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DM Bloodgargler's Heroes of the Shiv

Game Master BinkyBo

Plug-in module>Racing to Ruin (Book 2 of Serpent's Skull)

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The Jenivere is a large merchant ship, a Wyvern-class vessel commonly used by the Inner Sea nations for trade, exploration, and even war. She is valued for her combination of seaworthiness and capacity for carrying numerous passengers.
Wyvern-class ships have made the dangerous journey to Azlant, Arcadia, and even around the southern tip of Garund, but the Jenivere and her crew run less perilous voyages.
For the past several years, Captain Alizandru Kovack has made the western run between Magnimar to the north and Eleder to the south and then back with few complications; despite the fact that his route carries him through waters controlled by the piratical Free Captains of the Shackles, brushes with the eternal winds of the Eye of Abendego, ravages of disease and natural hazards, and into periodic conflicts with the Nidalese navy.
Although Captain Kovack’s crew appreciate this record, the baseless fear that the Jenivere has robbed luck’s coffers one too many times lies heavy on the hearts of many..

While the Jenivere is a merchant ship, primarily concerned with delivering goods to and from Sargava, she’s traditionally kept several compartments open to take on paying passengers.


It has been a rough couple of days at sea… The Jenivere has been out of port three days now from Senghor. The storms rolled in just as the harbor disappeared on the horizon. This morning the sea is drained of its rage… now tranquil, allowing much of the crew a bit of rest.
Tension has relaxed... and some of the passengers take the time to mill about the deck.

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

dot. Cannot write now

Dwarf Beast Rider Honor Guard (Cavalier) 3; AC 18/11/17; CMD 17; Saves +5/+2/+1 (+2 vs. pois., sp, sla); hp 28/31

Tol awakens and makes his way to the hold to tend to his horse. He pours a pail of water from the ship's store and carries it over to the makeshift stable.

Rough night, eh, Gorra? Can't say I mind the close quarters on a ship. Just like bein' in a hole, and there's not a dwarf alive that minds being in a hole. But I do wish it would hold still!

The horse whickers insistently.

Tol laughs. All right, all right. I know what you want, old girl.

He opens a sack of grain and pours some into Gorra's makeshift feed trough. He regards the horse solemnly.

Just a few more days of this, lady, and we'll be back on dry ground again. Don't you worry. We'll find that young upstart and go home.

He brushes down the horse, and begins to shovel manure into a large bucket.

I hope...

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Iolana has worked hard during the storm, after all Jenivere has everything in her life.
She awoke a short time ago, wore a large shirt and a skirt cut to the knees, then began to inspect the vessel, the rest of the crew and the passengers.
"Everyone allright? Any damage to the hull, masts, anything to report?"
Iolana is clearly of varisian origins; she has long, dark blonde hair and her skin is tanned.

Oracle lvl 4 [ HP 26/34 | AC 21 T 12 FF 19 | CMD 17 | F +3 R +3 W +3 | Init +2 Per -2]

It looks like the weather finally cleared and Mugambi is happy to be on the ship's deck. Been on the day shift he didn't saw much of last night storm, except the worse of it when all hands wore expected on deck to lower the main sails. But things came back to business as usual and his crew went back to sleep.

On a lot of ships the doctor doesn't work with the sailors, but been a Mwangi he is expected to work his passage, all the time. Not been an accomplished sailor himself the crew usually leave him to do the small jobs that require manual dexterity and that don't put the ship's medic at risk. Nobody on the ship can sew the sails better than him.

Not that Mugambi ever complained, a lot of ships would just not have him at all. Luckily the last stormy days only left him sails to sew, not bodies.

"Oh Gods .. bright sky" as Iolana brushes past him. The gnome merchant pulls the brim of his hat over his eyes. He begins inspecting his still immaculate garments for any signs of soiling or wear. "I will require someone to dispose of the contents of last nights companion, my bucket... and she could use a bit of a scrub as well.." in response to Iolana's question.

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Urgh...Finally! Gatherine staggered weakly across the one of the merchant vessels more spacious storage areas in a nauseated stupor. The storms that had shook the Jenevire like dice in a desperate gambler's fist before a roll had her jostled inside a cramped barrel that had dashed itself to bits,spilling her onto the worn floorboards.
She had regained consciousness underneath a pile of rolled carpets and bolts of silk that had been shaken loose.Stunned at her luck none of the crew had yet to check on this section of the storage, the dwarf maid wobbled her way to the stairs that lead to the upper levels.
Need...fresh air!Gatherine grumbled groggily as she leaned against the wall.

