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DM Alexander Kilcoyne's Sargavan Saga

Game Master Alexander Kilcoyne

"What is this place? Puzzles in Azlant, more magic than you see in a year in Absalom. Wheels literally within wheels. Bound demons and wax golems? The expense must have been enormous. But why? To what end?"


Pyramid, Level 1 | Pyramid, Level 2 | Pyramid, Level 3 |

House Rules & Rules of My Games

Vital Strike automatically upgrades to the next feat in the chain at the appropiate BAB

Ultimate Combat and Ultimate Magic are banned- in rare cases individual elements may be allowed with my express permission.

No Alchemists and Summoners

Detect Magic Changes-

1. You must make a will save against an illusions DC+2 to realise it is an illusion and have its magical aura register while using Detect Magic. The increase in DC is to represent that your not really interacting with it in any sensory way (close inspection, using hands/hearing) as well as balancing a cantrip against higher level spells. This will save will be made by me in secret.

2. You will no longer be able to detect magic auras that are part of a trap until the trap is triggered. In the process of making a magical trap, part of the creation includes a permanent Magic Aura spell masking the aura. Resetting such a trap includes a re-activation of the Magic Aura spell.

Regarding the spell "Bestow Grace"

This spell is banned.

Using a grapple check to deal damage-

When using this option you may crit as normal on the attack roll, using the threat range and critical modifier of the weapon you are inflicting damage with. Improved Critical or Keen applies but as usual with this option you do not add the weapon's enhancement bonus to attack rolls etc. to the CMB roll.

Changes to the 'Fuse Grenade' Item-

1. The fuse grenade explodes on its own initiative count, which is equal to the PC's initiative count when he lights the grenade. If the PC should delay, ready an action or have his initiative changed by any way whatsoever, the fuse grenade retains the original initiative count.

2. The fuse grenade has a chance of exploding the same round it is thrown. The 1d3 rounds duration has been house ruled to 1d4-1, meaning that it might essentially explode the same turn it is thrown (on the roll of a 1, making a 0 rounds duration total).

Spiritual Weapon-

As many may have suspected, all references to 'Wisdom' in the case of an Oracle casting the spell should be replaced with 'Charisma', so as not to unnecessarily gimp the Oracle.

Totem Warrior Barbarian Archetype-

In exchange for the ability to have more than one totem, a Barbarian taking the Totem Warrior archetype must exchange Fast Movement for this ability.

Sargavan Saga Specifics-

A character earns a single re-roll for remembering his or her birthday and noting the age change on the game day itself. This is a nice incentive for you to keep track of such things. The re-roll must be spent in the next game month.

Terbutje are permitted from UC.

This game is an Epic Fantasy game as far as the PC's are concerned and High Fantasy (double WBL) as far as treasure goes.

HP Rules-
Max HP at first level, PFS style average every level beyond.

D6- 4
D8- 5
D10- 6
D12- 7

The party is treated as-

+1 APL (six players)
+1 APL (high point buy).

Thus, the party is treated as Charlevel+2.


Current- Starting wealth + 2,000GP.

Level 2- 2,000GP (achieved)

+ 350GP each for total of 2,100.

Level 3- 6,000GP (difference x 6= 24,000GP)
Level 4- 12,000GP (difference x 6= 36,000GP)
Level 5- 21,000GP
Level 6- 32,000GP
Level 7- 47,000GP
Level 8- 66,000GP
Level 9- 92,000GP
Level 10- 124,000GP
Level 11- 164,000GP
Level 12- 216,000GP
Level 13- 280,000GP
Level 14- 370,000GP
Level 15- 480,000GP
Level 16- 630,000GP
Level 17- 820,000GP
Level 18- 1,060,000GP
Level 19- 1,370,000GP
Level 20- 1,760,000GP

Notable Settlements-


Neutral Good Small Town

Corruption +0, Crime +0, Economy +1, Law -3, Lore -2, Society +5

Qualities Racially Tolerant, Prosperous

Danger: +0

Government: Council (Mindra Macini, Mitabu, Salgarth Macini, Bellis Marra, Tabansi, Zesaste Talathel)

Population: 1,300 (1,150 Humans, 20 Dwarves, 10 Elves, 30 Halflings, 15 Gnomes, 25 Half-Orcs, 50 Half-Elves)

Notable NPC's

Owner of Freehold Cattle Ranch Mindra Macini

Guard Captain Mitabu

Major Shareholder in Freehold Cattle Ranch Salgarth Macini

Innkeeper Bellis Marra

Head Rancher Tabansi

Town's Wizard Zesaste Talathel

Shamaness Ntisi

Curios Shopkeeper Varknarnost Cruthoniax

Base Value & Purchase Limit: 1,300GP & 7,500GP

Spellcasting: 2nd Level

Minor Items: Potion of Stabilise (25GP), +1 Padded Armour (1,155GP), Potion of Enlarge Person (50GP), Handy Haversack (2,000GP), Oil of Shillegagh (50GP), Scroll of Chill Touch (25GP)

Medium Items: +3 Banded Mail (9,400GP), Pearl of Power, 1st Level (1,000GP), Potion of Stone Shape (750GP).


Base Camp-

35 soldiers including Albert's squad.
62 workers, labourers and support staff.
6 Trials of Grallus winners.
9 senior staff and researchers.


GM Shortcuts-



5 or less- Mishap
6+ Failure.
10+ Limited Success
14+ Success
18+ Great Success
22+ Epic Success

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