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DM Barcas - Kingmaker: Rivers Run Red

Game Master Isaac Duplechain

As Newhaven rises, threats besiege it from all directions. To the north, the news of the last heir of House Rogarvia threatens the start of a new war. To the south, an empire of trolls and monsters grows.


Lord Villastir
Grand Lodge Elsir Tel’ran

Male Elf Wizard (Forsight) 7 AC 13(21)/13(21)/13(21) / HP 38/38 / F +4 R +6 W +7 (+2 vs. ench) / Init. +10 / Perc. +20)
(188 posts)



(102 posts)
Abra Lopati
Borodin Loginov

Male Human Magus (Kensai) 5/Rogue UN (Roof Runner) 3: AC 22/18/14 / HP 70 / F +10 R +9 W +8 / Init. +5 / Perc. +12 / Sense Motive +8
(189 posts)


Jhofre Vascari
Akiros Ismort

Male Human Samurai-Ronin 4/ Oracle-Battle 3 | AC 24/ T12/ F23, HP73, F+8/ R +4/ W +7, Init +1(Roll twice), Percep +6, Sense Motive +10
(423 posts)


Friendly Fighter
Warden Zander Orlovsky

Male Human Fighter (Archer) 6
(219 posts)

Steven T. Helt

Berserker Cannibal
Nikolai, Darkest TImeline

Male human, half-dragon barbarian 11, ranger 10
(10 posts)
Berserker Cannibal
Nikolai, of House Rogarvia

male human barbarian 5, ranger 3
(269 posts)
Steven T. Helt


Jabber the Helpful

(9 posts)
Verik of Abadar

Male Human Cleric (Abadar) 7th / Fighter 1st / AC 24/10T/24F / HP 61 / F +10 R +3 W +11 / Init. +0 / Perc. +5 / Sense Motive +14
(1,003 posts)
Verik the Mute-Darkest Timeline

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