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Culture shock. (Inactive)

Game Master Johnny_Panic

When the worlds of I M Banks Culture and Pathfinder meet, Please hold onto your seats, Culture shock may come about.

Would any one like to play in a I M banks "Culture" game

I have been thinking for some time of running a PbP "Cultur" game
I have run PnP ones, you will not be Minds or Ships but
Ships Avatars, Organics and AIs (drones) are all in.

System is really down to players if any.

So any like to play?

Banks vers

"The Culture"

The Game Idea is simple.

A "Sublimed" as crafted a world known as Golarion (Pathfinder)
"Special Circumstances" has a one off chance to drop onto this world
a "Contact" team to find out what the hell is going off.

So... I like the concept, but do cybernetically enhanced biologicals exist?

How does one generate a character, what level? I wouldn't mind being the leader of the contact team. Well rounded, but combat capable.


The idea is contact "High-jacked" a summoning "Displacement" from on of the folds of reality with in this odd world to another, and sent 3 SC drones in, one balls to the balls SC ball of death, one Avatar (human) mid level tech and one fully Bio-Mechanical Drone, (meat ball) the 1st to ever made it past the event shell of the world but the last displaced into a room full of odd looking humanoids of a number of kinds, who seem to be wearing Type 0 civilization clothing and tools, they had swords and other sharp point things, and metal on there bodys as some kind protection, armor. What was odd was when the drone scanned the room it picked up massive subspace Grid manipulation power levels. Some coming from mundane items like rings and boots.

Any players will have a chance to see a 4D Holo Projection of the event,
it has 6.352729 seconds in the room before its mind core was displaced back to the GCU "This had better be good" but before that time was up one of the beings seemed to say a few words, waves its hand and link to the sub-space grid DIRECTLY and pull Energy from it to fry the Drones body just before it displaced back. This was by only the mind core came.

What the Minds that over see contact want to know is
1: Who are the sublimed that made this world and what are they upto,
2: How in the stars do fully Biological humanoids of that tech level manipulate the sub-space Grid with just a few bloody hand motions. Some thing that takes a full Culture ship and AI mind to do out side that world.
3: If there are humanoids being systematically being held and manpulied down there as plaything to higher level beings we may have to act, we need more information to work out how. Is this just another after life AI hell for a race or group of races? or some thing other?

As only fully Bio-tech can get it body's will be made for the players.
they will look at the 4D Holo and pick a type of humanoid. Drones can still go in a drones just as Bio ones, with effects fields, holo projects and Knife missiles.

the Ship you are on will back up our minds, and make you what looks like typical bodys from the 4D Holo

So you get nuts Pathfinder PCs
Your level is meaning less at the start so it will be
Special circumstances Agents Level 1 (there is only one level)
but as its the culture and they like to do thing safe
you will get bodys that have. (as you lean things in the world
you may have any class you feel like, but be careful the more
you link to this world the more chance you have of being found out and
spotted by what ever sublimed are behind this)

All states 16 + 8 (point per Point) to spend as you see fit.
Immunity to all non magical diseases.
Rapid healing 2
240' night vision
Hast 10 rounds a day - cool after down 3 rounds.
Improved evasion
Combat reflexes
Natural Armor +2
DR 5 v Fire/cold/acid/Elc/Sonic.
Perception +6
Performance Dance +6 (A minds idea of a joke)

Bio Lattice -
Coms link to others range 0m to 20km depending on location.
Comprehend languages - needs 1d6 mins of talking with subject.
Know Direction at will
Eidetic memory
+10 on all none magic/plans or local-ish based Knowledge Checks.

Then acting as the ships Mind we start by talking over what other play things you may like added to your bodys for this mish.

That's the starting point, now players will have meta game knowledge of the world, so you have to act as if you come from the culture having no idea whats down there.

The GCU "Loss of Gravitas" is some 40 LG from the location of this odd planet. When your ready it will try and hijack one of the local displacements and get you on world, once on, one of you will have a one time only Trigger in your got get you off world again. To risky to do any thing more.

