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City of Nine Stars -- City of Twilight (Inactive)

Game Master therealthom

Council of Thieves

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Liberty's Edge

Female Human Wilder 5th | AC13 | HP39 | Str 10 | Dex 15 | Con 13 | PP37/37

"Aye, we have plenty of time for dealing with monsters another night. I can manage, Fiosa. I can even make myself stronger now. Still, I think I need that drink."

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 5 (Favoured Class)

Marius hefts up the bulk off thye shadowgarm and lugs it along with him.

"Well, this went well," Raven remarks off-handedly as he walks alongside Felmo. "So... you mentioned drink, preferably wine? Ah, a man that seems to appreciate the finer things in life indeed!"

Felmo shakes his head. "Where I'm taking us, my friend ask for wine and you'll get a vintage vinegar, but the beer is unbelievably good. Best stout in Westcrown."

The halfling leads you only a couple blocks away to a shady basement bar indicated solely by a torch lighting its doorway. "It'll be a tight squeeze for some for you, but I promise it's worth it. "

Felmo draws himself up and opens the door. Inside candles and a round fireplace provide light. A crowd of halflings turns to eye you all sceptically. Felmo shoulders his way forward, "WHAT'S THE MATTER? HAVEN'T YOU SEEN A BUNCH OF SHADOW SLAYERS BEFORE? Dipper, A round for my large friends here. Marius show 'em the body."

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 5 (Favoured Class)

Marius dumps the shadowgarms corpse onto the floor. He pulls a small purse from his belt and tosses it onto the bar.."Beer for the house in celebration of our triumph" he says to the barkeep

Liberty's Edge

Female Human Wilder 5th | AC13 | HP39 | Str 10 | Dex 15 | Con 13 | PP37/37

Waifrin drops into the nearest chair, grateful just to sit down.

Fiosa flinches a bit at the dramatic entrance, but manages a modest smile for the bar's patrons and bows to Felmo's shadowbeast-slaying skills.

Forgot to mention, you medium sized folks will need to stoop. Almost bend over double. The ceiling in here is low even for halflings. And the smoke that drifts just above halfling heads stings your eyes. And look out for the ceiling timbers.

Marius Goddon wrote:
Marius dumps the shadowgarms corpse onto the floor. He pulls a small purse from his belt and tosses it onto the bar.."Beer for the house in celebration of our triumph" he says to the barkeep

The crowd erupts into applause, whether at the sight of the dead garm or the prospect of free beer is unclear.

Felmo winks at Marius and whispers, "When I'm done your money won't be needed here."

"Friends, this morning as Felmo completed his prayers to the Unquenchable Fire, a knock came at his door. The lovely Fiosa, ~he raises her hand and by a twist of the fingers communicates that she should swirl around~ led this cadre~sweeping arm to indicate the remainder of the group~ of adventurers to him with an unusually altruistic proposition...."

Soon he has a mug in hand and is telling the tale of a desperate street fight against darkness in which Felmo's companions, are certainly no less magnificent than himself. As soon as the tale is done however, he sags and retreats with a fresh mug to the corner table that has been cleared for the party.

The corpse is poked and prodded. People want to see what a garm is really like.

There's celebratory singing, high reedy voiced singing, but the low ceiling and close quarters give it a power of its own.

Perception DC 14:
There's a group of three young lads at the bar looking particularly at Fiosa, then back at their drinks and each other with much laughing and backslapping.

The Exchange

F Human Wizard (Conjuror) 5

Perception 1d20 ⇒ 5

Zarabeta finds a place to sit on the floor, preferably against a wall, if she can, and listens and watches quietly, already feeling out of place in these cramped quarters, and not wishing to draw any more attention to herself.

Then a fiddle produces a jig and the dancing starts.

Marius' purse is pressed back into his hand.

Zarabeta may sit anywhere she likes. The current inhabitant of the spot make room gladly.

Another round of drinks.

Perception: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (4) + 13 = 17

Fiosa grimaces at Felmo's elaborate speech and adds, "The grace of Iomedae was with us today, but most importantly we showed the power of the people, working together. We all did our part, although Felmo suffered the most for the cause!"

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 5 (Favoured Class)

The offer was the important thing as far as Marius was concerned

Marius drags the garms corpse out side after a time and stays close to the door squatting to avoid the smoke and the crowds.

Perception1d20 ⇒ 1

Liberty's Edge

Female Human Wilder 5th | AC13 | HP39 | Str 10 | Dex 15 | Con 13 | PP37/37

Perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (18) + 8 = 26

Waifrin takes one drink, but drinks it slowly. It's pretty clear that she is still very weak from the encounter with the shadow-ooze.

Fiosa's speech draws another round of cheers, especially for Felmo.

For those passing the perception 2 posts back:
One of the three lads, squares his shoulders and faces the party. One of his friends slaps him on the back and the other gives him a shove forward. Straightening his jacket his picks his way around the dancers toward Fiosa.

