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DM Barcas - Kingmaker of Korvosa (Inactive)

Game Master Isaac Duplechain

When the King of Korvosa dies, the city plunges into chaos. Who will emerge from the ashes as ruler of the city, or will Korvosa tear itself apart before anyone can rise to the occasion?

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Senjin is an 18 year old kid (although he comes off as seeming older) with a fair amount of scars and a broken nose. You would almost HAVE to assume he was from the streets

Arael breaks off from flirting with Elrith to shake Alistair's hand. "It is a good day, simply one that will challenge us. We are provided opportunities to make this city safer through our inspiration. The Queen's news will send the nobles looking to fight amongst themselves to gain control of her and her child, leaving us to our own devices. So long as we avoid the iron gaze of the Hellknights in our endeavors, the original plan - to eliminate the gangs that plague the city's poor areas - is a sound one." He seems to have taken a shine to Alistair as well, likely recognizing a kindred rebellious spirit. "I have watched you in the streets, heard your voice calling for change. You are the one who cals himself Amycus, are you not? You will find no more sympathetic ear to your cause than I."

Janiven looks Senjin over with appraising eyes. "Yes, I heard about what happened to you outside the Jade Circle. You'll have to be more careful in the future, to ensure that you don't get gutted. You've got that longaxe. Use that reach, keep your enemies at bay. You've got the look of a good fighter, and one who has seen some dirty fights at that."

Dark Archive

Alejandro strolled through the door of the warehouse, covered from head to toe in a long flowing cloak. He pushed the cowl back out of his eyes and looked around for a moment, before strolling over to the group.

Nodding to Alistair as he passes, he stared around for a moment, trying to catch sight of the Gull. The man had disappeared after their conversation, fading in to the crowd with practiced ease.

'Damn spry for a man with only one good leg!'

Taking a seat on a dusty crate, Alejandro waits silently, not wanting to disrupt the conversations in mid flow.

Senjin scratches at the scar through his armor, looking a bit embarrassed. "I gave that rioter a harsh blow to the face. He kind of surprised me in that he was able to come back at me after that. Luckily this one.." and he hooks a thumb at Alister, "...spends his nights talking to the right people and has a healing touch. But yes, I have had some scrapes on the streets and , of course, with the Guard when necessary." Senjin nods his head with a crooked smile at Alejandro as he enters and takes his seat.

Janiven nods at Alejandro as he walks in, the recognition of one warrior to another. It is little surprise that she seems to take an interest in him and Senjin, the two strongest and most capable warriors in the group; likewise, Arael's interest in Elrithiel and Alistair is less than surprising - Elrith based on their shared heritage and his flirtatiousness, Alistair on their mutual interest in rebellion. Should Rica and Luca show up, it will likely be Zellara who takes the most interest in them.

Janiven walks closer to Alejandro and studies him closely. While Alejandro is both fit and handsome, her eyes seem to be appraising him solely for his martial skill. She eyes his longsword for a while. "That's a fine weapon. May I?" He hands it over to her with only the briefest hesitation. Janiven tests its weight with a practiced hand and takes stock of its edge. She hands it back to the young nobleman, hilt-first. "Unless I'm mistaken, that is the work of Kaz One-Eye. It says a lot about you. Most men of your station would not wear a sword forged by a half-orc. But, we already knew that based on your family's reputation."

Arael breaks free from his attentiveness on Elrith and Alistair to interrupt. "Yes, about that... In light of the Queen's newest mandate, perhaps it is best that you not be so public about your identity, Lord Endrin. Lending your name to our case will be vital, but should you be directly associated with us? The Queen won't have the slightest bother in making an example out of you. For this reason, I think that it is most prudent that you adopt a pseudonym - as have Arrow, Gull, Eel, and Amycus. Miss Hismar will need one of her own as well. Perhaps your comrades in arms have suggestions?" He looks over at the others, hoping that they will have some offering of what to call Alejandro and Rica.

The Gull flitted through the streets surprisingly fleet for a cripple. The allies are no stranger to beggars who are fitter than they seem. The sailors often hold that gulls are a good omen. Your nearly home if you see the gulls.

Today the Gull believes he is an omen of uncommon good luck. That elf am gonna be fair pleased with my news. Just got to give 'im the right words. He smiled. Be the Gull. Soar young Jeggare, soar!

