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Conquering the Stolen Lands (Inactive)

Game Master dunebugg

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Character Creation:

11 Point Buy!
Gain 1 additional point for each of the 3x3x3 fulfilled:
Create 3 allies, 3 acquiantances, and 3 rivals/enemies. Describe in 2-3 lines who they are. This will help me integrate your character into the campaign with ease! If you do all, you will have 20 pt buy.

2 traits, PLUS one free trait from the Kingmaker Players Guide.

You will be granted an additional feat or trait of my choice based on your character background.

Allowed material: Basically anything. If it's 3PP, just ask first and let me OK it.

Encouraged classes:
Druid, Ranger, Shaman (KQ 21), Bard, Time Thief/Warden

Yes, you will be powerful level 1 characters! But be wary because the Stolen Lands are littered with the corpses of those who also thought they were powerful...

Disclaimer that this IS my first PbP! So please bear with me.. I've followed along as best as I can to learn the proper styles. Also more than willing to accept anybody who has played Kingmaker before (as long as no metagaming etc) or other first time PbP-ers.

I expect you to be able to post AT LEAST once/day.. Except for saturdays (thats when I have my RL game!)

I'm looking for around 6 players, to hopefully use the 6-player conversion done on these boards. And if there is player attrition hopefully we won't need to re-recruit.

Please download the Kingmakers Players Guide and give it a read! Everything you need to know about the setting is in there. Keeping recruitment open for ~a week.

Scarab Sages

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I am quite interested, though I won't be able to come up with a character until mid-week.

I am interested as well. I have a half-orc concept I have written down that I will work on more. Most likely will be a barbarian or ranger. Will see as I flesh him out.

I am also interested in this. I've got a couple of characters I think would work out great in Rogue in particular seems an especially good fit.

Incidentally, any kind of alignment restrictions?

Shadow Lodge

11 Point buy seems very steep. I'm not complaining, just making sure that was right. Doesn't leave much room for characters to have variaty and also knocks out some Feat selections early on.

That being said, I'll give it a look through again. Probably look at Cleric if no one minds.

Shadow Lodge

Working up a character. So far I'm looking at an archer based Cleric of Eristal somewhat of a barbarian/shamen type. Probably from a sort tribal wise-man. What are we looking at for financial matters.

Dotting for interest. I'll work up a Bard that will eventually go bard/gunslinger (assuming you really will allow gunslingers).

Dotting for interest. I'm in current Kingmaker campaign but not too deep. Except for real life issues (one of which is in progress) should be able to post most days.

Comment: I don't mind adding a NPC for a campaign but do you really want possibly 54 (9X6) NPCs to deal with plus all the ones' in the AP?
Maybe after selection some are removed or combined (one PC's allies is another's acquiantance) or something? Just a suggestion.

Thinking of an arcanist be back later.

Incidentally, any kind of alignment restrictions?

My only stipulation is that the party MUST be able to work together well. I don't care if you're LG, or CE, but you *must* have motivations as to why you would work with a party and NEVER betray them or the kingdom.

11 Point buy seems very steep. I'm not complaining, just making sure that was right.

If you read the next line... It said that you could earn yourself up to 20 point buy :)

Quote: you really want possibly 54 (9X6) NPCs to deal with?

The 9 NPCs can be from anywhere in the world, and don't need to be tied directly into the immediate vicinity. There is also 0 guarantee that ANY of those NPCs will actually ever crop up into the campaign. It just allows me as a DM to throw some of your characters backstory into the campaign where appropriate.

Example ally:
Ivan the Malconvoker: Male Human, LN. A priest of Nethys currently stationed in Cheliax. He specializes in summoning Demons and bending them to his will in the aid of good. His sense of justice always seems to match his current objectives. Met Ivan during my studies of the outer planes, when I was researching the ability to trap summoned creatures.

What are we looking at for financial matters.

Max gold per class.

Dark Archive

I am interested, I will probably bring an Inquisitor of mild alignment. I will read up on the region and be back with a concept.

I'm interested.

I have an idea for a young, human-looking Half-Orc. Would you allow the Expanded Spell-less Ranger class from Open Design?

Looking very challenging, I like it. I have a character concept for male human ranger, maybe some archetype, will work on it and submit soon (need to bring to life all those NPC's first)

Stellan Volkov a 20 point build Male Winter Witch level one. Wolf (eventually Winter Wolf) familiar bought as fox at first, if that's ok.
To be improved with the feat later.

Will follow with build if you are okay with the background story. Can, of course, change the story if there is a problem.


Years ago peasants of the Lord Ivan Pavlov found an injured but beautiful young woman in the snow with a collared, large grey dog, guarding her and her baby. She was brought into the hall, revived and the lord and her talked. He gave her leave to stay. Katrina Wanderer as she named herself, married within the year to Nikita Denisov, a yeoman on this remote estate. The Pavlov had been exiled from Brevoy by Royal Decree and settled in the unforgiving and cold hills of the Glenebon uplands in the mountain forest of the Branthlend Mountains. Life was harsh but the home was not. The few members of the household that dared to ask her what happened she said only that it was a "family matter".

Young Stellan grew up in a home with a cool, focused, and mysterious mother and loving step-father, a yeoman farmer and woodcutter. The older man had other children grown and moved to easier places so he treated his stepson like a grandson. From his step-father he learned to survive that harsh hills and respect Erastil. From his mother he learned of the endless spirits of each land, about their magics, and a love of learning that was out-of-place here. Greysky, his mother's loyal companion, rounded out the household.

He made friends but here were few people here and fewer visitors. But, in many years, a Varisian Caravan would winter here before moving onto Pitax. He made friends with Zandru the son of the caravan's fortune teller. Zandru is very outgoing and helped Stellan express himself. To not bother the dour folk about, Zandru taught him Varisian. He learned much from Zandru, including some other perspectives on magic.

Mother, cooler than usual, meaning she was nervous, took Stellan into the winter's woods. "Here, son, you will gain your forbidden heritage or die. I answer to greater powers and have defied others. This is part of the price I and you must pay. Wait a day then walk back home, if you can." With that she left. Stellan wandered about until he was knocked, by surprise, to the ground by a huge white wolf pinning him to the ground. As he stared, helpless into the icy blue eyes of the wolf, he know that it was a winter wolf, as evil as dangerous by legend. After a while that wolf seemed satisfied, then spoke. I am Surra, Mother of Many. I smell the weakness of sentiment on you but also there is great destiny before you. I have a small and weak pup, I was going to kill it before the Naming but I will bind him to you. Do not waste this gift. A small wolf cub struggles through the snowy forest. As Stellan is released he touches the cub and knows him better than anyone though not why. Thank you Surra, for this unexpected gift. I will call him Vinur(friend)." Surra fades into the rising snowstorm. Stellan struggles home. Katrina trains him in the ways of the winter witches.

Few visitors came but sometimes a traveling entertainer named Karl Grist would come by the steading and perform for the locals. He tells tales of events in Pitax and Brevoy and gathers any stories (true or not) that could entertain others.

When returning home from hunting one day, Stellan sees his house on fire. He runs to it and sees the lifeless body of his father Nikita in the broken doorway. Vinur yaps loudly enough to break Stellan's shock and leads him to a trail, bloody paw prints in the snow following hoof-prints. Lord Ivan with a few men come up, grimly surveys the scene, and says, "The past catches the present." They follow the trail hard and see a man on horse with a bound woman. He looks behind him and quickens pace on his terrific mount but the weight of the woman slows him. Greysky is flopped on the snow, chest heaving badly wounded. Stellan tends to him as the other men give chase, soon the man drops Katrina in the snow and flees, outdistancing his pursuers.