Jenivere overead deck view

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5
Gelik the Gnome wrote:
"Oh Gods .. bright sky" as Iolana brushes past him. The gnome merchant pulls the brim of his hat over his eyes. He begins inspecting his still immaculate garments for any signs of soiling or wear. "I will require someone to dispose of the contents of last nights companion, my bucket... and she could use a bit of a scrub as well.." in response to Iolana's question.

"I meant something useful" Iolana answers with a quick glance to the gnome.

Gelik waves off Iolana's response. "Hmm .. of course you did, my dear..." He pulls out a kerchief and dabs his forehead... "Moist .. meh.. even hate the woord." He looks out in to the sea toward your destination.. "I doo hope there is enough of my ingenious brethren in this ghastly ... land of .. moist, to have devised a way to serve a cold drink.. oh what I would give..." now fanning himself...

labeled overhead view

Dwarf Beast Rider Honor Guard (Cavalier) 3; AC 18/11/17; CMD 17; Saves +5/+2/+1 (+2 vs. pois., sp, sla); hp 28/31

Having seen to Gorra, Tol makes his way out onto the deck. He stretches in the sunlight, and then makes his way to the nearest rail, which happens to be near where Gelik and Iolana are standing. He nods a gruff Good morning, and then unceremoniously dumps the bucket of manure overboard. The scent wafts through the air.

Oracle lvl 4 [ HP 26/34 | AC 21 T 12 FF 19 | CMD 17 | F +3 R +3 W +3 | Init +2 Per -2]

I will be near the center mast {C} helping the sailors repair the main sails from last night storm.

While going thogh his chores Mugambi pretend not to hear the passenger´s conversation.

"Oh yes right on cue... 'the sky is a kingdom covered in gold'..." he recites with a broad gesture ".. and here comes Sir Broadshoulder'd Mole-in-a-can, to add his little contribution..." he pinches his nose with his kerchief and leans toward the sailors repairing the sails .. "I doo wonder if he and his horse share a bucket.."

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine found herself edging around a makeshift stable that held a large chestnut mare that eyed her curiously with doe eyes.It wickered at her,nostrils flaring as it scented her.
She caught the lingering odor of fresh manure and her nausea returned with a vengeance.Gagging,the dwarf maid hurried to the stairs to get above decks. A sailor gave her gray-tinted face and queasy expression one look and scrambled clear lest she deposited the contents of her stomach upon him.
Bright sunlight seared her eyes,blindness making her rush headlong up the steps.Salty air off the sea tugged at her gold earrings.In her haste, she blundered into the heaped sails being sewn by a person wearing a tribal mask that reminded her of squinting orc.Gatherine tumbled to the deck in a tangle of canvas and limbs--and was violently ill over the masked person's feet.

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Iolana would be around the mast,washing the bridge

Iolana had just left Gelik blabbering by himself when she heard a commotion coming from the stairs.
"Praise be Abadar!! And now what the .....who is there?"

She and others crewmembers harry on the spot.

Am waiting for other's actions before making too many assumptions

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Bolka be with me...Gatherine sagged on the deck with a groan, wrapped up in the torn sailing. Sailors let out cries of alarmed disgust and danced anxiously from the steaming mess.She coughed to clear her throat.
When she looked up and noticed how many heads turned towards her, she gave a sheepish look of dismay.Oooops...Uh,hi?
Should've just barfed in the stable...she thought with chargain. Do they throw you overboard or was my sister just making that up?

Oracle lvl 4 [ HP 26/34 | AC 21 T 12 FF 19 | CMD 17 | F +3 R +3 W +3 | Init +2 Per -2]

Yae, yae. Let it out. Deep breath, breeeeathe.
Mugambi lean over the new arrivel, he doesn t recognize her as anyone he knows aboard the ship. He starts to examine her looking for signs of disease and trying to figure it out what can be done for her.
heal check
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 2 = 11

And who are ya little kid?

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Iolana awaits patiently that Mugambi attend to the never-seen-before dwarven girl, then she says accusingly "Looks obvious to me, a stowaway.We better call captain Kovack.Nothing personal, but we don't give free rides"

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Dwarf Beast Rider Honor Guard (Cavalier) 3; AC 18/11/17; CMD 17; Saves +5/+2/+1 (+2 vs. pois., sp, sla); hp 28/31

Tol watches in astonishment as the girl careens across the deck.