A young male halfling, maybe a dockworker by the cut and rough quality of his clothes, steps diffidently up to Fiosa. He's tall and fair for a halfling and his smile has neither the gaps nor yellow stain coming among the ill-nourished poor. "W ww would you care to d d dance, my lady?

Liberty's Edge

Female Human Wilder 5th | AC13 | HP39 | Str 10 | Dex 15 | Con 13 | PP37/37

Waifrin smiles slightly, watching the exchange.

"Of course, I love to dance!" Fiosa gladly replies. First she divests herself of her weapons and gear, of course.

The Exchange

F Human Wizard (Conjuror) 5

Zarabeta offers to keep an eye on Fiosa's pack and weapons, although she finds the close quarters (and Uqabi's mental nagging for snacks, and pointing out of 'very important' details like 'that one has a very shiny button!') somewhat distracting.

Drink in hand, Raven smiles wholeheartedly at the whole thing, the excitement of the crowd and the singing washing over him. "Ah, is this not fun?" The question is directed at Waifrin as the elf moves to stand -or stoop, as it is- closer to her in order to be heard over the music and the voices. Noticing Fiosa and her admirer, his smile widens, taking a somewhat more mischievous quality.

"And this should be quite interesting indeed," he quips. "Care to wager on whether Fiosa sees this as a mere dance or actually suspects that the young man is rather smitten? Nobody stutters like that when not at least a little bit smitten, you know."

Perception: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (13) + 10 = 23

Liberty's Edge

Female Human Wilder 5th | AC13 | HP39 | Str 10 | Dex 15 | Con 13 | PP37/37

"It's better than many forms of it," Waifrin agrees. "Oh yes, he's got it bad. I see that so many times," she sighs, then smiles. "I hope she lets him down carefully if she doesn't return his feelings."

Gripping her mug in both hands Waifrin takes a sip and sets it down carefully.

"This is just what I needed. I feared that thing would freeze the heart out of me."

Fiosa wrote:
"Of course, I love to dance!" Fiosa gladly replies. First she divests herself of her weapons and gear, of course.

Out to the dance floor. It's really more of a dance serpentine that winds between tables. Lank is an earnest pleasant young fellow. You hardly learn more than his name before his friends are taking advantage of the opportunity to cut in, and then it seems the whole bar wants to dance with their lady hero.

Dancing to dawn unless you guys want to bug out. In any case when Lance manages to cut back in he'll ask if he can call on Fiosa in a day or two.

Liberty's Edge

Female Human Wilder 5th | AC13 | HP39 | Str 10 | Dex 15 | Con 13 | PP37/37

Exhausted sleep trumps dancing in this case for Waifrin.

Not to mentin you;d be doing the limbo all night.

Fiosa dances a few dances, but bows out soon afterwards, pleading that she has a lot of hard work ahead of her.

Stay the night at the tavern, or brave the streets to get back home?

1d6 ⇒ 3

Remember, you've got a corpse to deliver.

Fiosa presumes that everyone else would be more comfortable in a human-sized inn, and she thinks that she'd get a better night's sleep elsewhere as well.

"So, did you let him down gently?" The question is spoken in a soft voice, almost a whisper, and it is directed at Fiosa. A little louder he says to the others, "Are we ready to leave this fine establishment in search of beds a little more our size?"

"Well...I didn't say anything to encourage anyone. I don't think. At any rate, I'm sure people understand that we're busy helping the city, right?" Fiosa looks uncertain, wondering whether she was leading anyone on.

(Lance is willing to let Fiosa go, but he's still wondering if he can call on Fiosa in a day or two.)

Back from Texas.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 5 (Favoured Class)

Marius picks up the garms corpse and waits outside for the others.

Fiosa answers Lance: "As you can see, my friends and I are quite busy looking into the problems that are afflicting the city. To be honest, I don't know when we'll be done. I'm sure I'll see you around town, though!"

Liberty's Edge

Female Human Wilder 5th | AC13 | HP39 | Str 10 | Dex 15 | Con 13 | PP37/37

Waifrin sighs and struggles to her feet to join the others.

Sorry for my absence. Sounds like you guys are headed home for the night. Everyone staying together and going back to the hideout? Individually to your old homes? What about the corpse?

Felmo is staying the night in the bar. He bids you farewell and drop in any time. He promises not to overexert himself until he;s recovered.

The Exchange

F Human Wizard (Conjuror) 5

"We should remain together, whatever we decide. One victory over the shadow creatures does not make the night in this city safe..." Zarabeta cautions.

Uqabi nods his head sagely, as if approving her statement.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 5 (Favoured Class)

Marius dumps the corpse in a has served its purpose

Surprised DM look. Pregnant pause.

Going home -- 1d12 ⇒ 10 1,2 bad

Your luck holds.

As you step out of the tavern, you observe that it has gotten darker outside. Apparently the halflings don't have funds to keep their fires burning all night.

The trip home is uneventful. No sign even of the Dottari.

