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Chronicles of the Silver Rose Company

Game Master Patrick Curtin

This campaign is my attempt to play a canonical Planescape campaign using the updated Pathfinder ruleset. The game actually predates the release of Pathfinder, but we have managed to update as we have needed.

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Guy Humual wrote:
if anyone asks that place was like that when we got there

"Why YES Mr Inter-planar-FBI Agent. It was absolutely like that when we found it!" :D

"Breaking and entering? Theft? Destruction of property?!? Absolutely not! It was unlocked and open when we arrived. Absolutely no breaking was involved!"


Lol. It's a good thing that there is no such governmental body. Else wise your murderhoboitry might get you in trouble

<Wide eyed innocent look from Justin>

"Who?,... US?!?!"

Sovereign Court

Male hu-man Paladin

"We just got here, but there was a clown, and all clowns are evil . . . as is our experiences."

I will be unable to post or very spotty from this Wednesday through Sunday as I am moving. Please DMPC me as needed. Thanks.


Hi everyone

Just an update: my house is going through the sale process right now.

Bad news: along with that and the job most of my free time is spoken for
Good news: Once it is finished, a large time eating segment of my life will be over

Please bear with and I will be posting as I can. Thanks

Good luck Pat,
Hope you get what it's worth! :) (Or more,...)

No worries, I just moved myself and am still settling in.

I moved into my first (and only) purchased home 7 years ago now.

I STILL have not gotten around to unpacking all of the cr@p, I mean STUFF, that I refused to throw away that is still in boxes in the garage. ;P

On the other hand, moving multiple times after Katrina was a WONDERFUL motivator/assistant for getting rid of all of the cr@p that I DID get rid of! :)

Packrats should never marry packrats. It aint pretty.

NO ONE wants to be the one to throw anything away! ;P

We are renting still (can't really settle on where to live but have a few more years till the baby has to start first grade to figure that out) so that is my 6th move in about 10 years.

From one bedroom to now an entire house, I prefer the 1 bedroom moves!

My wife just has samples and product for work whereas I have a library worth of books. Still, you don't realize how much stuff you have till you have to move!


Even if you know you have a lot of stuff, when it's all on shelves or stored properly in boxes it just doesn't seem like too much.

Till you have to move it,... :P

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Male hu-man Paladin

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.

Just FYI
STarting another week long rental for a show (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)
So I will pretty much be unavailable this week. ;P

I should be able to check in once a say, but my posts will be short and tired. :)

See you on the other side of the week!




Just after I posted last my computer got horribly bunged up. I had to summon the fearsome command prompt daemon box to try and fix it*

*Note: IANAITguy

Good news: I fixed it!

I am finding a bit more time, so I am working on things. Hang in there folks!

Lol, That sounds like the last time I tried to get my 'Nice gaming' PC (Nice but cheaper gamer-style PC) to hurry up the infinite reloops of Microsoft updates.

Yeah. You guessed it. Crash central. Stoopid Microsoft.

I'm NOT a IT guy, but did manage to pull my hard drive, connect it to my other PC to transfer all of the important files before doing a clean restart. ;P

WHich leads up to our LATEST round of eternal update-and-restart loops,... :(

Glad your up and running dude, hang in there yourself! :)

We will defeat the evil clown-puppets of doom!

Male Human Scout 6/Barbarian 1/Dervish 2

I run a V20 Dark Ages game here on the Boards. I am looking for a player to fill the 13th character spot, Clan Nosferatu. Anyone interested?

Sovereign Court

Male hu-man Paladin

Oooh Nosferatu is my favorite clan

I am not familiar with that system. :(

Oh wait, is this a new D20 version of Vampire Masquerade?

Never played it, but Ive at least heard of it! :)

Guy Humual wrote:
Oooh Nosferatu is my favorite clan

Finally the Nos get some love on these Boards! Well if you are interested Guy feel free to PM me.

Ragadolf wrote:

I am not familiar with that system. :(

Oh wait, is this a new D20 version of Vampire Masquerade?

Never played it, but Ive at least heard of it! :)

Not quite :-) V20 are the 20th Anniversary Edition rules. Some changes good, some not so good. That system to me is the easiest system to play, in my experience anyway.

Hey all,

Going to take the family on a surprise Vacate this week, (got a gift of a weeks stay in a condo, and enough $$ scraped together to spend a few days in Universal)

See you all when I get back!

Happy Thanksgiving in advance!

Sovereign Court

Male hu-man Paladin

Have a good trip Rags

Male Human Scout 6/Barbarian 1/Dervish 2

Universal is fun for sure.


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