His entrance into the warehouse is less than dramatic, and far from impressive. A dilapidated pile of rags hobbles in through the door, pausing to rest for a moment against it.

He moves in towards the middle of the room, noticed but largely ignored until he reaches the others gathered there. They are few in number, but he sees his comrades from the other day, and that gives him hope. Luca straightens out his back when he gets there, revealing that he is surprisingly tall, his height hidden by the hunch and the placement of rags. Though he stands straighter his leg is still held lightly and he rests on his cane.

"Evenin'," he says with surprising cheer around artfully stained teeth. "I come bearing gifts."

Now for the soft sell, Alejandro knows his part.

Dark Archive

Alejandro smiled at the woman as she tested the balance and edge of his blade. He took it back happily and slid it in to the sheath at his waist once more. "Old Kaz and I go way back. He has patched up my armor and blade more times than I care to remember. Best damn smith in all of Korvosa if you ask me. We could use a man like the old One Eye on our side..."

Alejandro stood slowly, eyeing Janvien in much the same way as she had him. 'There is something about her... I half expect she will kick my teeth in...' He smiled, inclining his head to the woman slightly, before turning to speak to Arael.

"I do agree Master Arael. I do need a new name, if I am to work with you. I am afraid, however, that deceit is not really in my blood. I know little about pseudonyms or false facing. So if anyone has an idea... I would love to hear it!"

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

"Well, you've always seemed a bit of a 'Dandy' to me," Elrith replies.

Senjin bites his lip to keep from laughing at Elrith's suggestion. "I thought perhaps Bison or Bullock, to match your strength, stubbornness to do what's right, AND grace.", he ends with a smile.

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

"Yes, because all girls dream of being swept off their feet by a man with the grace of a bison!" Elrith retorts.

Senjin laughs, "Yes, I seem to remember his grace shining, while stumbling in the road in front of the Hellblights. And wasn't there a problem climbing through the window of the library....But....he did smash through that pile of burning furniture with a lot of style. That got the girls' attention."

Janiven smirks at the suggestion, but says nothing.

Zellara, the Varisian woman with the Harrow deck, clears her throat. "The others... Are they coming? They must come. Their presence is a necessity." She seems worried and flips the top card of the deck quickly to look at it. "What we aim to do, they must be a part of."

Dark Archive

"Perhaps the slipping up every once and awhile did not impress them but the not almost dying tends to!" Alejandro stands slowly before arching an eyebrow at Senjin and smirking.

'Next time though, I should avoid slipping up!'

He turned to Elrith and frowned for a second, a puzzled look crossing his face. "Excuse me Miss Arrow but... Are you looking for me to sweep you off your feet? If so... You could have just asked!" Alejandro laughs softly, before winking at the woman and moving over towards the Gull, calling back over his shoulder as he goes, "I jest, of course!"

"Well met fellow. How goes it for you, since that faithful night?" he extends his hand towards the Gull in greeting.

Arael claps his hands together. "The Bison! Strong, noble creatures capable of truly great feats. I think that it fits perfectly." He grins, pleased by all of this. He unfurls a map of Korvosa on the face of a crate as the laughter ends. "Onto our business. When the last of your number arrives, we can fill her in on the plan. Our goal remains the same as it was: eliminate the criminal element of the city to free the citizens of their fear. We have the capability of doing it with more subtlety and hope than the Hellknights, who will take little care in distinguishing friend from foe."

He points to Old Korvosa, tapping a few times with his long and graceful fingers for emphasis. "The gangs are strongest here. This is the result of many years of pervasive poverty and inequity. The Spiders control the east from their nest in Eel's End." He looks at Senjin nervously. "Let's hope that isn't prophetic."

Zellara flips a Harrow card. "It isn't."

Arael grins at the news and continues.

To be continued in a little while. This connection is unstable, and I need to check some stuff anyway.

Arael points to the pier called Eel's End. "The Spiders control the drug trade almost completely and most of the vice. They've got a gang of wererats that calls themselves the Rat's Teat Boys. They're all shiver and pesh addicts, something that the Spiders use to their advantage. The Rat's Teat Boys are their enforcers during turf wars. They mostly stay in the Vaults below Old Korvosa. The current head of the Spiders is Devargo Barvasi, who calls himself the Spider King. He's extremely dangerous and very well-connected. Topple him, and the gang's control over Old Korvosa will break."

