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DM Barcas - Kingmaker of Korvosa (Inactive)

Game Master Isaac Duplechain

When the King of Korvosa dies, the city plunges into chaos. Who will emerge from the ashes as ruler of the city, or will Korvosa tear itself apart before anyone can rise to the occasion?

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Dark Archive

Sounds good. :)

Male Human
DM Barcas wrote:
I meant to get back to you via PM, but didn't get around to it.

No worries, mate. :-)

I, for one, will be waiting for any further developments with much interest.

P.S. If I may, Alejandro seems to be missing a skill rank, as well as a feat. As far as I can tell, he should have a total of 3 skill ranks at 1st level (2 for being a fighter and 1 more for being human, as per the Skilled racial trait); however, he has used only 2 (Diplomacy, Intimidate). He should also have 3 feats (1 general, 1 human bonus, 1 fighter bonus).

Sounds good by me too.

Male Human

Hmm, the suspense is killing me. Well, figuratively speaking, of course... :-)

Wonder where everyone else is.

OK. Definitely weird. First I didn't see the new game post and then I posted to this thread and it is gone.

Well, what I basically wanted to say was to tell people to go look to the game thread. This meta thread will likely update for everyone with these new posts, but the game thread fell into a limbo from inactively that was not updating as new on my focus list.

So go read the game post and let's get this back on.

Thanks to F. Castor for the kindly heads up to get me looking here. Hopefully this will do it for the rest of you.

F. Castor: I know we game together in another thread so you felt comfortable PMing me. Did you by chance PM anyone else? Might be what is needed, as I noted above about the lack of the "New" message on the thread.

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Something that's been happening lately. If the game goes dormant for a week or so, everybody loses dots (like I did). I had to PM a ton of people after I went away for a week.

Male Human
Senjin wrote:
F. Castor: I know we game together in another thread so you felt comfortable PMing me. Did you by chance PM anyone else? Might be what is needed, as I noted above about the lack of the "New" message on the thread.

Thinking that dots do tend to disappear and sometimes there is no indication that there are new posts in a thread, I took the liberty of contacting you in case something like that had happened. However, I did not feel particularly comfortable to PM people I do not play with to tell them what could essentially 'sound' like "Hey dudes I do not know, get on with the show, will ya? My pop corn is getting cold here..." :-P

:-p I know what you mean. I have followed a couple of long PbPs, that once I caught up, wished I could have prodded them along faster.

Male Human

I shall admit that I may or may not have a vested interest in the continuation of this game/story and the current event in particular, not to mention any recruitment attempts that the latter may lead to. Not to say, of course, that its entertainment value alone is not reason enough to... ahem... prod, as you put it, or at least feel tempted to do so. I am more than curious to see how this latest little tight spot you guys find yourselves into plays out, as well as how you react to it. :-)

People will definitely die. It will clear the way for new players and a tighter story.

F, what are you interested in playing, and how would you tie the PC into Korvosa?

DM Barcas wrote:
It's cool. If you have a good idea and want a spot, just let me know and we'll try to work something out.

Obviously, things have changed in the last 11+ weeks. You're preparing a rather dramatic series of events. I've spent the intervening time practicing a more narrative style in my other PbP games, so that now I feel comfortable with it. And, I finally have an inspiration for a well-grounded character, though I won't have time to write him up properly until Thursday.

Suleiyel Demonsbane:
Elven wizard (abjurer [banisher]) from Kyonin. Acadamae graduate who came as an idealistic youth, looking for an edge against Treerazer and his minions, only to find himself frightened by ordinary imps. The canny Kyoni played up his anti-demon agenda for social acceptance, while the bulk of his actual practice was friendly sparring with the common devil summoners in his class. Learned just enough conjuration to pass the final test, though his education left him with scars (physical and emotional). Still a Shelynite, Suleiyel's hard experiences have taught him to care about more than just how Treerazer redecorated the Tanglebriar.

Male Human
DM Barcas wrote:
F, what are you interested in playing, and how would you tie the PC into Korvosa?

I was thinking of this guy.