It has no idea what the Sublimed may do if your found out, but in the past when the culture has messed with there plans it has always been bad. Wasting a GCU and all on it to make a point has been known to be the kind of thing the sublimed do.

"So above all things keep your heads down, this is just a fact finding mish." The "Loss of Gravitas?" says.

there is one back up ship on root the GSV "Think its all over?" which will be here in 4 weeks.

With only one possible taker I think is a none starter, thanks for the feed back.

I'm a little like a para-trooper when it comes to RPGs. Most people here wouldn't come near this with a 10' pole.

They freak over 15 point buy. Ehem... "Heroic".

Pathfinder-wise, you're like... giving everyone a Summoner Synthesist @ 15th level to start. People compalin about Systhesists in the game at all. If everyone is this powerful, how do you determine roles? You can, of course... but it's harder.

If we could start with a regular 25 pt buy PF character, with maybe 1 of these powers... and at every level gain another, it might work better.

Perhaps the world is so alien, that the "tech" takes time to acclimate.

Just an idea.

Also, there isn't much of a "terrain/location description, type of adventure" so people probably can't figure on if their character concepts would even fit. Pirate adventure, shifting sands, dungeon crawl, theives' guild, goblins/kobolds, etc...

I'm not knocking the concept, I LOVE it, but respecting the time and though you've put into it... it is a bit overwhelming for a community used to starting with 20 point buy and 1-3 level (on average).

Best of luck!

Hehe, I have Run this game and other culture games at cons, Even have a Game where the payers are GCV and the Ships Mind.

Its hardcore because they have to go in with a mind set from the culture where 99% of what gos on in a typical pathfinder game is morley repressible and abhorrent to just about any one from the culture.

The near psychotic killing of anything of an opposed alignment and race hate. Add to that the fact that the powerful rule in just about every state what ever the location, that no form of democracy seems to exist.

I want the players to have wank-tech but they have to think about using it in a off hand way. The idea is unlike a pathfinder world-er striving to gain more power and knowledge as they kill there way through life, the culture team have to act down to fit in and lean whats going on, they will have to go native, and when asked to kill my thing "how can i use my tech to look like im doing it but not become a sicko like the nuts seeking to kill things on sight.

I have had this one group look like starting PCs to a 10th level bad guy up until a knife missile shreds his horse. But what then, kill him like the rest of the nut jobs in down town magic land or have a chat and try and find out how this mixed up world works and who's been playing silly buggers over this world.

Also do not forget Tech or no tech its got to take on magic and thats harder than it sounds when you have no idea how magic works.

I should add I have been a PnP-ing/player/GM for over 30 years and I'm known in real life for running odd one of a kind, mad games.


Like I said, mark me down for a slot... Team Leader, if possible.

sigh it confusing as hell but why not.

This may help its some Fan-Fic cross over of The Culture Meets Harry Potter and magic, lot of fun and gives you and Idea of what I will be doing,

Culture Shock

O.o your here...
couple of questions then you say any class so does that mean we can use casters both divine and arcane? how about archetypes can we chose from those? how can we come about training as a monk? also more about not harming other people...are we force to follow their rules or do we develop our own personality? about the back-up ship does this mean we can never die?
I feel there are more question but I guess you got to start somewhere...

It sounds like we're creatures that can advance In classes, but have none yet...

well after reading that fanfic....
if it as funny as that story consider me sign up!

Also a thought...
maybe you should start this off as a normal AP like legacy of fire or carrion crown. that way we have a direction plus the awesome side quest that can happen from this. just like how the fanfic work out to be.

Yes Lunamaria thats the idea, and yes funny it will be, I had a think and what im going to do as have an NPC drone with you, who can from time to time talk to the Ship 40LY away, it will be masking the light from a star just around the barrier the Sublimined (gods) have placed around this world. You can ask the ship some thing and the next night it will send signaled starlight back.

