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DM Barcas - Kingmaker of Korvosa (Inactive)

Game Master Isaac Duplechain

When the King of Korvosa dies, the city plunges into chaos. Who will emerge from the ashes as ruler of the city, or will Korvosa tear itself apart before anyone can rise to the occasion?

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You guys continue interacting with yourself. Feel free to make up small details about the city on your walk. Be creative, because (as mentioned in the OOC) I'm not going to be remarkably post-heavy for a few weeks.

@Elrith Jope continues working on the bow while Elrith runs through her request. If he is surprised by her sudden and stealthy appearance, he does not show it. "I suppose it depends on where said rundown stone building might be, what's around it, and whether or not they have access to flight. Are you looking to prevent your enemy from breaching the building, or to gain the advantage once on the inside?" He looks up from his work to take a look at her, then wordlessly hands her the bow for appraisal.

The bow is a masterwork composite longbow (+1).

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

"I'd rather not say where this building is, to protect yourself as well as me. Suffice it to say, some very bad people are planning on doing some by bad things to some decent folks by attacking their temple, and they aren't able to defend themselves, so we're going to do it for them. That being said, we want to make sure that these bad people can't regroup and try again when we don't have intelligence telling us when they plan to strike, so creating advantage for ourselves once they're inside, rather than discouraging them from trying, is preferable. We need to end this threat."

Elrith gives several experimental tugs on the bowstring, feeling the perfectly balanced tension. "This is fine work, Jope. Did you craft this yourself? It's a beautiful design and masterfully made...but I'm sure you know that better than I."

@Elrith Jope smiles at her, breaking his grizzled, unshaven gruff look. "I did indeed. I know you recognize a good bow when you see one. That one, I designed after the type of bows that the Shoanti carry out in the Cinderlands. They don't have much choice for wood out there, or sinew for the bowstring for that matter, so they make these big, tough bows. I once saw one that a giant would have trouble pulling back. It carried arrows as thick around as my forearm." Elrith's eyes drift down to his forearms when he mentions them. They are not covered by his rolled-up sleeves, and have clear muscular strength of a veteran archer. "Tell you what. Take it with you today. Call it a forward payment for your skills as an archery lesson master. As for traps, I should have everything you need - caltrops, trip wires, animal traps... The one thing that I do not have is crossbows. I won't ever carry crossbows in here."

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Elrith shudders involuntarily. "I should hope not. Uncivilized contraptions. Take all the artistry out of artillery combat." She trails off as her gaze lands on the bow in her hands.

Elrith approaches the grizzled ranger, holding the bow out. "Jope, this is way too generous of a...of a pay advance. I'm certain with the current unrest, you would have no trouble getting an excellent price for such a fine piece of craftsmanship. I really cannot accept it...but..." She stops short a few feet from him, and Her eyes take in its lines. "But such a fine weapon might keep me alive after come work for you...teaching archery lessons, I mean." Her eyes take in his well-muscled forearms and a slight flush rises to her cheeks. She feels the warmth and turns away quickly, striding back to the door to retrieve her own bow whe she left it against the wall.

Grasping it, she turns around. "I insist that you at least accept this bow in partial payment. It is not nearly so fine, but it is elven, shoots true, and has seen me through many troubles. I am certain you could fetch a good price for it.'s the last vestige of a former life I wouldn't mind never seeing again. I thought once I would make something of myself, to return home with my head held up high, but the last week or so...such a short time when laid against the centuries of a person's life..."

Elrith grimaces and shakes herself out of here reverie, wiping away the dampness from her cheeks. "I'm sorry, Mr. Chantsmo. I don't know what is causing me to carry on in this unseemly fashion. I do apologize." She presses her Mierani bow into his hands, her fingers lingering a heartbeat too long, and she snatches them away as if burned, stuffs her vulnerability back deep down where it belongs, and plasters business over her elven features.

"All that you mentioned would be perfect, as much as my purse of gold will allow."

She puts out the purse of gold from Arael, concentrating on caltrops, trip wires, and bear traps.

"Let's hope that works in our favor then. If they held out this long, maybe they still have a good fight in them, and perhaps the crazier, the better, in this upcoming fight. I am just afraid that they will take this as an opportunity to go join their dead master in whatever boneyard befits a god."

@Elrith As Elrith quietly appreciates some of the finer tools of trapping - and ambushing - Jope continues to work behind the counter on a set of arrows that Elrith can clearly see are sharpened to the point of needles. She is testing the tensile strength of a trip wire when he suddenly looks upwards in alarm. In one graceful move, he rolls over the counter and lands on the floor on his feet. A crossbow bolt shatters the storefront window and slams into the wall. Had he not moved, it would now be embedded in his head. He draws one of the bows off the counter (a perfectly serviceable dwarven-style bow with faces inscribed along its length, she notices) and launches one of the three arrows that he carries back at whoever fired through the window. Without waiting to see where it hits, he fires a second shot at a small target just above the threshold of the front door. A portcullis slams down over the entire front of the store - window, door, and all. He points to a spot a few feet where Elrith is standing. "Arrow! There's a hole just big enough for an arrow under one of the table legs there. Activate it!" He launches a third arrow through the holes of the portcullis as their unseen attackers start launching a volley - or even volleys - of arrows at them, forcing him to upend a table and take cover.

