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DM Aron Marczylo's Curse of the Crimson Throne Part 3 (Inactive)

Game Master overfiend_87

Vencarlo is found and the party now know where the Senachal is, but something still lurks in the shadows of the labyrinth, hunting them down relentlessly.

The Story so far:

The group have been told to track down Vencarlo after a disturbing message was left with Field Marshall Kroft. He was last as his achademy which is in Old Korvosa which is now quarintined after the plague first broke out.

Having made a friendship with the wererats under the city they managed to evade the Queen's warriors who were out searching for the group. The wererats put them up for the night, allowing them to re-prepare their spells and lead them through the sewers to easy access to the old city.

Once there the group found that Vencarlo's school was burnt to the ground and when exploring his home they were attacked by red-mantis assassins who were attempting to kill those who broke in and set the place on fire, however they were foiled and the group ran into one in Vencarlo's students who told them of a man who often met with Vencarlo called Salvatore Scream. A painter whose paintings are grotesque, but loved by the art world. Something about them just strikes a cord with people and no one knows where his inspiration comes from.

Upon finding Salvatore's home they found muddy tracks leading out the door and some struggling and inside was a attractive female elf, a cleric on Zon-Kuthon. The group understandably did not trust her, however she had a clue that would lead them to the man who kidnapped the one man who could lead them to Vencarlo.

The group was assulted by thugs, claiming to work for the Emporor of Old Korvosa, however they did not last very long and one of them was forced to tell them where the emporor was. The man claiming to be the emporor lives in a group of buildings that are all joined via rope bridges and guarded by more thugs.

After defeating the emporor and then saving Salvatore Scream, a artist the emperor had kidnapped and they held a public execution of the emperor before heading to the Arkonas as the learnt from the painter that the Seneshal has been handed over to them.

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