Ill have a look at Legacy of Fire sounds like it would be good for this.

Class - Level 3

I think this is what Ill do,
You start at 3ed level, and can chose any none magic class, so fighter/monk/rogue etc OK, but bard and the like is out.
Nothing that at all might be magic can be used.

Race -
Now you can choose to look alike any core race you like but that's aaas far as it gos you look like that race, inside how ever.

your get the feats -

feat -Culture Bio Body

Culture Bio Body
Level 1 race package - Bio-only-body

Standard SC race package (Bio-Body)
+2 to 3 states
+4 to 2 states
+8 to 1 state
Speed 40
Dark vision 30'
Rapid healing 1
Hast 1/day 1 round
poison resistance +10 (none magic poison)
Immune to all none magic Diseases

Feat Culture Bio Body Adaptation

Culture Bio Body Adaptation

Your Bio-Body can Sample DNA from other bio forms. This means when you touch some thing your hand can take a supple of its DNA and your Bio Body can start to replicate one of that bodys DNA elements if possible.
You get one such Adaptation per level, a bio-body can only make one at time, so you can pick and store only one at a time. You can change it at any time how ever, until locked into the bio-body when you gain a level. If you do change you DNA sample this starts the process over.
Process takes 1d8 days to complete.

NOTE: Now your thinking wow that's over powered and well yes it is but that's the culture for you, why hit it with a hammer when you can nover the sun. But having the power to do a thing do not mean you should do it. When you ask for an Adaptation you will have to get me to agree to it and Ill point out that if your found out on the world there is a good chance the gods will show up and do some thing every un-nice to you. subterfuge low profile and finding out, your spys so subtlety is your middle name. Most of all have fun, play with this.

Trait 1 culture x 2 of your picking

1: culture Tech device (Neural lace)

Bio - Neural lace (Head slot)
+15 on all science based Knowledge Skill.
+10 on all none magic craft skills
+5 on all none magic professions
Communication with Neural lace 0 to 20km (-location variables)
Comprehend languages (Takes time 1d6 hours talking to subject)
Perfect recall, The Neural lace in your head is a recording device as well.

Ok GM rules
Rule 1- Fun
Have fun, if its not fun whats the point

Rule 2- Braking rules
All other rules are there to have fun if they stop fun I will brake them.

Rule 3- XP
In my games your going to get XP for RPing funny, clever and Smart over Kill/loot/xp. Your more likely to get XP by stopping a fight cleverly than laying wast to vast numbers of mooks. Case in point,
"lets go in the caves and kill em all" = low XP
"NO lets stink them out and then offer them a deal to work for us" = High XP.

Rule 4- Initiative
In all situations where Initiative is needed
The order of action is as follows (Initiative sets order per grouping)

1-Running Away at the start of a round you say "Im running away" you go 1st if you can find a root to run and can run.
2-Actions (Putting out the light, casting (none harmful) Illltions etc) Actions are none directly harmful things you do in a round, you go after running away.
3-Hitting things (Directly harming some thing/one) you go last you sicko, come on if you can not think of a clever way out of this fight then why not fall back on hitting it with a pointy stick, really call yourself civilized etc.

I have found this leads to a lot more fun in game play and makes the players thing about more than Crunch.

Rule 5- Fluff
This is not really a rule but an observation, we play RPG games and they started as way to make alter egos for ourselves, some thing how ever they are just playing a wargame and spend way to much time gaming the RPG System in crunch and forget the Soul of a PC is in the Fluff. Well Im a GM who not only likes Fluff it may just be more use then Crunch when your playing Rule 4. If you say "I take out the perfume ive been collecting and use it to make the other female dragon seem nice to the male whos talking about eating is, he mind may move dinner to forplay"
That kind of stuff saves ya PC;s life more than how you got a +1 off a stat buff. :)

Once your in world you will be leveling fast, I'm hand out levels on you getting yourselves chances to lean the skills and knowledge to do so. Actions get you levels not killing in my games, you will level faster stopping a war then winning one.

