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DM-All-Stars´ Darkmoon Vale Campaign

Game Master Tim Bürgers

This is a campaign where all players take turns in DMing. We play the Darkmoon Vale-Series Modules so far.

Current Characters

Cinder Wolf
Dark Archive Skorn

(312 posts)

Silver Crusade Azrael 6

M Aasimar Paladin 5

played by Skorn (20 posts)
Zokar Elkarid

Male Varisian Human Thassilonian Conjurer 1

played by Tim Bürgers (34 posts)
Gold Dragon
Dungeon Blaster

played by Tim Bürgers (268 posts)
Chung Po
Gounar Jadeknuckle

played by flykiller (35 posts)
Kestrel Bluequill

Female Aasimar Summoner 1

played by LastNameOnEarth (70 posts)
Erdrinneir Vonnarc
Ki Anom Suroto

M Wayang Cavalier of the Sword (Emissary)1

played by Skorn (64 posts)

Male Monkey Familiar

played by Tim Bürgers (13 posts)
Thorid Bofack

HP: 11 (11 total) M Dwarf Cleric (Artifice/Construct Theologian) of Torag | lvl 1

played by Degwyn (53 posts)

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