He moves his finger over to the other side of Old Korvosa. "The Spiders' most hated enemy are the Dusters, who is always trying to seize control of their turf. They wear distinctive brown overcoats as a sign of membership." Senjin nods, having seen them many times in the slum neighborhood near the stables. "They don't have much by way of the drug and vice trade, so they focus on robbery, kidnapping, and extortion. Their leader is a Shoanti named Kynndors Thok. They're allies of the Sczarni, with a lot of overlapping membership."

"In between them are the Outsiders, who act as middlemen for the drug trade. They are mostly juveniles abandoned by the city's heartlessness, but they bring the drugs into the mainland using their child couriers. They've got the protection of the Spiders, though the Dusters have taken to trying to rob them in order to move in on the drug trade in the last few months. They're led by an albino who calls himself the Spook. I suppose we aren't the only ones with a penchant for nicknames."

"If there's one thing that the gangs of Old Korvosa have in common, it's that they're independent from the Cerulean Society. They have their own rules and don't take well to paying off the thieves' guild. The rest of the city's gangs answer to the Society, but not them."

He points over to East Shore, the other part of the city off the mainland. "Over here, you've got the Winter Wolves, largely made up of Shoanti from the Thief's Camp. The Sczarni also have a significant presence here, with a lot of their street enforcers coming out of the Camp. Most of these two gangs are disorganized and violent, though they find common ground with one another often."

He moves up to North Point, the heart of the bureaucracy of Korvosa. "Here, the Basilisk Combine controls this turf. They think of themselves as more subtle and cultured, but all they do is a protection racket. When the Guard is distracted, they harass people coming in the North Bridge. The Combine's leader is a man named Bagger, a petty thief with delusions of being a gentleman. They do control most of the turf up there, but it's not as lucrative as some of the other wards."

He taps Midland a few times, nearby their current location in the docks. "Until a few weeks ago, this area was largely held by Gaedren Lamm and his Lambs. They were a vicious gang that exploited the children and orphans of Korvosa, forcing them into all manner of exploitative activities. Fortunately, with Lamm's death, his organization crumbled underneath him. We were able to get the orphans out of there and to the orphanages in the city. It leaves a power vacuum, one that the Bastards of Erebus have been trying to fill. They only accept tieflings and originally called the area near Pillar Hill their turf. They've been steadily moving northward and are looking for a way into Old Korvosa."

He goes on for a few minutes more about some minor gangs, mostly allies of the major gangs above, but it's clear that they aren't as dangerous as the ones he described. For all of Arael's knowledge, it is clear that this is not first-hand knowledge. It is the result of research and gathering information, not a lifetime in the slums.

Dark Archive

Alejandro frowns down at the map for a few minutes, before nodding his head slowly. "Well... We could burst in to each of these Gangs hideouts, and kick em to pieces, one by one, or..." He frowned for a moment, before looking up at Arael.

"Or we could try to play them off each other, at the start at least..." He grinned, before pointing towards the Duster territory.

"We inspire a huge turf war between the Spiders and the Dusters. It could work..."

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

"Especially if we launch a strike attack against the Rat Teat Boys, scatter them, leave the Spiders without their muscle. Don't like the idea of fighting wererats, though. Aren't they tougher than your average street thug somehow?"

Elrith turns to the more knowledgeable members of the resistance.

Male Human (Chelaxian/Varisian) Inquisitor (Preacher) 1

I've got a few minutes, so...

Alistair greets everyone as they enter and smiles genuinely at the goodnatured and humorous teasing going on between his new companions. He agrees that The Bison would be a good moniker. It implies strength and resilience!

As the talk shifts to the gangs of Korvosa and how to deal with them, Alistair brings up his own piece of information to add to the discussion. "I overheard today that the Bastards are planning to take the old temple devoted to Aroden tonight. Pitting the gangs against each other will take some time, but we have a chance to thwart the plans of one of the gangs now. Once the Bastards hold the temple, they will be more difficult to deal with. And if they succeed, it'll only serve to frighten the citizens of Korvosa all the more."

Senjin finds himself nodding at much of what is said. The gangs and the turf are all familiar, some of the names though are news to him....All except the Albino...He knows its coming in the audible list so it does not get a reaction from him at the mention...put he knows taking this path now will lead to a reckoning.

"I agree. Spreading confusion and rumors while hitting with utter ruthlessness will have to be our way. For such a small group as ours to continue, these gangs each must think we are their rivals, never knowing we are the foe of all of them."

