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City of Strangers (Inactive)

Game Master Nebten

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Hello, everyone and congratulations on being selected for this adventure. If you haven't already, please complete your character sheets using the character creation criteria below.

Character Creation Guidelines

1) 20-Point Buy, 1st Level

2) Choose two traits. You can't have more than one of each type of trait (regional, combat, faith, etc.) 

3) Max HP at first level 

4) Max starting gold for your class

The Plan
As you know, I've taken two groups from the recruitment. This is possibly foolish, but I'm pretty sure I can handle it. That said, we will definitely finish the Godsmouth Heresy module, and then we'll regroup to determine how to move forward. We may merge groups, we may kill one off or we'll continue to tell two separate stories.

How We'll Play 

I like to have fun and err on the side of fun over rules. This is usually in your favor, so if you show creativity, we may be able to avoid a dreaded dice roll (the dice roller on this board often hates my players).

I will roll initiative and use your passive perception for you when necessary. This speeds up the game considerably (so please include your initiative and perception scores high on your character sheet). If you wish to make an active perception check, please state so and roll the dice. If I don't want to use your roll (or if it's stupidly low) I will simply reject it.

When doing a skill check, go ahead and state what skill you're using and roll the dice. Again, I might reject your roll if it is unnecessary, but it speeds thing up if I don't have to ask for it.

The More You Know...
Finally, please let me know what level of knowledge you have of Kaer Maga - namely if you have the "City of Secrets" book. Many of your backstories displayed extensive knowledge of the city, which is awesome, but not required. And if you have the book, it will be much easier for you to picture or know what I'm describing, particularly once the urban portion of the adventure commences.

If you don't have the book, no worries at all. I'll post all relevant maps and do my best to describe the sites and sounds of the fascinating environs. If you have some scratch that's burning a hole in your pocket, I would recommend picking up the book "City of Strangers" because it's a really great guide and such a cool setting.

Let me know if you have any questions and when your character sheet is ready for review.

I'm looking forward to getting started!


Male Cuddly L'il Fuzzy Hamster Psion (Telepath) 20

Sweet! I shall have a more thorough post up when not on my phone.

Looking forward to it!

M Halfling Order of the Dragon Gendarme Cavalier 1

I know little about Kaer Maga, with my knowledge coming primarily from your campaign info blurb and the first City of Strangers PFS mission that I played a little while back and can sort of remember if I squint really hard.

From what I've read, Durnolf would more than likely make his general home amongst the rabble in the Bottoms, while also perhaps frequenting the Oriat, Hospice, and Downmarket districts both for work and play.

I'll work on getting my equipment and Ruckus written up. Did you happen to catch my questions on rules for my mount in the other recruitment thread?

Female Human Wizard8 HP53/53|AC 12T12/FF11|F5R4W8(10Fear) Per+9Init+5

I do have the Kaer Maga. Elizabeth would have good knowledge of her family and their territory but little of the area outside it. Hopefully as she levels up I can toss a few points into Know-Local. Sheet is all ready.

@Durnolf - I did. Regarding HP for your mount, just do max for the first two levels. We'll roll thereafter. Do you have Hero Lab? If so, you can roll up stats for your mount, too. If not, I can roll it up for you, if needed. As for the bonus applying to your mount, I think the answer is no. I'll do some checking, though. Finally, it looks like you've spent one too many points on your abilities.

@Elizabeth - You have one more ability point to spend. And are you buying artisans tools for each crafting skill?

M Halfling Order of the Dragon Gendarme Cavalier 1

Ooh, sorry about the ability scores. Fixed that. I don't have hero lab-he wouldn't just get the standard wolf companion ability scores? Other than that, I figured I'd give him ranks in survival and perception and combat reflexes for his feat. I'll go over tricks to figure those out and I'll plan on finalizing my equipment tomorrow as well.

No worries on the bonus-it wasn't super clear to me so I'd rather clear it up earlier rather than later.

Male Elf Diviner 5 Init +12 | AC 18, T13, FF 15 | HP 33/33 | Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +6 | Longbow +6, 1d8+2 |

Any issues noted with Aldous?

I believe I may have overspent his gp, will do an audit in the am.

Female Human Wizard8 HP53/53|AC 12T12/FF11|F5R4W8(10Fear) Per+9Init+5
GM Idyll wrote:
@Elizabeth - You have one more ability point to spend. And are you buying artisans tools for each crafting skill?

Ok, I will dump it into str

Tools for each skill? Umm I guess I can do that.*changes*

Edit: Actally I dumping it into Con so I can perhaps bump it to 14 when the time comes.

