't chase fabulous treasures,we aren't experienced pathfinders members,and it is a very dangerous proposition to explore unknown places without many people and supplies"

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine visibly deflated with dissapointment.Awww…

Sighing,she turned away and started to make her way to the stairs leading below decks,tucking her pick onto a loop on her belt. She paused to pull Sneezy Dragon from behind the breastplate of her lamellar armor and reload it with another paper cartridge.

May as well give this wreck a throughout check before the sea claims it.I'm gonna look in the captain's cabin to see if there's any clues in there.

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Realizing that maybe she has been a little too stern,Iolana calls Gatherine back:
"I'm sorry honey,i was just assessing our chances.Having dreams is a great thing Gatherine,just remember to be able to mitigate your dreams with the awareness of your true abilities.Anyway we have a lot to do yet,i'm sure we will go throu a lot of adventures in this isle"
Iolana smiles reassuring......maybe even too many adventures,this doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing,but i'm not so enthusiastic

The captain's cabin is a mess. A hole in the hull on the right side of the cabin has caused some contents to spill out into the sea. The only thing left in the room not completely lost or destroyed is a large overturned desk that spans the hole, but is too large to pass through.

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine gave what she hoped was an understanding smile and waved her off,Oh, no need to apologize. I was just a little...overeager,I guess. I guess i should be a bit more catious considering the fact we're shipwrecked on some creepy island called Smuggler's Shiv that may or not be crawling with cannibals and ghosts.

She headed downstairs to enter the captain's cabin,Sneezy Dragon up in case anything decided to pop out so it could be quickly put down.She REALLY hoped there weren't any ghosts lurking on the ship or the island--she doubted bullets did anything to insubstantial ectoplasm.

The dwarf maid tried to surpress a shudder.Brrr...ghosts!

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Can Gatherine try to either search the desk or is the bottom of it the only thing she can reach? If so, can she switch to her pick and tear a hole in the bottom to pry anything that may be inside out to examine? If there is nothing else here, i suppose she'll return to the beach with the others.

Gatherine frowned at the state of the ramshackled room--the only thing that reamined intact was the huge desk stuck in the gaping hole in the ship's hull.Talk about ruined...

A push with her foot told her it was wedged tightly in place and she doubted she could pry it free even with help. Even if she did manage to move it, there was no way she could keep it from sliding back out into the sea,possibly taking her with it.

She tapped her free hand against her pick and considered breaking a hole in the desk's bottom to see if there was anything inside worth the effort.Should I?

She eyed the desk closely.Hmmmm...

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6


there are side drawers you can open. The bottom drawer (top now) is locked. .. breaking a hole in the bottom seems it might work to get in locked drawer.

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine noticed that there were drawers on the sides of the desk. What would have been the top drawer was facing her,an ornate lock set into its face. She gave it a yank to find it was locked fast.

She carefully eased the side drawers open one by one, the contents spilling onto the floor. She swept them up and scooted the items near the door where she could examine them closely. She stuck Sneezy Dragon into one of the loops on her sash and unhooked her pick.

Carefully, she aimed and swung the pick into the bottom of the locked drawer with a crack of splintering wood.1d6 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6She gave a yank and the drawer wrenched open with a squeal of nails torn from the wood.Gotcha!

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

"Gatherine, everything ok? What was that noise?"

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Oi! Found something in the captain's cabin!Come see!

contents of desk:

Bottle of brandy
darkwood model of the Jenivere
small coffer containing 350gold
leather satchel containing 12 potions
several keys
captain's log
footlocker containing: masterwork dagger, suit of leather armor, holy symbol of Nethys, spell component pouch

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Not sure if we assuming Iolana and Mugambi are with Gatherine now,so will wait to check the spoiler.Averin went back to the beach?

you were not far from her, and she called out to you, so feel free to join her.

As Averin stands on the beach near the jetty, trying to decide what to do .. he sees an enormous lobster creature (three times the size of the others) slither into the break in the lowest deck not completely submerged and pass by the hole that Iolana went in.

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Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine let out a delighted squeal and held up the bottle of brandy and the coffer containing nearly 400 gold pieces.She jumped up and down in glee.