After her bounds are cut and gag removed Katrina recounts being surprised by the bounty hunter. After, in the Lord's tiny manor, she tells her son that they must flee, her enemies have found her and will not be kind to her or him. Cutting off questions she just says "This is the price of my past, the price of your life." The Lord gives Stellan a letter of introduction to Lady Jana, a retired window of a rich and noble merchant family in Restov, saying she knew everyone and good find someone that could help. Katrina, her son, and their companions set out, on horse, for Restov. On the way, a woman looking much like ageless Katrina attacks with magics. Katrina says to Stellan "I will hold her off. Grab Vinur." He does as the other woman says, "Sister your treason has gone on too long, this mistake WILL be fixed." She replies, "Not today Karen, not today"[/b] Katrina touches Stellan, Vinur, and his horse, speaks a word and...

Warm and green and where am I? Stellan looks about and sees the wall of an impossibly large city in the distance. He's heard the tales but the realness of is insane. Entering the city he asks and gets directions to the estate of Lady Jana. She reads the letter and calls on a friend the Sword-lord Tercio Gallert. He gives him a charter to explore the Stolen Lands suggesting that it's a good place to get lost in. Lady Jana tells Stellan that the bounty hunter is Rurik Ruyon, a capable and cruel man who will bring anyone to anyone with much coin.

A stunned and grieving Stellan departs for a new destiny.


Katrina Denisov. Mother and winter witch with many secrets, cool, intelligent personality and devoted to her son and late husband. Has familiar, a disguised White Wolf named Greysky.
Ivan Pavlov. Lord of Pavlov Heights, a mountain holding in the Glenbon uplands, a good and decent man. Exiled by the late King of Brevoy, years ago, reasons not publicised.
Zandru the Seer, Son of Varisian Harrower, learning the trade. Part of a Caravan that (oddly) winters in Pavlov Heights.

Surra, a Large mystical Winter Wolf. Mother of Vinur and many others. Gave her cub to Stellan.
Lady Jana, elderly widow of rich merchant lord. Retired in Restov, has many connections among the merchants and nobles of Brevoy and Restov.
Sword-lord Tercio Gallert. Handsome middle-aged man with the scars of a proven duelist. One of the backers of the exploration of the Stolen lands.

Karl Grist, wandering bard. Well liked entertainer, often travels to and from Pitax. Is really a Royal spy.
Rurik Ruyon, Bounty Hunter. A man familiar with the world and those who hide. Capable, cruel, expensive. Hunting Katrina and maybe Stellan is now on the bounty list.
Karen, a White Witch. Called sister by Katrina is hunting her for treason. Seems to think Stellan is a 'mistake' that 'needs fixing'.

The Dead
Nikita Denisov, stepfather of Stellan, late husband of Katrina.


I'm implying that Katrina is a renegade White witch who had a forbidden love and son. But it can be taken in other directions if desired.

Dark Archive

This is Nimon's Inquisitor. I have the background and 3 enemys 3 aquaintences and 3 allies done. I will update the rest soon.

*Edit- All updated and ready for approval.

Arknight wrote:

I'm interested.

I have an idea for a young, human-looking Half-Orc. Would you allow the Expanded Spell-less Ranger class from Open Design?

Yes :) I like the feel of it better.

Looks really good! Nice and in-depth, lots of great hooks for me to work with. I'm totally fine with the Wolf (fox) familiar. How would you mechanically change it to winter wolf? Or just RP it as he progresses in power?

Where do his motivations lie in accepting a charter to reclaim the Stolen Lands?

Doug OBrien wrote:
Dotting for interest. I'll work up a Bard that will eventually go bard/gunslinger (assuming you really will allow gunslingers).

Yes gunslingers are fine, but I won't make any promises about allowing advanced firearms.. I'll have to look into it a bit more.

Dark Archive

Since his home is burned to the ground he figures he might as well join the expedition and maybe gain enough money to fund a campaign to investigate his parents where-abouts.

I am considering an abjuration wizard or a Erastil paladin, both human do you have any preferences?

Amoonrann Stormheart, LN, Tiefling (Oni), Storm Archetype Druid (splashing 3 Zen Archer eventually) with only the weather domain initially, but eventually adds on the cloud domain (archetype ability). Apologies to Beckett if you feel this character is stepping on your toes (what with her being a divine casting archer character). I do have an Elven Rogue concept as well (basically perfectly geared to be a combination Royal Assassin/Spymaster), but in thinking about backstory stuff, I really liked the way Moony’s came out…so that’s why not the rogue.

Fair warning: I went a little overboard with the story…so it is kinda long...


Amoonrann is noble born, at least insofar as she was birthed by a noble woman. The woman had been raped by an Oni and, rather than kill her outright after the deed had been done, the demon let the noble woman live and return home. Some months later, the noblewoman gave birth to what can best be described as a litter of half-breeds. Amoonrann was the first one out, but she was soon followed by four more, all males. In the order they were birthed, they were named Tobias, Erathos, Kyonin, and Dev. The more that came out, the more demonic in appearance they became. The strain, unsurprisingly, was too much for the noble woman who died during the birthing of the last child who more or less clawed his way out of his own mother. While some of the five took to their father’s side a little more strongly then others, all five of them shared three things in common: they all had unnaturally white hair, they all had horns, and, most notably, they all had long devil-like tails.

The Lord of the House ordered the children be taken out back and drowned in the pond. Unbeknownst to the Highlord, however, the man sent to do the deed practiced the Green Faith and instead of drowning the children, he took them to an Archdruid who had set up a small convent in the town who, in turn, saw to it the children were smuggled out of the city to a clan of the Green Faith devotees that lived in a camp some seven days ride outside of the city. The camp consisted mostly of Elven Druids and Rangers, those who were most sensitive to the teachings of the Green Faith. The occasional Bard would come by to spend time with the Green, but their interests were always fleeting and within a day or two, the Bards would leave following their songs wherever they lead them.

The camp was surprisingly accepting of Amoonrann and her brothers. They were never mocked or teased or tormented on the grounds of their demonic heritage, at least not in any deliberately scornful way (there was, of course, the teasing of children but such teasing is rarely meant to be hurtful in any meaningful way). They were schooled in the ways of nature, Tobias, Erathos, and Dev quickly excelled in the ways of the hunt, where Amoonrann and Kyonin seemed to embrace the more philosophical side of the Green. Thus as they grew older, the hunters learned the way of the Ranger, while Amoonrann and Kyonin were put on the path of the Druid. Amoonrann, however, would sit in with her Ranger brothers whenever she could finding their philosophical approach far more pragmatic then the one used by the Druids. The Druids revered the balance above all and were loathe to do anything that made any significant change of any sort ‘lest the balance be upset. The Rangers, however, viewed the role of the Green be the enforcers of the balance to restore the balance wherever the foolhardy would upset it. The divide fascinated Amoonrann and she would lie awake at night trying to reconcile the two approaches, but to little avail.