@Senjin & Alistair The pair of men talk as they head to their destination, discussing Arodenites and the general plight of the city. Senjin stops suddenly, looking around him. He is a child of Old Korvosa, a man now who grew up on the streets. Even in a state of mourning, the city has an unmistakable ebb and flow. Whatever nameless alley this is off St. Alika Street, it should not be so... quiet. He dodges just out of the way as a burst of flame slams into the spot he was standing, scorching Alistair badly. A woman wearing full plate - fine full plate at that - with a crimson cape and a full-plumed helmet rounds a corner after throwing some sort of alchemist's fire. Senjin turns to see a second, identically-dressed warrior behind him. They've walked into an ambush.

@Alejandro & Lucadeno The noble cousins walk towards their destination in Northpoint. Having known each other for many years, their conversation is easy and friendly. They are speaking of some half-remembered childhood joke shared between them when a woman approaches as they cross Jeggare Circle. She wears gray full plate, clearly of some means as it is of supreme quality - if a little too practical. Her entire face is hidden by a helmet with a thick red plume, and a crimson cloak sweeps behind her dramatically. Her voice is muffled with a metallic sound by the helmet as she speaks. "You are both under arrest. Come with me." The small crowd in the square recedes as a total of four of these woman appear from all sides to close in on them.

Sorry Just saw this. It did not come up as having a new post. That may be the case with the others too. I got a friendly heads up from F.Castor. Thanks Mate!.

Round 1 Senjin and Alister

Senjin reaches back and tugs the leather cord that releases the long axe from his back. He pulls it forward and spins it in a defensive manner, alternating between the opponent in front and behind. He calls out, "What are your intentions here? You're not Hellknights, but you are sure acting like them."

Fight Defensively +2 AC/-4 to hit

Know. Local -> 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (13) + 1 = 14

Status: 19/17 AC (15/13 T, 16/14 FF); 11 HP; F2/R5/W1; Fighting Defensively

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Elrith whips an arrow from her quiver and dives for the table leg, looking for a hole, and jams the arrow into it. That done, she upends her table for cover as well and gets behind it, putting arrow to string.

"I'm sorry, Jope. I seem to have brought you some unwanted attention."

@Elrith Several more crossbow bolts slam into the tables that they take cover behind. Fortunately, they're made of thick solid wood. A few of them hit the portcullis, the sound of the metal heads striking the metal bars echoing through the shop. "Don't worry about it. There' a 50-50 chance they're here for me anyway. I'm not real popular with some of the higher-ups, though I thought that Neolandus was keeping them at bay." He wrenches up a trap door that was unlocked by the mechanism deep inside the hole and makes a motion to her. "After you."

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Elrith returns her arrow to her quiver and slips gracefully into the opening of the trap door. She then waits to give Jope a hand down. Peering about, she asks, "Where does this lead, and can it take us someplace we could watch whoever is assaulting your store?"

After a pause, she adds, "And who is Neolandus?"

@Senjin & Alistair The female warriors are a total mystery to Senjin. In all his years in Korvosa, he has seen none that wear this distinctive armor. The naked sword in her hand, though... He has seen plenty of those. Her voice echoes through the alleyway, muffled by the heavy steel helm. "We are the Gray Maidens. You have been deemed an enemy of Korvosa."


Alistair 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (12) + 3 = 15
Gray Maidens 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (20) + 1 = 21
Senjin 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16

21 Gray Maidens
16 Senjin
15 Alistair[/ooc]

Round 1, Initiative 21
Gray Maiden (x2): 30 hp, 22 AC/11T/21FF, +5F/+2R/+2W

The pair of warriors close in on them in a pincer movement. The alleyway is narrow, almost too narrow to slip by either of them. The Gray Maiden behind her is too far to threaten them, but the closer one's heavy boots clang loudly on the stones as she quickly closes the distance.

Longsword vs. Alistair 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25
> Damage 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10

With an expert thrust of her sword, she buries it in Alistair's chest. Already burned from whatever alchemist flame she threw at him, Alistair doesn't even have time to say a prayer to Milani before dropping to the ground. Senjin can't tell if he is alive or not, but the Gray Maiden in front of him is within a mere moment of having him in reach as well...

@Elrith Jope hands Elrith a dark woolen cloak hanging on a rack at the bottom of the shaft before putting on one of his own. The tunnel is dark and cramped, especially after Jope pulls the trapdoor closed. There is a loud clicking sound as the lock mechanism resets. He brushes up against her (a tad more than necessary, perhaps) as he takes the front. "It leads into the Vaults, so it comes out wherever we want to. I don't need to know exactly who is attacking, as I know who exactly who will be behind it..." He leaves her question about Neolandus unanswered as he leads her by the hand through the nearly pitch-black tunnel. He seems to know his footing, having nearly no problems without any source of light.

