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DM Bloodgargler Stolen Kingmaker

Game Master BinkyBo

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I was looking at using the Eyes of the Wild trait from Inner Sea gods. if that's ok.

Silver Crusade

Here is a backstory. forgive the length, it got away from me.

Family is all that matters. Those were the last words of her mother. She died soon after giving birth to Glenrenil, who she called her Brightness. Her father called her Glenrenil, which means "echo". And as she grew her father saw Glenrenil's mother in her. Maybe it was this that made him so distant. At least that is what her older brother told her. She knew secretly he blamed her for may things. The death of their mother. Their endless poverty. Why their father spent all his time in the wilds, away from them. Their father did teach them the ways of the hunt. How to survive of the land. But mostly he left them in the care of over elves. It was then that she met him. A young merchant's son, by the name of Caulon. They swiftly fell in love. Him the knight in shining armor to lift her from the depths of poverty. Her the damsel in distress eager to find love. But like so many tales the parents disagreed. His parent did not want "a girl like that" with their son. So they stole away. And for a few nights she found love. True pure love. No distant father, no blaming brother, no judging parents.

But soon the men hired to find Caulon caught up to them. The lovers tried to run, but during the chase Caulon fell from the horse. It was only moments before he died. She held him until his last breath. When they returned the parents tried to have her brought up on kidnapping charges. But to many had see the lovers embrace it the shadows. All knew of their love. In the end they left her alone. Her heart ache was to be her punishment for being a fool in love.

That night her brother attacked her. Accusing her again of being the source of all their problems. And when she begged for her father to make him stop, he did nothing. He turned his back and walked out of the door. She was crushed, she could not take any more. She packed a few of her things in a sack and ran out it to the night. Minutes later when her feet could carry her no more she fell to her knees in the middle of the forest, and wept.

When she awoke she found her self near a fire with a blanket on her. A elven women who only called her shelf "the Mother" was near by quieting singing to her self. She spent the next few years with "the Mother" and she taught Glenrenil the ways of the druid, the Green Faith.

She learned many thing. when she was ready the mother brought her to the pack. She learned the ways of "the Pack", a druid circle. Her new family. They did not blame, her or judge her. They saw her as their leader, their master. After a time the Mother left for good, leaving with her a few presents. Namely her armor and her sheath, as well as a hefty sum of gold. But he best gift she gave her were the words. "Family is all that matters."

Soon after it was time for her to go out in the world again. She returned to her town. Her father and brother had left. But they had done that a century ago. She went on a few adventures, made some coin. But was never trusting in her fellows. They still held on to the past, and blamed her for that death so long ago. Then she heard of someone hiring people to explore a new land. Maybe she would find her new family in this frontier.

Silver Crusade

Will have gear finished by tonight.

Coramus - looks good.

Zelit/Glenrenil - Eyes of the Wild is fine./Looks good.

So this is what we have...

Killane Wiltshire (Cleric of Torag)
Coramus Thallon (Cleric of Abadar)
Glenrenil Starfall (Druid of the Green Faith)

I'll ask for PM comments from current PCs, and post a decision by Sunday.

Thank you all for you interest!

I had something come up and have to withdraw my name. Good luck to the other 2, and the group, and have fun.

Yeah, I haven't had time to do up a character. Shame. Have fun, all! :D

Silver Crusade

Gear is almost done just 396gp. Thinking an extra horse for treasure. Any suggestions, gear that may be needed?

Silver Crusade

Ok, all done.

All looks good, and I like the personalities you've suggested...
We'll take the both of ya.

If there are minor changes you care to make to your builds considering there will be the two of you joining, feel free.

Silver Crusade

Thank you very much. Now how are we to be written in?

We can work that out in discussion.

Oleg's Trading Post is known to be the staging area for this exploration of the Stolen Lands, and therefore likely where you would be headed. The current players are at Oleg's now, but are intending to leave in the morning for an extended exploration excursion.

Sounds great! Thanks for having us.

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