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"We did not fail Aroden—he failed us, though we Wiscrani held the faith! We embraced that adversity and replaced his betrayal with strength and order." —Alcini Vitaron of Alcini’s Apothecary

**Combat Map**
*Map of Westcrown*

Current Characters

Abominable Snowmen
Sovereign Court gmpathfinder

(17 posts)
Bloodless Vessel
Ava Wavesdotter

Female Dwarf Rogue/4; Cavalier/1
Max hp 43 | Init +3 Per +7 (+9 stone; Darkvision 60ft) | AC 20/ T 13/FF 18 (+2 vs Aberrations) | F +5/R + 6/ W +1 (+2 vs poison, spells, spell-like) | CMB +8 CMD 20 (24 stability)

played by SurplusRaine (385 posts)
Caladius Rend


played by John Hathaway (650 posts)
Chung Po
Enko Laberan

Monk of the Upper Reach 4 | Separatist Cleric of Iomedae 1
Init +4 Per +11 | AC 22/22/15 | HP 32/32 | F +6/R + 8/ W +9/+11 enchant| CMB +4/+7 trip CMD 25/27 trip | Redir 4/4

played by Axolotl (882 posts)
GM Mug

played by Mug (3,544 posts)
Smaar Janderfut

Magnificent bull-rushing train of justice and smack-downs | Init +1 Per +2 | AC 25/12/23 or AC 21/12/19| HP 45/45 | F +6/R + 2/ W +3| +3 bravery, +1 trait bonus vs. devils CMB +8 CMD 19 | Conditions: None
pick one-handed power attack w/shield +8 (1d6+9) | pick two-handed power attack +10 (1d6+13/x4) | pick one handed w/shield +10 (1d6+5/x4) or two handed +12 (1d6+7/x4) | bardiche +10 (1d10+13/19-20; reach, brace) |

played by Twigs (401 posts)

Male Human Witch/5
(HP 22/22; Init +5; Perception +9; AC with mage armor: 19/14/16; AC without mage armor: 14/14/11; F+1, R+4, W+4; CMB +1, CMD: 15

played by Voomer (490 posts)
Abraun Chalest
Dark Archive Viscount Corneleous Ornelos

M Human (Chelaxian) Wizard 5 (conjurer)
Init +5 Per +4 | AC 15 (w mage armor) otherwise 11/11 | HP 35/35 | F +2/R +2/ W +5| CMB +3 CMD 15

played by gmpathfinder (501 posts)

Previous Characters

Ramoska Arkminos

(533 posts)
Brayden Green

Male **Smuggler's Shiv Hex Map** Mad Scientest - Level Absolute **Smuggler's Shiv Editable Map**
(1,964 posts)

(75 posts)

(71 posts)

M Human Commoner/1, Expert/1
(2,191 posts)
Uzbin Parault
AC Visurrian

played by Brayden Green (45 posts)
Amon Goethe

Male Halfling Oracle (Life) 2 [HP 20/20 : AC 17 CMD 11 Touch 13 Flat 15 : heavy mace+0;1d6-1 : sling+4;1d3-1 : F +3 R +3 W +4 : INIT +2 Perc +2 CMB -1]

played by Tanner Nielsen (184 posts)
Brother Swarm
DM Raine

played by SurplusRaine (76 posts)
GM Twigs

played by Twigs (94 posts)
Belfor Vittanis
GM: Twice Dead Professor

M Human
Ini: +0, hp 0/?, Attack: AC 10
Wizard (unknown level)

played by gmpathfinder (447 posts)
Madame Ivanja
Jaiyana Nejem

female Chelaxian ranger (skirmisher, urban ranger) 2

played by Ringtail (165 posts)
Octavia 'Tavi' Delphina

Female Halfling Rogue (Knife Fighter) or Soulknife (If allowed)

played by Rojosama (110 posts)
Wen Histani
Rohini Soni

Female Changeling Cleric of Desna 8
HP 45/45; 7/9 channels; 6/9 bit of luck; Init +0; Perception +9; AC 18/11/18; F+8, R+4, W+14; CMB +4, CMD: 15

played by Voomer (568 posts)

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