On a day like any other, a small group of traders came to the Druid camp which, in and of itself, was nothing extraordinarily rare. Those of the Green were renown hunters and tanners, always managing to find the best hides and targets whenever they went out, as though nature itself were providing them with all they needed. What is of interest about this particular caravan was that among the men guarding the merchants, was a man loyal to the noble house that birthed Amoorann and her brothers. Upon seeing the five, he quickly pieced together who they were and, when the caravan arrived in town, he went direct to the Highlord and spoke of what was seen in the camp. The Highlord hired the Thirteen, a group of elite assassins and he tasked them to “kill everyone, and everything in that Green camp.”

Amoonrann had departed the camp several hours before the assassins made their move. She had taken her horse, Arathiul, to some nearby ruins to contemplate some grand idea or another. As she approached the camp, she knew something was wrong: the silence of the woods was deafening. She rode towards the camp, wearily, her eyes and ears sharp for any sign of the disturbance – like a buck who knows he’s being watched. She could smell…death? She dismounted, and as quietly as she could she approached the camp. The sight horrified her. Bodies of druids and rangers, men and beasts were strewn about. Blood and entrails stained the rich forest floors. Immediately, she vomited, as tears filled her eyes. And it was then she saw the thirteen hooded figures responsible for the massacre and the pistol that one of them aimed at her.

Amoonrann threw up a misty fog between her, and the thirteen, and then she fled back to her horse. She mounted him, and rode him hard, and fast as she cried relentlessly. It was hours before she even dared look behind her. When she found that no one was chasing her, she dismounted Arathiul and collapsed into a cycle of tears and vomit. And the skies themselves wept with her as a violent summer storm rolled in. The rain was long, cold, and hardly a moment passed when the skies were not alight with lightning and the forests silenced by the roar of great thunder.

The storm lasted for days, and so did Amoonrann’s tears. But eventually, even the mightiest storms end and this was no different. When the storm ended, Amoonrann climbed up out of the mud and performed the funeral rights for the village. She had no bodies to commit to flame, as was the tradition among those of the Green, so instead she spent another day constructing a totem the way the Old Ones did. She offered her prayers towards the lands, and Nature, and then she climbed on Arathiul and rode west towards the lands of Brevoy.

The ride took many months, but eventually, she arrived in the city of Restov. She had intended to spend the night in the city, but the locals would have none of it. They saw her as a half-breed, a devil spawn. She was tainted. The citizens grew more and more hostile the longer she remained. To avoid an inevitable attempt on her life, she elected to continue riding west. Eventually, she came to a place the locals call “The Stolen Lands” and it was here she stumbled across a farm that had been completely abandoned which consisted of a small domicile, and a small stable, and then about an acre of land full of dead crops. Amoonrann elected to stay here, and live out her days in quiet contemplation. She has no desires for power, no desires for money. She wasn’t moved by the changing political landscape, and she didn’t care much for either good or evil. She wanted her peace and to live in harmony with nature in these savage lands. Nature would provide for her, it always had. Such was the blessing of being a servant of the Green.
Fate, regrettably, had other plans for the poor Druid when she, and Arathiul, returned to her home after an unsuccessful hunting trip about a year after she claimed the farm as her own. You see, the farm had been set ablaze. Pinned to the door with a dagger was a piece of parchment which read in eloquent script:

“Found you.”

Amoonrann dropped the note immediately, and scanned about her, but nothing was there. There were, however, footprints heading further into the Stolen Lands. Thirteen sets of them.

A storm is brewing in the distance, the Tiefling could feel it; taste it. But then, a storm is always brewing. Amoonrann knew at least one thing: that when a storm is coming, you take shelter. But where was she to go? She could flee, again, but if they caught up with her once, they can do it again. Maybe…she had heard talk of an expedition going out into the Stolen Lands from some hunters she overheard when she was hunting last. It was leaving from Restov, and they were still looking for able hunters and trackers which, Amoonrann, was certainly able to do. Safety in numbers? Indeed, their goals were not mutually exclusive…and imagine the surprise of these thirteen when their lone prey becomes a pack.

Having made her decision, Amoonrann wrapped herself up in her hunting leathers and her hooded cloak. She found on rare occasions that she dared to venture into Restov that when she did this, she gave off the appearance of being a rather well build half-elf. Her hood fortunately, could be used to conceal her horns and distinctive hair, and her tail could be tucked into the seams of her leathers. She’d pass cursory glances, but the disguise was certainly not convincing enough to fool someone who took more than a passing interest in her physical features. She mounted Arathiul and began riding at a slow trot towards Restov.


First things first, to prove I get to have a 20 point build XP

Kyonin, Erathos, Dev, and Tobias. Relation? Siblings. Essentially, despite what Moony might think, her brothers did not die when the assassins took her camp. Thus if they should show up, auto friendly relation! Hurrah!

Highlord [Insert Name Here]: the Highlord of the noble house which Moony was born into. She never learned who this man is (thus why he is nameless), nor does she even know that he is the one behind the assassins that are out to get her.

The Thirteen: A group of assassins hired by Highlord whatshisname to kill Moony. They has fled into the Stolen Lands and are, presumably, baiting Moony into a trap. Instead of meeting that trap alone, Moony has elected to join the expedition to the Stolen Lands and confront them in greater numbers. If you want a specific one person, I would say simply ‘the guy in charge’ and give you creative license to build/play ‘em however you see fit.

[Pick a name] of house Surtova: House Surtova and the Highlord’s family go back a long ways. Again, while Moony doesn’t know it, if she should ever meet this man, odds are he’d either try and kill her, or somehow try and bring about Moony’s death.


[Pick a name]: The person in charge of the expedition into the Stolen Lands. While much of Restove reacted negatively to Moony’s demonic lineage, this individual bore her no ill will and aided in getting her out of Restov without issue on her first visit. Hardly friends, but he’ll do what he can to ‘keep the peace’ if her demonic nature is revealed. Not so much out of loyalty to her, but out of duty towards ‘keeping the peace’ in general.

Eris Kallisti: a half elf bard that Moony would, on occasion, sell some of her products to. The bard is an unusual, strange pansexual sort of character (think almost like Jack Harkness from Torchwood) who spends most of his time as a whore. Moony has never used his services, but the two have a strange sort of respect for each other.

Taewyn Gulfres: An elven ranger that Amoonrann has, on occasion, hunted with. They share a bond with nature, but apart from that, they share little else in common. He knows she is demon spawn, but, as a fellow practitioner of the Green, he is not especially concerned about it.
Add ‘em all up, that’s a 20 pt buy and, assuming there are no issues with this step, I then present…

Class: Druid 1

STR 14 (12 + 2)
DEX 10
CON 12
INT 12
WIS 19 (17 + 2)
CHA 08 (10 - 2)

Feat: Probably Improved Initiative, but I’m not completely sold on it.


Adopted – Warrior of Old (+2 Initiative) (this makes sense because that Green camp Amoonrann was raised in was mostly Elven, therefore, yay!).

+1 (Undecided).

And Pioneer shall be my Kingmaker trait (I get me a horsie [Arathiul] now!).

All the other stuff is incidental stuff that I’ll fill in later.

OK I am applying with this guy (Aran) created specifically for this campaign. Background is in his profile, and I will only list 3x3x3 "contacts", majority of them coming directly from the background story.

Please do tell me if these are acceptable/enough for a 20 point build, and if yes, I will easily do the crunch/mechanics. What I am aiming for is a human ranger, probably "vanilla" ranger, or maybe some not-so-exotic archetype.