Araevel Naranthir, Magus:
Male Elf Magus 1
CG Medium Humanoid (Elf)
Init +5; Senses Low-light vision; Perception +3
AC 17, touch 13, flat-footed 14. . (+4 armor, +3 Dex)
hp 13 (1d8+1+1+3)
Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +2; +2 vs. enchantment
Defensive Abilities Elven Immunities; Immune Sleep
Spd 30 ft.
Melee Longsword +2 (1d8+2/19-20/x2) or
. . Dagger +2 (1d4+2/19-20/x2) or
. . Unarmed strike +2 (1d3+2/20/x2)
Ranged Dagger +3 (1d4+2/19-20/x2/10 ft.)
Special Attacks Spell Combat
Magus Spells Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +6)
1st - color spray (DC 14), shield
0 (at will) - acid splash, detect magic, prestidigitation
Str 15, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 16, Wis 11, Cha 10
Base Atk +0; CMB +2; CMD 15
Feats Toughness
Traits Focused Mind, Warrior of Old
Skills Acrobatics +2, Climb +4, Knowledge (Arcana) +7, Perception +3, Spellcraft +7 (+9 to identify the properties of magic items); Modifiers Keen Senses
Languages Common, Draconic, Elven, Goblin, Sylvan
SQ Arcane Focus, Arcane Pool (4 points, +1), Elven Magic
Combat Gear Longsword, dagger, spell component pouch; Other Gear Backpack (24 lbs: bedroll, flint and steel, ink (1 oz. vial, black), inkpen, silk rope (50 ft.), torch (2), trail rations (4 days), waterskin, whetstone, wizard's spellbook), belt pouch (2 lbs: caltrops), belt pouch (empty), map or scroll case (0 lbs: sheet of parchment (5))
Arcane Focus +2 racial bonus on concentration checks when casting defensively
Arcane Pool (Su) Gain arcane pool with points equal to 1/2 magus level (minimum 1) + INT modifier, expend 1 point to grant any held weapon a +1 enhancement bonus for 1 minute
Elven Immunities +2 racial bonus on saves vs. enchantment, immune to sleep
Elven Magic +2 racial bonus on caster checks to overcome spell resistance, and on Spellcraft checks to identify the properties of a magic item
Focused Mind +2 trait bonus on concentration checks
Keen Senses +2 racial bonus on Perception checks
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail
Spell Combat (Ex) Use a weapon with one hand at -2 and cast a spell with the other
Warrior of Old +2 trait bonus on Initiative checks
Agile and graceful, Araevel stands close to six feet tall with a slender, yet athletic, build. He is fair of skin and has long silvery white hair, that falls down to between his shoulderblades. His eyes are a vibrant deep red color, with a thin vertical scar running from about an inch above his right eye to a little more than that below it. His attire of choice usually consists of a black sleeveless tunic over a light gray shirt, its long sleeves partially covered by a pair of black leather bracers, and black fitted trousers tucked into matching knee-high boots made of soft leather. A black hooded cloak, as well as a chain shirt worn between shirt and tunic, serve to complement his outfit. Next to his left hip a longsword with a hilt of black and silver rests in its scabbard, while a dagger is kept sheathed in the small of his back.
Despite his overall appearance and a somewhat dry and, quite often, sarcastic wit, a characteristic which may very well put people off at first, Araevel finds genuine joy in adventure, although one might find it hard to believe given his almost perpetual look of disinterest. Indeed, his reason for traveling and getting involved in situations that require his skill with blade and spell is not so much the material rewards, but because he sees each new battle and each new challenge, be it martial, magical or otherwise, as a chance to learn something new and improve his abilities. A kind and compassionate man, even if such character traits are not readily apparent, he will often help those in need or rise to the defense of those unable to defend themselves, though he will just as often dismiss any noble motive or reason behind such an act with his usual nonchalance.

The Arcane Focus racial trait is from the Advanced Race Guide and replaces the Weapon Familiarity trait elves get. If, however, such a thing is not permitted, no need for me to make the switch between the two abilities. Hardly a big deal.

As far as how to tie him in, I was thinking of something along the following lines. Thoughts and discussion are, of course, more than welcome.