How dos that sound.

Also I wanted to add this, it was so well put by Gm CourtFool in his game that I just lifted it, I don't think he/she will mind.

CourtFool wrote:

In my experience, combat in a PBP game is a long, drawn out affair. I am not much of a fan of combat anyway, so it will not be a focus of this campaign. That is not to say there will not be any combat. I expect everyone to hit their caps. When combat does happen, I do not want anyone sitting on the sideline.

This campaign will focus on investigation and interpersonal relationships.

I just could not say it better myself, so thats the deal, happy to play this with two players and one NPC drone as backup for you.

NOTE: The Culture has a number of saying one is
"never use a gun dumber than you"
In other words any tech that can kill or harm will have a AI mind of its own and may feel it really dos not want to kill some thing. So be careful what you ask for.

Last of all I want to give you some idea of the mind set of the Cultures High end AIS, they are near god like beings, and they like to be in the know.

Take this child's poem.

"For Want of a Nail"

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the message was lost.
For want of a message the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

The culture dos not win conflicts and gets its way by showing up with vast ships and blowing every thing to bits, that not how it works at all, no the culture gets its way because it likes to know where all
the bloody nails are and which ones need to be lost.

your task is to fit in spy and find the nails to lose in this world.
remember that


So, we're starting with 10 point buy, including racial bonus... per Pathfinder Core rules.

Then, overlay:
+2 to 3 stats
+4 to 2 stats
+8 to 1 stat

After point buy, racial modifiers and overlay... no stat should be over 20?

Just trying to get the basics, down/started.

Also, I have a friend who might consider... But, he typically takes a Monk. At level 3, they are non-magical, and therefore acceptable, yes?

as long as he takes this archetype Link to the archetype in question I think he should be fine.


If you can take a look at these feats and approve of them that would be nice. Taken from 3PP company Rite Publishing Secret of the Gunslinger

Designated Ammunition (Grit)
Prerequisites: grit class feature or Amateur
Gunslinger feat, deadshot class feature or Point Blank
Shot feat, base attack bonus +7

Benefit: After performing a one hour ceremony you can
prepare a number of pieces of ammunition, equal to
your Wisdom modifier (minimum 1) against a specific
creature type (See the ranger’s favored enemy class
ability). Against that creature type, this ammunition
deals damage as if you possessed the ranger favored
enemy class ability; your base attack bonus equals your
gunslinger class level. You cannot gain the benefits of
this feat again until all the ammunition has been fired.
Once fired the ammunition looses the benefits of this
feat. This deed costs 1 grit point to perform.

Deflecting Shot (Grit)
Prerequisites: grit class feature or Amateur
Gunslinger feat, deadeye class feature or Weapon Focus
(firearm), targeting class feature or Greater Weapon
Focus (firearm), Dex 13, base attack bonus +7

Benefit: You can, as an immediate action, make a
ranged combat maneuver check, against an opponent
who has made a melee weapon attack, with a +2 bonus.
If successful, you have hit the melee weapon with a
glancing shot dealing no damage (or other effects) but
have deflected it enough to cause it to miss its intended
target. If you fail, you have discharged your firearm. If
you roll a natural 1 on your check your weapon misfires,
and/or if the attack was against you, your opponent
gains a +5 circumstance bonus to the attack roll. This
deed costs 1 grit point to perform.

Fateful Shot (Grit)
Prerequisites: grit class feature or Amateur
Gunslinger feat

Benefit: When you miss an attack roll against a
creature, you may spend a point of grit to have the shot
ricochet wildly. Ultimately, this wild ricochet hits
something the intended target cared about, causing the
intended target physiological distress of some kind. It
could hit the intended target’s wife, friend, lover, child,
valuable ally, an innocent bystander (if the intended
target was good), or an unattended object that the
original target cares about.
Anything that could be hit, can be hit by this shot as
long as it is within range of the firearm even if it means
ignoring line of sight, line of effect, cover and
concealment. Only impossible targets are impossible to
hit (such as a creature inside a prismatic sphere).