Konstantin Innatven - Aran's uncle, mentor and confidante. He is the man who taught him most of the things he know today, and the one who affected Aran the most in regards his view of the world and his philosophy. Due to Konstantin's influence Aran became a ranger, instead a fisherman.

Grace Eorme - his first true and lasting love. No matter whether he will have other girls or not, there will always be a special place in his heart for Grace (and in her heart for him, despite everything)

Risbur Medvyed - One of the senior members (patriarchs) of Medvyed noble family. An older mentor to Aran, someone who believed in him, without even knowing him, and gave him a chance. For that, Aran will always be grateful to him.


Etkal Nobbertour - Inn-keeper of the "Wet rooster" inn/tavern in Restov. A man with many connections and acquaintances, even among the nobles, but of unkown allegiance.

Onves Neskelar - druid/warden residing in northern parts of Gronzi forest. He is currently involved investigating a case of honey-tongued warlock seducing fey/fairy creature, seemingly under the instructions of unknown nobleman.

Anselm Bell - a level-headed veteran, man-at-arms at the Medvyed estate. Rumours are that he was born and raised in Cheliax, and that he had to flee after killing a person there over a drunken gamble, but no one knows for sure.


Kissim Allnatt - son of the village chief, where Aran was born and raised. Soon to be husband to Grace. Very intelligent, gifted merchant and of bad health.

Brinian Aldori - second son of a minor noble of Rostland, and apprentice to a swordlord. Brinian is arrogant, taking offense and ready to slight others without second thought. He is lazy, unambitious, and content to indulge his selfish desires. But, he is quite an accomplished swordsman.

Irvero (last name unknown - rouge and a bounty-hunter whose name is whispered only. There are dozens of stories connected to him, most of them obvious exaggerations. It has been said that he does the dirty work for some of the noble families, and majority of rumors are connecting him to House Surtova.

Sovereign Court

I would also like to post my application for this, I am new to pbp, but I am quite interested in playing in a campaign.
My character is Caelus Vraie, a Fighter (Aldori Swordlord). I have his Backstory and 3x3x3. I will post his stat block later tonight.

The Vraie family, there very name means Truth. Originally from Taldor, every Vraie member has either been involved with the Pathfinder Society or has become a Barrister. Caelus Vraie however was the exception to that rule.

As a young boy, he was always fascinated with the stories that his mother told him of her home country of Brevoy and was especially interested in the stories of Baron Sirian Aldori, the master swordsman. His father, Talon, tried to fuel this fascination into training and joining the Pathfinders, but Caelus had no interest in belonging to an organization of glorified “archaeologists”.

Eventually the marriage of his parents went sour. His father Talon had been hired by the Pathfinder’s to be one of their archivists, so his twin brother Tierce and his adopted step brother Toran went with him to Absalom.

His mother went back to her home country of Brevoy to become a political advisor for the Surtova family, so young Caelus went with her to try and achieve his lifelong goal of joining the Aldori Swordlords. He began training with a well-known aldori swordlord.
After several years, he was visited by his adopted step-brother Toran, who was on his way to the Stolen Lands to build a monastery. Caelus convinced his mother to use her influence with the Surtova family to help fund the expedition, which they happily supplied.

However after several months, Caelus has received no word from his adopted brother Toran. He sent word to his father and brother in Absalom, but his father refused to come. His brother sent no word at all, but Caelus is confident his twin brother will not let him down. Caelus then set out on his own to the Stolen Lands to find some word of his adopted brother



• Toran Duval – adopted son of Talon’s and step-brother to Caelus. After completing his martial arts training with Deikon Astalidan, Toran went off to find his own place in the world and left for the Stolen Lands to found a monastery. After several months of no word, he has been presumed missing.
• Captain Joven Caddrige – Caelus’ sponsor into the aldori swordlords. Is still in contact with Caelus, but is disappointed that he left his training to locate his step-brother Toran
• Lady Sumara Vraie – Mother to Caelus and former noble lady of Brevoy. She abdicated her rights as a noble and moved to Taldor to live with her husband Talon. After their marriage went sour, Lady Sumara went back to Brevoy and works as an advisor to the Surtova Family


• Tierce Vraie – Twin brother to Caelus Vraie. Not on good speaking terms with his brother, but still amicable. Tierce is currently working as a Pathfinder and finding some way to join his brother on his search. Was last seen in Absalom
• Deikon Astalidan – lifelong friend of Tierce’s and martial arts master. Former teacher to Toran Duval. Current known whereabouts is unknown
• Sari Caddrige – daughter of Joven’s and lady in waiting for the Surtova family. Caelus has been in love with Sari since his arrival to Brovey, but feels that Sari isn’t even aware of his existence


• Talon Vraie – Caelus estranged father and archivist for the Pathfinder Society. Things became violent when Caelus demanded his father assist him in finding Toran, however Talon refused.
• Ciero De’Maralgo – Another of Captain Joven’s sponsors for becoming an aldori swordlord. Caelus and Ciero have always had an intense rivalry going back several years
• Mierra Jayde – member of the city guard of Restov. Hates Caelus for some reason that he is still unaware of. Mierra has arrested Caelus on a number of times for slight infractions, to which the young man usually spends the night in the city jail

May I humbly present Stellan Volkov, Male Witch(Winter) for your consideration. This is Veshly's entry.

Thanks for the kind words, dunebugg. I figured that for a while my familiar could be just roleplayed as a wolf cub. At an appropriate time he could get a little bigger and become more dangerous, I guess a Improved Familiar feat at 7th level for him to be upgraded to CR2 and maybe a leadership feat and taken as a cohort as well as familiar to became a CR 5 winter wolf. We can work it out as time goes on if that's OK. Right now he's works as fox, for a little variation he could have a weakness to fire and some cold resistance.

The background is now in the character sheet, any mods or updates to it will be placed there. The avatar pic is not ideal but it's a start and not much used. I'll make a alias for Vinur later.

The role I see for Stellan is as a flexible support character. Minor magics, decent healing, good wilderness skills, allow him to support or backup many characters. He quite stealthy as is Vinus(+17 Stealth!) so hide and ambush is a good tactic for him, if the rest of the party is open to that. Hex and spells can be changed to suit party needs if there's too many healers (Is that even possible?:).

Kingdom role: We'll find out as we play what character is better for what but for now I'd say Magister, Treasurer, even Spymaster if he becomes less naive.

If there is anything else you wish from me, please ask.

This is Tierce's entry. Profile has been updated with character stats, backstory and 3x3x3. Current sheet is done with 20 point buy, and will change if 3x3x3 not approved.

Silver Crusade

Dotting for interest, would be looking at an aasimar ranger/cleric of Desna, if the race were allowed, human if not. I'll have a full application up later tonight.

@Big OM
I have no preferences on which one you submit. You can feel free to submit both, if you like. People right now are submitting quite a few casters.

Give me a little more information about your siblings. All that I have right now is the order they were born, and their basic appearance, and the classes they are. Give me some personality quirks and alignments, maybe. Looks really good other than that!

@Aran Innatven
Yup those are fine. Crunch away!

