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DM Alexander Kilcoyne's Sargavan Saga

Game Master Alexander Kilcoyne

"What is this place? Puzzles in Azlant, more magic than you see in a year in Absalom. Wheels literally within wheels. Bound demons and wax golems? The expense must have been enormous. But why? To what end?"


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I am willing to wait a while longer...

Male Human Haunted Nature Oracle 4 (Ac 20 Cmd 20 Will+4 Ref+2 Fort+4)

I am here for the duration. (Barring my brain flaking out again, that was embarrassing...) I can understand about the home thing. Friend of mine bought a house and it ate her brain. It happens, you get better.

Your Humble Narrator

80 hours+ of work a week eats my brain enough without headache from house purchase and other half...

Male Human Haunted Nature Oracle 4 (Ac 20 Cmd 20 Will+4 Ref+2 Fort+4)

80+ a week? Isn't that in violation of several EU labor standards?

I hope at least you are making a ziggurat of loot.

Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

*waves* - still floating in the ether.

When I said "a while longer" I meant as long as it takes. :)

The joys of salaried life, eh? I'm still around, if we ever get back into it.

You know, I've often wondered how you pronounce your name, Qhude. Is it "Kood'ay" or "Koo'day" or "kood" or something else?

Cooed, as in "The gentle dove cooed peacefully." Just for the irony. :)

Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

Mentally I've always thought of it as 'K-hoo-dey' - though that's without verifying how it's actually put together. It's essentially derived from a Zulu word for 'rooster' from, which has a pronunciation guide... and actually has an mp3 of the word itself! (or iqhude, which is close enough)

I can't hear it at work as I don't get sound, but it looks like it's:
qhude = iˈǃʰuːde

The exclamation mark is actually a click consonant - which from Wikipedia is described thus: q: alveolar (comparable to a bottle top 'pop')

So his actual name is *pop*-u-de... ish...

....I don't know that I am capable of pronouncing that name....

Your Humble Narrator

I had hoped to update weekend just gone, I couldn't unfortunately.

I promise i'll either get back into regular updates this weekend or call time of death, i'm sorry for how frustrating this has been.

Almost there with the house acquisition as well as two major work projects...

I'm in no hurry for you to call it.

Male Human Haunted Nature Oracle 4 (Ac 20 Cmd 20 Will+4 Ref+2 Fort+4)

No hurry here either. If you are still interested in running then I am still here. No matter when.


Also, since I've shown it to about everyone else, here's some lineart I've been working on. Everyone's favorite enchantress at work making 'friends'.

Your Humble Narrator

Very nice :).

Right. Lets continue all! I cannot guarantee a daily pace yet but i'd hate to let this go without giving myself a kick and getting things going again!

As a reminder, since it's been a few months, Qhude, you're Bit of Lucked this round.

Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

Don't worry *pop*ude hasn't forgotten ;)

The colored version of the above.

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