Bought new tools and adjusted money

Super Awesome Vudrani Druid 3
Init +2 Per + 10| AC 14/12/12 HP 26/28 | F +4/R +3/W +7 | CMB +2 CMD 14 | Surge +7 7/7

I picked up the City of Strangers PDF. What a great setting! My character doesn't have the best set up for urban play, but what the heck--flavor is fun.

Garuneh will have settled in among the Cavalcades, unconcerned by the clank of machinery and enjoying the flow of waters. He does not have a very deep knowledge of the town, having arrived a month ago after feeling drawn to the city--are the waters natural or an aberration? He has been tracing the flow of the waters to the amusement of long term residents, and offering up his services as a healer and, oddly enough, plumber, assisting in redirecting water and blasting out clogs with surges of elemental aqueous force.

Question: will Entangle be a useless spell in the streets of Kaer Maga? It's a nice spell when allowed, but if there are no plants around, unusable.

Female Human Wizard8 HP53/53|AC 12T12/FF11|F5R4W8(10Fear) Per+9Init+5

Rather limited I am guessing.

@Durnolf - Can you show how you've spent your gold, please?

@Elizabeth - I'm only showing that you get +3 on stealth, but I'm not sure why. Also, with the current gear, you're at medium encumbrance. I'm fine with your not carrying your artisans tools with you all the time. You would have residence in Kaer Maga. But even with dropping those 15lbs, you're still Medium. You need to drop a total of 19lbs with your current inventory.

@Garuneh - You won't encounter very many plants in the initial module. After that, the number is limited, too. You may want to reconsider that one. Also, the water is a strange combination of natural and unknown.

male Halfling Oracle 3

I have the City of Strangers book. Gunder grew up in the Halfway Houses. But he feels equally at home in all of Kaer Maga's districts, except for Bis (which he avoids because of the Ardoc's ordered and lawful regime) and Widdershins (where he wouldn't be welcome anyway).

My character sheet is ready for review.

@Gunder - I think your sheet looks good.

M Halfling Order of the Dragon Gendarme Cavalier 1

Idyll- as I said, I'll be figuring that out sometime today. I've got some RL stuff that's a bit more pressing at the moment.

Male Elf Diviner 5 Init +12 | AC 18, T13, FF 15 | HP 33/33 | Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +6 | Longbow +6, 1d8+2 |

Perhaps we should discuss just what and who each of us is? What we can contribute to the success of an adventuring party, perhaps?

Allow me to begin, if you please.

My name is Aldous Mor'esti, if you have not heard of me, and I am a purveyor, developer, and investigator of information. A "fixer" to use the current Korvosan idiom.

If you are in need of introductions, directions, maps, or the like, I would be more than happy to point you in the proper direction. For a small, more than reasonable, finder's fee, of course. For my new friends here, however, I will be more than happy to waive such fees. One must begin a new relationship on the right foot, right?

Besides that, I have some skill with the bow and blade. As you can see, however, I am no warrior. My talent lies in the...less mundane world, if you please. Perhaps you need a scroll read or magic item identified?

Let me know if there's anything you see wrong with Aldous, and I will be more than happy to make the changes. I am also happy to consider different spell-loads, and would LOVE to find some new scrolls to add to the old spellbook.

Super Awesome Vudrani Druid 3
Init +2 Per + 10| AC 14/12/12 HP 26/28 | F +4/R +3/W +7 | CMB +2 CMD 14 | Surge +7 7/7

Getting down to Light Encumbrance sucketh with a low Strength! Good luck, Elizabeth.

Garuneh walks to Aldous, clad in a rippling, yet tough, cloak in the style of southern Vudra--green, blue, and brown, yet embroidered with small spots of bright color not immediately discernible. A suit of well worn leather armor obscures his other clothing. He nods at the elf in greeting.

"I am Garuneh, of late, a clearer of clogs in the Cavalcade, of which there are many."

by the way, Aldous, I have Obscuring Mist at CL2, so if you wanted to have a different spell at the ready, we might overlap less...just a thought!

"Looks like I'm the last one to the party."

Super Awesome Vudrani Druid 3
Init +2 Per + 10| AC 14/12/12 HP 26/28 | F +4/R +3/W +7 | CMB +2 CMD 14 | Surge +7 7/7

"Nomoskar, my lady. I am Garuneh, erstwhile plumber of the Cavalcades, and a humble servant of Avistan you would call me a 'druid'."

He turns to the assembled group.

