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DM Barcas - Kingmaker of Korvosa (Inactive)

Game Master Isaac Duplechain

When the King of Korvosa dies, the city plunges into chaos. Who will emerge from the ashes as ruler of the city, or will Korvosa tear itself apart before anyone can rise to the occasion?

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Welcome to the following players:
1. Lucando Jeggare (vagrant-poet)
2. Alejandro Endrin (DarkestHeart)
3. Alistair Corinth (DukeRuckley)
4. Elrithathiel (Nazard)
5. Rica Hismar (adrica)
6. Senjin (Meowzebub)

Let's check in and get things fully nailed down so we can get started on this exciting experiment!

If you all could put your character's profile in the format that I have my characters, I would appreciate it. I hate going into the little spoiler boxes all the time.

Take a close look at my other threads, Kingmaker and Carrion Crown. That's the kind of quality we'll be producing here together. Try to make sure that you don't forget the little things that make it smoother, like Round/Initiative count on the top of combat posts, bolding spoken words, and italicizing thoughts.

Anybody have any questions? We can nail down final points and weave stories a little better into the city if necessary.

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Elrith is here and awaiting orders. No questions or concerns. Thanks for running this interesting game, and I look forward to honing my politics-writing skills for both sides of the GM screen.

Excellent! Should be a fun game!

Everyone do me a favor and describe the clothes they'll be in at the start and how they look! I like having strong mental images!

Luca the Gull wears faded browns and greys, ragged at the edges and covered in stains and pathces. He wears a bandage of dirty clothe over his left eye when begging, though pushes it up for full vision much of the time. He carries a copper bowl for begging and a cane wrapped in dirty rags like he rest of him. Matted auburn hair is splayed out from his head and his skin is pale, and though dirty, not particularly blemished for a beggar.

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Elrithrathiel, or Elrith, is a lithe, thin woman of obvious elven features. At 5' 9", she doesn't stand out much at all in her comfortable grey and brown leathers. Her clothes, tight enough to prevent a stray breeze from giving away her position or getting caught in a tree branch, but loose enough to avoid being provocative, help her blend into the dingy streets of Korvosa, while also being perfectly functional. Her brown hair, plain by elven standards, is cut short, and the pale skin bears a single, jagged scar across her right cheek. Her blue eyes are sharp, missing little and betraying even less.

Male Human (Chelaxian/Varisian) Inquisitor (Preacher) 1

Hello, everyone! I'm excited to be playing with you all!

I'm just posting real quick to dot the thread and let you know that I'll have a finalized character up later tonight (hopefully). I have a bit of a busy weekend, but I think I'll find the time to update the alias by late evening today. I'll be sure to include an appearance section, Luca.

DM: How are we determining starting wealth? And can I assume max HP at first level? Forgive me if you've answered these and I missed it. I did go back to check the recruitment thread, but I may have missed it while skimming.

Average starting wealth and maximum hp.

I just woke up and have to head out, but thank you so much for having me! I should have my alias updated (hopefully with a better fitting avatar) this evening. I'll also go over your other games and see how things are done in a bit more detail.

I also have pictures I drew of Rica, if you'd like that as well as a description, Luca.

We have LG, NG, CG, LN, and CN x2 represented. I'm pretty pleased with that outcome, though we'll have to work on reining the CN characters towards more productive pursuits, since they're the ones with the least motivation to join up. Anybody have any questions? I won't get the IC thread up until tomorrow night at the earliest.

Where are you guys from? Also, I need your email addresses for GoogleDocs. I may add you on Facebook as well, if you're okay with that.

Checking in. Glad to be aboard. Thanks Barcas!

I will have Senjin's new profile up shortly (the old one is still currently in place). I have a lot of flexibility in my build and with Rangers being so naturally flexible, I have a lot of choices to make. With that in mind, I have been taking some time reviewing our new group, to see how I might best fit in.

Also some strong personalities in the group, this should be very interesting.