Ranged Kata (Grit)
Prerequisites: grit class feature or Amateur
Gunslinger feat, Dex 13, Combat Reflexes, base attack
bonus +3,

Benefit: If an opponent within a distance equal to, or
less than half you speed, attempts to make an attack
with a ranged weapon you can, as an immediate action,
move to the closest adjacent square (possibly provoking
attacks of opportunity, due to your movement; the
maximum distance you can move is 15 ft.) and make a
combat maneuver check with a +2 bonus. If you are
successful, your opponent misses the intended target as
you throw off her aim. If your opponent has multiple
attacks you can attempt to disrupt these if they are
ranged weapon attacks as well. Each of these attempts to
disrupt an attack with a ranged weapon counts against
the number of attacks of opportunity you can make in a
round (and hence is limited to 1 +your Dexterity
modifier). Use of this feat requires you to sacrifice all
your actions on your next turn (you will be unable to
take any actions on this turn if you have not acted yet or
you will be unable to take any actions next turn if you
have already acted).
Failure to make a Combat Maneuver check results in
you provoking an attack of opportunity; a gunslinger
could pistol whip you, a spear thrower could stab you, or
a monk might kick you. You must possess at least 1 grit
point to perform this deed.

Shoot the Bullet (Grit)
Prerequisites: grit class feature or Amateur
Gunslinger feat, deadeye class feature or Weapon Focus
(firearm), targeting class feature or Greater Weapon
Focus (firearm), Dex 13, base attack bonus +7

Benefit: You can, as an immediate action, make a ranged
combat maneuver check against an opponent who has
made a ranged weapon attack. Your opponent gains a
+10 circumstance bonus to her CMD. If successful you
have shot the weapon or its ammunition in midflight
causing it to miss and deal your damage to the object. If
you fail you have discharged your firearm, if you roll a
natural 1 on your check your weapon misfires. This deed
costs 1 grit point to perform.

can we also start off with advanced firearms? link to the Revolver two of them to be exact

@ Hassen Was not even going to give you 10 points but looking at what you posed I think that's ok, 10 point spend.
yes not state over 20 and
NO racial bonus of any kind, your body is Culture Bio-body your has its own

+2 x 3
+4 x 2
+8 x 1

stat racial bonus I think that covers just about all core races.

Like said you may look like and elf but in fact you have none of the race
feats/ bonus/drawbacks you 100% culture under the skin.

yes Monk with no magic is a very good class for this, Gun slinger is cool as well, Hell you may use an AI driven Gauss rifle out in space but in Magic land its dumb as a brick black powder guns yakes!



The feats are fine, but change "After performing a one hour ceremony"
to After performing a one hour of gun-Smith work (no roll needed)"
As a ceremony is a form of magic.

The feats are all fine just take into account the stated
Prerequisites, when you have them you can have the feats.

Sounds like an interesting trio... The gunslinger, the martial artist and guess I'll go with pointy sharpie things.

Cut's a nice image, excuse the pun.

Could be the cover of a Sci-fi novella.


just in case you did not see I was asking if I could start off with 2 revolvers...figure I ask
sorry i know it annoying but i need to make sure...

also done and done so Hassan your friend said yes then?

I like the idea of a shootist Like j B books so yes, a real west kind of gun slinger would be cool but you have to keep in mind you may stand out, so you may have to think in play of a back story that says why you have higher tech then the average that can be seen.

I think then we can move to you making a PC, As your members of the culture money is meaningless, or they like to say "Money is Poverty"
Also you currently not in the body's you will have your mind states moved over to. You will also have your mind states backed up, should you die it will be placed into a new body and your back, but with out any of the knowledge from the mish.

when your happy to show me your PC let me know.


here a quick look some tweaking is needed but it feels on the right course. ignoring all the racial things adding in your feat as well but the idea will be there.