After a few hundred yards, he opens a heavy door. He steps out after pushing the heavy door out causing stone to scrape on stone. There is a bit more light coming from grates above, passing into the sewers that they are in. Elrith looks back at the door and sees that it is almost invisible - even to an elf - when closed back into the stone wall. Jope sees her looking about in relative wonder at the size of the sewers. "Most people don't know or care about the Vaults, as long as the otyughs take care of the trash and waste. Oh, watch out for otyughs. But most people in Korvosa don't know that there are extensive tunnels underneath them - most of which haven't been mapped out or even seen in generations. There were other settlements on this spot that created the vaults, more ancient than even your people. This is what they left behind. Come on. We're headed to a safe spot, then on our own ways."

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Elrith pushes away at Jope'svarrogant certainty that the attack was against him alone. "I'll have you know," she says angrily, "that I've annoyed my own fair share of higher-ups, and intend to continue doing so, and may be just as much of a nuisance as you are!" Then she glances around, and seeing how dark everything is, allows herself to snuggle back closely (perhaps a bit more than necessary herself).

She looks around uneasily as he mentions otyughs, keeping an arrow on her bowstring. As he explains the Vaults, she simply nods in dull amazement.

"If you would," she asks with forced meekness, her voice quivering from the effort, "Show me the way towards the dock district. If I was the target of this attack, my colleagues might have suffered their own attacks, and may need my help."

Round 1 Init. 16

"ALISTAIR!" Senjin rounds with his ax on the murderess, his voice laced with venom. "Enemy of Korvosa!?! You just murdered one of her few heroes...How many lives did you save during the riots?....or were the Allies of Korvosa on the taking side."

A quick glance to the skies, and he knows no miracle will swoop in to save him this day.

Senjin knows he's trapped with but one shot to avoid Alistair's fate.'s what he is good at. One last flourish of the bardiche and he brings the haft down across his chest. He grits his teeth and charges Alister's killer. He goes to slam her out of the way and at least get out from between them...but he knows he will receive her best shot in the process...."MILANI!"

Charging Overrun Attack vs. Favorite Enemy -> 1d20 + 5 + 2 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 5 + 2 + 2 = 22

She gets an AoO

Status: Charging; 15AC/11T/12FF; 11 HP; CMD 18; +2F/+5R/+1W


AOO: Trip vs. Senjin 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13

The Gray Maiden swings her longsword at Senjin's feet, but he collides with her too quickly for her to trip him up. He bowls her over and knocks her prone as he slams into her. Her helmet comes loose as he drives the haft of the forearm before him into her chin. She looks up from the ground, locking eyes with him as he turns to see if they are pursuing. Her blonde hair spills out from the impact, and her face would easily be beautiful if not for being marred by a wicked scar over her right eye. Senjin almost gasps when he sees her - he recognizes her as Kelleris, a fellow Outsider. She disappeared over a year ago, before his own exile from the gang. They thought that the city had taken her, as it did to so many. Here, wearing armor and declaring him an enemy of Korvosa, is the last place he would expect her.

With her ally behind her, Kelleris climbs to her feet and starts chasing after Senjin. Still, without the benefit if the alley, he easily evades them and is in the Shingles faster than they can possibly catch up.

@Elrith Chantsmo looks pained at Elrith's request. "It's possible that we were both targets. If that's the case, your friends are probably dead already. The Queen has been building up a list of enemies - one I find myself on, no doubt - for some time. I don't know where she would have gotten the manpower to feel comfortable with such a brazen attack, unless she has allies in some of the noble houses. She's consolidating her power and eliminating her enemies. I didn't expect it so soon, so forgive me for being unprepared." He stops and presses on a brick, which doesn't look at all out of place. A small chest pops open below, dug out if the floor and barely visible. He pulls out a black tunic, stripping off his shirt with little self-consciousness. Elrith spots dozens of scars on his chest, from slashes to piercings to burns. He has clearly seen more combat than most, with most of his healing being natural rather than magical. He pulls on a pair of black leather gloves and boots, then reaches unto the chest again. He hands her a silver dagger with a simple explanation: "Wererats." He puts a fine rapier on his belt, followed by a few dozen arrows in a quiver on his back. He hands her a quiver of arrows for herself. Loaded up, he points in one direction. "Docks are that way. Let's go."

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Elrith sets her jaw at Jope's expression.

"My friends are more resourceful than you may think. I won't count them for the dead until I see bodies. If the queen is hunting us, then our safe house is either safe or destroyed." Looking about the Vaults, she ads, "The Resistance could certainly use these tunnels. I don't suppose you know where we could get access to one of these rare maps, do you?"

@Elrith Jope taps his temple with one of his fingers twice. "While not as quickly-shifting as the Shingles, the Vaults are definitely more dangerous. One never knows when a safe route gets infested with all manner of vile creature. Once, I saw a aboleth down here. An aboleth! It just takes time and practice." He starts towards the direction that he pointed, cautiously watching his step and keeping an eye out for predators. "Hopefully your friends are all right. Hopefully mine are as well, but I know that this is likely the first of many purges of her political enemies. It's a bold strike. She must have some level of cover from some of the Houses, or at least is counting on the element of surprise. I don't think that we'll see any attacks that are quite so overt, not unless she wants to trigger an actual civil war between the houses. But we are still going to need to keep our heads down if there's going to be any sort of Resistance."

Dark Archive

Back. Sorry guys!

