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DM Alexander Kilcoyne's Sargavan Saga

Game Master Alexander Kilcoyne

"What is this place? Puzzles in Azlant, more magic than you see in a year in Absalom. Wheels literally within wheels. Bound demons and wax golems? The expense must have been enormous. But why? To what end?"


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Male Human Haunted Nature Oracle 4 (Ac 20 Cmd 20 Will+4 Ref+2 Fort+4)

I thought about using a giant frog here as it fits J's nature theme better but the mechanics of the tongue grab & pull made success even less likely than using the Mighty Pebble.

If I understand this correctly....

Step one: Tongue touch attack hits
Two: Choose either to Grab or Pull
.If Grab, get +4 on cmb and move target adjacent on success. Frog not grappled.

.If Pull, forgo the +4 and move target 5' closer if check succeeds.

Or do both happen? Attack hits then grab check and then pull check if grab fails?

Seems very complex....

Pity lightning elementals are not available. Metal mastery and spark leap are nice!.

DM Alexander Kilcoyne wrote:
Joana, could you narrate Kieran rp-wise for now and I will run him in combat?

I'll ... do my best. Suave quipster isn't my strong suit. :P

Male Human

Oops... Sorry about that. I have indeed read the PM, I just forgot to answer. So sure, I can give it another shot. I just have to give the new IC posts a read first.

Welcome back! :)

Male Human

You know, having read the IC stuff, methinks I should just let DM AK narrate Kieran's combat actions. Awesome descriptions!

Male Human Haunted Nature Oracle 4 (Ac 20 Cmd 20 Will+4 Ref+2 Fort+4)

And apparently Kieran's dice are on fire. You nearly soloed the central sphere in 2 rounds.

Also glad to see you back!

Yay! You're back!

Happy Birthday Stavros! :)

Male Human Haunted Nature Oracle 4 (Ac 20 Cmd 20 Will+4 Ref+2 Fort+4)

Sweet christmas!

X3 crits are nasty.

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