With a dedicated archer and one front line fighter, I will back off on archer support and focus more on melee. This is good, as it fits the background better, as Senjin would not have much exposure to bows until his recent training. I will still go with a Switch-hitting style but the focus will be Melee axe and Ranged Throwing axe. This seems the best use of a high strength build.

Currently I am thinking of frontline/skirmisher control, while wielding a pole-arm bardiche with combat reflexes and improved unarmed strike. As a street orphan he has the Traits Urban Vagabond (Escape Artist) and Bullied. This builds into his Feat of unarmed strikes from gang fights, a punch would to 5-7 damage, not too shabby, +1 for AoO. The use of the bardiche is that he is drawn to the biggest, nastiest weapon in the arsenal - A giant axe. A pole arm works well with his mounted training as well. In close quarters, he drops the bardiche and draws a smaller axe, or just slugs it out.

Edit:Just remembered spiked gauntlets do the same thing as unarmed strike, will probably go power attack as the other feat.

Well, those are my current thoughts. Obviously not optimized, but fits the background and should be fun.

I'm in Santa Fe, NM GMT -7

In case you need it again, barz.dave 'at' But I don't do Facebook, sorry.

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

I am in ADT, one hour east of New York, Toronto, etc. GMT-4, I believe.

gmnazard at gmail dot com

Male Human (Chelaxian/Varisian) Inquisitor (Preacher) 1

I am in EDT (-5 GMT).

dukeruckley at gmail dot com

Appearance: Alistair is a tall man of half-Chelaxian, half-Varisian descent, though he looks more like a Varisian. He has dark hair, cut in a medium length, and a dark complexion. His eyes are dark as well, though their is a hint of kindness behind them. The only Chelaxian feature that is prominent, is Alstair's pointed chin. Alistair wears simple and presentable clothing during the day where he works. By night, he disguises himself in a simple gray cloak, hiding his face so that he won't be recognized.

I've updated the character's profile. I ended up taking the Human racial trait of Heart of the Streets (which replaces skilled) because I really liked the flavor of it and it seemed to fit his character very well. I also took Deft Dodger and Talented Organizer (Milani) for similar reason, though I think Talented Organizer should have been a +2 bonus... Talented Organizer comes from Faiths of Purity.

I ended up building him to be a ranged support character. I'm not trying to step on Elrithrathiel's toes, but we already have two primarily melee characters already and Alistair doesn't seem to me to be much of a close-up fighter anyway. I hope my choice of Skill Focus: Disguise will turn in handy. I was debating between than and Stealth or Diplomacy, but in the end I figured that his character would really need to remain undiscovered. He sort of has an alter ego.

Speaking of the alter ego, I'd love it if you guys could help me come up with an alias for Alistair. He wouldn't go by Alistair while he's out preaching, for fear of being caught. I still haven't come up with anything that I really like.


How about the pseudonym Amycus Viamio, after the historical figure? He was a friend of the people and challenged the status quo.

Profile is done. Seems everyone has a hidden past or alter ego. :-)

Senjin Appearance

Senjin is a young man of about 19 years of age, he is unsure of his actual age. He stands a little over 6 feet, with a frame that carries a lot of muscle, but on a lanky frame. Muscular, slippery, and a extra set of canine teeth, a rare condition of his Shoanti heritage, helped earn him the nickname 'the Eel' on the streets. His black hair is kept wild and shoulder length, and his eyes are very dark, there is no disputing his Shoanti heritage. His face has a hard expression, with a broken nose that seems to have never been set properly. A jagged scar around his right eye adds to the unsettling appearance. His story is that a hippogriff caught him unawares during grooming, in an effort to forget his more violent upbringing.

His chainshirt, is a handme down, that shows a bit of rust and bent rings, indicative of a hard previous life. He wears this under rough spun clothes when training. He has come to enjoy wielding a bardische, a giant axe helps him keep his opponents at bay, allowing him more freedom to move about. For closer in, hand axes have become the norm. He believes that it is his 'barbarian' blood that makes the axes so appealing. Four hatchets tucked into his belt reinforce this image.


Dotting for great justice. Have fun everyone!