Alejandro laughs softly, patting Luca on the shoulder, as they walk slowly through Jeggare square. Failing to keep the surprise off his face when they are approached, Alejandro swears softly, taking a step away from the woman.

"Under arrest? For what reason?"

He takes a step back, hand hovering over the pommel of his weapon, fingers flexing in anticipation.

"I do not believe we should go with you..."


The scuffed accent of the streets falls away as Lucadeno walks alongside his cousin. 'Alejandro, that's a complicated question with no easy answer. I'm here to look after my family's interests. But also because I think this city is rotting. It's growing fetid and foul. No-one will profit from the violence and oppression that are coming. I'm here because I believe I can do some good.'

Luca looks his cousin in the eye with an earnest gaze and nods.


Luca can scarcely hide his surprise as the armored woman approaches them.

Knowing he can't address Alejandro in too familiar a fashion in public he winces as the man's hand dances near his sword's grip. He moves up head bowed.

'I ain't done nothin' ma'am, please. I ain't done nothin'.'

Luca moves up close to Alejandro as he speaks, gripping his cane tightly.

Not a fight we want cuz, for Shelyn's love back down.

@Lucadeno & Alejandro Their slate-colored armor gleams dully in the sun as the armored women brandish their longswords. The one who leads them takes a menacing step forward. "You are under arrest as enemies of Korvosa, by order of the Gray Maidens. Surrender immediately or suffer the consequences." The others surround them, making fighting a dangerous proposition. While Alejandro's skill with a sword is impressive, four on two is not good for odds - and Luca is as likely to be a liability in the fight as anything else.

When Senjin finally slows, he gives himself a moment to think. Kelleris? Was that really you? But he knows it was. What have you gotten mixed up in? But in his panic, the irony is lost on him. The Eel had surfaced. Fight then Flight. Kelleris...we have done this together...I can't blame you for leaving...seems we all had our reasons...But what are you now, that you murder for the Queen?...She who sold out the city to the Hellknights.

Senjin risks another look back and tries to get his mind back on mission. The realities hammer his mind, Ambush. We were sold out. Alistair's dead. How many of the others? Should I go to the temple...the others would be heading there too. Were there more Gray Maidens? Are the others on the run too. We can't go back to the Warehouse....."

As he moves along dark narrow alleys he decides to turn to the two that he can in any way trust. He finds an enterprising young child looking to earn a coin. He has the child repeat a message several times until he is sure he can relay it...a message that 'the Eel has been betrayed in his new waters, so is heading back to safer waters. Take care as the tide is shifting. Beware royal gray sharks.' He instructs the youth where to inquire to find Zendo, the fence. He leaves the child with a coin and the promise that Zendo will pay more for this information. Not that I can totally trust Zendo, but I can at least give him a heads up in case he is at risk as well.

Senjin then thinks of heading for the Temple, but decides there might be little he can do and the others are likely scattered. He instead heads back for the barracks for the other source of trust. There was nothing to do on the ground. Perhaps from the air, things will look different. Can't tell the players down here...and maybe Fristwell knows of these Maidens.

His cloak hood pulled up, Senjin hustles. The curious make way as he races by with his ax before him.

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

"You should have taken that shot," Elrith mutters. She reaches ahead to grab his arm, stopping him for a moment.

"What do you know of the Bastards of Erebus? We got intelligence that they were planning an assault on the old clerics of Aroden in the temple in Old Korvosa. Our plans had been to work for the people by either eliminating criminal gangs outright, or tricking/compelling them to turn inwards on each other or themselves, but when we heard about such a vicious attack, we knew we had to act quickly to prevent this new gang from gaining such a valuable foothold. If my friends have also been attacked...killed...then I'm the only one left to stop them." Looking like she'd rather peel off her own skin, she adds the admission, "I don't know what to do."

Senjin knows the city like no one else does, racing as fast as he can to Old Korvosa. He spots a few other of the Gray Maidens as he runs through the streets, but none of them seem to spot him. They all look as if they are on a mission, confronting people who look random to him. The more he sees, though, the more clear it gets - this is a purge. For whatever reason, the Gray Maidens are seeking out as many "enemies of Korvosa" as they can find and striking them down without mercy. The deaths won't number a hundred, but there will be consequences.

He arrives quickly at Endrin Academy. Half a dozen Sable Company marines patrol the skies directly above, far more than usual. He scans the opposite direction and sees none of the usual patrols. They must have been pulled back to Endrin Academy and the Great Tower that stands just across the straits. The marines guarding the door allow him in without question as he makes it into the the dirt courtyard. Sergeant Fristwell stands there speaking to dozens of cadets - the whole of the training group, plus more like Conroy who were recently added to their number. "The Commandant Marcus Endrin has been called before the Queen. We don't know what is going to become of this meeting now that the Seneschal has been declared missing. As you know, the Commandant answers to the Seneschal, not the monarch of Korvosa, to check the power of a potential tyrant. There's rumors that she's called in Field Marshal Croft to reaffirm her loyalty, but that's to be expected based on the city's charter. Demanding that the Commandant answer to her instead of the Seneschal, even if he is missing, is unprecedented. What's more, our scouts have reported that the Queen seems to have some sort of private army of female warriors. Things are going to get very rocky, so be prepared. We're going to need to fly as high as we can and follow the Commandant's lead, but I want all of you to remember that you swore an oath to the city, not to whoever sits on the Crimson Throne."

