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DM Aron Marczylo's Kingmaker - Part 1: Stolen Land (Inactive)

Game Master overfiend_87


Jameson Addercop IV

Male Half-Orc Cavalier (Gendarme)/5
(548 posts)

Gold Heron


Female Celestial Raven hp: 20/20, AC: 16, Perception +10
(17 posts)
Imeckus Stroon
Zorestar Lebeda

Male Human Wizard 4 (hp: 33/33 AC: 13, FF: 12, T:12)
(385 posts)


The Hermit Ganit D'Artain

Human Ranger 3 / Rogue 2
HP 38/38; AC 18, touch 13, Flat Footed 15; CMD 19; Fort +3, Reflex +9 (Evasion), Will +4; Perception +11 (+1 v traps; +2 v Humans); Initiative +3

(1,159 posts)


Ekaym Smallcask
Bronwyn Greenwood

Male Human Bard (Arcane Duelist) 5
(135 posts)
Wood Golem
Large Earth Elemental

Large Earth Elemental Large
(2 posts)
Ekaym Smallcask
Sir Bronwyn

Male Human Cavalier 3
(133 posts)
Friendly Fighter
Sir Bronwyn Raslov

Male Human Bard 4
(839 posts)

Tark the Ork

Deep Crow

Male Orc Expert 5
(10,671 posts)
Telias Markan

M Human Druid 5
(440 posts)

Tirion Jörðhár

Mithral Scarab
Carina Stigard

Female Changling(Hulking) Sorcerer - Orc Bloodline/5 - HP: 12/28; AC16,T14,FF13
(1,489 posts)
Tirion JörðhárAiletha Aurcalam

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