Crunch all looks good

Your 9 NPCs look fine. You seem to have 1 too many feats in your build, though. Where are you getting EWP from?? I'm quite surprised you plan on playing a figher with only 10 Con! You may grow to regret it later ;)

Aasimar is fine. Too bad Blood of Angels is not out yet :( If you're accepted we can talk about switching you when the book is released if you'd like

Characters that have applied thusfar:

Stellan Volkov, Human Male Winter Witch
Ryst Crowman, Human Male Inquisitor
Amoonrann Stormheart, Oni-Blooded Tiefling Female Storm Druid
Aran Innatven, Human Male Ranger
Caelus Vraie, Human Male Aldori Swordlord Fighter

Gosh most of you are boring.. Look at all those male humans :P

Interested of course!
I am working on a female, halfling Cleric of Erastil.
I'll need a bit of time to create the allies and rivals.

dunebugg wrote:

Your 9 NPCs look fine. You seem to have 1 too many feats in your build, though. Where are you getting EWP from?? I'm quite surprised you plan on playing a figher with only 10 Con! You may grow to regret it later ;)

I have 3 feats total, one for being level 1. 1 for being a human, 1 bonus feat for being a level 1 fighter.

I plan to play more of a damage dealer fighter and less of a tank. That being said I can change anything that you recommend.

Caelus Vraie wrote:
dunebugg wrote:

Your 9 NPCs look fine. You seem to have 1 too many feats in your build, though. Where are you getting EWP from?? I'm quite surprised you plan on playing a figher with only 10 Con! You may grow to regret it later ;)

I have 3 feats total, one for being level 1. 1 for being a human, 1 bonus feat for being a level 1 fighter.

I plan to play more of a damage dealer fighter and less of a tank. That being said I can change anything that you recommend.

D'oh, I saw "sword, Aldori Dueling" as 2 separate things. My bad :)

Sovereign Court

I will clean up my profile a bit. I copied and pasted from Hero Lab, so the formatting is a bit off. I can make it easier to reference and read

This is the beginnings of Garrick Thorne, Half-Orc Ranger (spell-less). I'll be expanding on the background, but currently of note:

• foundling, raised by human with two daughters (Zharrah and Sabin)
• appears human, and puts on air of being somewhat slow and unintelligent.
• Orc mother is hunting for him and burning all in her way.
• Left village for expedition to the scarred lands in the place of the village smith.


• Hardal Silverarm - dwarven smith in Garrick's home village who taught Garrick about smith work.
• Sabalom Glitz - gnome entertainer; rescued from some drunken villagers by Garrick.
• Sabin - helped Garrick spoil a plan of her sister to marry for wealth and power; in love with Garrick but knows time isn't right


• Genevive Duvier - Varisian soothsayer; warned Garrick of his mother's raid on he village; said was his destiny to replace her
• Varial Farland - Half-Elf woodsman; found Garrick, left him in village and visited time to time. Taught him survival and woods lore
• Goldin - village healer; travels to outlying families to ensure well-being; knows Garrick is a Half-Orc and more intelligent than he pretends to be.


• Jagramda - half-Orc mother; leads band of humanoids in raids of settlements. Wants son by her side or dead.
• Zarrah - knows Garrick is smarter than he appears; plotted to marry for wealth and kill husband, but was foiled by her sister and Garrick.
• Quin Colnir - rival from youth; jealous that 'intelligent as a broken rock' Garrick has succeeded where Quin has failed; considering becoming a bandit

Alas, I am tapped out. I must bow out. This does look promising though. Happy trails all!

Here's Vinur. Needs a bit more work but that can wait to see if I make the cut.

dunebugg, I will post the refined characters later on tomorrow. I know how I want it to go, but I'm just super tired...Wednesdays are super long days for me (I'm in NZ so I'm probably about a day ahead of you guys, if you're posting from somewhere in the Americas).

I have finalized the character sheet.

You might want to check and tell me if you are OK with "Quickdraw shield" I have purchased (from APG), as well as my understanding that when I have both Quickdraw shield and Quickdraw feat (which I also took), I can draw both of them as a free action in the same round. Is that OK or not? Or maybe I have to take a light weapon (shortsword, lightmace) in order for this to work?

I believe that the rest is self-explanatory. Vanilla ranger (no switch-hitter or anything like it), aiming towards archery path, with wide variety of "outdoors" related skills, and no dump stats ;-)

Aran Innatven wrote:

I have finalized the character sheet.

You might want to check and tell me if you are OK with "Quickdraw shield" I have purchased (from APG), as well as my understanding that when I have both Quickdraw shield and Quickdraw feat (which I also took), I can draw both of them as a free action in the same round. Is that OK or not? Or maybe I have to take a light weapon (shortsword, lightmace) in order for this to work?

I believe that the rest is self-explanatory. Vanilla ranger (no switch-hitter or anything like it), aiming towards archery path, with wide variety of "outdoors" related skills, and no dump stats ;-)

If I may be any help. If you have quick draw and a quickdraw shield, you can don and stow the shield as a free action. Your BAB is 1 so you can then draw any weapon as a free action in conjunction with your move action (light or otherwise).

So technically you can't draw both at the same time as a free action, but you can don both in a round using two free actions once you have moved. It's all symantics and Dunebugg might house rule it.

So, what you are saying is that I can do both in the same round if I move, while if I decide to just stand, than I can do either one (weapon) or the other (shield), in addition to other standard/move actions?

It makes sense, I have no problem with that, let us see what GM will say ;-)

Aran Innatven wrote:

So, what you are saying is that I can do both in the same round if I move, while if I decide to just stand, than I can do either one (weapon) or the other (shield), in addition to other standard/move actions?

It makes sense, I have no problem with that, let us see what GM will say ;-)

From what I am reading from the core books, if you wanted to stand still and use a full round action and you had neither your shield or weapon out, you would need to take a free action to draw your Shield, and your move action to draw your weapon.

However, if you have the TWF feat, you can draw both as a swift action and still take a full round action, but that's having to take a feat to do something simple.

As a fellow GM who is lax on the rules, I myself wouldn't hold it against my players, because you can always "draw" your shield before combat starts. From a roleplaying perspective, drawing a shield isn't something I think would be threatening.

Also consider if you don't want to worry about all of this, take a buckler. I'm a big fan of bucklers as you can shoot a bow with one equiped and it leaves your hand free. I took one with my aldori dueling blade as I need my off hand free for my extra bonus

Silver Crusade

Apologies for taking so long to get this posted, work wrecked me last night. Anyways, I present Triaxus, Aasimar Ranger for your approval. Spoilered for length, got a bit carried away:

Triaxus was found as a young boy by a Nikolai Polzin, a traveling merchant from Brevoy in the wrecked remains of a Varisian caravan. A rather superstious man, he saw the boy’s survival as a blessing, and hoping to pick up a bit of the kid’s apparent good luck, Nikolai kept the boy with him, calling him Triaxus after the wandering star. His initial intent was still to drop the boy off at the nearest orphanage to be raised a bit more proper than he could manage on the road, but hearing word that Sczarni were looking for a ‘starchild’ made him think that staying on the road might be safer for the lad.

Triaxus stayed with Nikolai for nearly ten years afterward, his innate sense of direction and talent for path-finding saving Nikolai more than a few miles and on one memorable occasion, escaping a kobold ambush with a well-time burst of radiant light. Unfortunately, their luck didn’t hold out; on the homestretch after a long trip through the River Kingdoms, they were attacked by bandits on the borders of the Stolen Lands. Triaxus was barely alive when a passing group of adventurers intervened, but Nikolai didn’t survive. One of the adventurers, an elf named Arthion, recognized Triaxus’ heritage and took him under his wing as the group made their way back to civilization. Leaving him in the care of an orphanage, he continued on his own journey, but not without counseling Triaxus to find his way through tragedy.