Elrithrathiel wrote:

"You should have taken that shot," Elrith mutters. She reaches ahead to grab his arm, stopping him for a moment.

"What do you know of the Bastards of Erebus? We got intelligence that they were planning an assault on the old clerics of Aroden in the temple in Old Korvosa. Our plans had been to work for the people by either eliminating criminal gangs outright, or tricking/compelling them to turn inwards on each other or themselves, but when we heard about such a vicious attack, we knew we had to act quickly to prevent this new gang from gaining such a valuable foothold. If my friends have also been attacked...killed...then I'm the only one left to stop them." Looking like she'd rather peel off her own skin, she adds the admission, "I don't know what to do."

Jope puts a hand on Elrith's shoulder, looking her in the eye. "You keep fighting. There's a lot of injustice in this world, and you are going to see a lot more of it than most people. You fight smart, you retreat when you need to, but you keep on fighting. You aren't alone. There are always more people who will stand up with you. You just have to find them." He continues on through the Vaults and leads the way. "That's not a bad plan. The Bastards are bad news. Right now, though, they'd be fools to make any waves. The Queen might ignore them if they stick to normal crime. I'll keep an eye out tonight. Meet me in the Church tomorrow. Find as many of your friends as you can. Find as many of others as you can. The Resistance begins tonight, Elrith. We will restore freedom to Korvosa." He pushes open a grate on the wall that leads to a small tunnel with an upward slope. "That'll take you where you need to go. Good luck." He slips away into the shadows and even her elven eyes have trouble seeing him.

It takes her a few seconds as she walks down the tunnel in a crouch to realize that he called her by her real name, and that she had never given it to him.

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Elrith pauses, glaring into the darkness after Jope.

"Infuriating man!" she hisses into the shadows. "How dare you be so calm and...and....know-it-all...-y?"

Then she realizes how ridiculous she's being and slips into the tunnel, carefully replacing the grate, and up to the street. She spends some time peering about the street before opening the grate at the other end and slipping out into the first alleyway she can find.

Now that they are closer to the Grey Maidens Lucadeno straightens his posture and slowly removes the most obscuring bandage around his face, allowing hair burst wildly from the wrappings.

'I believe we have some mistake here. I am Lucadeno Jeggare. I was travelling to a secret masquerade with my cousin here as an escort. He is also of the noble blood. You likely have the wrong people. I have papers and a sigil to prove my writ and can attain direct verbal proof from any member of the nobility.' Lucadeno keeps his palms inverted and facing the women as he speaks in a mollifying tone.

Bluff about actual destination: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (7) + 8 = 15

'Now can we please sheath our weaponry, there truly isn't a need for it. I'm happy to surrender to your service in order to speak to a ranking officer so that we can get this matter cleared up.'

Senjin waits off to the side until the Sergeant finishes his speech. But catches his eye with a impatient gesture. The sergeant walks over with an impatient look on his face, silently saying This better be important, "I understand. It looks like I have work to do here, Sergeant, and I will get right on it. But I thought you might like some intel from the streets and let me ask a favor.

He takes a moment to look at the bustling cadets. "They call themselves the Gray Maidens...enforcers for the Queen. Heavily armed and armored in Gray and Red cloaks They are rounding up so-called enemies of the Queen. I have just now seen them murder citizens with no outward provocation...other than being on their list....and yes,.... Here he drops his voice, " seems helping stop the riots the other night has earned me a place on their list. That or resisting the Hellnights who were at our gates the moment the King died."

Senjin leans even closer, "I am just the stable boy here, not a cadet, so I feel like I can say this...From what I have seen on the streets, I do not think the Queen wants an armed body of soldiers that will not bow to her, unlike her murdering Gray Maidens or her rented Hellknights. With the Seneshal gone do not all the Sable Guard have doubts on the safety of the Commandant...Be careful out there. The favor...." and again Senjin looks around this time to ensure no one was too close. "I don't have enough time to explain even though I want to, but I need to get back out there. I have lost a friend. Other friends are in danger. I see that look, but no, this is not a gang. We are trying to help in our way...down below where the Sable Guard flies. We were on our way to the Temple of Aroden. We had a tip that a teifling gang was going to kill the old priests and convert the stone chapel into a fort. Again, this isn't about the gangs other than to stop their evil spreading...I left that all behind, but I know how they work, and how to stop them. Sooooo, I was hoping for a ride, an aerial view, to either find my friends or reach the Aroden Temple to help defend it. I don't want you to get in trouble, and with a bunch of crazed lady cleavers apparently after me, I should stay here to be safe. But what led me here was that I never took it safe." By 'here' Senjin had indicated all the bustle that was occurring in the courtyard.

Fristwell had been grinding his jaw as Senjin rambled on, mulling all that he was hearing. He looked fit to answer, before an instructor called out for the sergeant to come join him. Senjin took to cue to cut off any snap judgement the NCO might have formulated, "Don't answer now. Think on it before you leave...but ahhhh've taken enough time and I got work to do." Senjin adds in a rush and dashes toward the stables and sets to work getting mounts and riders ready for a day of operations.