Female Half-Elf Gunslinger (Pistolero) 3
CG Medium Humanoid (Elf, Human)
Init +6; Senses Low-Light Vision; Perception +10
AC 18, touch 15, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +4 Dex, +1 dodge)
hp 26 (3d10+6)
Fort +5, Ref +8, Will +3
Immune sleep; Resist Elven Immunities
Spd 30 ft.
Melee Unarmed Strike +4 (1d3+1/20/x2)
Ranged Revolver +3 (1d8/20/x4) and
Revolver +3 (1d8/20/x4)
Str 12, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 12
Base Atk +3; CMB +4; CMD 18
Feats Deadly Aim -1/+2, Gunsmithing, Skill Focus: Bluff (Adaptability), Two-weapon Fighting
Traits Deft Dodger, Indentured Blacksmith: Craft (Weapons)
Skills Acrobatics +9, Bluff +9, Climb +0, Craft (Alchemy) +5, Craft (Weapons) +5, Escape Artist +3, Fly +3, Heal +8, Perception +10, Ride +3, Sleight of Hand +9, Stealth +3, Survival +6, Swim +0
Languages Aklo, Common, Elven
SQ Deeds, Elf Blood, Grit (Ex), Gunslinger Initiative (Ex), Gunslinger's Dodge (Ex), Pistol-whip (Ex), Quick Clear (Ex), Up Close and Deadly +1d6, Utility Shot
Combat Gear Black Powder (10), Firearm Bullet (50), Revolver, Revolver, Studded Leather; Other Gear Gunsmith's Kit, Powder Horn (empty)
Deadly Aim -1/+2 Trade a penalty to ranged attacks for a bonus to ranged damage.
Deeds Gunslingers spend grit points to accomplish deeds. Most deeds grant the gunslinger some momentary bonus or effect, but there are some that provide longerlasting effects. Some deeds stay in effect as long as a gunslinger has at least 1 grit point. The
Elf Blood You are counted as both elves and humans for any effect relating to race.
Elven Immunities +2 save bonus vs Enchantments.
Elven Immunities - Sleep You are immune to Sleep effects.
Grit (Ex) A gunslinger makes her mark upon the world with daring deeds. Some gunslingers claim they belong to a mystical way of the gun, but it's more likely that the volatile nature of firearms simply prunes the unlucky and careless from their ranks. Whatever
Gunslinger Initiative (Ex) At 3rd level, as long as the gunslinger has at least 1 grit point, she gains the following benefits. First, she gains a +2 bonus on initiative checks. Furthermore, if she has the Quick Draw feat, her hands are free and unrestrained, and the firearm i
Gunslinger's Dodge (Ex) At 1st level, the gunslinger gains an uncanny knack for getting out of the way of ranged attacks. When a ranged attack is made against the gunslinger, she can spend 1 grit point to move 5 feet as an immediate action; doing so grants the gunslinger a
Gunsmithing You know the secrets of repairing and restoring firearms.

Benefit: If you have access to a gunsmith's kit, you can create and restore firearms, craft bullets, and mix black powder for all types of firearms. You do not need to make a Craft check.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Pistol-whip (Ex) At 3rd level, the gunslinger can make a surprise melee attack with the butt or handle of her firearm as a standard action. When she does, she is considered to be proficient with the firearm as a melee weapon and gains a bonus on the attack and damage
Quick Clear (Ex) At 1st level, as a standard action, the gunslinger can remove the broken condition from a single firearm she is currently wielding, as long as that condition was gained by a firearm misfire. The gunslinger must have at least 1 grit point to perform t
Up Close and Deadly +1d6 At 1st level, when the pistolero hits a target with a one-handed firearm that is not making a scatter shot, she can spend 1 grit point to deal 1d6 points of extra damage on a hit. If she misses with the attack, she grazes the target, dealing half the
Utility Shot At 3rd level, if the gunslinger has at least 1 grit point, she can perform all of the following utility shots. Each utility shot can be applied to any single attack with a firearm, but the gunslinger must declare the utility shot she is using before

Hero Lab® and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at
Pathfinder® and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Publishing, LLC®, and are used under license.