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1


Hey guys! I'm away for the next few days and won't be able to post! I'll catch up on thursday!

I'm filming with a friend of mine, filling in some body space, etc. Have a good week!

I'm about done with Rica's profile! I just have to buy equipment, and such. I also had a few questions.

I was wondering if I could have Rica use her cane as per a club, and if you'd want me to pay extra to have, well, a fancy can instead of a regular club (I'm totally okay with this, by the way).

I picked the Rich Parents and Focused Mind traits. The first trait raises her starting gold to 900g, and I was wondering if you were okay with that?

I also wanted to know if you'd prefer I put her 'favorite' summons stats in her profile.

As for appearance:

Rica is of medium human height at 5'5", and has a thin, almost lanky build. She appears to be in her early twenties Her hair is cut just above her shoulders, and is a deep black. It's not cut straight across, so it has a slightly messy appearance. Mix that with her pale skin, and she's obviously Chelexian.

Her eyes are the most striking thing about her. They are amber, but look painfully bloodshot. Her eyebrows are thin, and her default expression is a faint smirk. Otherwise, Rica is fairly attractive, dressing in well-fitted, flattering suits and walking with a black cane. Her favorite suit is black, with lace ruffles at the neck and long coat tails. She wears a pair of fancy black boots, black gloves, and carries with her a black cane with a metal sphere at the top.

When she wears it, her chain shirt is slightly loose fitting, and she prefers to wear a long black jacket over top of it.

I'm in East Tennessee, EST (UTC - 5 hours)

linacrow at yahoo dot com

You can either include the stats in your profile or put it in a spoiler when you make the summon. I'm perfectly fine if you want to have a masterwork club/cane. Can you tell me some more about the two servants and her parents? Where does she live?

Where does everybody live, for that matter?

Rica lives in an apartment suite on the High Bridge in the Midland district, which costs about 8 gold a month to rent. Her parents, however, own an apartment suite in the Heights, Cliffside, only serving to heighten the estrangement Rica feels from her family.

Lydia is a 38 year old human, specifically Varisian. She's been with Sadie's family for as long as she can remember, and was raised by a family of halfling servants. She's a kind, caring soul who often dreams of the day she might save enough coin to set off on her own. So far she's saved half of what she thinks she needs.

Marus Hismar:
Marus Hismar is a slightly eccentric artisan who specializes in building and selling 'otherworldly' looking furniture to the nobles of the Heights. He's most famous for his pieces that seem to take inspiration from Hell itself; tables, chairs, and such with twisting, jagged shapes and eerie faces carved into them. He often leaves the apartment for days at a time 'looking for inspiration', though Rica's mother suspects that in reality he's seeing a lover.

Sadie Hismar:
Sadie Hismar was born into a fairly respected noble house in Korvosa, and is one of those rare nobles who married out of love rather than prestige. Sadie is a kind, although vain and slightly petty woman who is rather displeased with how her daughter has turned out. She holds out hope that she'll have another child soon, one that might turn out a bit 'better'.

An elf that found himself in debt to the Hismar family over 50 years ago, Astin was born in Kyonin. He made his way to Varisia in search of adventure, but soon found himself in legal trouble in Korvosa. Sadie's father, Desmond, helped put pressure on the court to find that Astin was, indeed, innocent. In truth, Astin -was- innocent, but had made a backroom deal with Desmond in order to help keep him out of prison. Because of this deal, Astin now finds himself in fealty to Desmond's family as long as Desmond is alive. Seeing as how Desmond only had one child, he's often found at Sadie's home. Desmond is an adept swordsman, and a seasoned traveler. The reason for Astin's framing might have been a ploy by Desmond to gain an elf servant, but there's no proof of this. (( Astin was actually another player character in my recently dead table top game of CotCT, where he was in actuality a vigilante known as the 'Sparrow' who sought to protect the wealthier districts from crime. He was CG. ))



I need a list of NPCs that the PCs know in Korvosa, be it friends, family, enemies, or whatever. A handful for each player would be helpful. I just want a wide net of available hooks and NPCs that I can use. Rica's done a good job in her last post.

