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DM Alexander Kilcoyne's Sargavan Saga

Game Master Alexander Kilcoyne

"What is this place? Puzzles in Azlant, more magic than you see in a year in Absalom. Wheels literally within wheels. Bound demons and wax golems? The expense must have been enormous. But why? To what end?"


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Tebati wrote:
Free action to speak and ask him to delay until after Tebati's turn

Actually, I guess it doesn't matter when he acts as both he and Tebati get a turn before it gets back to the snakes, unless he provokes an AoO somehow. But it feels more urgent when he's standing between two angry constrictors. ;)

So, is Tebati prone? squeezing? what? I was going to move into that square so as not to block Akirra before I read back to realize they were bunkbeds -- and triple bunks, at that. Not a lot of room between bunks, as I recall from my summer camp days.




Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

Aye - there are a few bits of the Brutal Pugilist's bag of tricks that comes in handy.

Not that it makes a huge difference but a couple of minor bits:
Assuming a 24 was enough, the snake attacking Qhude should be shaken - it still hits though.

Jakob's bless goes off after Qhude starts raging, so Superstition applies...
Will Save: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23
...and does not affect the raging bas'o.

Also, Qhude's AoO should be a raging power attack which is:
+8+2 (4 BAB, 5 Str, 1 Masterwork, -2 PA, +2 Rage) for 1d4+9+2 (5 Str, 4 PA, 2 Rage)

Does the extra 2 damage (from 11 to 13) make a difference?




Male Human
Alexander Kilcoyne wrote:
Been hearing about the latter for some time. Assuming Belkzen. Quite interested actually.
Qhude wrote:
Belkzen AP is a great idea - it's non Varisian, and harkens back to orcs and giants and similar grognard friendly fare.

Ooh, that does sound interesting. And ever since I watched a certain fight in a certain series, I have been wanting to try a spear-wielder, a slayer in particular (I like fighter/rogue or ranger/rogue combinations, in case you have not noticed... :-P).

But... it is still a long way ahead. Tsk...



Been watching your posts on said topic...

Male Human

There is actually another thread where they have put up some builds for the dude. Here it is. The prevalent idea seems to be that he would be a Swashbuckler, though probably with a bit of Rogue thrown in, as well as some house-ruling to allow for a spear or longspear or even small longspear (I do not like the idea of a small longspear myself; small longspear = spear methinks more or less...).

Regardless of all the theorycrafting, I am drawn a bit more to the Slayer myself (not for the purpose of building Oberyn, but simply as a class I really like), which is a pretty effective way of making a more combat-y Rogue, with not only some Ranger mechanics, but also a bit of versatility on how to build him via the Slayer talents (there is even a talent that makes Disable Device a class skill and grants Trapfinding). Not to mention that considering certain talents allow him to choose feats (Ranger Combat Style x3, Weapon Training, Combat Trick, Bonus Feat), he ends up having enough of those to rival even the fighter, at least if one chooses to go down that particular road. Of course, this is all according to the playtest version and without the benefit of archetypes.

Qhude wrote:
Clearly saved the 'good' roll to fight off Jakob's bless spell...

Nuveril's bane was always haste. She'd roll an 18 to save vs. haste, and then her attack rolls would be single digits. :P

Kieran can't flank the snake at I42 with Jakob, but he should be able to flank it with Qhude if he moves to H42 instead of H43. Probably would need to use Acrobatics to get there, though.

You can't step diagonally around a hard corner, if that counts as one. He'd have to use Acrobatics to move through an enemy's space. Technically, as he's not attacking the snake, it can't AoO him, as that one's already failed its save vs. sanctuary.

AK wrote:
Your DM was just forgetful Jakob :).

I think you also forgot Ansha's round 2 action. She moved to G46 not F47...and she cast an Acid Arrow at one of those snakes molesting Akirra and Jakob. ;P

I think, due to the no-diagonal-move-around-a-corner thing, she couldn't get to G46 in a single move. Still should have been able to target the snake in G44, though, I believe.



I resolved your movement... (Joana is correct)... just forgot the acid splash :P.

Akirra- ignore the attacks on you this round. Ansha finished off that snake with an acid splash (even after a -4 firing into melee penalty).

Off to bed, night all.

Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

Must share - mind is blown, medieval illuminated manuscript that among other awesomeness includes this image:
A dog riding a rabbit jousting against a rabbit riding a snail with a human head.

Kieran, I believe the only snake left is the one on Jakob after Ansha's acid arrow (not acid splash!).

Male Human

That is what I get for not checking the OOC thread, I guess...

Please retcon the attack to target the remaining snake (the one at H42). This would mean attacking from where he is, so he loses his Dexterity bonus to AC (thus applying a -4 penalty to total and touch AC).

Qhude wrote:

Must share - mind is blown, medieval illuminated manuscript that among other awesomeness includes this image:

A dog riding a rabbit jousting against a rabbit riding a snail with a human head.

You know, I'd never heard of Night of the Lepus until a coworker at the library mentioned it a few months back.

Also, traveling this weekend. Should still be able to post, but fair warning just in case.

Ansha, Tebati channeled for 6 hp last turn; should put you up to 9/22.

Akirra, I think you were in range as well, unless AK rules the burst didn't make it through the doorway.

I caught that- did I forget to update that or have I just not posted since?

Oh, sorry, I was getting confused because you posted out of order. I knew Tebati channeled before your init but forgot you actually posted before me so couldn't include the healing yet. Carry on!

EDIT: Remarkably consistent, and mediocre, channels. The Lawfulness of the place must be getting to her. It's like Measured Response for channeling. :P

Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

Just an OOC note - This is Qhude trying to peacefully engage Akirra... in his own ham-fisted and brutal way.

He's not specifically trying to be insulting or derogatory, just highlighting the points of difference in outlook.

I'm more than happy to expound OOC if desired.

Its all good. :)

Still trying to get a handle on Akirra at this point myself.

Male Human Haunted Nature Oracle 4 (Ac 20 Cmd 20 Will+4 Ref+2 Fort+4)

Meta question.

Are we hand-waving the general's response to Akirra or will we need to come up with a convincing story to keep him from being creatively tortured intensely interrogated?

Not hand waving anything; i'll play General Morvius consistently to his motives and character. Your group may have noticed your also considered very influential, despite Morvius' personal grievances and fury at Jakob (as an individual).

Male Human Haunted Nature Oracle 4 (Ac 20 Cmd 20 Will+4 Ref+2 Fort+4)

Oh dear.

Grand Custodian Utilinus wrote:
Your group may have noticed you're also considered very influential....

Hm, so that means we can lobby for the creative torture intense interrogation option? ;)

Male Human

I am going to be away from my computer until about Sunday or Monday. I will probably have internet access and will strive to post, but if I seem to be taking too long, please bot Kieran as necessary.

Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

I quite like this...

My only defence is that I grew up in the era of this and this.

I've been tittering about it since yesterday, personally.



Graduating today. Posting will be sparse if not non-existent until Saturday.

Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

Congrats AK - I did that once... but I didn't bother with the ceremony as I was 4,000km away from my Uni at the time :)

Congrats! Hasn't it been months since you finished classes though, AK?

Male Human Haunted Nature Oracle 4 (Ac 20 Cmd 20 Will+4 Ref+2 Fort+4)

Congratulations AK! You are well on the way to full evil genius status.

I am gone camping from Sunday to Friday. I'll try and post with my phone if possible, but please bot Akirra as needed.



Back in action. Updating today.

It has been many months, Ansha, but the graduation ceremony itself was riddled with delays.

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