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City of Strangers: The Godsmouth Heresy

Game Master James Keegan

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Male Half Orc Duskwarden 2

Aid another: Disable Device 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27

So close.
While the Sister and the Duskwarden proceed cautiously and with the utmost care, the complexity of the trap trigger continues to vex them.
Try again?

Female Human (Varisian) Paladin 1

Let's try one more time, but I think I'll let Kua take the lead and I'll aid him this time - he's rolled much better than me!

DC 10 Aid Another Disable Device check w/Guidance: 1d20 + 8 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 8 + 1 = 10 - oh man!

Male Human (Tian-Shu) Wizard (Transmuter) 2

Can you take 10 on the Disable Device? We're not rushed, and with the Aid another, maybe that would be enough?

EDIT: oh, just realized you switched who's taking the lead.

Male Half Orc Duskwarden 2

Disable device 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9 Sigh.

Female Human (Varisian) Paladin 1

It'll be really funny if we've survived almost all that the Godsmouth Ossuary has to throw at us - including Tripe - only to be brought down by a swinging glaive trap!

Patience exhausted, Kua rushes to uproot the pesky trap trigger- with dire results. The weapon arcs down, blade shining, and strikes both Kua and Sister Mara with a glancing blow before returning to its place.
Okay, NOW that's three damage. It will be reset in a few seconds.

Female Human (Varisian) Paladin 1

Let's try Yang's idea. Sister Mara will cast Guidance again on herself and Kua, and then she will Take 10 as the primary disabler, which gives her a check of 19. If Kua can make a DC 10 Aid Another, that will add another +2 for a total of 21. Hopefully that's enough! (If it's not, I say we bag this passageway and go somewhere else!)

Male Half Orc Duskwarden 2

Haha, okay here we go. 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23

Female Human (Varisian) Paladin 1


That is - of course - if a total check of 21 is enough to disable the trap...

Taking a deep breath, the two of you try one more time. Very slowly and deliberately, you pull apart the trip wires and filament, working your way cautiously up to the mechanism. Holding your breath, you disconnect the springs and hinges operating the glaive trap, sighing with relief that the thing is permanently dismantled.

Turning the corner, you find another short hallway lined with niches. Where once gems must have glittered in the walls and gold leafing covered the decorated friezes, there are only empty sockets and scraped sculptures. The remains interred are sagged over and dislodged, in some cases nothing but a sagging pile of rags.

Male Half Orc Duskwarden 2

Kua lets out an audible sigh of relief but winces from his wounds. "Does anyone mind if I drink one of these two healing potions?"

Kua is at 10/20 HP. We really should also divide up the load of stuff we've got. It's sorta just floating in limbo right now. Kua is happy to carry anyone elses share if they're near their weight limit.

Male Half Orc Duskwarden 2

For the sake of keeping things moving, I'll assume it's okay and retcon if not. Healing potion: 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9

As we round the corner, "Looks like someone beat us here. Too bad they didn't disable that trap."

Female Human (Varisian) Paladin 1
Kua wrote:

For the sake of keeping things moving, I'll assume it's okay and retcon if not. Healing potion: 1d8+1

As we round the corner, "Looks like someone beat us here. Too bad they didn't disable that trap."

I'm good with Kua using the potion, and agree that we should see about divvying up the treasure we've accumulated so far.

"You're right, Kua," Sister Mara agrees with the Duskwarden's assessment. "The question is whether someone beat us here recently, or in the distant past..." Her voice trails away as she kneels down to study the floor, looking for signs of recent disturbance in any dust that may cover its surface.

Survival check to find tracks: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27 - sure, NOW I roll a 20!

Male Human (Tian-Shu) Wizard (Transmuter) 2

"Perhaps we should revisit those three, yes?"

Sister Mara's thorough investigation leads her to conclude that the tomb was raided long, long ago. No recent footprints or scrapes in the masonry can be found and the bodies seem to have settled for a long time. With thorough examination, the inquisitor comes up with around 50 gp worth of valuable grave goods to compensate slightly for the risk getting into the tomb.

Male Human (Cheliax) Order of the Cockatrice Cavalier (Hound Master) 2

I'm sorry, the thread didn't update and I've missed quite a week's worth of posts..

Male Half Orc Duskwarden 2

Kua shrugs at Sister Mara's findings. "Not a total loss, at least there were no creatures to fight. Alright, only two statues left. On to the next one then."

S2, per Mara's map.

The dusk warden checks the statue thoroughly for traps.
Perception: Take 20 for a total of 29

So I believe Sorshen the Runelord of Lust and either Xanderghul of Pride or Belamarius of Envy are left? I'll have to go through for a look.

Female Human (Varisian) Paladin 1

I think we did Xanderghul and Belmarius (S6 and S7, correct?); I think we have Alaznist (S2) and Sorshen (S3) left to explore. Did Wasp and his companions leave by S2 or S3?

Godsmouth Ossuary Catacombs Map

They left behind Alaznist, where they had explored the passage.

Male Half Orc Duskwarden 2

Does that mean we're done then or do we still have Sorshen (s3)? If so, can we just say Kua searched that statue for traps instead?

Sorshen remains unaccounted. I'll put a post together tonight if you're headed there.

Male Half Orc Duskwarden 2

Sounds good!

Having learned the precautions the Runelords' servants placed on these crypts, your party easily bypasses what wards are remaining to bar your way through to the Crypt of Lust.

