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DM Bloodgargler Stolen Kingmaker

Game Master BinkyBo

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@ Jaestra - yes Elk at 4th is fine.

have my face to face game tonight .. I'll be back in about 8 hours.

Peregrine and Gaddak have surprise round actions coming... and then we can start first round in the initiative order I rolled. If you have questions .. if anything is unclear to you, please feel free to ask for clarification here.

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

Thank-you for allowing the Elk. I would like to thank you again for saving this group and GMing for us.

While under Solos, we put hay and straw under the palisade where I have moved to in Round 1 (for an easier escape route if I needed one, where I could jump off and take no damage due to the cushioned fall). Is it okay for it to be there still?

Yep, that works.

Male Human Paladin 3, HP: 26/26, AC: 16(18), Fort: +6, Ref: +3, Will: +6 (Horse HP:17 /17)

DM: I just realized I couldn't make it to P14 since I only move 20. Vorik will be at R14 not P14 and would have had to wait for his swing until the bandits charged. Not that it mattered too much, but just wanted to correct the mistake so he's in the right spot for round 2.

oops OK ... actually you could make it to Q14 if that is OK with you. (first diagonal is 5') I'll fix map and post with updates

Gaddak replied in other thread... I hope he is still in. I'll give 12 hours or so to hear from him before taking his action for him. Kaylee feel free to take your actions for the round.

Should I recruit? Get some fresh legs in here?

Male Human Paladin 3, HP: 26/26, AC: 16(18), Fort: +6, Ref: +3, Will: +6 (Horse HP:17 /17)

I'm not sure, it does seem that we've lost Gaddack. Kaylee has been quiet for a week, but that's not too long and hopefully she and Peregrine will be back soon.

Either way we could look for one or two because we were down to begin with.

Other thoughts? Jaestra, any thoughts?

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

I can't think of anyone else to ask. I think we should give them a couple more days and then put out a recruitment post. To replace Gaddak anyway, then if Kaylee and Peregrine decide that they do not wish to play either, we can put out a couple more. But I would give Gaddak until Wednesday, does that sound reasonable?

Is there any way that new characters could be brought into the campaign, without making things too awkward?

yep .. I figured I'd recruit just one for now. That way, even if everyone comes back there would still be room.

There are a couple ways I could bring in someone storywise. Depends on the character how I would do it.

Sorry, I've been remiss in posting. I'm not at all on my regular schedule because of the winter holiday here and though I'm not exactly short of time I've not been very disciplined about posting because my schedule is all out of kilter, not having to be certain places or do certain things at certain times. It's a bit of a poor excuse, but please chalk it up to a personality flaw.

Glad to hear you're still interested .. not a problem. I'll figure out outcome of your speeches to bandits and post in morning. Right after I have my eggs.

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

So ... any idea's whether we shall be recruiting for a replacement to take Gaddak's place?

opened a thread .. discuss here or there what you would like.

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

We have a few good concepts wishing to join this group of ours. Who would each of you like to accept into the group? The sooner the selection is made, the sooner we can carry on with the story.

I will sit down and look through all the entries tomorrow, when I have a bit of time, and let you know what I think. I think we've got most of the bases covered at least to a degree, so i think it's just a matter of figuring out the best fit concept and roleplay wise.

oops ..missed the pulled aside part .. I'll delete if you didn't want happs to hear..

Male Human Paladin 3, HP: 26/26, AC: 16(18), Fort: +6, Ref: +3, Will: +6 (Horse HP:17 /17)

Sorry, I've been swamped with work this week and haven't been keeping up as well as I should. I'll look through the stuff today and post thoughts tonight or tomorrow morning.