No, it couldn't be!

Gatherine, lass, is that you?

Upon hearing Iolana's conjecture, his countenance darkens, and he storms in Gatherine's direction, angrily gesturing with the bucket.

A stowaway? A STOWAWAY!!! Gatherine Deepheavy! What have you done! You've gotten yourself in a right mess is what you've done, and what's worse, disgraced your family name! Oh, when your father hears about this...

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine sat up and crossed her arms over her bust indignantly.Who's you calling a 'little kid'?! I'M grown!
She turned her brown round face to the tall Varisian woman and stuck out her bottom lip in a defiant pout.And that's ADVENTURESS to you,lady!Besides, I'm the one who's kept your rat problem down--the only thing edible on this bowl.That runty cook of yours and that watery slop he has the nerve to call food made me sick!Blech!

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

The dwarf maid started at the sound of her name. She goggled at the middle-aged dwarf hustling her way shaking a manure-encrusted bucket at her. Recognition flashed in her eyes as she peered st his tanned,ginger-bearded face.
Ah no! I remember you! You're one of da's friends! The one he saved from that gryphon when it tried to eat your horse. Her chubby face became a scowl.Mind yo' own business!Tell that pepper-beard i'm grown and i don't hafta listen to him anymore!
Then something else occurred to her. Her eyes darted from the collection of faces nervously.My sister here with you,is she?!
If her sister had come along she would beat her flat and drag her home bound and gagged!

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Iolana keeps talking quietly, she doesn't look angry.
"Sorry girl, rules are rules and money is money; besides the captain didn't search for someone to eat the rats in the ...where you were hiding? In one hold i assume. In another time and place i'ld be the one to be congratulating you for your wits"

e-terah eartenchild, you should "edit" your last post and change the avatar

Oracle lvl 4 [ HP 26/34 | AC 21 T 12 FF 19 | CMD 17 | F +3 R +3 W +3 | Init +2 Per -2]

Na, na, little kid. A be good with ya friend dwarf here. He be looking for ya a lat. Now he talk ta captain and make everything ok. Because ya know what happen with little kidss that stowawa on ships?
Pointing a finger at Gatharine.
Thay go home swimming, with da fish!
bluff check
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (1) + 8 = 9
Trying really hard not to laught but failing...

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Not lumping likely! Gatherine scoffed,turning her button nose up at the masked man with thick dreadlocks spanning from behind it like sunrays.
I can float like a log anyway. But if you were gonna throw me over and I died, I swear by Bolka's bum I'd come back from the dead and HAUNT you!!

try me own bluff
1d20 + 0 ⇒ (19) + 0 = 19

One of the crew returns having retrieved the first mate. First Mate Alton gives Mugambi a 'that's enough' look.. he then looks at Gatherine, the mess on the deck, and turns to Tol "A stowaway ....and you know each other?" He leans in toward Gatherine and speaks plainly, without a hint of hostility or humor "You're on the ship now .. we aren't about to throw you over. But, if you can't pay your way.. you work, if you don't work.. we turn you in at port. Now get cleaned up .. you (points to a sailor) help Tol clear out the storage area near his accommodations."

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine smirked at him cockily and gave a salute,winking at the ruddy faced human.Oh I can work alright.Me and my sister slaved away on my da's farm 'til I moved to Janderhoff.

"Well .. good." he says this like a man not used to things going smoothly.. "Much nicer to start with 'it's handled' when telling the captain about something such as this.."

Oracle lvl 4 [ HP 26/34 | AC 21 T 12 FF 19 | CMD 17 | F +3 R +3 W +3 | Init +2 Per -2]

Yae, yae. Good, good.

Suddenly serious Mugambi turns way to return to his work, shocked that the girl would rather die than reach a compromise. As he picks up the sails he mumble to himself in a wisper.

Dat better. Have enoth spiritss to talk to already...

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Despite her outward nonchalance,Gatherine felt overwhelming relief.They really weren't going to toss her overboard.She doubted she could have swam too far or even stayed afloat with all her gear.And if she worked hard they wouldn't turn her in at port to stew in a jail until her sister arrived to bail her out.
The dwarf maid gave Tol a sideways glance. Now why is he here?
Although she was frightened,this was where she wanted to be. It looked like the start of her adventure was starting quite well.She smirked to herself.