Background Outline:
When an elf's parents are both mages, one would expect said elf to simply follow their footsteps. Certainly that was what the aforementioned parents thought, which is why Araevel started his lessons in the arcane arts at a young enough age. And he did indeed find such a thing an interesting pursuit, but he wanted more, he wanted... well, one might say diversity. Thus, he began to train not only his mind, but his body as well, slowly but steadily blending spell with blade, even if it was with his parents' disapproval, since they knew quite well that their son would never become a true master of the Art.

Nevertheless, Araevel grew in skill and, being one who saw challenges as excellent ways to test himself and hone his abilities, found a place within the ranks of the Mierani defense force. At first, he seemed to be a good, if not perfect, fit. As time passed, however, his superiors and even more than a few of his peers started thinking otherwise. Araevel was an independent sort, who did not follow orders blindly, but instead questioned them if he considered them illogical or unfair, preferring to think for himself more often than not. Although he did not shy away from the inherent hardships and discipline of military life, he managed to come into conflict with others in the force on more than one occasion, and quite a few times due to defending a new recruit or talking back to an unjust instructor or officer.

And now the time has come that his independence has put him on the spot one time too many. Araevel has been given one last chance to learn his place and to turn himself around, to prove that he still deserves a place among those defending Mierani forest. He has been sent outside the forest and after a deserter, an elven archer suspected to be indirectly responsible for the deaths of a unit of elven scouts and snipers and the failure of their mission into Celwynvian years ago. If he succeeds, then a deserter will be brought back for trial and punishment and perhaps the magus will have changed his ways in the process. Even though he suspects that his order is both his mission and his punishment, he has for once accepted it without protest. After all, he will find himself away from his sometimes suffocating brethren and to places more or less new and full of adventure. Not that he will not be looking for his quarry, but he will decide for himself if what the Mierani elves think about her is true after he finds her. Until then? He is in no hurry to return, truth be told.

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

If we're taking submissions, may I invite a friend and long-time fellow player to submit a character for consideration?

Senjin rolled the dice. Don't see this as much better than squaring off with the Hellknights. Take a lump and hopefully escape.

Elrithrathiel wrote:
If we're taking submissions, may I invite a friend and long-time fellow player to submit a character for consideration?


AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Did you ever get word from Luca or Alejandro?

My friend is still interested in submitting a character, he just moved this week-end.

Haven't heard hide nor hair.

Your Humble Narrator

I'd definitely PM people if you haven't done so already. Dots are not sticking as they should and the campaigns tab doesn't always show new posts after any small period of hiatus. Made a topic on it in website feedback i'm hoping to get some staff response on.

This is really long, because it's based on a previous character. Suleiyel was a freshman in the Acadamae, and it all seemed rather exciting and new to him -- kind of like Harry at Hogwarts -- and then over the years it got dark... kind of like Hogwarts. So there's a background for an innocent young character from a defunct game, and then the transition into a graduate of the Acadamae. I'll probably tweak it some more, but here's the current version.

Growing up in Kyonin, Suleiyel sometimes overheard adults talking about someone they knew who just came back injured (or dead) from fighting Treerazer's minions. He would ask how they were going to stop him, and the adults would just smile indulgently and say not to worry, they had it under control. It might be difficult for shorter-lived races to understand how that could go on for decades, but he simply accepted what he was told and forgot about it... until he reached his adolescence and started questioning things. Then, he realized that they'd all been lying to him the whole time. They had Treerazer contained in the Tanglebriar -- which is to say, free and not under their control at all. And it had been that way for about two millennia.

So, Suleiyel started looking into what it would take to answer his original question: how were they going to stop Treerazer? Since no elves had found the answer yet, he decided that maybe it would be a good idea to look outside elven lore; but where? Reading whatever he could get his hands on from the local library, and talking to whatever outsiders were allowed in, Suleiyel learned of Shelyn and her love of beauty. He knew that she would support his desire to end the ugliness of the Tanglebriar, and so he studied her faith, meditating on it and bringing her beauty inside himself. But still, how to defeat Treerazer?

Reading further about the outside world, Suleiyel learned of a unique school of magic: the Korvosan Acadamae. It catered to every specialty, while favoring conjurers. It also tolerated devil-worshipers -- and so if the faculty thought anything of demon-hunting, they would probably approve of it, due to the rivalry between the two (if the Blood War could be called a "rivalry"). And, the Hall of Wards had a famous annual Breaching Festival to constantly test their assumptions about what would work.