Listening to the tales of the other children in the orphanage, he did. Many of those there were Varisian, like him, and had lost kin and more to those who would prey upon the roads. Triaxus could only imagine how many more were lost along the roads, none to tell of their passing but some brigands boasting over the spoils. Initially, he brought the idea of road patrols to the guard after his friend Jarald had heard him ranting about the subject, but was informed that no such patrol could cover the distances required. Then he remembered the stories told to him by Arthoin, about the places he’d gone and seen, and how glad he was to be hardy enough to make such journeys without fear. The next day, Triaxus dedicated himself at the local shrine to Desna, swearing to make the roads safe for all as he could. At first, there were only a few rough starts, but when he heard tell of a commission to drive out bandits in the Stolen Lands, he immediately packed his belongings and made haste. Where better to start his grand ideal then where it began?

1) Yuhei: A Tien archer I met in Taldor; her defending her carvan from a mad cleric, and me foolishly jumping in way over my head. Hit it off smashingly, even with the occasional interjections of spellfire and goblin knives. Got a good head on her shoulders and a better heart, but is a touch uptight at times.
2) Jarald Stevenson: One of the soldiers at the New Steven’s garrison; his folks have been in -Brevoy’s army since it was run by Choral. Very ‘by-the-book’, but a good guy despite it. Clued me in on the Stolen Lands charter groups, hoping it would get me out of his district for a bit and give him some peace. No appreciation at all, that one.
3) Arthion: Elven devotee of Desna, wisest person I’ve ever met. Saved my life after my second father died, and taught me of the Song of the Spheres. He’s the reason I chose the path I’m on today.


1) Mathias Everglen: A traveling half-elf merchant, old partner of Nikolai's. Apparently promised to keep an eye on me when he’s in the neighborhood. Sells a rice wine that Yuhei pretty fond of.
2) Vask Flamehand: A half-orc spell-slinger that Jarald arrested on cause of ‘public disturbance, property damage and aggressive use of magic within city bounds’. I suggested community services, and one well-roast camp of brigands later, we were partners in, as Jarald put it, ‘well-meaning vigilantism’. Can’t win no matter what you do, eh?
3) Vanessa Kingsley: Taldan consort, bartender, and devotee of the Savored Sting. Don’t ask me about her ‘services’, cause I can’t afford them if I wanted to. But if she doesn’t serve the best elven wines short of Kyonin itself, go ahead and send the stingers at me.


1) Vasile Negrescu: Supposed to be some sort of Sczarni underboss, dealing with slaving and other such unmentionables. Ian always told me to stay well clear of him. Other than the obvious, never said why.
2) Alyssa: Complete lunatic, which runs about par for the course for a follower of Lamastu, I suppose. Fought her when I met Yuhei, when Alyssa had led a goblin attack on her caravan. Barely got out with our lives.
3) Gravius the Blackclawed: Another old friend, that one. Beast of a bugbear that was harassing a village I stayed in for a short time in the River Kingdoms. Couldn’t finish him off, but got him good across the face and right hand. So if you see a bugbear with a stiff upper-lip, tell him Triaxus says hey.


Male Aasimar Ranger 1
CG Medium Outsider (Native)
Init +1; Senses Darkvision (60 feet); Perception +9
AC 15, touch 11, flat-footed 14. . (+4 armor, +1 Dex)
hp 12 (1d10+2)
Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +2
Resist acid 5, cold 5, electricity 5
Spd 20 ft.
Melee Dagger +3 (1d4+2/19-20/x2) and
. . Starknife +3 (1d4+2/20/x3) and
. . Starknife +3 (1d4+2/20/x3) and
. . Unarmed Strike +3 (1d3+2/20/x2)
Spell-Like Abilities Daylight (1/day)
Ranger Spells Known (CL 0, 3 melee touch, 2 ranged touch):
Str 15, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 15, Cha 12
Base Atk +1; CMB +3; CMD 14
Feats Point Blank Shot
Traits Merchant's Child (Katapesh), Pioneer: Perception, Starchild
Skills Acrobatics -2, Appraise +6, Climb -1, Diplomacy +3, Escape Artist -2, Fly -2, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +5, Knowledge (Geography) +5, Knowledge (Nature) +5, Knowledge (Religion) +2, Perception +9, Ride -2, Stealth +2, Survival +6, Swim -1 Modifiers Starchild
Languages Celestial, Common, Draconic
SQ Enemies: Humanoids (Human) (+2 bonus) (Ex), Map Maker's Kit, Track +1, Wild Empathy +2 (Ex)
Combat Gear Chain Shirt, Dagger (6), Starknife, Starknife; Other Gear Backpack, Masterwork (empty), Explorer's outfit, Holy symbol, silver: Desna, Map Maker's Kit, Pathfinder's Kit, Riding Kit, Traveler's outfit (3)
Damage Resistance, Acid (5) You have the specified Damage Resistance against Acid attacks.
Damage Resistance, Cold (5) You have the specified Damage Resistance against Cold attacks.
Damage Resistance, Electricity (5) You have the specified Damage Resistance against Electricity attacks.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Daylight (1/day) (Sp) Daylight once per day.
Enemies: Humanoids (Human) (+2 bonus) (Ex) +2 to rolls vs Humanoids (Human).
Map Maker's Kit +2 Circumstance for Survival to avoid becoming lost.
Point Blank Shot +1 to attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at up to 30 feet.
Starchild +4 survival to avoid becoming lost. Automatically determine north.
Track +1 +1 to survival checks to track.
Wild Empathy +2 (Ex) Improve the attitude of an animal, as if using Diplomacy.

Dotting. Considering a Halfling bard.

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DM where would you put family members in your 3x3x3?

What would you think of a Human psion/Spy

Azure_Zero wrote:


DM where would you put family members in your 3x3x3?

Depends how close you are to them. Would they rush to your side if they knew you were in need of them? Would they give you help on their own time? That should help answer.

@Saxon Harrper
I've always been skeptical of psionics - if you had a good explanation of where the powers came from then I could certainly be convinced.

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dunebugg wrote:
Azure_Zero wrote:


DM where would you put family members in your 3x3x3?

Depends how close you are to them. Would they rush to your side if they knew you were in need of them? Would they give you help on their own time? That should help answer.


I so far have the parents (Deased) and her two siblings (Missing),

I will be on adding other possible NPCs.
Given that I am also running this AP,
I'm may tie the character to some NPCs in the first AP Book so the character is more integrated into the AP.

I assume you want 3 living allies, 3 living acquiantances, and 3 living rivals.
But how would you add the family that is made so far?

Azure_Zero wrote:
dunebugg wrote:
Azure_Zero wrote:


DM where would you put family members in your 3x3x3?

Depends how close you are to them. Would they rush to your side if they knew you were in need of them? Would they give you help on their own time? That should help answer.


I so far have the parents (Deased) and her two siblings (Missing),

I will be on adding other possible NPCs.
Given that I am also running this AP,
I'm may tie the character to some NPCs in the first AP Book so the character is more integrated into the AP.

I assume you want 3 living allies, 3 living acquiantances, and 3 living rivals.
But how would you add the family that is made so far?

Family doesn't necessarily need to be either ally or acquaintance. But like I said, if they were the type that would rush to your side should you need help (my family most certainly wouldn't do that /cry lmao) then list them as an ally. If they are more the kind you keep in touch with via letters, acquaintance would suit better. Hard for me to say where they go without seeing more on the specific personalities. Somebody in this thread even has family listed in enemies!