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Glaring sharply around himself, Alejandro takes a step back, hand hovering close to the hilt of his blade. "Cousin... I do not like this. I will not give up my sword. No cell for me, by the gods no..."

Frowning, he stared around, searching for any sign of the Guard.'Someone to help in the fight if there is one... Any damn advantage...'

It's been a tough week, guys. I am a bad DM. :(

@Lucadeno & Alejandro

The Gray Maidens have the noble pair surrounded, with the citizens giving them a wide berth. No one looks ready, willing, or able to assist them. The Gray Maiden who spoke to them repeats her demand. "You are an enemy of Korvosa, regardless of your family names. You have ten seconds to submit to surrender." The four press forward with their blades in hand, obviously menacing them.

"Halt! A voice booms loudly through the square. Luca, Alejandro, and the Gray Maidens look over to see the source of the booming words. Hellknight Lictor Severs DeViri walks towards them in his dramatic, frightening armor. A half-dozen Hellknights flank him. "These men are committing no crime against Korvosa at this moment, and you have no authority to conduct an arrest."

The Gray Maidens turn to face the Hellknights. Their leader steps forward to speak. "You have your orders from the Queen. You know our mission and the source of our authority. We--"

DeViri interrupts her with as much politeness as one saves for a misbehaving child. "Our orders come from the Charter of Korvosa, not the Queen. Only the Korvosan Guard and the Sable Company have the authority to execute a signed arrest warrant from a magistrate. You are neither, and I suspect that you do not have a warrant."

The two forces stand a dozen feet from each other. The tension is terrible, with violence ready - on both sides - to break loose. The Gray Maidens are busy watching the Hellknights rather than their quarries.

@Senjin With the whole of the Sable Company pulled back to the Tower and Academy, there is ample work for Senjin to do. With Blake Conroy allowed to join their number, Senjin has even more work to do. He mixes in unnoticed amongst the Marines who mill about the stables, overhearing their anxious conversations. A pair of veteran corporals discuss the crisis between themselves, not paying any attention to the stablehand.

"Do you think Chantsmo will be able to get in touch with Kaleopolis? They were close when we were rookies, remember? If Old Man Kal is still alive, Chantsmo will know where he is. And there's no way anyone got the drop on him. Even at his age and out of practice, I don't think there's anyone who knows how to get out of a tight spot like Neolandus Kaleopolis."

The other one laughs appreciatively. "You remember when Kal's 'griff got shot down over Old Korvosa during that uprising twenty-five years back? Nobody thought he'd live, but he showed up two weeks later after we got O.K. under control. Said that he holed up in the Vaults, dodging the rebel patrols. Yeah, he's out there somewhere."

Elrith To Elrith's surprise, Jope had not led her to the docks like she'd asked. She instantly recognizes her location - outside the enclave of Mierani elves in Southshore. Irritated at the mysterious human, she curses under her breath. She has little time to steam, though. A trio of gray-armored women hustle down the street towards the main entrance to the wooded enclave. Their crimson cloaks and full-face helmets lend an air of inhuman uniformity. None of them notice the elf as she slips into the alleyway's shadows.

Elrith watches as they approach the arch that stands as the main point of entrance to the tiny forest. Its face is covered in elven runes of friendship, peace, and understanding. An elder of the Mierani takes a few halting steps out of the archway. He must be many hundreds of years old, long past his time as a warrior of old. Elrith recognizes him as Elsaseth, a learned sage and wise ambassador to Korvosa for centuries. He is not a warrior anymore, but one of the finest diplomats of her people. He holds his hands out in a gesture of gentle acceptance. "Daughters of Korvosa, what can the humble elves of the Mierani do for this fine city?"

The warriors seem hostile towards the elf immediately. "You have been named an enemy of Korvosa. Submit to seizure for your crimes."

As soon as the armored woman has spoken, a second elf, silver-haired and clad in black, moves to stand behind the elder. Much younger than Elsaseth, he seems to be one of the warriors guarding the enclave. He rests his left hand casually on the pommel of a longsword sheathed next to his left hip, but makes no move to draw his weapon or threaten those the older elf has dubbed 'Daughters of Korvosa'. Nevertheless, his red eyes narrow slightly as he starts to speak, doing so without any permission asked or given, and his words are unmistakeably colored with a hint of sarcasm.

"You certainly waste no time on pleasantries," he remarks, before he continues. "Enemy? Crimes? Care to elaborate? We of the Mierani enclave have been nothing if not peaceful. Even I can see that and I am a relative newcomer." He does not raise his voice as he speaks, his displeasure at the woman's hostility marked only by his ironic tone.

As he finishes, he considers that perhaps he should let the elder handle this. It is, after all, the proper way to do things. Besides, he is no diplomat. But, truth be told, he has never been quite so good at following other people's lead, preferring to speak his mind, especially when feeling that something is wrong. After all, is this not how and why he ended up in this city?

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Standing confused for a moment, Alejandro grins softly, before laying a hand gently on his cousins shoulder and beginning to slip away, as silently as a large armoured man can. 'Never look a Giftknight in the mouth... Or something involving Hellknights and horses... I'll think of a line later!'