Upon hearing Alistair's words. "Seems a good way to start. Easier to stop their movements then rout them from their hideout."

Arael frowns at the news about the abandoned temple. "The temple is in Old Korvosa, on the north side of the island. It is deep in Duster territory. It is kept by a few clerics who cling to Aroden and the old ways. They have no magic or protection. It is simply out of tradition that the gangs allow them to operate, as they bother no one and avoid the temple's seizure by the Crown. If the Bastards were to attack them, they would be slaughtered."

Janiven nods her head in agreement. "Yes, they will be. However, there's no way that we can ambush or intercept them. There are just too many ways they could approach. We'd be in the middle of a killing zone."

Dark Archive

Alejandro shrugs and stretches slowly, popping his shoulders with a loud crack, before relaxing once again.

"Doesn't matter... We still need to try. I will not sit back and watch innocent Priests slaughtered. If this is really going down, I suggest we go in with steel bared and baying for blood. We put them down before they put us down!"

He nodded softly to himself, before smiling. [b]"And perhaps I get a taste of revenge, for the tavern!'[/i]

"It might be an idea to get the priests to get out o' the premises for a moment and we could take their place. Might give us an element o' surprise o'er the Bastards," Gull grins, his teeth a black and white chessboard.

He looks around at his companions, hunched over his cane while he shares his rictus smile.

GM Rolls:
Positive Past: 1d6 ⇒ 3 1d9 ⇒ 6 Mountain Man CN
Unclear Past: 1d6 ⇒ 4 1d9 ⇒ 4 Inquisitor LN (True Match)
Negative Past: 1d6 ⇒ 6 1d9 ⇒ 6 Courtesan CN
Positive Present: 1d6 ⇒ 1 1d9 ⇒ 1 Paladin LG (Partial)
Unclear Present: 1d6 ⇒ 6 1d9 ⇒ 9 Liar CE
Negative Present: 1d6 ⇒ 1 1d9 ⇒ 5 Bear N (Partial)
Positive Future: 1d6 ⇒ 1 1d9 ⇒ 8 Beating NE (Misaligned)
Unclear Future: 1d6 ⇒ 6 1d9 ⇒ 8 Betrayal NE
Negative Future 1d6 ⇒ 6 1d9 ⇒ 1 Empty Throne LG (Opposite Match)

Zellara listens politely to the discussion of tactics and gang wars, toying with her deck all the while. With little to add, she gazes into the stories that her cards tell. The dizzying futures hold her attention raptly as she flips card after card, each faster than the last. Arael holds a hand up to interrupt the discussion when he notices her. He rushes to her side and gently pulls her next to the box upon which he has laid the map of Korvosa. He holds a graceful finger next to his mouth, motioning for no one to speak.

With a sudden rush, a great wind blows in through the door of the warehouse. It clatters helplessly against the gale that blasts dust and paper everywhere. The map on the box, though, stays exactly where it is without the least bit of weight upon it. Alejandro's long hair whips viciously in the wind as the group of would-be insurrectionists cover their faces to prevent the wind from blowing dust and sand into their eyes. Zellara's eyes turn from the common Varisian brown to a pale white, as devoid of iris and whites as Elrith's elven eyes. She begins to speak in an echoing voice, a thousand voices of the wandering tribes of Varisia. As she speaks, she turns cards from her Harrow deck over onto the map.

The first card contains the picture of a giant bearded mountain man towering over a small cottage. The card rests upon the South Gate on the map. "You have had an encounter with a power outside your control. This encounter, you survived. The Hellknights arrived upon this city, and you prevented them from taking the heart of it."

Zellara flips over a second card, which lands face-up next to the Jeggare University. The image is that of a masked inquisitor, finger pointing accusingly. "There is one who will accept nothing but the truth. Your paths have met. His role in your destiny remains unclear, save that he will be neither fooled nor swayed." Her blank eyes seemingly raise towards the Gull as she says this, though they return quickly to the task at hand.

"Your actions forced a different path. Where once, political intrigue may have maintained a stalemate, no such path exists now. As each action has consequences unimagined, so does your act of courage." She intones this after flipping a third card. This card, depicting a masked courtesan, comes to rest next to the bridge on First Street between Old Korvosa and the mainland.