The conjurers were talented in summoning evil beings from the lower planes, the abjurers were eminently practical, and the administrators would likely approve of his life's mission to banish demons. It couldn't be more perfect. Suleiyel immediately began saving up his meager earnings from odd jobs, and his long hours in the library eventually lead him to discover a random talent for repairing books. However, his youthful eagerness betrayed him in the end; despite having centuries left to learn what he needed to know, as soon as he was within striking distance of being able to afford the journey and the first semester's tuition, he sold the shortbow and longsword that he'd been given for defending the community -- and lit out to defend them in a much larger-scale, longer-term way.

At first, things were a bit awkward, until Suleiyel met another elf -- Silyph Verrani, one of the forlorn -- and through her, quite a remarkable cast of characters. In the way of the young, they became fast friends, and then fell apart just as quickly: all of them from Silyph because she fell in so easily with the Asmodeans, and then Suleiyel from the rest because he had so much more time on his hands. For all that he had an ambitious goal, the bookish elf wasn't in any rush; Treerazer had held for a long time already, and could wait awhile longer to be banished.

So, class after class graduated while Suleiyel honed his craft, earning his keep with his skill at restoring worn books. Playing up his anti-demon agenda for social acceptance, the banisher-to-be got most of his actual practice from friendly sparring with impers. He won more than he lost... but no one came out of the Acadamae unchanged. From the beginning, the goodly elf was wary of the frighteningly powerful minor devils that were so common in the area, set loose from young masters long dead; and none of his scars changed that opinion.

Suleiyel Demonsbane, he encouraged people to call him; but in truth, he held nothing but hatred for any of the Lower Planes. By the time he was done, the Kyoni wizard knew better than anyone how to defeat imps, and everyone who sparred with him knew it. Of course Suleiyel had to learn conjuration as a required course, and to pass the final exam; but he always considered it to be studying the enemy, and took it very seriously. When it came time to prove his worth, Suleiyel met the test and passed. The faculty didn't all like the eternal student; but they couldn't deny his skill, and so he left a graduate.

And yet, when Suleiyel left the school, he found that he couldn't leave his own nature behind. The same impulses that drove him to Korvosa to seek knowledge to use against Treerazer, drove him to stay and help the people there. The Tanglebriar had waited to be dealt with for over two millenia -- two whole lifetimes! It could wait some more, while he did what needed doing.

Dark Archive

I am back!

Sorry folks. College and stuff got me sidetracked, plus the whole no dot thing!

So, you can see that tensions in Korvosa are high. What makes your proposed character(s) recruitable into the Resistance?

Male Human

I was thinking of Araevel's involvement as a combination of circumstance (seeing as how the one he seeks is in Korvosa and a part of the Resistance), personal interests (growing in skill and power in both swordplay and magic and overcoming challenges thrown his way) and his own sense of right (being of a mind that personal freedom is of great importance and that the defenseless should be defended and those in need should be helped, even if or when such actions might go against the established status quo). The latter trait, though not perhaps readily apparent given his demeanor, is what has landed him his latest task, as well as being responsible for his peers' displeasure, so to speak.

Furthermore, with the existence of an enclave of Mierani elves in Korvosa and given the rising racial tensions, Araevel has an added reason to see what he can do to help in regards to the city's stability or at least relative peace once he finds himself within its borders. And perhaps the aforementioned enclave has played a role in his arrival to Korvosa through information or even rumor reaching the magus' ears that someone matching his quarry's description has been seen walking the city's streets.

Araevel can act in the scene outside the Mierani Enclave. I have a small change though - instead of sent to hunt down Elrith, how about they sent him for guard duty to Korvosa. He knows of Elrith and her deserter status, but it is not his primary gig.

Frederik - Did you settle on that background?

Male Human

Certainly. It sounds fine by me. In fact... why did I not think of that...? I should have a post soon enough. Just let me catch up and create his character sheet.

All in all, looking forward to this. :-)

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75
DM Barcas wrote:
Araevel can act in the scene outside the Mierani Enclave. I have a small change though - instead of sent to hunt down Elrith, how about they sent him for guard duty to Korvosa. He knows of Elrith and her deserter status, but it is not his primary gig.