Stealth1d20 + 3 - 3 ⇒ (20) + 3 - 3 = 20

'So far so good... Just a LITTLE further!' Grinning manically, Alejandro makes a slow quiet beeline, directly for a nearby alley.

Luca ducks his head, instantly reassuming the pose of a destitute beggar, and follows Alejandro's lead, despite his overwhelming curiosity about the timely arrival of Lictor DeViri.

Stealth 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21

He scuttles queitly after Alejandro, his body hunched even further completely hiding his height and stature, making him seem little more than a bent old man. What is going on? Grey Maidens? In service of the Queen and enecting the law without magistrates consent. I'll have to get home and see what the word is among the nobility. This surely won't stand. Open arrests... Has Illeosa gone mad!?

Know. Local for any stories on 'Neolandus Kaleopolis'-> 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7

Senjin tries to recall anything he may have heard on an old Marine living under the city, but nothing comes to mind initially. But if he gets the chance to find his new friends, he will make sure to bring it up and he sounds like a good resource, especially if they have to go 'underground' during this crackdown.

Nonchalantly as he passes with a saddle, Senjin asks innocently, "'Scuse me Corporal. If'n you don't mind me asking, who is this Kaleopolis? And why would he be in the Vaults if he was a Sable Marine like you?" Sejin throws the saddle up on a nearby 'griff, and turns his head to listen for an answer as he continues to work tightening the saddle.

Figure that is the better way to rectify a bad knowledge check then asking later.

@Senjin The senior corporal looks down at him with surprise that he was listening. He doesn't speak with derision, as some are prone to do to a Shoanti, but he is far from friendly. "Neolandus Kaleopolis is the Seneschal of Castle Korvosa," he explains with a tone that clearly suggests that Senjin does't know the first thing about Korvosa. "Before that, he was the Commandant of the Sable Company, and before that, he was just one of us. He was in the Vaults because he had to find someplace to hide in this hellhole. It was in the last great uprising following Queen Domina died, almost twenty-five years ago, and his hippogriff took enough arrows to get brought down. The riots made these looks like children rough-housing. Neolandus knew that the rioters would tear him limb from limb if they found him wearing Sable Company colors, so he went into the Vaults and hid out. It takes a special sort of crazy to try to survive in the Vaults, considering the sorts of things that live down there, but he came out okay after we got things settled down."

Senjin (and Player) look sheepish as Senjin knuckles his forehead in thanks and hustles back to his duties. So that is the Seneschal?...Always pictured some shriveled up old man. But they seem to think him missing is a good thing if the Queen is on a power grab. I was assuming he's the 'dead' kind of 'missing' but another rebel on the run, evading the Queen...this is some good news.

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Watching from the shadows, Elrith silently fits an arrow on her new bow's string. She also tries to see if these women have crossbows at their sides.

She takes dead aim at the neck of the closest woman and waits...

@Elrith & Vaen The three gray-clad warriors continue to menace Elsaseth. The one who spoke earlier steps forward with her sword in hand, speaking over him to Vaenathis. "Step aside, elf, lest you be named an enemy as well. Elsaseth has committed treason."

The wizened elven sage stares down the faceless warrior. "I have not committed treason, as I am not a citizen of Korvosa. I am a citizen of the Mierani and their emissary. I can criticize the Queen as much as I care to, and I can't imagine that this is going to do much to stop that. Unless, of course, you're willing to attack an old man in the street." He takes a few steps back so that he is within the formal borders of the enclave.

"Don't think that we won't." She takes a few steps forward and grips her blade with both hands. As she continues forward, Elsaseth simply walks backwards with a look of inscrutable curiosity on his eyes.

Elrith 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9
Elsaseth 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (3) - 1 = 2
Gray Maidens 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5
Vaen 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9

9a Elrith
9b Vaen
5 Gray Maidens
2 Elsaseth

The Gray Maiden pauses for a moment and tightens the grip on her sword, an action mimicked by the pair that follows her. All that are around know the warrior's body language that precedes a skirmish, and this is what they see. No one is surprised when the Gray Maiden steps over the line into the Mierani Enclave, looking ready to charge the old man. Elsaseth brings his arms up to summon the magic that he has practiced for centuries, but it is clear that his age has left him feeble and venerable. He has but a single guard - Vaen - that can assist in time to prevent the old man's capture or death.

@Luca & Alejandro

Perception 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (5) - 1 = 4

Between the tense standoff with the Hellknights and their sight-limiting helmets, the Gray Maidens do not see the pair of nobles slipping out of the square. If any of their number even remember their original purpose for the conflict, they seem to have forgotten it in the tension. Alejandro and Lucadeno make it clearly away from the scene, far enough that they are in no more danger.

Where do they head now?

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Without even thinking, Elrith let's her arrow fly, taking aim at one of the rear Maidens.
Attack: 1d20 + 5 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 5 + 1 = 17
Damage: 1d8 + 1 + 1 + 1d6 ⇒ (7) + 1 + 1 + (3) = 12

Stealth to re-hide (snipe): 1d20 + 8 - 1 - 15 ⇒ (10) + 8 - 1 - 15 = 2

From the darkness, she yells out, "I say the queen f@$&s goats. Come arrest me, instead!"