Dwarf Beast Rider Honor Guard (Cavalier) 3; AC 18/11/17; CMD 17; Saves +5/+2/+1 (+2 vs. pois., sp, sla); hp 28/31

Tol fumes angrily while the rest of the conversation is going on, but after Gatherine has made an agreement with Alton, he pulled her aside.

Miss Gatherine, this has gone on long enough. As soon as we get to Eleder, we're boarding the next ship headed north and I'm escorting you home to your father!

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine drew herself up to her impressive (for a dwarf) height of 3ft. 11in,looming several inches taller than the older dwarf.She gave him her fiercest scowl that came across more as an angry pout.Like lead I will!

Try my amateur Intimidate check 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (15) + 0 = 15

Averin sat at the tail of the Jenivere watching the wake peter out across the open waters. He'd gotten used to the ship in the weeks since he boarded and had adopted this perch as his favorite spot on deck after a brief period of experimentation. Today the view was especially appreciated after the few days of storm had essentially confined him to quarters. The drama unfolding on deck was interesting enough to draw him from his perch and towards the small cluster of people at the mast.

This is the girl you've been looking for Tol? I've got to admit that I didn't expect to find her on board after all this time.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Dwarf Beast Rider Honor Guard (Cavalier) 3; AC 18/11/17; CMD 17; Saves +5/+2/+1 (+2 vs. pois., sp, sla); hp 28/31

DC to intimidate is 10+HD+wis, so for Tol, 10+1+0... Nicely done. Consider me friendly for the next 1d6 ⇒ 1*10 => 10 minutes. But after that, I'm unfriendly! ;-)

Forgot to put my height/weight in description; I actually rolled 4'1", but I'll change it to 3'9" to keep continuity.

Tor took a step back, unprepared for this level of resistance. Er... Miss Gatherine, I-- Please, I only want you to be safe. Can you really mean to stay in Sargava?

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine saw the older dwarf falter under her glare and thrust out her chest,looking rather pleased with herself.Hmph! I'm just going for a visit. That's what adventurers do,right?

M Elf Wizard 4

A... Visit? I'm sure I don't know about the habits of adventurers, Miss Gatherine, but... he glances around at all the onlookers But this stowing away business is downright undwarfish! And eating rats? Look at you, you're all skin and bones!

(by dwarven standards, maybe)

Well, we'll talk about it more later, I reckon. For now, let's get you cleaned up and some proper food in your belly.

Oracle lvl 4 [ HP 26/34 | AC 21 T 12 FF 19 | CMD 17 | F +3 R +3 W +3 | Init +2 Per -2]

As both dwarfs start to walk away Mugambi tells Averin.

So, old dwarf finally found his charge, hmm? Maybe now he gets some peace...

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine made a face at the mention of food.Urgh...if you have some cool ale that'll do.
The thought of a chance to get properly cleaned up and a place to stay other than an empty splintered barrel bottom was too appealing to give up.
She noticed the tall half -elven man striding his way towards them.Hands on her hips,she regarded him with arching brows.Now just who are you?

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Looks like we have a new soul
"OK everyone to other crew, not to the PCs the drama is over, eveyone back to what he was doing, we still have some days to Sargava I don't know how much exactly, so i'm being vague"

Iolana claps her hands.

"And when miss Gatherine has done with bathing and feeding i'ld like to have some talk with her"

"Now offering bathing and feeding? you tawny mynx ... where does the line start?" he gives a creepy leer
".. 'Oh how wanton thoughts entice mine eye but alas I dare not trust it ..
with the dreams I've dreamed that you were in... I think Ill keep 'me bucket.'

"Be sure to pass that on to Aerys our resident poet..
I .. will be in 'me bunk
" these last two words, as in his poem, mimic the dwarves' accent..

Gelik bows and returns to his cabin.

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine gave a satisfied sigh and reclined in a hammock that occupied the corner of the storage hold adjacent to Tol 's quarters.Freshly bathed, sporting a new collection of braids that vaguely reminded one of a pinecone that also wrapped around her neck in thick coils of sable hair with auburn streaks,the dwarf maid drank greedily from a clay mug of cool ale.

Nothing like cool ale to calm a queasy stomach!

