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"What is this place? Puzzles in Azlant, more magic than you see in a year in Absalom. Wheels literally within wheels. Bound demons and wax golems? The expense must have been enormous. But why? To what end?"


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Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

N'bellocq - check your PMs! - request of import (though unrelated to this game) is present there.

Hopefully we can catch up with these guys before we need to sleep... Qhude would feel a bit silly bedding down with no bedroll and a severed head as a pillow...

Bugger - just now remembered that Qhude should have brought his lion pelt along to add to his effect. C'est la vie.

How much elapsed time since the beginning of the battle, AK? I presume Tebati's 2 hours of longstrider is up?

Your Humble Narrator

Your good for another half an hour or so.

Jakob Mulle wrote:
Sigh really should do something about that perception score one of these days.

AK must have rolled high for me, or everyone else rolled lousy. Tebati may have a high Wisdom, but she doesn't even have Perception trained.

Kieran and N'bellocq look to be our go-to guys for Stealth. Send them up ahead to scout?

J has a dead average wisdom and perception is not a class skill. Probably not worth a major investment. Besides what you don'y see can't hurt you. Right?

Your Humble Narrator

I don't mind you seeing the results of the party perception spoilers as long as you don't try and invent some way of getting a re-roll based on a low roll. Its just spoilered for neatness.

No troubles. Just noting that j will likely never be a master of perception. It's odd contemplating a character who may never train the 'god skill'. Not a usual path for me.

Your Humble Narrator

With 6 characters i'd say its less necessary than normal.

I do also try to let the other skills have more power than they do normally. I have been known to ask for Sense Motive checks to act in a surprise round.

Ansha, the new Queen Telandia avatar from ISWG is now available. I've kind of gotten used to this one, though.

Your Humble Narrator

Oooo shiny.

AK, the male halfling from ISWG is kinda hot, if you're not entirely sold on Belril's avatar. ;)

Your Humble Narrator


He'll be much more intimidating when he barks at us now; the old avatar looked a little too cheerful. :)

James Jacobs really doesn't like Shimye-Magalla. On the one hand, it's nice because he's on record as saying that he wished she'd never made it to print so anything I make up about her is unlikely to be contradicted by a later release. But that's one of the things I always find strange about Golarion: how exact the deities are. In my homebrew setting, I like a bit of mystery about who and what exactly the gods are. I don't like, "Desna and Gozreh are objectively real so the Bonuwat worshipping Shimye-Magalla are stupid and misguided and have a lot to learn from the colonials occupying their land who are absolutely and verifiably correct about religious matters." Not to mention that it's a bit offensive that it's okay for Vudra and Tian Xia to have their own buckets full of gods that are objectively real but different than the Avistani ones but Garund either borrows the "real" Avistani gods or worships fake ones but can't have any of its own.

Your Humble Narrator

'Adepts are lame' is the bit in that post that makes me cry.

An NPC with a PC class used to be something special... Now they are dime a dozen.

I think you ought to make the ruler in your Kingmaker game start taking levels of Aristocrat, for verisimilitude. ;)

Your Humble Narrator

If he wasn't constantly riding out to smite evil i'd consider it.

Besides, i'm talking about the overuse of PC (Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Rogue, Witch, Paladin, Druid etc.) class levels for monsters and NPC's- sticking a class level on to something to make it a greater challenge is a solution used far too often.

And don't get me started on the amount of sodding clerics Paizo uses in their APs as villains... I'm looking at you in particular, Serpents Skull...

And you CotCT! How many more fail 3.5 style battle clerics do you really need in one chapter???

Eh, adventure writers like giving NPCs things like domain powers and channeling energy and other special abilities that come only with PC classes. The aristocrat, commoner, expert,and warrior tables are quite unsexy in their simplicity. No one's going to win RPG Superstar utilizing a villain with NPC classes.

Your Humble Narrator

Apologies for the slowness. Will update within the next few hours, wanted to clarify some stuff in my notes :)

Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

Qhude is champing at the bit and just waiting for a go sign from the forward scouts....

Your Humble Narrator

Darn sundays. I can suddenly post loads aaaaand... all my threads are dead :)

I'd post, but I think we're waiting on our two scouts for any major changes.

Yep, those of us available today can't do anything but wait at this point.

Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

Qhude is as a coiled spring, ready to leap forward into his own particular form of diplomacy.... if only he knew that the Bandu were camped over the hill...

Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

As a number of wise people have said... tis better to ask forgiveness than permission...

So in that vein - I apologize...

Your Humble Narrator

How is Qhude growing impatient, they've only just gone out of his sight ;).

I think its just Mark Sweetman being impatient :D

Hey - I resemble that comment!

I thought I went pretty good lasting 24 hours IRL time before pushing the issue. Qhude is a man on a mission here!

Your Humble Narrator

Fair enough.

As I posted up on a sunday though, i'm inclined to give them more time.

Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

Yeah - really no problems with that from me either; and someone could always reach out and restrain Qhude from moving forward...

but as it's nearing bedtime for me I thought it prudent to throw up the action before I disappeared for 8 hours of sleep - so at least everyone is patently aware of what the slightly unhinged barbarian's intent is. As if it was not glaringly obvious already ;)

Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4
Ansha wrote:
"Desna be with us, then."

Hold that thought ;) - this could go either very well... or very very poorly...

I'm expecting them to sacrifice poor Bethany as soon as the alarm is raised, honestly.

Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

If there is any ritual about the sacrifice I'd highly doubt it. Their medicine wo/men are likely preparing both the girl and themselves - and in true cinematic style I'd wager a sacrifice either at sunset or in darkness.

What Qhude needs fear is the shoot first, ask questions later response...

Your Humble Narrator

Sorry for the delay. Ukraine is full of herp and derp and we have no internet in our house until sometime tomorrow. Currently at gf's parents.

Male Human

Gah! I made a post where I had Kieran charge and actually managed some good rolls for a change (a total of 23 to attack, a total of 13 (8 weapon + 5 sneak attack) damage), but after remembering that the surprise round only allows a single move or standard action, I went and read that charge is a full-round action. I did not read the enrty to the end where it says you can make a partial charge as a standard action...

So, I deleted my post instead of editing it to make the half-elf just move (what possessed me to delete instead of simply edit, I have no idea...). And then I was reminded of the partial charge thingy, so I made a sort of ret-con post. Naturally, the attack roll sucked this time. Grrr...

Sorry, just needed to vent a bit. Carry on with your regular programming. :-P

*pats F. Castor's arm consolingly* If they're some of those unarmored tribesmen from the raid, that might hit anyway, with him being flat-footed, and 9 is probably enough damage to take one down.

Your Humble Narrator

They don't put their basic tribesman out on patrols. It will have to wait until tomorrow for an IC post from me (grappling with laptop maintenance tonight in a bid to stop the overheating issues) but it won't hit FF ac.

And you won't take his word for his original rolls? *glares and mutters about mean DMs* ;P

Your Humble Narrator

*smiles innocently*

Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

Hmmm - IC looks like it's got a strong potential to careen into a stand-up fight that Qhude is ill-equipped to fight at present. What with still being at 10 HP and no having any armor or cestus on...

Fingers crossed that he can arrest that descent... though I'm not hugely confident...

Gang aft agley, Mark. If only we had a wheelbarrow and a holocaust cloak.

You could let N'bellocq and Kieran handle the two guards and head straight for the main encampment, try to sow chaos and fear there enough to get Bethany away.

Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

Well it might be a moot point with the escalation of conflict, but Qhude was actually going to attempt to force the Bandu to hand her over... without bloodshed or anything. He didn't bring the severed head of the slaver along and get painted up for kicks. If he had the intent of going in stealthy he would have healed up and possibly rearmored.

But that was partially reliant on being able to both meet the Bandu and then get to speaking before any weapons started flying through the air... from a meta perspective I've still a chance as I managed to top the initiative chain - but it looks to be a small chance only.

Though now you've got me thinking...
Qhude strides confidently over the hill, dried blood cracked to a spiderweb upon his skin and face leering with the intent of barely restrained aggression. His voice bellows forth at the Bandu "Wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie, O, what a panic's in thy breastie!"

Well, if you bypass the tangle between the scouts and the patrol, you can still stride toward the main group of Bandu and intercept them before they get to the melee. They didn't mind leaving behind their leader after the raid; they ought to be willing to sacrifice two nameless patrol men when the Dread Pirate Roberts shows up to claim their souls.

Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

Have to wait and see ;)

Has anyone else had any issues trying to even load paizo's website since last night until just now?

Your Humble Narrator

They switched to a new ISP that gave hundreds of people problems. They've now just reverted back to the old connection until they know what was causing it.

That'd explain it.

Your Humble Narrator

Added to Campaign Info-

Spiritual Weapon-

As many may have suspected, all references to 'Wisdom' in the case of an Oracle casting the spell should be replaced with 'Charisma', so as not to unnecessarily gimp the Oracle.

Totem Warrior Barbarian Archetype-

In exchange for the ability to have more than one totem, a Barbarian taking the Totem Warrior archetype must exchange Fast Movement for this ability.

So Tebati had a half-hour of longstrider left before N'bellocq tracked the final 2 miles. Used up now?

Male Human (Ijo) Monk 4 (Zen Archer)

Kneel before Qhude! or Zod, if he is around.

Male Human (Mwangi - Bas'o tribe) Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist archetype) 4

Don't know why - but I'm actually getting this guy in my head (good stuff starts around 1:07)

DM Alexander Kilcoyne wrote:
Awaiting Ansha's action.

Considering she's 55 feet from having line of sight, I'm guessing double move. :) I'm assuming she's already cast mage armor during the first fight.

I'm a little confused about the topography. Is up the hill the only way to go? Can we go around the side of the hill? Are the Bandu and the encampment on higher or lower ground than N'bellocq?

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