Yeah, because if he came and tried to do something unfortunate to Elrith, her boyfriend Jope would turn him into shishka-elf.

DM Barcas wrote:
Frederik - Did you settle on that background?

Yes, sorry, I've been a bit down lately -- tends to happen this time of year -- but I got an idea. I've decided that I'd rather make a new character than try to adapt one designed for a very different game; he could be a contact instead. I also want to stretch a bit, try something I haven't done before.

Short version: Nylie is a female gnome wizard who grew up in Korvosa, and is now in her second year at Theumenexus College in East Shore, living in Geezlebottle Hall (of course). (I picture her as the intense kind of gnome, not the manic kind.) Although the Acadamae tried to recruit her, Nylie finds all kinds of magic equally fascinating, and couldn't picture herself in a school for specialists. She met an older, grimmer version of Suleiyel at the sanctuary of Shelyn in North Point... and after writing that, I just spent way too much time trying to figure out how she would get there. She'd either have to go a very long way around, or venture outside the walls, going through Thief Camp to North Bridge. Unless she met him before going to college? That might work better.

Anyway, Nylie remains in touch with the goings-on within the Acadamae through her fellow Shelynite friend, the ambitious elven banisher. I'm still working on some details, like her last name, what her parents did for a living, and where they are now, but she grew up in Bridgefront. Her talent for magic has given her an opportunity for a much more comfortable life; but then, comfort isn't the highest priority for a gnome -- stimulation is. So, she's very recruitable by the Resistance, by background and nature. Her sympathies are with the honest poor, and the excitement and novelty would be irresistible to her.

I'm working on the crunch right now. Is the ARG okay? There are a couple of alternate racial traits that would work for her.

ARG is A-okay. Gnome. Interesting. Never had a gnome in my game before.

Gnomes in my Kingmaker game are really odd ducks.

Male Human

Oh, question: Starting cash? Rolled or average?


Male Human

Cool, thanks. Had to make a change equipment-wise (basically swapping his chain shirt with a more affordable studded leather armor), but he is now all finished. :-)

Female Gnome (Korvosan) Wizard (Universalist) 1

I still need to edit the formatting, finish her background, and decide on a description. (Aside from cute and small.) And finish kitting her out. But aside from that, she's mostly done! Highlights:

* Took the Academician and Gift of Tongues alternate racial traits from the ARG. She's a bookworm and a linguist! (No "cunning" jokes please.)

* Failed to get prior approval on the feat and traits. For this character, I like Effortless Trickery and Trickster from Gnomes of Golarion, and Inner Beauty from Faiths of Purity.

* She'll have almost all the Knowledge skills by next level, and all of them by 3rd. Started with the ones that seemed most appropriate. Waiting to see how much time we have for other things before investing in Craft (alchemy), but I assume that a wizard school with a gnome sponsor has a good lab. ;)

* Created a custom container in Hero Lab called "Dorm Room" to put all the stuff in that she doesn't carry around with her. Still need to fix the default output for it.

* Can Nylie carry her Tiny cat around without occupying her hands, or do I need to give it the Heel trick? (I'm picturing it as a Burmese? or whatever the ones are that like to sit on your head.) In all my years, I don't think that I've ever played a Small wizard before.

Male Human

Just a small change, if it is alright. Being a bit unhappy with the name and with an NPC named Arael already around, Araevel Naranthir will be known as Vaenathis Konnal, or Vaen to his friends and those humans who may have trouble with his actual name. :-)

I ran out of time for updates today. I will try to get everybody tomorrow.

Re: cat - It should get the heel trick, though cats aren't remarkably amenable to the idea.

Do y'all still want to focus on the Gangs of Old Korvosa storyline, or focus more on Queen Ileosa's power grab? I have storylines either way. I ask because Alistair's death or capture, and the group's appearance on the Queen's radar, may change things significantly.

Female Gnome (Korvosan) Wizard (Universalist) 1

Roger on the cat. I'll leave the breed vague for now, and when I get the time, I'll do some research to find the one most likely to follow people around. Speaking of time, it's been a rough week so far, but I should have Thursday off. I expect to get most all of the details squared away then.

