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DM Alexander Kilcoynes Serpents Skull PbP- Chapter 2, Racing to Ruin (Inactive)

Game Master Alexander Kilcoyne

"I might toss her back into the sea for good measure"

Nkechi "The Tempest", speaking about Willow Whisperwood.

Dan E

Rakshasa Maharajah
DM Dan E

(2,648 posts)
Sable Company Elite Marine
Marcus Alanto

Male Human Fighter 5 50/50 hp 4hp nonlethal
(840 posts)



(652 posts)
Faidaeva Vonnarc
Chi T'reignial

Female Elf Witch 3 (favoured) / Rogue 2 HPs 19/27
(884 posts)


Avahzi Serafian
Willow Whisperwood

Female Half-elf Druid (Jungle Druid)/4th
(129 posts)
DM Aron Marczylo


Priest of Pharasma
Shadow Lodge Talomyr

(699 posts)
Thousand Bones

Male Mwangi (Caldaru) Human Ranger 3 (Shapeshifter) / Barbarian 2
(583 posts)

Tanner Nielsen

Tanner Nielsen

Human Expert 4 / Doctoral Student 5
(661 posts)
Cleric of Gozreh
Tsura Vhiski

Female Aasimar Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim) 3/ Sorcerer (Empyreal, Tattooed) 2
(91 posts)

Previous Players

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