"I have some small talents of healing, and am fairly capable with my tree trimmer (he gestures to his martial scythe), and should the occasion arise, I can let the powers of the world flow through me; water, fire, the spirits of plants and animals. Of course, I am a mere student and have much to learn from the waters and the land."

He bows with hands clasped.

male Halfling Oracle 3

If this conversation we are having right now is already in game, then where exactly are we right now? Some sort of tavern, I assume?

"My name is Gunder - Gunder Undertable. It's really a pleasure getting to know you all!
If you are new in town - let me show you around. I know some of the best places for food, drink and entertainment. And if you ever have any trouble dealing with locals, I can probably help you to set things straight.

I'm not much of a fighter myself - and unfortunately I am not very fast on foot -", gesturing towards his lame leg, "but if you wait up for me I can still be of some assistance in a fight. It's hard to explain how it works - just wait and you will see."

After this short introduction, Gunder turns to each of the assembled people for a quick chat.

To Elizabeth: "Nice to see you are getting out of that stiff district of your brothers, Ms Ardoc. This will certainly be good for you!"

To Durnolf (in Halfling): "Freut mich dich kennen zu lernen. Schön jemanden in meiner Größe hier zu haben! Was führt dich nach Kaer Maga?"
I am going to transcribe Halfling language with German. I hope that is OK with everyone (especially you, Durnolf).

To Aldous: "If it is information you seek, then you came to the right place indeed! Lets have a toast to new friendships (sealed with waived fees)." Adding in a whisper: "But say, do you happen know anything about the void?"

To Garuneh: "Ah, Cavalcade. Thats a nice district. Have you had a chance to go to one of the bathhouses yet? What brings a druid like you to Kaer Maga?"

To Tina: "You are new in Kaer Maga? And you used to work as a barmaid? Are you looking for a job? There's this really nice little tavern in Oriat. I know the owner and I think he is looking for someone right now."

Female Human Wizard8 HP53/53|AC 12T12/FF11|F5R4W8(10Fear) Per+9Init+5

I am not sure why you see only +3 on stealth (I have 1 rank, +2 from DEX and +3 from favored class)

I'll leave 2 sunrods, 2 days of rations and my waterskin at home(4 lbs) so that should get me under.(Gunna be thirsty)

Female Human Wizard8 HP53/53|AC 12T12/FF11|F5R4W8(10Fear) Per+9Init+5

*to everyone

Greetings, I am Elizabeth Ardoc, librarian and aspiring sculpture. I am afriad that my knowledge of this city is a bit limited even though I have lived here my entire live since I have spent most of it in Bis. I have talents with blacksmithing and sculpting, and I have learned of disabling traps. some scouting and communication skills to help us deal with others.

How do you know I worked as a barmaid without looking at my data?

Female Human Wizard8 HP53/53|AC 12T12/FF11|F5R4W8(10Fear) Per+9Init+5

Hmmm Strange..Perhaps he has been stalking you!

male Halfling Oracle 3
Tina Azura Valerius wrote:
How do you know I worked as a barmaid without looking at my data?

Hmm, good question. I should have taken the mind probing revelation - that would have provided a plausible explanation.

I guess I just assumed that you would have mentioned it during smalltalk somewhere that we didn't explicitly play out to speed up roleplaying in a PBP environment.

Or is your former occupation something you'd rather like to keep secret?

In any case, here's a bluff roll to convince you to you that I am not a creepy stalker:
1d20 + 10 ⇒ (9) + 10 = 19

she'll reveal it in chunks and clues as time goes on or if you ask when she is in the right mood or trusts you.

I'll assume then that your character guessed right. Given her peasant clothing (she's not wearing her monk clothes now) and the way she moves through the pub.

Though I don't know if we'll start the game knowing each other from this pub or meet together in the gameplay thread?

male Halfling Oracle 3

We can turn back time and pretend I asked you something else if you prefer.

Good question about whether we are supposed to know each other already. @GM Idyll: Can you clear that up for us?

Yeah, actually, it's intended that most of you don't know each other. It's not a huge deal at all, as you would technically be able to roleplay these interactions at your first meeting - which takes place in the Godsmouth Cathedral, rather than a tavern. We can play that out here, though, and jump straight into the game when everyone's sheet and characters are ready to go.

@Tina - You need to be a lawful alignment. Right now you have NG. And you can't take Weapon Focus at first level as monk, can you?

The Weapon Focus feat yes I can't take it,
but Monk(Martial artist) is the only monk archetype that does not require a lawful alignment.

The first gameplay post is up. Please move all in-character conversation there.

Gameplay Thread

We'll get rolling soon. I may be PM'ing some of you with some special, character-related stuff, so stay tuned for that.