Made a few correction to the profile. Fixed the ability point total as NG is 22 point not 23.

Senjin sleeps in a small room off the tack room in the Marine Stables.

Senjin's NPCs

Sgt. Kurt Fristwell - Runs the Hippogriff Stables, Gruff but loves animals, took pity on Senjin, especially when he saw Senjin has a way with the animals

Blake Conroy - Fellow stablehand, feels the work is beneath him, Nobleman son who's father wants his spoiled son to rise through the

Jimmers "the Spook", albino co-founder of the Outsiders. Older than Senjin, now heavily involved in the drug trade. The brains of the Outsiders, a small gang starting to make its name in the drug trade.

Scanlon, "the Black Fist", black-haired young dwarf co-founder of the Outsiders. One time best friend of Senjin, now the enforcer of the Outsiders. Last seen trying to kill Senjin

Olivia "the Shadow", slightly younger than Senjin. A Mwangi escaped child slave from a Chellaxian household. The 'Mother' to most of the orphans. Once a proficient street-runner, currently a heavy drug addict, that has her matronly characteristics falling away.

Graden "the Hedge" spiky-haired gnome, the 'minder' of the younger orphans. Unhappy with the drug involvement of the Outsiders but afraid to leave the younger orphans without a protector.

Harley Zendo, halfing businessman and secret fence of the Outsiders. Profited greatly by helping the orphans and then encouraging some jobs as repayment of his largess. Is not happy with the direction the gang is taking (especially away from his control), and does not want to be associated with the drug violence.

Another way I like to visualize the character is to ask who would play your PC if this were a film. Who do you choose?

Male Human (Chelaxian/Varisian) Inquisitor (Preacher) 1

Thanks, DM, for the idea of taking the name Amycus. Alistair will call himself Amycus (no last name) when preaching the ways of Milani to the public.

Alistair lives in a studio in Bridgefront, costing him 1 gold piece per month. He could afford to live in a better area if he so chose, but feels a kinship with the poorer folks of this area.

Kent Tallow, prisoner:
Kent Tallow was the man responsible for introducing him to the Awakening, the group of young adults looking to cause trouble in the name of rebellion. Kent was the only other member besides Alistair who was truly serious about overthrowing the government. Unfortunately, he was caught during one of the small riots the Awakening tried to start and hasn't been released from prison since. Alistair visits him occasionally, perhaps once a month, to see how he holds up.

Morvius Wardroxen, Tax Collector:
Morvius works under the Magistrate of Commerce, Garrik Tann, as a tax collector. He is Alistair's boss, in fact. Morvius loves to rub Alistair's half-Varisian heritage in his face, saying, "The only reason you are here, moth, is because I pitied you." In truth, Morvius would be lost with Alistair's ability to organize. When Alistair was hired, Morvius was on the cusp of losing his job due to losing papers and not keeping up with his duties. Alistair doesn't like the man, but can't afford to turn down the work.

Andrezi, Priest of Sarenrae:
Andrezi was the primary caregiver for Alistair growing up at one of the orphanages. He is a devout follower of Sarenrae and tried to impress similar views and ideals on Alistair, succeeding to an extent. Though he is disappointed Alistair didn't grow to be a priest of Sarenrae himself, he admires his unwavering resolve in making Korvosa a better place for all citizens. Andrezi is the only person Alistair has confided in about starting a rebellion.

Bakkin, Monk of Irori:
Bakkin is a half-orc monk devoted to knowledge and self-perfection, two tenets of the faith of Irori. He works at the library where Alistair studied up on revolutions and Milani. It was he who pointed him toward Amycus Viamio as a study topic, when Alistair first came around. Bakkin suspects Alistair to be the same Amycus that is now preaching the ways of Milani to lower class, though Alistair does not know of these suspicions. Though he believes change should come through law, he likes Alistair too much to reveal his secret to the authorities, as of yet.

I can picture Johnny Depp (the looks, not acting style) as being similar to Alistair.