While this crypt has the dusty, disused air of the ossuary's other catacombs, the bodies interred within it are remarkably free from the ravages of age and decay. Their burial garments have long since rotted away, but the cadavers look as if they could have been placed in their niches only yesterday. Unfortunately, this amazing effect is somewhat overshadowed by the lewd and graphic positions the bodies have been placed in.
[George Takei]Oh my![/George Takei]

It looks as though many of the Runelord's servants were interred with some attractive jewelry at the least. 400 gp worth of gold can be looted from the bodies- none of it detects as magical.

Male Half Orc Duskwarden 2

Kua looks inspects a golden bangle before tossing it in his bag.

"Well, this is it. We can leave these corpses to their um.. business. Anyone have anything that they want to down here or are we ready to head back up to see the crypt mistress?"

Male Human (Cheliax) Order of the Cockatrice Cavalier (Hound Master) 2

Any where else needs a looksie?

Have we fully explored the catacombs below? How about south of the archives?

Female Human (Varisian) Paladin 1

"Wasp said that his group explored the areas south of the archives, right Kua?" Sister Mara asks, looking at the Duskwarden's map. "Looks like between our two groups this whole Ossuary's been mapped now. I guess we should go back and see the Cryptmistress, give her the map, tell her about Wasp's group, and let her know there are other means of gaining entrance besides their specially locked door." Mara suggests.

Male Human (Tian-Shu) Wizard (Transmuter) 2

"I agree. And maybe try and discover what the orb is and why it is important. Perhaps we can make our own deal?"

Male Half Orc Duskwarden 2

"Wasp's group has cleared that last bit. We could pick over the area, but I doubt we'll find much. Something tells me those three are being thorough in they're searching."

The Duskwarden nods at Yang. "I'm eager to figure out what this or is as well. Topside then?"

Female Human (Varisian) Paladin 1

"Topside it is."

Male Half Orc Duskwarden 2

As the group makes their way back through the ossuary, Kua feels a bit safer making casual conversation knowing the place is pretty much cleared out.

"So Sister, you are a servant of Sarenrae, is that right? And she represents the sun?"

You return through Tripe's secret passage into the upper levels of the catacombs, seeing no need to use up your chime. Winding once more up the cliff face, you return to the Cathedral in Bottoms district. Informing a nearby acolyte of your return, they bid you to wait once more with the statue of St. Feodric. After a short time, the forbidding Cryptsmistress returns.
"Greetings once more; am I to understand the Ossuary is now completely cleared and mapped?"

Male Half Orc Duskwarden 2

"It is fully mapped and all monsters have been taken care of. There is, however, another adventuring party down there. They were able to gain access through the ossuary through the godsmouth itself. We also found several areas that lead further into the undercity." Kua points out on the map.
"My suggestion is to have have the Duskwardens seal these as soon as possible."

Male Human (Cheliax) Order of the Cockatrice Cavalier (Hound Master) 2

I ain't 'ave nothin' to do wit' that other lot. Yer idea of backup eh? Suits yerself but I ain't havin' me reward split up fo' themsakes.

Standing in the cathedral, Auron looks forward to his gains, longing for a long pint at the local ale-house.

The Cryptsmistress' brows knit.
"Who were these other adventurers? What did they want and who sent them? Did they know Tripe or anything about his activities?"

Male Half Orc Duskwarden 2

Kua shakes his head. "Not really sure. Treasure hunters? The leader was an elf named Wasp. The whole place has been pretty cleared out though. They're probably already gone."

Male Human (Tian-Shu) Wizard (Transmuter) 2

"They were looking for a bronze orb of some kind, and asked if we had seen it. They were willing to trade or pay handsomely for it, also. Of course, we told them we had not seen such a thing."

The Cryptsmistress nods.
"Very well. Security shall have to be tightened and I will make certain we contact the Duskwardens and seal or ward the entrances from the Undercity. As for this "Wasp" and his comrades, we will have to make certain they are aware of the Ossuary's private status. The last thing we need are grave robbers after this whole mess."

From a belt around her robes, Valanthe Nerissia pulls a heavy pouch and holds it out to you all.
"Your remaining fee for mapping the complex- 30 platinum coins totaling 300 gold. While we may have had some disagreements on certain matters, you have done the Church a great service and you have my thanks for it, as well as for your discretion."

Male Half Orc Duskwarden 2

Is that 300 total or each?

300 total, as per the original agreement.

Male Half Orc Duskwarden 2

The orc accepts the bag of coins and passes everyone their share. Looks like 75 each unless we're including Uwais.
"Thank you Mistress on behalf of the Duskwardens. This map will be a valuable addition to our collection."

From waist level, Uwais can be heard clearing his throat...
Well, he was on the adventure so I would think he gets a share. Probably won't take a share of treasure, though. While we're winding down, let me know if you're buying anything or selling stuff and if you've got any questions for the Cryptsmistress.

Male Half Orc Duskwarden 2

Oops, sorry friend. Kua hands the halfling his share before giving Waya a scratch behind the ear.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Your long, dark and stuffy days under the Cathedral completed, you take your payment and your leave from Pharasma's faithful. In the lantern-lit Bottoms district, Uwais holds out a small hand.
"Good working with you all.", he says, "Look us up if you're in Bottoms again." With that, the halfling and his she-wolf walk off into the tangled streets and you may all head off in your separate ways.
That will conclude the Godsmouth Heresy. Congratulations on making it all the way through!

Male Human (Cheliax) Order of the Cockatrice Cavalier (Hound Master) 2

Meh..Looks I'se drink in order. Anybody's worth drinking to who'd didn' make it?

Dropping the fat gold coins in his pouch, Auron waves off the halfling and his wolf off. He tips his forehead to the cryptmistress whilst saying,

Think o' any other scraps fo' the doin' an' I'm yer man, m'lady.

He watches Jhaik settle down before moving off to discuss the division of spoils.

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