Looks good just add in the below and take out the Any Elf Blood stuff.
You look like and elf but do not have any of the elf race stuff.

Your Revolves have holsters and your Gun smiting kit is MW.
You get a +2 for that and and +10 from the Neural-lace.
In your life in the Culture you where a gun nut.

I have had a rethink and what I think Ill do is give the bio bodys a drug glad in this way level/day you can pick a drug to gland.

Bio-Body add-on
Drug Gland level/day
Orange fire = speed x 2 1d4 mins
Blue fire = Hast 1d4 rounds
Red Rose = Fast healing 1 1d6 hours
Black rock = Remove disease Dc roll +10
Gold sun = Con save +4 1d4 rounds
Blue Ice = Wil save +4 1d4 rounds
Red fire = ref save +4 1d4 rounds
White light = v Poisons DC roll +10

This will replace some of the stuff I posted before'

Basic Bio body will now be
Culture Bio Body
Level 1 race package - Bio-only-body

Standard SC race package (Bio-Body)

Speed 30
Dark vision 30'
Improved perception +4

For players then we have.

So we have a historical Sword specialist an historical Hand or hand combat specialist and a historical Gun specialist.

Each of you will have a visit to your Orbital/GSV/rock from a SC drone called "Kimpiss Looper", who introduces himself and will tell you hes from "Special circumstances" and they have found a most interesting world and would like your help in exploring it, he says little more than that and that you "Hobby's" may of be great use to you.

You can right the into yourself if you like
"Kimpiss Looper" is a white gray egg shaped object some 0.7m long 0.5m wide and 0.4m deep. He likes to use color Holo fields to show his feelings
and talks in polite and cynical voice, hes size marks him out as an old drone. But he is keep you take the job offered by SC.

Monk is looking into it, he's new to the boards here. We play PbP elsewhere.

I'm thinking - Lore Warden 2/Rogue 1

14, 18, 15, 14, 14, 17

Weapon Finesse, Dodge, Mobility, Mounted Combat

Sorry, busy day... will work on crunch, tomorrow.

Hi everyone. I'm the monk guy that Hassan was talking about.

Concept sounds intriguing. I will definitely be needing some help on character creation.

So I'm the level 3 monk of the group? Can I pick a monk archtype?

anyone can read this:

Lunamaria here

as long as it not "magical" or try to fluff it in a way that it not magic. I posted a link above called Link to the archetype in question I feel this is the best one if you want to do your monk but final say would go to our DM.

Also remember we're pacifists so non-lethal damage will be critical. Excuse the pun. This reminds me of Orion by Ben Bova and Inception. We are altering history subtlety.

As long as you take magic and faith out of the class happy with it

we can hold off full PCs builds just yet, I have made a game thread and so we can cut to a pool and bar located in the 30th-km of the good ship
GCU: "Say that again!"

Roll call any one still here

Yes.was trying to look up some recreational drinks in the 'culture 'sorry .

Something Real, a Culture Novel Based Fan Film By Hieroglyphic Films

This may help you understand the mind set of culture citizens,
and why they may like to go on this highly dangerous and mission.

Remember they have a very highly developed moral standards
they will ask when a so called Good pc kills a bad one WHY?

If a group of paladins start killing a goblin village baby goblins and all
a culture citizens would be thinking WTF!!

"you bunch of genocide lunatics!"

you may have a high level of power but your training and culture will be nothing like that of any one in pathfinder world, you will be more alien than anything.

I have been asked to run another game guys so im going to put this on hold thanks for your time. Look under The Drow for the other game

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