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DM Aron Marczylo's Kingmaker - Part 1: Stolen Land (Inactive)

Game Master overfiend_87

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hp: 4d8 ⇒ (6, 8, 8, 8) = 30

Master of Gaming and Grognardia
Carina Stigard wrote:
Are we all still here? There are some big gaps in posting from a lot of people.

We should be. Especially as combat has ended, but there hassn't been much end of combat chatter besides Telias who wants to turn the Worg and Winter Wolf into sausages.

As my other half is going back home today I'll have the room to myself when I get back from this silly intensive job search thing so I won't have him after attention all the time and can destress easily.

After he is dropped off, here will be my tasks:
1. PM party members who have not posted in a while on here if they have not posted by the time I get back to make sure they're alive.

2. Finally draw a map for Buried Secrets campaign and possible encounters and treasure depending on what happens.

3. Continue to update all 3 games story wise. I've mader a recent post in CotCT and as no one has added to the convo I'll move on. Admittidly, part 4 is rarther all over the place with it's quests, but group is doing well and I'm looking forward to part 5 *evil DM grin* but the other two also have little nasty surprises, especially what I've added to KM.

Hope to hear from everyone soon. I'm still alive, just been a little busy and lacking time management for the moment.

Female Changling(Hulking) Sorcerer - Orc Bloodline/5 - HP: 12/28; AC16,T14,FF13
Elias of Erastil wrote:
hp: 4d8 ⇒ (6, 8, 8, 8) = 30

Thats some insane rolls.

They were.

Still need to make my ape animal companion and finish my items. Thinking of plate +1 and buckler +1 with my longbow to have some defense to go with my hps.

Gear plan:
+1 buckler
+1 plate mail
headband of inspired wisdom
handy haversack
+1 cloak of resistance (or CLW wand and scrolls)

Think I am good to go

Standing by. I waited a long time to get in this, I can wait some more.

Hope we can get this party started!! I should be able to handle all the healing needs and have a big ape to help in combat.

Master of Gaming and Grognardia

Np, I do apologies to everyone, I've been trying ot reach Bron, but received no reply and the last few days I've been busy going to interviews and looking after kids so have been a bit tied up, but I'll try to get another post up tonight.

Yeesh, I'm sorry everyone. I took a temp job entering data into a databank and it consumed every second of my days for the last month or so. I still have a couple weeks left in my college vacation, so let's roll!

Master of Gaming and Grognardia

ahh I see. I've had a similar issue with people at these work program telling me to record all jobs I apply to on three separate sheets (1 sheet for job centre, multiple sheets for CDG and records and to fill in the online job centre activity list of what I've been doing.) and they've been hammering me in to keeping record of all jobs I apply for, phone them a week or two later to ask about the application, find out when or why it didn't go through and so on for every job I apply for.

I'll message the guys as I know these threads have a habit of no longer informing the players when new posts are made.

Male Orc Expert 5

On that note my computer is functioning for now so I'll start posting again.

Master of Gaming and Grognardia

kk, same as there is a planned event I have ready.

Master of Gaming and Grognardia


Hi everyone and many apologises. I had a issue where I cleaned out my computer and stupidly didn't realise what the thermal paste was inside the graphics card when I was going it a in-depth clean.

Because of this, as my machine has only a dedicated processor there was no way to access my computer for quite some time.

On top of that, I had some issues yesterday and I was on a course for my Food Health and Safety Level 2 which included a interview for the Handmade Burger Company.

I failed at the interview, however I was successful in a interview three weeks ago and I'll be starting work Friday!

this will mean no more Job Centre messing around, more free time, more money so less worries and because of the extra free time I'll be on here more often and there will be far less issues in the future!

I do apologise to you all and am very thankful with how patient you have been with me. Things should be returning to better than normal and I can already see sometime next year I'll be buying up all the various PDFs that interest me on here and more data packs for Herolab.

Currently I've also been inspired by writing stories for my PFS characters as part of a writing exercise to get the cobwebs in my mind moving and I came up with some fantastic ideas for some rather nasty pathfinder beasts.

Either way, will be posting more soon now things have improved much better and less stress on my end.

Male Human Wizard 5 (hp: 40/40 AC: 13, FF: 12, T:12) Perception +5


I am glad to hear the news! A steady income always relieves stress! However, please don't worry about creating nasty Pathfinder beasts. There are plenty of those out there already. :-)

Male Orc Expert 5

I'm going to be sadly unavailable for the next 5 days. Tommorrow I have to get as much of the apartment moved as possible as the net three days will involve hours and hours of cleaning.

Male Human Wizard 5 (hp: 40/40 AC: 13, FF: 12, T:12) Perception +5

DM Aron, I have enjoyed this game when it was running, but it has slowed down to the point where I must retire. Please mark me as inactive. Thanks!

Female Changling(Hulking) Sorcerer - Orc Bloodline/5 - HP: 12/28; AC16,T14,FF13

I agree. I love this campaign, but it has slowed to the point where I cannot remember what is happening when a new post is made.

Master of Gaming and Grognardia

Sorry to see you go, but it is really my own fault. I've been too distracted with everything else that I haven't been able to keep a coherent story and it's a real damn shame because you all deserve so much better.

Male Human Wizard 5 (hp: 40/40 AC: 13, FF: 12, T:12) Perception +5

No worries, Aron. Life can become busy for all of us at times. I'm sure when the time is right, you will be back at it. For me, I've been promoted to Venture Captain in the state of New Hampshire and Vermont and I have become very busy with Pathfinder. It is all very exciting! I just want to close up this loop. Thank you for welcoming me into your campaign. I had fun while it lasted. I wish you all the best!

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