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Alejandro giggles maddeningly to himself before sighing in relief. "Well... That was fun. Sneaking away from Hellknights AND Gray Maidens... What do you think the b$#*& is up to, trying to grab power like this? Do we leave it alone?" He sighed,scratching his head softly.

" Regardless... Let us head to the temple. Just because we are outlaws does not mean we get to slack from obligation. Lets go be big damn heroes!" Grinning wildly, he grips the hilt of his blade tightly before steering them down the alley, toward their destination.

Alejandro and Lucadeno were originally headed to Northpoint to meet up with Verik Vancaskerkin at All the World's Meat, a butcher's shop.

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Ah, indeed. I forgot. Onward to the meat then! :)

"So much for diplomacy then," Vaenathis remarks as he takes a step forward to get closer to not only Elsaseth, but the Gray Maiden menacing the older elf as well. Drawing his longsword from its scabbard with his right hand, the guard seems ready to defend himself and the sage. Instead of using his blade, however, he briefly rummages through a pouch with his free hand for what looks like multicolored sand. Muttering a brief incantation, he quickly throws the sand at the armored woman in front of him. But instead of the mundane substance, there is a cone of vivid, interchanging colors that springs forth from his open palm.

"Go, Elder," he says to the other elf in the moment required for his spell to take effect. Sword gripped tightly, Vaenathis is ready to fight or retreat along with his charge, depending on his magic's outcome. "More guards would be appreciated," he adds calling out to Elsaseth, perhaps in a bit too dry a tone.

Round 1, Initiative 9

HP 13/13, AC 16

Free Action: 5-ft. step.
Move Action: Draw longsword.
Standard Action: Cast color spray (Will DC 14).

Not sure if the other two Gray Maidens are within the cone's area of effect, but at least the advancing one should be. :-)

Round 1, Initiative 5

Gray Maiden #1
30/30 hp, AC 17/6T/17FF, +5F/+2R/+2W

Will Save 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3
> Blinded & Stunned 1d4 ⇒ 4

The lead of the warriors falls to a knee, unable to control her vision under the onslaught of color. She drops her longsword to the ground with a dull thump as it strikes the dirt of the Mierani Enclave. She holds her hands to the face of her helm, stunned beyond reason by the magic released by Vaen. Elsaseth seems to look happily upon his fellow elf's magical might.

Gray Maiden #2
30/30 hp, AC 19/9T/18FF, +5F/+2R/+2W

Longsword (Charge) vs. Vaen 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (6) + 10 = 16
> Damage 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11

The Gray Maiden a half-dozen paces behind her leader does not miss a beat as she charges forward, sword and shield in hand, across the cobblestones of Korvosa into the lands of the Mierani. She is slowed by her armor, but still close enough to easily close the ground with Vaen. With a grunt of effort, she thrusts forward with her longsword, plunging it into Vaen's shoulder until it pierces the other side. She tears it out with some vigor, ready to strike him down on her way to Elsaseth.

Gray Maiden #3
30/30 hp, AC 21/11T/20FF, +5F/+2R/+2W

Perception 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (20) - 1 = 19
Double-move to Threaten Elsaseth

The arrow slices through the Gray Maiden's crimson cloak, but clangs against her metal armor. Despite being unprepared for the attack, the armor is of such quality that it can easily ward a direct hit off. She looks over and spots Elrith, if the steady gaze of her closed-off helm is any indication. Still, she is incredibly disciplined and makes no effort to chase down the distraction of the bow-wielding elven woman. Instead, she hustles forward to get into position, sword ready to strike Elsaseth down.

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Elrith will happily try to put another arrow into that open helm.
Attack: 1d20 + 5 + 1 ⇒ (17) + 5 + 1 = 23
Damage: 1d8 + 1 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 + 1 = 5

The arrow misses her face, but slices across her wrist as she raises her arm to strike, causing some blood to pour down onto the ground.

"You are surrounded. Stand down or be slain!" she calls out.

She'll move, either before or after her shot, to keep thirty feet away from her target.

Round 1, Initiative 2
Elsaseth: 7/7 hp, AC 13/9T/13FF, -2F/+0R/+6W

FA: 5' Step
SA: Reach Shocking Grasp 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12
> Damage 5d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 3, 4, 1) = 15
SwA: Teleport Shift

The wise elf takes a few steps back and raises his bony finger towards the oncoming Gray Maiden. There is a buzzing sound for a moment, then a crack of powerful lightning arcs from his outstretched finger towards her. It seems to bend and arc towards the warrior, attracted to the metal conduit. Bleeding from the wrist where Elrith's arrow glanced off and smoking from the electric blast from the wizard, the Gray Maiden raises the sword for a fatal blow on the old man - only to see him vanish and reappear ten feet behind. Breathing hard in the exertion, Elsaseth shouts, "No! Vaenathis! Fall back into the forest! You too!" The latter command is directed to Elrith, now a mere few steps from the forbidden territory of her homeland.

Looks like you skipped Elsaseth, Elrith, but that's okay. It's Vaen's turn.

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