Zellara slips the next card slowly from her deck, placing it carefully above Castle Korvosa. It is a shining knight, a holy warrior of great majesty in gleaming golden armor. "You stand strong in the face of adversity. Your path is one of righteousness. You stand as the protectors of the downtrodden, even if it takes a heavy toll."

The Varisian seer holds a card out in front of her for a long moment before placing it in South Shore, near the south face of the Pillar Wall. She seemingly hesitates over the Heights before placing it. "A lie, a great lie, has been told. Like a single dice falling upon the ground, the consequences of this lie may have many destinies. It is upon the one telling this lie to determine how it may fall." The card is a beautiful woman with a snake's tail and a flower turning to stone upon it.

The sixth card is almost comical - a bear holding a scepter and riding a queer wheeled contraption of gears and spokes. She places it over the Academae with an emphatic thump. "Make no mistake, there are forces in this world that cannot be tamed. There are those who think that they have these forces under their control. They are mistaken."

She places the seventh card in Old Korvosa, sideways with one side touching the Arkona Palace and the other touching the abandoned Temple of Abadar. It is a mass of hands emerging from the ground to pull a hapless victim into a deadly grasp. "You will face attacks from all sides. These attacks will be unrelenting, merciless, deadly. The strength of the body and mind will crumble. Have hope! In the midst of this terrible assault, you will discover your true strength."

Zellara places the next card next to the shining knight over Castle Korvosa. It shows a woman with a severed head, bringing it forward for a kiss. "You will suffer a betrayal. Envy twists the spirit and leads ultimately to devastation. This betrayal will be from one that you do not expect, whose facade hides an evil heart."

She turns over a final card and slowly sets it upon Domina Square. Its meaning is clear before she even speaks: an empty throne. "The ghosts of the city's past are restless. Nothing ties them down. They will sweep upon Korvosa as a hurricane upon an island. All your efforts shall fail unless you lay these ghosts to rest, but there are so many. So many..."

Zellara's spectral voice fades as the winds die down. Her eyes return to their normal color slowly as she fades out of the reverie. Apparently exhausted by the vision, she would fall if not for being held up by Arael. Janiven stands to the side, her face as inscrutable as ever, but Arael looks at Zellara with wonder and amazement.

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

"Well, that was interesting." Elrith states simply after a few moments of shocked silence in the warehouse.

Senjin stamps his foot and makes several warding hand gestures.

His exposure to true magics have been limited, up until he was the beneficiary of healing and blessings of his new companions. But where those provided comfort, this display was very unsettling. What spirits laid hold of her and what is their intent with us?

"Don't care a bit for that last bit. It hard enough fighting the living...let's leave the dead out of it."

The Gull watches the cards unfold, marking a prophetic path through his city. He'd never held much faith in Varisian harrowing, but he couldn't deny the power evident here. He pointedly avoided reacting to the unveiling of the inquisitors card, all the while memorizing the cryptic clues. What would father say if he saw me now I wonder?

'That was mighty startlin',' the Gull murmurs with a shudder.

'I'm with Senjin, I don' like the sounds of dead men actin' like their not dead.'

'What did it mean for tonight, though? It ain't in me to interpret that ghosty stuff.'

Dark Archive

Alejandro frowns for a moment, before pulling a leather strip from behind his belt and proceeding to tie his hair back. 'I do not know what that was... But it sure was interesting!' He nodded softly, silently agreeing with Elrith.

"Well... Does this change anything for tonight? If not... We should puzzle it out later and be about our work!"

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

"It seems to me that we go about our business as planned, and try to make sense a later time. Time seems to be against us, so we should be making all speed for this temple. Is there anything special we need for fighting tieflings, or do they just go down to arrows like the rest of us? Anything else we can procure to help would be good. Caltrops, trip wires, anything to turn the terrain to our advantage would be good."

Dark Archive

Alejandro stop, staring at Elrith for a moment before nodding in approval. 'Well damn... That is a pretty sharp mind there. Traps, that would indeed help us out!'

"I agree with Miss Arrow. Anything to twist this fight in our favor, would be ideal. I am sure the brains of this gang can whip something up in a pinch but as for me, just point me towards them and let me off the chain!" He grins brushing a stray strand of hair out of his eyes, his hand tightening on the pommel of his blade subconsciously.

"If these thugs thing to find an easy fight, they are sadly mistaken!"

"The question then, do we approach the priests to help them prior to the attack, or do we try to stop the devil-spawn in the streets. I don't know how one joins a dead religion but it sure would be nice to somehow defend from the inside a stout church rather than get swarmed in the street."