Gatherine tugged at her freshly laundered explorer's outfit,smoothing out the cloth skirt she wore under her leather overtunic. Her high-heeleanad boots were crossed at the ankles.She readjusted the adventurer's sash across her front,tugging at the cloth corset where she kept the dragon pistol tucked away--out of sight,within easy reach.

The Varisian sailor,Iolana, had mentioned wanting to speak to her privately..

Better not keep her waiting.

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Iolana welcomes the dwarven girl and invites her in some place on the bridge where they can talk away from prying ears.


"First I would like to apologize for my rudeness, but is always good to play the though girl with the crew, especially when you're a woman and spend months at sea with rough men who do not see other women for a long time. Of course, i'm very strict with duty and rules, it is good to have rules in life ..... but do not worry, I understand  if it was not easy for you.
Anyway welcome and do not worry, nobody will throw you overboard, however remains the fact that you have to work and I wanted to know what you do best, or if you know something of ships and sea life.

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine stood tall and proud,squinting against the glittering waters of the rolling sea as she regarded the slender human.

Not to say I'm not ungrateful, but thanks all the same.I know how tiresome men can be,whatever race they be. To answer your question, I can cook, which I think you're in dire need of if that scraggily Terillo man is all you have. Other than that,I can sew and scrub whatever you need.I'm pretty competent with carpentry but don't expect anything great.

Female Human (varisian) Magus 5

Hectic day, got time for a short post only.Iolana'll talk with captain Kovack about Gatherine being able to cook and sew and doing some carpentry, and ask if she can pay the ride working onboard

The first mate intercepts Iolana .."Captains still sleepin .. he's been taking late nights at the wheel ever since Cahill and Mauersberger both passed out on duty."
"..put the dwarf girl on kitchen help .. Ebenezer's cooking might not be the best .. put I'm more concerned about his belief that the hot breath of a drunk and wipe of a sleeve makes a clean spoon..she can report to the kitchen after she is finished with her .. lounging"

He then tracks down Mugambi "Our passenger Ishirou has a minor injury when you get a chance.. " you would know where his cabin is .. one level down and near stairs

Oracle lvl 4 [ HP 26/34 | AC 21 T 12 FF 19 | CMD 17 | F +3 R +3 W +3 | Init +2 Per -2]

Yae, chief. On my way.

Mungambi finishes his last stitch on the sail and goes below deck. He walks to the front of Ishirou cabin and knocks on the door.

Hello chief, this is Mugambi. Can i come in?

Ishirou sits on his bunk one leg propped up with his boot off, an angry red puncture wound on the bottom of his foot... he eyes you suspiciously .. "Yes ... told Alton .. don't want any voodoo magic .. no magic." He furrows his brow to let you know he is serious.


When you return to your perch, Aerys is in your spot. She notices you and gets up .. she says coldly "pardon me .. I was just leaving .. " and brushes past you..

Female Dwarf Gunslinger 5(Pistolero)

Gatherine stared at the garbage-strewn area that was supposed to be the ship's kitchen in open mouthed horror. One of the cook's,a fat swarthy man with a filthy apron that reeked of sour ale and stale sweat,Ebenezer,slapped a buzzing horsefly with a grimy wooden spoon.Her eyes nearly fell out of her head when he licked it off and continued to stir the cauldron of thin 'soup'.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Dwarf Beast Rider Honor Guard (Cavalier) 3; AC 18/11/17; CMD 17; Saves +5/+2/+1 (+2 vs. pois., sp, sla); hp 28/31

Tol looks on approvingly as Gatherine surveys the kitchen in horror. Nothing like good, honest work to build character, he thinks. Plus, maybe we'll get better food for the last few days of the trip.

He turns away and seeks out First Mate Alton.

Ahem, thank you, sir, for finding something constructive for Miss Gatherine to do. She's a headstrong lass, and she'd done wrong by stowing away on your ship, but she's quite young, not even forty winters, you know, naught but a threenager. That is to say, I think she's a good maid at heart, and I hope she'll learn from this experience.


Ebenezer reaches into a crate and unwraps another trail ration and drops it directly into the bubbling cauldron. "Oh is someone there? Oh you must be the young halfling boy they were sending to help me .. sorry eyes not so good ooh how nice to have company .. you look like a healthy eater!" He claps his hand together.. makes a face .. smells one hand then the other and shrugs .. "Wull, come on in .. I'll show you how I make thrice baked eggless flatbread... "

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