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Not one to like leaving a permanent address, Elrith has been living the ten months since her arrival in various homes in Midland. The owners, and there have been many, have been gracious enough to go out of town for several days, sometimes weeks, at a time, allowing an intrepid young woman like herself with a nimble set of lockpicks to make use of the vacant homes. She is also meticulous in her living, never leaving so much as a trace, sleeping on the floor, eating food she filches from vendors or bought with money she's swiped from locals' pockets on the street. Currently, she's living in the home of a young couple, merchants by the look of their home, who have left on a trade mission to Magnimar, expected back sometime next week. She has stayed at this home before.

Part of Elrith's nature and her MO is that she doesn't make too many contacts wherever she stays, but she's been here ten months, so she's met a few people.

Tam Undermountain:
, the halfling barkeep and owner of Thimbles and Kegs, as well as a small time fence for stolen goods. Sometimes, rich people are foolish enough to store rings or necklaces in their coin purses, and Elrith needs a place to unload such goods, as unexpected as they are.

Myra Undermountain:
, Tam's wife who is the cook at Thimbles and Kegs. She's a kindly woman, also a halfling, who laughingly keeps trying to get Elrith on the straight and narrow, knowing full well she's not likely to succeed.

, a human burglar she surprised one night as he was breaking into a home she was "house-sitting". She finds him bad for business, as he draws too much attention to her own home invasions, and annoying, as he constantly flirts with her every time she sees him. She always thinks that the next time she does, she'll put an arrow through him, and as always, discounts the idea as soon as the opportunity arises.

, a halfling woman and maker of clocks (and, on the side, mechanical traps) who provides Elrith with the components she needs to craft her own traps, mostly snares.

I can see Angelina Jolie (spy movie mode) as Elrithrathiel, although Elrith isn't nearly such good looking in the face, but the moves are right.

Male Human (Chelaxian/Varisian) Inquisitor (Preacher) 1

I've decided to swap out Skill Focus: Disguise for Diplomacy, after reading more carefully into everyone else's characters a little more. Alistair is sort of the face of a rebellion, and being a preacher is only makes sense for him to practice speeches and persuasion. Disguise is important to him, but I think Diplomacy really just fits better.

The part of Senjin is played by a young Sean Bean, with black hair and Owen Wilson's broken nose.

Dark Archive

Apologies on my lateness to the party. I turned 23 on Friday and found myself without internet for a few days. I am back now and willing and able to go. I will read back over what I missed and get answers up immediately!

Dark Archive

Email- Azureknight05 @ And feel free to add me on Facebook.

Where I am- Ireland. As I write this it is almost 4am! Meep!


Captain Lucian Alettora- Towering over most men, at a height of 6ft8, Lucian Alettorai was once Alejandro's Commander, during his time in the Korvosan Guard. A native Chelaxian, Lucian is dark of hair and eye. He bears a single tear drop tattoo beneath his left eye. This tear symbolizes the death of his wife and son, due to a wasting disease.

Lucian took the deaths hard and has, since then, climbed in to a jug of rum, refusing to come out. Close to losing his Commission, due to dereliction of duty, Lucian finds it hard to give a damn about anything any more. CG Male Human (Chelaxian). Age: 34

Watchman Ellerin Valez- This short, half elven man, stands roughly at around 5ft 6. His hair is long and braided, the color of morning sun. His eyes are a pale green. Ellerin is a deft hand with the Elven Curvedblade and a good man to have at your back.

Ellerin was Alejandro's partner, during his time on the Watch. Alejandro keeps in contact with the man, using him as aid, during his quest to complete his fathers legacy. Elerrin bears a large ragged scar down the left side of his face, from an attack, he refuses to speak of. NG Male Half-Elf. Age: 24

Kaz of the One Eye- Kaz of the One Eye, is possibly one of the most talented Blacksmiths Alejandro has ever met. The large Half-Orc was made to work a forge. Every piece of weaponry or armor the man creates, is personally stamped with his own seal, a single eye, set with a K.