I also noticed there are a lot of bounty hunters out for the blood of the people in submissions.. this could get fun to play hide and seek :)

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Did not quite answer my question,
as the parents are dead and the siblings are missing.

Ah, you meant deceased. No I would not list deceased parents. Missing could still be either, but likely moreso acquaintances.

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I plan on using this character that did not get in a recent kingmaker recruitment, I'll edit it down the 20-point buy and level 1.

I was thinking for

Oleg Leveton, and
Svetlana Leveton
reason: her family traded with them and she still does every once a year.

the Sootscale kobolds
reason: the kobolds trade a few radishes for a pelt once in a while.

Stag lord Bandits (attacked her family and killed her parents, and she found staglord amulets at the site.)

Jin "The Demon" Awar
Data: LE Male Tiefling(Oni-Spawn) a bounty hunter and mercenary, (will have levels in Ranger, wizard and rogue).
Persona: Greedy, stubborn, prideful, fullfils contracts to the letter, a womaniser, but tends to get more easily conned by women. Prepared combatant, cunning.
Why: He tried to hit on her in the worst way and he ended up with his nuts kicked in and his client saw it, and was then offering her the job of protecting him, and not Jin.

Gunda Farchild
Data: CE Female Tiefling(Demon-Spawn) Barbarian(Brutal Pugilist)
Persona: Prideful, stubborn, lustful, brave, Foolish.
Why: She wants to prove herself better than Bridgette since they fought as kids, also in that she had no family in that she was abandoned in the woods at a young age, where Bridgette had a loving family that was murdered. And Bridgette has the man she love's heart.
She plans to not kill Bridgette, but humiliate Bridgette in a match where Soloman Abia can see her victory.


Chief Sootscale
Why: her family and herself have helped his tribe numerous times,
and wants to repay the debt.
He keeps his current burden a secret for now,
not wanting to increase the debt.

wandering priestess Alkaid
Why: She trained her some more after her parents passing,
and she likes to help her students from time to time.
This is especially true when it comes to redeeming lost sheep.

Soloman Abia
Data: CG Male Human Barbarian(Brutal Pugilist)
Persona: Brave, confident, helpful, wise.
Why: He is in love with her, and her good nature.

I am Gerta Sjodin, Viking Skald and devotee of Desna. I've wandered far from my village near the eastern edge of the Grungir Forest near the border of Irrisen across Avistan to the Kingdom of Brevoy. I've made friends and enemies during my journey and I wish for the story to continue...

Moony’s Family:
All of Moony’s brothers share the same silver hair, horns, and tail that Moony has. As at least a year (possibly longer, depending on how long it seems appropriate for Moony to have lived on the farm for) has passed, these descriptions only reflect their personalities, descriptions, and stuff of this nature at the time Amoonrann last saw them. If they are still alive, they may have changed in any number of ways.

Kyonin – Druid, Neutral Good. Long silver hair, pointed almost Elven ears, and two large horns protrude up and back over the top of his head; relatively bulky build. As Kyonin was the only other Druid of Amoonrann’s brothers, the two of them spent more time together and, consequently, she was closer to him than the others. Kyonin is sweet, innocent. Somewhat naïve. He values life above everything and is loathe to harm another living being even in self defense, or defense of the Green.

Tobias – Ranger, True Neutral. Short silver hair, small pair of horns on his forehead, mildly pointed (half-elvenish) ears; a bulky half-elf build. Tobias is the closest of the brothers to embracing the Druidic philosophy that preserves life above everything else. However, as a Ranger he understands that nature must be kept ‘in check’ as it were. He is ‘an old soul’, wise, and calm. He is slow to act, but acts with precision. He kills when necessary and is pained morally only when his actions are ‘uncalled for’ or ‘unjust.’

Erathos – Ranger, Chaotic Neutral. Short silver hair, moderately sized horns and half-elven ears; human bulk. Erathos is the free spirit of the family. He realizes the importance of ‘the balance’ but he disagrees that anything we do can affect ‘the balance’ in a significant way. The balance always is, it is always maintained. Erathos is rash, charming, and quick both to act and react. He respects life, but holds a life without passion is not worth living. Thus passion can override the right to life in some cases.

Dev – Ranger, Neutral Evil. Short silver hair, with large curved horns that stick out either side of his head, his ears are Elven sized, perhaps a little longer: grotesquely bulky. Dev is ‘the black sheep’ of the family. He more or less accepts his role as a Ranger to protect the balance, but he thinks that to do that, the weak must be eliminated. Dev is cold, calculating, and almost distant. Unlike the rest of his family, he accepts that they are not of this earth and he thinks that instead of living in peace with the natives of this plane, the other weaker natives should be made subservient to their betters – those who are ‘touched by greatness’ (which is his way of saying ‘demon spawn’).


Saxon Harrper

Saxon back story, how he became what his is:

It was a simple game, run and hide will one of them counted to 100, then be found or get the the front wagon before being court, Saxon ran with the other and counted on his turn. The sun was high in the greenbelt, and the wagon trains guards said this part of the road was safe, the sword lords men patrolled it. It was his time to count once more, 98..99.. 100.. He ran past his fathers and brothers wagon looking for Luka and Emiret, Emiret was past old mans Giles Wagon sitting on the burdock.
"wheres Luka, Saxon asked his play mate, "hes behind that tree up front but you will not get him hes to fast" Emiret lied Luka was the other way down in a wagons matting. Saxon ran off to the tree, when he got there of course luka was not to be found. but there was another tree just be hind deep into the woods, could Emiret have meant that one, he headed off to see running fast so he could get back, yes he had been told not to go into the woods but Luka had. He got to the huge tree, running around the back he found nothing but tree. "Luka!! you win come out and lets go back. But luka did not call back, or walk out of his hiding place, what came back was the sound of laughter, lite like sheep bells tinkling, then high pitched voices "what have we here my sister, a man child in our grove, that will not do" then again laughter. "leave him alone, hes lost poor thing and hes from the gray world, who knows what sadnessis his" this was a lighter voice which seemed full of hope. "I say we keep him dear hart, he has passed over and sending him back would not be a kindness, he shall be our pet." this time the lighter was not so nice. Saxon looked around, looking for the way back, it it was not the same, the colors where brighter and hurt his eyes, the trees had moved. Fear came to him then, the old ones of the town told story's of the things in the Stolen lands, things from the world before, it was said if you ever meet one, the fay they said your life that day was coursed, for they where cruel and unkind. They tempted the weak, tricked the greedy and stole away babys to make there own. O gods he had crossed into there lands, what to do what to do, he wanted his Farther or brother, he ran. Around and around he ran but always coming back to the Glade, no matter which way he went, he hart fell even if they where looking for him, he was in the other world and they would never see him again, all the time mocking lighter came from the green. He could cry they may help but some how he felt not, then hope came from inside, saxon was a clever boy, he has always been so, and had for years the nick of a simple magic trick, no fight not cry and thinking was the way out. "Hello he said, I have been looking for you" the lighter mortal why ever would you want to do a thing like that, most keep well away from us. "I was told you like games, they say in the story's you will do any thing for a wager" At 14 Saxon had seen the wagon teams play dice and one night a loader had given him and old set. He tuck them out of his pocket now and rattled them in his hand, do you like liar dice?

