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DM Alexander Kilcoynes Serpents Skull PbP- Chapter 2, Racing to Ruin (Inactive)

Game Master Alexander Kilcoyne

"I might toss her back into the sea for good measure"

Nkechi "The Tempest", speaking about Willow Whisperwood.

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Sounds like we'll need to pick up our game in terms of participation and making a replacement group that is up to the challenge. Bring it on!

So 35 points start :)

35?!? I heard we got 40!


Female Half-elf Druid (Jungle Druid)/4th

I'm up for Tsar. The 1st edition feel of danger I don't have a problem with, unlike with Jim's suggestion for a system that punishes you if you get bad dice rolls. Won't be asking for summoner since he has found a game now.

Your Humble Narrator

Much like Kingmaker though, Slumbering Tsar will be something of a sandbox and require pretty active playing/posting. Consider this before making a character please.

So we have 5- Tal, Dan, Max, Aron, Deevor. Okoya has asked to be considered as a 6th (and i'm comfortable with 6)- sound like a group? I'll start to get some guidelines and a campaign set up tonight or tomorrow, with a discussion thread to start getting input.

Shadow Lodge

Sounds good to me.

As a side note, I will definitely be away from the keyboard from about now until Monday evening (US Central Time).

Your Humble Narrator

Lets Move This Over. Feel free to dot the IC.

All sounds good to me, too. Definitely okay with bringing Okoya on board - Kip's one of my favorite characters from your Kingmaker PbP.

Male Halfling 8th level Fey Bloodline Sorcerer
Init +6 Perception +4 AC 21 Tch 15 FF 19 HP 62 Fort +6 Ref +6 Will +8 Spd 20' CMB +2 CMD 14 Acro+4 Bluff+11 Climb-1 Diplo+6 Disg+16 Esc+2 Fly+10 Know (Arca+6 Loc+7 Nat+7) Sense+0 Spellcraft+13 Stealth+14 Use Magic+12 Swim-1

*blushes* Thank you for the kind words! *bows graciously*

I shall await proper invitation (if one is coming forth-coming) before joining the IC thread. I do not wish to presume...

I also think Okoya would make a great addition.

I'm good with another joining

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