Male Human Paladin 3, HP: 26/26, AC: 16(18), Fort: +6, Ref: +3, Will: +6 (Horse HP:17 /17)

I looked through all of the concepts presented so far. They all offer some good alternatives. I really like Augusto's intro. We'd replace the lost Inquisitor straight across and maintain the Erastil 'synergy' with Jaestra and Kaylee. Vorik could easily get along with a man who talks with his horse. :)

From a pure 'we don't have this' perspective it's a little tougher because we do seem to have most of the bases covered. The fighter/bard might be the best as he could add melee capacity and help Peregrine fill the Knowledge/Spokesman role. I think we could find some good RP opportunities both Taanyth or Vladimir, so really either bard would work for me.

Other thoughts?

Having looked through them, of what we have so far I am partial to the inquisitor Augusto and the fighter/bard Vladimir. I'm leaning toward Augusto.

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

I really like the idea of Vladimir Ducheski and I could see him fitting in with our group quite well, he covers all the roles I could think of at the time. Although role-playing with some-one who talks to his horse would be highly amusing. This is going to be a very big group, if you take into consideration that Kaylee and myself are going to have animal companions as well.

Can anyone think of any roles that I did not mention?

Male Human Paladin 3, HP: 26/26, AC: 16(18), Fort: +6, Ref: +3, Will: +6 (Horse HP:17 /17)

Jaestra, I don't know if this addresses your concern or not, but I did see in Augusto's background that he wouldn't be using his horse for combat. I think it's mostly an RP element so not really an animal companion.

Having said that, I think either character would be great and will be happy with whoever you all choose.

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

It would seem that we are all stuck between Augusto and Vladimir. We will have to leave it up to either Kaylee or DM BloodGargler. I am currently concerned about the lack of Kaylee's posting too.

I wonder what would happen to the horse during combat then? Still it does offer an amazing Roleplaying element (to steal your words).

OK I'll have gameplay post up in hour or so.

OK I'll be writing Vladimir in soon. Have a couple ideas how to do it that I will run past him.

Male Human (Varisian) Order of the Dragon Cavalier (Daring Champion) 3/Bard 1 | HP 31/31 | AC 20 T 14 FF 16 | Fort+4 Ref +6 Will+4 | Initiative +3 | Perception +6 | Performance 7/7 | Panache 0/0
DM Bloodgargler wrote:

I was hoping the players would decide for me but they are split.

Augusto .. I think there will be opportunities to join later, well before book 3 and I would love to have you. But I feel like I should go with Vladimir/Talomyr.

I understand that it was a tough decision to bring me in, hopefully I will live up to your expectations.

@DM Bloodgargler - Just let me know how/when you would like begin posting the game thread. Thanks!

OK .. I will probably just have you arrive .. having received your charter a day later. You ride in with Smedley, a merchant that has a route including South Rostland Road. Unless you have an idea that you prefer, I'll have it set up here within an hour.

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

It is great to have you aboard Vladimir. I look forward to gaming with you.

I was hoping that Kaylee would be able to give her opinion, but she has been extremely quiet. If it turns out that she is not wanting to play anymore, we will have to find another Cleric and maybe we could ask Augusto if he would like to play a Cleric?

Male Human (Varisian) Order of the Dragon Cavalier (Daring Champion) 3/Bard 1 | HP 31/31 | AC 20 T 14 FF 16 | Fort+4 Ref +6 Will+4 | Initiative +3 | Perception +6 | Performance 7/7 | Panache 0/0

Has she posted under any other aliases lately, or do any of you have an email address to contact her? With the game in a lull in order to recruit, she may simply not know the game is going again.

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

She has been posting under a few of her Aliases recently. The most recent being Saturday. So I am hoping that she hasn't given up on this campaign and not told us. Even during the recruitment process, we were still playing though. Ah well, I have my fingers crossed that she will return.

Male Human (Varisian) Order of the Dragon Cavalier (Daring Champion) 3/Bard 1 | HP 31/31 | AC 20 T 14 FF 16 | Fort+4 Ref +6 Will+4 | Initiative +3 | Perception +6 | Performance 7/7 | Panache 0/0

I suppose someone could pop into a discussion thread that one of her other alias is using and find out for sure. Though I doubt I'm the guy for the job, being the newbie and all.