The Exchange

F Human Wizard (Conjuror) 5

"You do remember that we get paid for those shadowbeast corpses, Marius..." Zarabeta notes as he tosses their reward into a trash heap.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 5 (Favoured Class)

Marius looks at Zara and smiles.."You want to lug 80 pounds of putrefaction through the streets? Besides,we got paid. Let's go home"

The Exchange

F Human Wizard (Conjuror) 5

Zarabeta choses not to disagree with Marius, and holds her tongue.

Feel free to continue that conversation.

Dawn, Rova 12. Marius has an appointment with a smith.

Waifrin has an appointment Rova 14th.

Anyone else, plans for the next day or two?

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 5 (Favoured Class)

The Fighter grins at Zara's obvious attempt to hold her tongue.."A few coins or the gratitude of an entire neighbourhood..what is worth more my lady of spells.

Liberty's Edge

Female Human Wilder 5th | AC13 | HP39 | Str 10 | Dex 15 | Con 13 | PP37/37

Rest and regain strength.

The Exchange

F Human Wizard (Conjuror) 5

Zarabeta hits her old haunts and sees if she can scare up some work, preferably in the lucrative spellcasting services sector. It has occured to her that her studies into the crafting of magical items will do no good if she's got just over 30 gp to her name (and 26 of it came to Westcrown in her pocket...).

Time to build up some capital.

What sort of checks would be needed to attempt to find work? A gather information use of Diplomacy to look for potential clients? If so, and she can Take 10 on such a check, she'll do so for a total result of 20. If she has to roll...

1d20 + 10 ⇒ (5) + 10 = 15

Fiosa will devote her time nursing Waifrin and Felmo, the heroes of the halfling quarter. She also reports the result of the fight to Arael.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 5 (Favoured Class)

Marius sleeps well and in the morning turns up at the smiths bright and early.

Liberty's Edge

Female Human Wilder 5th | AC13 | HP39 | Str 10 | Dex 15 | Con 13 | PP37/37

Waifrin rests as much as she can the following day, knowing she has an appointment to keep on the 14th.

Tried to post twice here yesterday without success. 3rd times the charm?

Except for the sounds of hammers beating metal and the smell of warm steel, 39 Via Banchina seems a normal comfortable villa. You are ushered into a room with cloth of gold drapes, bear hide rugs, soft chairs and divans, and a table with crystal glasses and a matching decanter of wine for a short wait, and then taken to a somewhat more spartan room.

Lorzo Fortuni, a quick, tanned, man, thinner than most smiths, but with remarkably corded forearms revealed by the rolled up sleeves of his white silk shirt, waits in the center of the bare floor.

Fortuni asks about your requirements for the weapons. He asks you to walk, skip, and jump across the room. He asks about your fighting style. Measurements -- length of upper and forearm, of fingers, diameters of same. Assistants pull out dummies for you to attack, while he watches. He asks you to lift a series of weights and goes through the attacks again. Then another series of weights and another series of attacks. Finally, a young man in plate enters and you spar together under Fortuni's watchful eye.

We're talking a couple hours here.

On the 12th you find Felmo sleeping alone in a drunken near coma. He squints hard against the light, and a hand brushes his frowning brow, before he smiles much too brightly and asks how you are doing. He will talk as long as you are with him about whatever you like. He's interested in you, but doesn't pry. Of course he obviously loves to talk about himself. He'll also discourse freely on the weather, shipping, politics, and abysmal new fashions among the longshanks nobility, ....

Arael is glad of fight's outcome and the report. He muses on the possiblity of some sort of alliance with the halfling quarter, "after all many of them have far more reason to be unhappy with Thrune's governement..."

"Come on -- too much drinking is not going to make you recover any faster," Fiosa advises with a playful show at being stern.

Turning serious, she says, "Felmo, if you have a problem of any kind, you know you can always turn to me for help. Those creatures...I've never seen anything like them before. Being swallowed up by one must have been horrible."

Where has the time gone? I am completely sorry.

Felmo chuckles,"Lass, the gods won't let anyone, even Felmo, live forever in the bloom of their strength. They are jealous and petty to squander such splendor."

"As to that shadow stuff, Felmo is not one to quail at the threat of that. I've been swallowed by worse. There was this devilfish in -- I think it was Korvosa -- ....

Old, fading, but still Macho. He is genuinely grateful for Fiosa's interest. And asks if she'll return on the morrow.

Marius returns to the safehouse without incident and without swords. They'll be ready the 14th.

Set, I'll address Zarabeta in my next post.

The background wins! You can trawl the markets, you can sell spells. You've got the experience. You know where to go. You look a little shady, not working out of a shop front, but for someone with connections that's not a problem. So it's probably more up to Zarabeta what kind of job she wants than it is to me. What does she want to try?

Fiosa will come back and visit Felmo each day until his Strength is restored.

Two days' worth of Lesser Restorations for Waifrin and Felmo:
1d4 ⇒ 41d4 ⇒ 11d4 ⇒ 21d4 ⇒ 41d4 ⇒ 31d4 ⇒ 4

That's plenty, I think.

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