Kaz is around 6ft2 and wears his hair, which is bone white, in a strange, spiky mohawk. Kaz bears a large brand across his upper arm, one that signifies he was once indentured to a Noble family. Strong and quiet, Kaz is a pleasant individual, once one gets past the fearsome appearance! N Male Half-Orc. Age: 39.

Mirren el'Fellara- This petite young woman, dark of hair and eye, fair of skin and speech, is a Priestess of the Temple of Iomedae. Alejandro became acquainted with Mirren, while he was over-seeing the construction of the Temple, to honor his Father and Grandfather. They struck up a friendship and Alejandro makes regular visits to her, to help her in any way he can.

Mirren stands at a height of around 5ft2 and is quite slender. her hair is jet black and hangs to below her waist. Her eyes are a dark shade of brown, deep and haunting in a way. Alejandro is somewhat enthralled by the young Priestess and can lose the run of his tongue while around her. LG Female Human(Chelaxian). Age:20

Appearance- Alejandro is dressed in a black pair of turn down boots, over a pair of black canvas pants. He wears a good quality black long coat, bearing golden scroll-work, up the lapels and at the cuffs, over a plain white shirt. Around his neck, on a simple brown cord, hangs his families Signet Ring. Alejandro wears his sword most everywhere.

Actor- Hard one to answer. Alejandro is built to look good but be a tough guy too. Hmm. I'll say... Antonio Banderas in Zorro, but younger.

Hey Alejandro. Didn't notice this till now, but Nine Tail says hi from the Iron Carnival.

So by the looks of this, we got three nobles; one with dual personalities another subconsciously hating the one she got, a third noble slumming it with two orphans who escaped the slums; one by faith from a monastery, the other by luck from a street gang, together with a sociopath assassin runaway Elf. Is that a fair one run-on sentence synopsis?

Can't wait for the RP glue that will hold this lot together. :-)

Dark Archive

Heh! Jax says hey back. Man the Carnival is falling apart! :P But lets talk shop some other time!

Yeah that is a very fair assessment. Haha! We will indeed need to work this right, to keep us all from falling apart.

Should be a great story. Cant wait to see! :)

First post is up!

Everyone's getting an individual intro post, so wait for me to finish those before posting. Don't get too crazy, though, as I am going to be posting only occasionally (if at all) between July 10th and 20th. (I'm heading out to Norway, then a cruise in the Baltic.)

Okay, everyone's intro posts are up. Respond as you will! Try to make this first impression count, as a good start will bode well for this campaign.

As far as actors goes, the closest I can think of would be an older Kaya Scodelario, though it's by no means a perfect match.

As far as I know. my profile is done, aside from adding her favorite summons.

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75

Okay, so it seems that Elrith gets a bit upset at what she perceives as incompetence,which means she feels the opposite of competence, which will definitely help her integrate into the party, assuming they're halfway decent at their roles!

Barcas, how much leeway can we take with minor actions for NPCs? Is it okay to have Knuckles trying to touch Elrith like that? I notice that you have assumed minor actions of the PCs, which I'm totally fine with; I'm just seeing if the street goes both ways.

Yeah, as long as it is not out of character. I actually prefer a bit of initiative, as it makes things run smoother. I also dig reactions from enemy NPCs in combat. You'll find that I actually give you their AC and saves so that you can find the success/failure of your action immediately and write it accordingly. I find that giving the players a lot of responsibility for the storytelling really helps them spread out in the story, as they're not completely limited to the actions of a single person.

I'm sorry I haven't posted yet, there's been a bit of an emergency at home, so I'll be dealing with that most of today. I should be back to posting tonight though.

And back! Sorry for the poor start!

Here's to a great game going forward!

And I'm back as well! Everything is straightened out, though I'll only have access to the PRD, since I'm at a friend's house at the moment.

How's the intro section working out? I've been trying to show how active and vibrant the city is, as well as to show the scope of its size. Do you want me to simply skip ahead to the meeting, or are you enjoying the opportunity to get to know your characters?