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

I think I might do that in a moment.

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

Okay ... I have just contacted one of the games that Kaylee is in and she has been feeling very unwell recently, fortunately she is starting to feel better now. I would like to keep her in the group until a time that she says she is unable to play any more ... if that is okay with everybody else?

That is fine by me.

And welcome aboard Vladimir.

bandit gear:

not sure if you guys were finished picking through bandit gear. Reposting here. Whatever is left, Oleg will give you gold equal to its sell price - this time.

4 leather armor
2 studded leather
1 chain shirt
2 short swords
1 longsword
1 cold iron shortsword
6 daggers
1 dagger bandolier
4 light riding horse -- all young and branded
1 light combat trained horse
2 heavy horses
1 light crossbow
1 longbow
1 compound shortbow (Str +1)
1 composite longbow (Str +2)
2 vials alchemist fire
12 trail rations
4 quivers 72 arrows
1 quarrel 19 bolts
5 unmarked vials
7 identical dark blue hooded wool cloaks
carved bone blowgun
pouch of 12 blowgun darts
silver amulet of deer skull
crude bone pipe
pouch of shredded tobacco... smells like radish and pine sap
silver and onyx wide band "lattice-style" ring

It's probably fair to say that at some point Peregrine would have cast Detect Magic over this lot and taken a shot a figuring out what might be in the unmarked vials.

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

I would like to have taken the Silver Amulet with the Deer Skull marking if that is okay. Everything else can be sorted out by people who want them.

Male Human Paladin 3, HP: 26/26, AC: 16(18), Fort: +6, Ref: +3, Will: +6 (Horse HP:17 /17)

If the horses are still available, I would really like the Combat Trained Horse and one of the untrained heavies. If they belonged to the local farmer, Vorik will offer his share of the remaining goods and have Oleg see that the man is paid fairly.

I'll also hold on to the Alchemist's Fire, and cold iron shortsword if no one else is interested.

just the four young branded belonged the farmers. (forgot to take them off the list)

Male Human Paladin 3, HP: 26/26, AC: 16(18), Fort: +6, Ref: +3, Will: +6 (Horse HP:17 /17)

Thanks for the clarification Bloodgargler.

To make sure I'm not coming across greedy for the mounts, my goal is to train-up the heavy horse so that we have an additional Combat Trained mount eventually. I'm not really concerned with keeping both. In fact, I'd hand off the light horse once the other is trained, as a heavy would probably be more fitting for Vorik.

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

It seems we can now send Private Messages to each other. DM Bloodgargler, would you like to send Kaylee one to inquire if she will be journeying with us still? She has been active in a couple of her other campaigns and I didnt get to speak to her, only her GM. But it would be nice to know if she is still with us.

I suggest we hang onto the blue cloaks, we might be able to use them on our excursion to the camp.

Vorik if you don't mind, I'd like to take one of the alchemist fires, it seems just to the sort of thing to along with True Strike in a pinch.

We should use the trail rations that should be enough for a day down there and a day back.

Lastly did Detect Magic garner any information?

@Jaestra just sent a PM.

@Peregrine Detect magic detects nothing other that the 5 unmarked vials.
3 are healing, 2 are abjuration .. both weak auras. DC 15 + caster level of potion perception check can fully ID them.

OK it looks like Kaylee does not expect to come back. So she is going to Gielgud farms to fall in love with a strapping farmboy. We'll get another healer in soon, but you can go ahead and head out.

Male Human Paladin 3, HP: 26/26, AC: 16(18), Fort: +6, Ref: +3, Will: +6 (Horse HP:17 /17)

Peregrine, you can have both Alchemist Fires if you like. I just wanted to make sure we held on to them.

Well, today marks the end of my vacation so I should be back to posting more regularly.

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

I hope you had a nice time.

Male Elf Bard - 1

Will we be putting up another recruitment post for a new Cleric, or do you want to see how we handle things without one for now?

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