Then from no-ware a small figure appeared in front of him, he was dressed in a fine little suit with large hat and golden boots, he was red and green all the colors of the rainbow. "Games above all things we love human boy, explain to me the rules, it bent over and looked at the dice in his hand" Saxon could grab the small man now, but the story's said if you treated them out respect they would get very angry, he held that thought back, if he could play a game and make this fay like him he may let him go. Then next to him a small female fay faded into view, one moment not there the next there. "I must warn you human my brother the prince like games very much but at as much as winning." she walked around and placed her find hand on his arm, then a voice in his said said "Make no movement you can hear me, but I must warn you my brother will do all he can to win, he has upset me of late so I wash to teach him a lesson, that is why you are here, now keep still I am going to change you for ever so you may do this for me" restarted to talk to ask what she meant but she interpreted him "Les human boy DO! tell use how this game gos, my brother loves games" Saxon stopped and looked at her.
that at her brother, what did she mean, "come on the game how dos one play" Saxon then started to tell the fay prince the rules. one role under a cup and then a lie or true about what is under the cup. Wong guess and the payer roles but has to beat hes last role of lie and be found out, again until guest right or wrong, players switch until one play has for true 5 of a kind, it was about chance and lies. they started to play, the price was good he keep the die and rolled but what was more he always seemed to know when Saxon was lying. Then again that voice in his head, the sister was talking to him but with out sound. "he is reading your mind, he can do that you know, not mine of course or this little chat, but when you role and say whats under the cup he peeks into your thoughts and sees what you have. The prince had magical got them a table a cup some fine seats and wine to drink, he know better than to eat any thing offered by the fay.
"but that's cheating" "yes of course it is and unless you win he will keep you here playing until our an old man. But hes in for a shock, As I said I have done a thing to you, it is why you can hear me now, I have opened your mind as some her have the power to do. With that change the When I say I want you to think of a wall, a vast wall that can never be crossed, you have wits use them." with that she spoke with her voice "Brother dear I grow bored with this, let have and end, and go see the pink dragon." "sister dear you will do as I say, you lost the last bet and so you must follow me for a year and a day dear hart." "yes I did lose that bet, why not have another her" "O no you dont I won and untill your time is up I will not give you the change to trick me out of my winnings" "O brother not me, HIM!" he pointed as Saxon "he will bet with you, I would say he would like to go home, and would bet any thing to go" The prince stopped for a moment and looked at Saxon "would you human, would you bet any thing?" the voice came to his head again "say yes"

"yes" he said "I would pet any thing to go home"
The price lighted then "O what a lucky day for me, you see human there is one thing I would have one thing I wish to own but it has to be given I can not take it, I little wish to own a soul"

Saxon looked back, his soul, but with out that he was less than nothing, they said soulless ones find no rest become undead. But if he said now then he would die here, playing dice until old age killed him.
"your freedom for your sole, one throw of the dice one lie."
"no" saxon said "our freedome, mine and your sisters"
The prince look sideways at his sister,
"her why would you care about her?"
Saxon did not think, he just looked at the dice and counted there number
institivey he knew the price would read his mind.
"very well for a wish to know what this thing a soul is, and you have one that you will willingly give to me, I do not know what you are playing her my sister but it will not work, I have placed a magic word around us, and no magic can be cast here now, so boy role and lie"

Saxon to rolled and slammed the cup down, just as he was about to look the sister said quietly "now" in his mind saxon thought of a wall its sides vast and endless its thickness that of a world, made of the hardest stone. Then with out looking at his dice he said "one one" the lowest of the low a call that was a joke. But of you had been cheating by reading the others mind and now you had lost that, then what a lie a truth, 5 dice six sides and any could fall on a one, a truth but if wrong. Some thing was hamming the wall slam, slam, slam, Saxon put all of his thought his will his mind onto the all, flakes fell off but just has fast he added more wall.

The Prince sprang up, "You tricked me!!! your not magic your some thing other, and you!!" he pointed at his sister accusingly "You know you set all this in play to trap me into setting you free, well course you both!" his fingers reached out but nothing happened, his sister smiled "Silly brother, I did no such thing and yo placed a magical ward on use until the end of the game, so spell all you like until you have lost or won nothing will happen." the price raged "arrrr you fox, you cheat, I can not read his mind, so how can I win.." he stopped "I sorry I did not say that, no that would be be fare play" he sat back down. "one one you say. Well that's simple of 5 dice with 6 sides one you have a 1 in 6 change of not having a one yes." he seemed to be adding up numbers in his head. "so your telling the truth you have one one, you may think you have beaten me but I'm still smart as they come."

Saxon let the wall drop, the numbers on the dice came into his mind.
5 5 2 4 6
he did not need to left the cut but did so any way, the moment the he had let the number some the price had belowwed "NOOO!, No no no no, I won I always win, again lets play again best of three"

"dear brother, it seems that you have in fact lost and not only that you let me know you cheated in out last game, I dear brother did you think I would not find out how you had found a way to use a minds power to work gifts like magic, so the magic wards would be useless. Silly brother"

"I can still, rack him with pain, born his skin, smash his bones" the price pointed at Saxon.
"O now not now my magic is back, dear brother, I would not like that, and not now I can do this" The brother held his head "NOOOO the pain stop, stop" she walked up to saxon "I think it is time you headed home human, I think you for your help, and I will let you keep the gift I have given you in awaking your mind" she looked back at her brother rolling on the floor. "and a word of warning, hind your gifts, hid what you have and let others not see them for if they do they will seek to used you and them. now go" with that he was back behind the tree, the world was back as it should, he ran, as fast as his leg would go he ran, they would be miles away by now, it would be night soon and other things lived in the woods, then voices came into his had, he could not make out words but sound of human thought. They where still there, they had not moved more than 100 feet, Luka was calling him, "You lose saxon my go" no time has passed at all. he looked down along the wagon train, tell no one she had said, keep your gifts to yourself. He has seen what others could do if they had power over you. he would do as she said. "yes you win" he ran off to hid.

from that day on Saxon kept his skills away, he said nothing to others about them when ever he used them moved like a magic user saying words and waving his hands. A as he grow he found work with party's heading out into the wilds, looking for the hidden, the body changes, the bandits who would hid in caravans and seek to aid when it was readied.
The he was higher by a young swordlord, negotiations where under way and some one was passing on information, Saxon had found him over dinner, he had asked about the spy and Sir Rigmon Kreen thought of his aid and how he was blackmailing him. Saxon found the aid high in a town, a cage of small homing bats in his hands. The man was found the next day, dead on the cobble stones. So he life has one, where ever danger is and other seek to play the great game so you will find Saxon seeking to play his part, and if any place has a great game then its the stolen lands.



The Princess a fay from the 1st world
Bill Harper his brother
The Iron Fist - A young sword lord Saxon works for from time to time.
(name kept safe)



Luka Broon - a drovers son.
Emiret Yeats a figher of some skill now
Rosorck Smith a Elf a sword lord spy.



The Price: A fay from the 1st world he once tricked
Sir Rigmon: Kreen a now disgraced paladin Saxon exposed.
Rigger Leech: a bandit he exposed and no doing jail time.

Saxon will take levels in rough as well I hope, I know many a GM dos not like them but looking at how munchkin of the pathfinder classes can be made they seem tame now. I do hope you let me have a go with him, I do post a lot which may count as a +
thank you for your time

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