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

"Do we need deception in this instance? Can we just not put ourselves forward as local heroes or some such nonsense who have gotten wind of this plot, and put ourselves forward as defenders? Surely the more eloquent among us can make them believe it."

Senjin looks at his foot, while he kicks at a scrap of wood on the warehouse floor.

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

"I did not mean to disparage your suggestion, Senjin. Normally, I would favor the stealthy approach. I'm just wondering if it's necessary here. Of all people in Old Korvosa, I would guess these priests would look favorably on our cause if we are up front about who we are and what we want to do. We might even earn allies and a safe haven in Old Korvosa for when we are pitting these gangs against each other."

Senjin looks up startled to be addressed, ", that plan is fine. I am all for someone talking our way into the church, it's just, I am better at out shouting a mob then sweet talking out-of-touch priests.

HAHA. Sorry that wasn't clear. No, that was Senjin not volunteering to talk to some priests...not that he was sad at being ignored. But thanks. ;-)

Janiven dryly claps her hands at Zellara. "Well, thank you for that direct and specific guidance. I'm going to go ahead and put that to good use now."

Arael shushes her with a smile. Clearly, they have different attitudes about the value of Zellara's reveries. "We are watched over by the spirits, and our goals are blessed. It is something to take heart in." He helps Zellara sit on a crate, taking a few moments to see to her as the others discuss their plans. He returns to the conversation with a moment of silence between Senjin and Elrith. "You have the right of it. It is better to ambush the enemy than to try to take a fortified position. If the Bastards get a hold of that temple, they'll have a foothold on Old Korvosa. There's already enough gangs up there that we will deal with in time. For tonight, we simply stop a massacre. The people of Old Korvosa will know that there are still some who stand up for what is right."

Dark Archive

Alejandro nods softly, before turning to the others. "Arael has hit it on the head. Let us get out of here and get those Bastards. We can stop this, so lets do it!"

"We can at least make ourselves known to the old priests or just fill the pews until the time is right. Light a candle and all that, isn't that what they do? Light a candle in hope....maybe that ain't such a bad idea, for tonight."

Dark Archive

Alejandro smiles and nods, patting Senjin on the shoulder. "Maybe the Gods will hear our words and send some help. As long as it is not the Hellknights, hey?" With a grin, he pushes the younger man towards the doors.

He turns to the others, gesturing for them to follow as he sets off. "Come. Like last time, we plan on the way!"

'This better bloody work. I do not want to die for nothing here...'

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

"Trip wires? Caltrops?" Elrith prompts as Alejandro makes ready to leave.

Dark Archive

Alejandro nods. "I doubt we will find them here. Any idea where we can find them Arrow? A shop that may have hunting supplies or the like?"

Arael claps his hands once to get their attention. "This is a strong plan, my friends. The five of you are heading on an extraordinary journey. We three have our necessary duties in this all and cannot join you tonight." Janiven somewhat growls at this, clearly less than thrilled to be left out of potential violence. Arael grins at her and reaches into his coin pouch, pulling out several gold crowns. "There is a butcher's shop, All the World's Meat, located in Northpoint. There is a man there, Verik Vancaskerkin, who can supply dusters for you. Do not tarry long there, and do not find yourself owing him any favors." He hands the gold coins to Alistair with his usual dramatic flourish.

Knowledge: Local DC 20:
Verik Vancaskerkin is a former member of the Korvosan Guard. He left with a dishonorable discharge several years ago amid an investigation into corruption. He used his skills and contacts to become a broker of information, power, and favors.

Alejandro gets a +10 bonus to the above roll.

Dark Archive

Knowledge Local:1d20 + 10 ⇒ (10) + 10 = 20

Alejandro pauses, staring at Arael for a moment, before frowning and nodding softly. "Verik... Well I never thought to see him. I have heard the stories, I know what kind of a man he is, I will make sure we are careful!"

He nods to Arael and salutes Janvien, before heading out the door, in to the cool air. 'Things are going from bad to... Not worse but atleast more complicated!"

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

"I do know a hunting shop, with an owner who is discrete. It would be best if I went alone, though there's no reason you can't accompany me most of the way. What are dusters?"

Dusters are long overcoats. They are worn by the gang that keeps their name and are seen as a de facto sigil of membership to the gang.