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

I don't see the survivors just forgetting that the BoE are about to wipe out a bunch of harmless priests, and while Erith is capable of forgetting them to worry about her own problems, the others aren't quite so callous.

as someone vested in the Gang story I would like to see that continue on some front.

In side news I have a 2-week trip to Italy coming up Saturday. I should have ready access to wi-fi for an occasional peak (and hopefully post) at the boards, but I doubt it will be a priority, as I am tour directing for our group.

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Sorry, folks. Lost my dot, and didn't realize I was holding things up. Posted now.

I see Elrith's new "boyfriend" has some explaining to do.

I'm trying to think of how to best introduce Nylie. I've been giving it some thought and am doing my best to make it as natural as possible.

Also, the newest AP volume has a full chapter on the Gray Maidens! Wahoo!

Female Gnome (Korvosan) Wizard (Universalist) 1

I assume that it's okay for her to start with a scroll that she scribed herself? If so, then the crunch and fluff are all complete, with hopefully some hooks in the background. All that's left is to spiff up the profile. 8)

Sure, at half cost.

Female Gnome (Korvosan) Wizard (Universalist) 1

Does the Trickster trait apply to spell-like abilities? I would think so from the description, but it isn't explicit in the rule, so I didn't want to just assume.

Nylie trivia:
In a defunct homebrew game, Nylie's friend Pakak -- a Shelynite half-orc in the Acadamae -- once helped shut down an illegal fighting ring, by investigating why some pseudodragons were blocking workers from a warehouse. Turns out that the men had killed some young pseudodragons by capturing them, binding their wings, and forcing them into pit fights. Also, thanks to his stories, Nylie is kind of paranoid about imps; that's why she always carries a scroll of protection from evil, just in case.

Although clever and tough, Nylie is also very small, and was very frightened by the riots. For now, she keeps expeditious retreat memorized so that she can run away if things get crazy again; and if she's trapped, then she has silent image to help her get away. (With Effortless Trickery, she can maintain the image as a swift action; and with her gnomish spell-like abilities, she can add light and sound.)

Nylie's parents don't have the same last name -- even though they were married -- because, well, gnomes. It simply didn't occur to either of them to take the other's name. Also, the surname that Nylie made up for herself has a double meaning that is multilingual and vaguely anagrammatic -- because, well, gnomes.

Nylie's cat Felicia is happy to be a Brillamorrow. That isn't just an assumption, or an anthropomorphic projection; they've actually talked about it. (Gnomish speak with animals.) It makes sense to the smart feline, since they feel like family.

Nylie Brillamorrow wrote:
Does the Trickster trait apply to spell-like abilities? I would think so from the description, but it isn't explicit in the rule, so I didn't want to just assume.

I don't see why not, as the flavor text does seem to imply it. I wouldn't say that it's overpowered to allow it.

Senjin, you back yet?

Still in Italy. Back end of next week

Female Gnome (Korvosan) Wizard (Universalist) 1

@DM Barcas: I feel sorry for you. We really need to get this group together, so that it doesn't take as much feedback for each minigroup of one or two players. I can't even imagine your plan for that, though. For my own amusement, I'm going to try to tally the circumstances:

* Alejandro and Lucadeno are at a butcher shop in North Point buying dusters, in order to impersonate gang members.
* Elrithrathiel and Vaenathis are fighting for their lives against Grey Maidens in the Mierani embassy in South Shore.
* Senjin is saddling hippogriffs for (and gathering information from) the Sable Company in the Heights.
* Nylie is learning basic alchemy (and practicing sedition) at Theumanexus College in East Shore.

Does that sound about right? :)

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Check out the early posts. This is pretty much par for the course! :)

I'm back in the states, but not yet home (stuck with bad hotel and airport Internet till then). Had a good trip, but it will good to get back home. I will try to get read-up and back in the threads over the next day or two. Should be home and up to speed by Thursday night. Sorry for the posting gap.

Seems there were a lot of hippogriffs to saddle.

Cool, glad to have you back. Got a special mission for you, something gnome-related.

Alejandro & Luca, you guys still with us?

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