YEA!!Gatherine cheered,cradling both items to her chest.I got swag!Booty!Loot!TREASURE!

The ship starts to creak and shift ..

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine felt the floor beneath her boots quiver as an foreboding groan rose from the ship's shattered frame.Eyes as big as saucers,the dwarf maid dropped the coffer and tore her backpack from her shoulders.Unbuckling the flap,she dumped the coins inside,the brandy,the book,the keys,the leather satchel,and the small ship model.She buckled the strap tightly and shrugged it back on.

Time to go!

Stowing her pick back on her belt,she used both hands to heft the small but heavy footlocker from the floor and hustled her way out of the shifting cabin.She buffer as she hurried up the stairs,struggling not to pitch sideways.

Dwarf Beast Rider Honor Guard (Cavalier) 3; AC 18/11/17; CMD 17; Saves +5/+2/+1 (+2 vs. pois., sp, sla); hp 28/31

Did Tol also see the big lobster?

not likely .. more likely that you will see and hear Averin react .. and you might notice when the wreck shifted a bit.

Oracle lvl 4 [ HP 26/34 | AC 21 T 12 FF 19 | CMD 17 | F +3 R +3 W +3 | Init +2 Per -2]

Hearing the girls talk Mugambi wake up from his reverie and walk upstairs to the captain's cabin in time to see Gatherine opening the captain's desk. As the ship starts to shift he grabs a wall for support.

Wha da...?

Seeing Gatherine moving he grabs the footlock from her so she may have more mobility. He then swings it inside his almost empty backpack.

Da tide seems to be shifting, maybe we bettar go.

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

"That wood model will be a nice remembrance of this part of my life.Now let's get moving"

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine slid over the railing back onto the jetty below,again using her pick to maintain her balance.She made it a point to wait for Mugambi so he wouldn't slip and fall.She waddled over the sea-slick stone,climbing with aid of of her pick.
Acrobatics check1d20 + 5 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 5 + 2 = 16 and Climb check1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Acrobatics 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (12) + 1 = 13
Climb 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (15) + 1 = 16

Since she would have to strip naked again to exit from where she entered Iolana decides to try the other way out,and she would like to be there if Mugambi and Gatherine need help.

Standing at the base of the jetty, Averin watched the others board the ship with a brief look of embarrassment. This is what he got for living a mostly landlocked life until this point, apparently. Squinting at the ship for any sign of signal of difficulty from the others served to assuage his conscience for a little while but as time passed and the possibility of threat decreased he was finally prepared to give up his vigil and go back to Tol until he saw the giant creature slip into the ship's hold. Letting out a shrill whistle as the only alarm, Averin sprinted to the jetty and began to pick his way across the rocks as carefully as he dared.

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21 climb check

You hear Averin whistle as you climb down from over the deck rail. The sound startles Gatherine at the wrong time .. she lands poorly 1d6 ⇒ 5 falling damage. From his view, Averin sees her fall, and sees the creature slither back. (across the hole in hold .. toward large break where you first saw it enter)
The other castaways that stayed behind hear Averin's whistle as well. Tol looks up in time to see a small figure fall from the rail.

Dwarf Beast Rider Honor Guard (Cavalier) 3; AC 18/11/17; CMD 17; Saves +5/+2/+1 (+2 vs. pois., sp, sla); hp 28/31

"Gatherine!" Tol yells. He sees the creature move through the ship, and, cursing beneath his breath, runs out onto the jetty, heedless of his cumbersome armor.

Left the shield behind; Armor Check Penalty -4. Here goes nothing!
Acrobatics: 1d20 + 1 - 4 ⇒ (5) + 1 - 4 = 2 => nothing indeed
What is the approximate distance from where Tol is to the ship?

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Distracted by Averin's whistle,Iolana reacts too slowly to help Gatherine.
She gasps when the dwarven girl falls :"Holy Abadar, Gatherine!!!!"
She than turns in seeing the commotion on the beach and shouts nervously
"What is happening guys?????"

@Tol you first awoke about 350 yards from the ship .. where you were watching from I'm not sure.. Other castaways have no desire at the moment to move more than 100 yards.. so if you are with them you are not much closer than 250 yards

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