Keep in mind that I am leaving for Norway in about 36 hours, and will probably not be able to update much (if at all) until I return on the 22nd. If you're comfortable enough, you can explore the city yourselves and interact with various folks in the city until I return, or we can put it on hiatus. (Guide to Korvosa is invaluable to the first suggestion. There's a ton to explore.)

I'm really liking it despite being late to the party, if you could just introduce my father, I'd be happy. I'm dying to see what you do with him, the wealthiest man in Korvosa!

I will get and read the Guide in your absence. I had avoided it for fear of spoilers, but I just read a review, and it seems there are identified sections to avoid, but the rest is player safe.

I can post a few innocuous (i hope) posts about Senjin in the city while you are away.

If the meeting allows the players to interact with each other without adult supervision, that could be a good diversion. But if it is going to need input from you, I could just wait it out. I know it will be worth it.

Have a fun trip!

So my cpu fan broke down, and I'm currently borrowing my friends computer to keep you guys updated on what's going on with me. I should have it fixed within a few days, and will definitely have it fixed before DM Barcas gets back.

I am so sorry for the sudden disappearance. If I don't get it fixed soon, I'll start seeing if I can't use my mom's to post.

Male Human (Chelaxian/Varisian) Inquisitor (Preacher) 1

Since I haven't posted in a while, I suppose I should note that I'm still around. I'm just not sure how to proceed. I think I'll just wait until we get to the next portion, if that's okay. Alistair would most definitely be checking out this warehouse after he's off work.

I just got my Guide of Korvosa and will be reading it this weekend. Then I will feel a little more comfortable having Senjin venturing out of the barracks.

Any of the Ultimate Combat archetypes sound interesting? I guess we'd have to see their specifics, but the names sometimes give a good idea.

New Archetypes:

Alchemist: This section presents the beastmorph and ragechemist archetypes.
Barbarian: This section includes the armored hulk, scarred rager, sea reaver, titan mauler, true primitive, urban barbarian, and wild rager.
Bard: This section includes the archaeologist, daredevil, and dervish dancer.
Cavalier: This section includes the beast rider, emissary, gendarme, honor guard, luring cavalier, musketeer, standard bearer, and strategist.
Cleric: This section includes the crusader, divine strategist, evangelist, and merciful healer.
Druid: This section includes the ape shaman, bat shaman, and boar shaman, as well as the world walker.
Fighter: This section includes the armor master, brawler, cad, dragoon, gladiator, tactician, thunderstriker, tower shield specialist, unarmed fighter, and unbreakable.
Gunslinger: This section includes the gun tank, musket master, mysterious stranger, and pistolero.
Inquisitor: This section includes the iconoclast, spellbreaker, and witch hunter.
Magus: This section includes the kensai, myrmidarch, skirnir, and soul forger.
Monk: This section includes the flowing monk, maneuver master, martial artist, master of many styles, sensei, sohei, and tetori.
Paladin: This section includes the divine hunter, empyreal knight, holy gun, holy tactician, knight of the sepulcher, and sacred shield.
Ranger: This section includes the battle scout, deep walker, falconer, trophy hunter, warden, and wild stalker.
Rogue: This section includes new rogue talents, plus the bandit, chameleon, charlatan, driver, knife master, pirate, roof runner, sanctified rogue, and survivalist.
Wizard: This section includes the arcane bomber, siege mage, and spellslinger.

@Elrith You're a little bit ahead of the others, so I'll have to stretch out your trip so that you all arrive around the same post. (You are also the chronological leader, as you are in the early evening along with Alistair, while the others are at morning or mid-day.)

AC 18, T 18, FF 15; F +7, R +8, W +9 (+2 vs enchantments); Perc: +15; Init: +4; Max HP: 75 Current HP: 75
DM Barcas wrote:
@Elrith You're a little bit ahead of the others, so I'll have to stretch out your trip so that you all arrive around the same post. (You are also the chronological leader, as you are in the early evening along with Alistair, while the others are at morning or mid-day.)

That's not a problem. I'm enjoying reading the other stories, and eagerly, but patiently, await the big meet-up (and I'm sure you're looking forward to not having to run 5 separate campaigns at once).

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