@Elrith Elrith makes her way to the Trapper's Hole after leaving the warehouse. It is not far, but she is incredibly careful to not be seen. She takes multiple unnecessary turns. In one alley behind a rather foul-smelling fishery, she spies a prostitute and a customer in the midst of a transaction. Clearly, the commerce of flesh does not halt amidst a crisis. She smirks as she passes the pair. The man is too busy to notice her, but the prostitute clearly watches the elf with bored eyes. She sees no other sights of interest as she makes her way to Eodred's Walk.

Jope Chantsmo stands behind a counter as she walks in. The chimes above the door make no sound as she carefully opens the door, and he makes no sign that he notices her. He works on a bow, deep in concentration as he tests the newly-strung bow for its tensile strength. Her trained eyes admire the longbow, appraising it as readily as a socilate would appraise a new dress by a famed designer. This bow was crafted locally, in the style of the Shoanti - strong, inflexible wood with little moisture carved with more eye for function than beauty. Its bowstring would be more difficult to pull than the elven bows, but it would launch the arrows with greater force.

@Alistair and Senjin Alistair passes the pouch of coins to Alejandro, arguing that he would be best equipped to speak to the former Guardsman. Luca volunteered quickly to accompany Alejandro, and the two pairs set off separately while Elrith headed to get supplies.

Alistair and Senjin walk together north to Old Korvosa. Their task is to speak to the priests of Aroden and convince them of the danger. The pair talk between themselves as they walk unmolested towards Old Korvosa. The city's bureaucratic center remains closed in honor of the late king. Very few people walk through Northpoint, except for a few roving Hellknight patrols. They do not approach the pair, as there are no riles about being in the area and they are not committing any crime that the Hellknights can see.

They arrive at the bridge between the island and the mainland. Senjin recalls the young boy that he helped the night if the riots, who he told to hide under the bridge. His eyes look over to the bottom of the bridge, somewhat relieved to find no bodies or blood there.

@Alejandro and Luca The scions of two of the most ancient noble families of Korvosa walk together to Northpoint to deal with a dangerous criminal contact. Luca's lame leg shuffles as they walk, clearly bothering him but not slowing them sown too drastically. With this part of the city largely absent of citizens, they have an opportunity to talk without prying ears. The distant cousins have much to speak of.

They pass the Jeggare Library, which bears one of their last names. There is little in the city still named after Alejandro's family other than a few military buildings. His grandfather's humility had ensured that their name did not go on their works. The wise man bad always said that the gods and the recipients both knew of charity, so there was no need for further recognition.

Going to give you two some extra time to interact, just like Alistair and Senjin above.

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Elrith grins at the prostitute, holds up a gold coin so she can see, places it in a hidden place in the alley that she can see, and then mimes biting with bared teeth. With a wave, she scoots out of the alley.

Once at the Trapper's Hole, Elrith looks about, making sure there are no other customers, before approaching Jope. Getting directly to business, she says, "I need some snares, triplines, traps, and anything else you can think of to impede movement of people attacking a rundown stone building, and i need them to not come with questions attached. What do you recommend?"

Senjin walks along watching the city folks, but more often then not spying the lesser ones, the one struggling, down allies and back courtyards. He turns to his companion to break the silence they fell into as they walked, "So Alistair. You're a man of the Gods, well, your god, but you know what I mean. As a man with a God, do you think the Aroden priests are crazy or just lost? He is not coming back and yet they persist, did the loss make them snap, or do they just continue not knowing what else to do with their that I think on it, that could describe a lot of folks in this city. They keep doing what they are doing, mindless, even if it is harming them or others, just living till the next day to repeat it all over...."

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Alejandro strolls slowly through the streets, keeping his hand resting lightly on the pommel of his blade.

"Luca... What are you doing here Cousin? Why did you join up to this group? I know why I am here but... It does not make sense. You are in danger. I know you can handle yourself, by the Gods I do but... What do you gain from it?"

Male Human (Chelaxian/Varisian) Inquisitor (Preacher) 1

Alistair thinks on Senjin's question for a moment before answering. "I do think the priests of Aroden crazy. Perhaps they have grown so accustomed to the rituals and traditions of Aroden that they cannot just simply give them up. I can tell that were Milani to go the same way as Aroden, I would still continue to live her values and teachings. These priests may seem lost to the rest of us, but perhaps they are really just at home and comfortable with what they know."

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