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DM Alexander Kilcoyne's Sargavan Saga

Game Master Alexander Kilcoyne

"What is this place? Puzzles in Azlant, more magic than you see in a year in Absalom. Wheels literally within wheels. Bound demons and wax golems? The expense must have been enormous. But why? To what end?"


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Yeah, I just don't get the point of introducing a third category and making it opaque to the mechanics already existing in the game. It's like having arcane magic, divine magic, and psionics: a mage can dispel a divine spell, a cleric can dispel an arcane spell, but for some reason neither of them can do a thing about psionics without significant investment. It's the world designers saying that the new option is not just different but qualitatively better.

If you're just building a PC for Iron Gods, it should be pretty obvious which options will be important: just like you'd put ranks in Swim and Profession (sailor) for Skull & Shackles but not, say, Rise of the Runelords. But for Society play, when you have PCs for whom Technologist has never been an option and it's suddenly near-mandatory, it's changing the rules of the game in midstream. Apparently, the Society people didn't know about the decision to make technology opaque, and the first scenarios of Season 6 have Knowledge and Linguistics and Disable Device checks that are impossible for PCs without the feat even to attempt.

I hate psionics.

And apparently Fires of Creation lets you attempt a Disable Device check at a -5 penalty without the Technologist feat, which sounds eminently reasonable to me. Once again, the AP line proves its superiority over the "let's hire a half-dozen freelancers to churn out twenty feats, spells, traits, and archetypes stat" line.

Your Humble Narrator

Guys, sorry once more for the slowdown. I'm currently hiring another staff member and my most promising applicant is coming in for an interview tomorrow. Assuming it goes well we'll hire him which will take some pressure off me and hopefully let me catch up.

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