M Halfling Order of the Dragon Gendarme Cavalier 1

Gunder-I'm okay with using German if you're okay with google translate-initiated awkwardness. I don't expect Durnolf to speak in halfling very often though unless the situation truly warrants it. It's impolite and unbecoming of a knight to speak in a language that not everyone can understand :P

Idyll-Finishing up my equipment now and then I'll head into the main thread. Should I just use the standard Wolf companion stats then or did you want me to do something different?

male Halfling Oracle 3

Yes sure. Google translate is fine with me.
You are probably right about having private Halfling chats all the time being impolite towards the big ones, though.

M Halfling Order of the Dragon Gendarme Cavalier 1

Alright, finished up Ruckus, all the stuff Durnolf's carrying as well as what's on Ruckus, and Ruckus's tricks, all of which are on my profile now.

I made the assumption that a medium saddle would weigh half what a large horse saddle does, which may not be correct.

Super Awesome Vudrani Druid 3
Init +2 Per + 10| AC 14/12/12 HP 26/28 | F +4/R +3/W +7 | CMB +2 CMD 14 | Surge +7 7/7

Hey Durnolf--I might have missed something, but I don't think you've chosen your bonus Teamwork Feat. Since we're a big party, we have a few options.

I don't think anyone else has a +1 BAB (darn, I thought Monks had it!), so no Precise Strike. However, Paired Opportunists is pretty good for non-flanking people attacking the same foe, if anyone has a trip build. Coordinated Maneuvers is also good for anyone who wants to do a maneuver (I have Surge which can bull rush and drag pretty nicely), or if you wanna be defensive, Coordinated Defense. Up to you, of course!

I suppose this ties into a larger discussion of marching order, combat formation, etc. :)

M Halfling Order of the Dragon Gendarme Cavalier 1

Gendarme archetype gets bonus mounted combat feats instead of teamwork feats.


Male Cuddly L'il Fuzzy Hamster Psion (Telepath) 20

Hope everyone had a splendid Memorial Day, I know I did!

Geez - you guys are crazy! I step away for a few hours and come back to a full gameplay thread! It's going to be a lot of work to keep up with you, it appears. :)

Super Awesome Vudrani Druid 3
Init +2 Per + 10| AC 14/12/12 HP 26/28 | F +4/R +3/W +7 | CMB +2 CMD 14 | Surge +7 7/7

Slap me and call me Susan!


Male Cuddly L'il Fuzzy Hamster Psion (Telepath) 20

Regarding encumbrance and carrying stuff...

I plan on getting ant haul soon, and will probably be getting floating disk to keep on hand in scroll format, also soon.

Assuming we can complete this job, just getting paid for this one should set us up pretty nicely.

Aldous is fairly free with details on his abilities (and LOVES to show off), so you all should be familiar with what he can and can't cast quickly.

"Given I'm a monk, and I'm not wearing armour, I could carry a few things, though getting muleback cords could help with the carrying problem."

male Halfling Oracle 3

Don't count on me for carrying loot. I am small and weak. The armor I am wearing alone puts me to medium load. But then again I am not slowed down by encumbrance. (Being slowed down by encumbrance is the only penalty for being at medium and high load, right?)

Regarding combat formations: I am pretty much immoblie with a ridiculous speed of 10ft.
My plan for now is to stay wherever I happen to be standing when a fight begins and cast Guidance, Virtue and Cure whenever anyone of you comes to me. And to cast Doom and Interstellar Void on enemies the rest of the time.

Your at medium load so what happens is,
your Max Dex is +3, you gain a -3 check penalty, and lose 5ft of movement.

Female Human Cleric 5,HP 35/35,Init+5F5R3W8,Per9AC18/11/17

Perhaps Tina should carry the halfling on her shoulders Blaster Master style. :)

And let him get a good look at my assets, I think not.

male Halfling Oracle 3

Thanks for the rules info, Tina.
My DEX is +1 only, anyway.
The movement reduction doesn't apply to me because I have the Lame curse.
So the only thing that affects me is the check penalty. But since I am no good at any STR or DEX based skills anyway, I think I can live with that.
Load me up, then!

But then again, I like the idea of riding on your shoulders.
Don't worry, your assets are safe from me. I'm looking for assets in my own size category.

I could carry you in a baby carrier backpack.

male Halfling Oracle 3

Fine with me, as long as it doesn't hinder your martial arts skills.

How much do you weigh?

male Halfling Oracle 3

30 + 2d4 ⇒ 30 + (1, 4) = 35lbs., plus 20lbs. chainmail.

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