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Chronicles of the Silver Rose Company

Game Master Patrick Curtin

This campaign is my attempt to play a canonical Planescape campaign using the updated Pathfinder ruleset. The game actually predates the release of Pathfinder, but we have managed to update as we have needed.

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Human Wiz 8

Woo hoo! :)

Yeah, our school started like 3 weeks ago.

My boy is in his last year of grade school, (He's feeling pretty big about now) And his sister started High school as a freshman this year. (She's feeling pretty small about now)

Hrm, time to get my wizard on!
IOW, time to buy scrolls and scribe spells! :D

Dark Archive

male human

Hey everyone. Just wanted to say thanks for all the well wishes, and that things are finally starting to get to a new state of "normal" (whatever that is), so give me a few days to catch up on the action and I should have some posts back up for Ekuur by the weekend. We can assume he's been keeping scarce watching over his temple the past day or two ...

Sovereign Court

Male hu-man Paladin

Welcome back Bryan.


Welcome back Bryan. I'm glad to see you back! I had Ekuur at his temple, and we really haven't gone any farther than the morning. If anyone needs anything just list it out.


Ok. Just posting that I am still about, but still pressed for time. I'll keep up as best I can

No worries. All I can deal with is one disaster at a time. ;P

And no, I'm not talking about my last series of dice rolls. ;P

Sorry. RL stuff keeps. On. Coming,... :/

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

Sorry I'm out of the loop: did we level up to 9th or are we still at level 8?

Female Human Cavalier 8 (Order of the Dragon)

Still 8 last I checked.

Dark Archive

male human

I leveled Ekuur up to 9 some time ago; I think it was during the fights against the dragon and fire worm ...

I KNEW I forgot to level up another PC! ;P

Sovereign Court

Male hu-man Paladin

We're level 9 now.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16

Ok well in that case I got some work to do!

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

I'll have Isaac updated tonight and I'll see if I need to purchase anything.

Female Human Cavalier 8 (Order of the Dragon)

Almost done, can I retool to add the Strategist Archetype?


That's fine Rhiannon , go ahead

Guys, an apology. September has been a bad month. I am still picking up pieces, but I hope to be back into gaming fairly soon.

Thanks for thinking of us, but no apologies needed. :)

This month has just been,... weird. :/

Hope everyone is ok, I'll see you all when we get back to normal!
(What IS normal, anyway?!?) ;P

HEy all,
Just FYI, It is now one of my big show weeks. (Week long rental, this time round they are doing R&H Cinderella)

This means that my time is/will be limited. VERY limited.

I should usually be able to check in at least once/day. Probably very early or very late. But if I do not, please forgive me in advance.

Thx, Carry on! :)


OK folks. I have been a bad GM. It has been a very miserable time for me after Labor Day. A lot of things came to a head, and now I find myself without a job (for about four days). Things have been stressful, and with everything going on, I haven't had the time or inclination to play anything. It has been a stressful two months, and again I am sorry I haven't kept up. These next few days I will have time off, a valuable commodity. I am updating everything I can. Stay tuned!

Oh my goodness.
We were lucky then I guess, My wife was out of work for only about 1 day.

I hope things are turning around for the better now! Best wishes as always Pat.

Looking forward eagerly to the next installment of 'What have they gotten themselves into now?!?'

Happy Eat-too-much-and-pass-out-day!

I mean, Happy Thanksgiving! ;P


Hey all.

It that apology time again. I was trying to get on a regular schedule when ..... POW! Real life kicked me in the balls. I am just getting resituated, please bear with. I do apologize, but one of the things that is good with PbP is that if you are patient, it will move forward. Happy Holidays to you all, and I hope all is well

Too true Pat, too true.

At least I'm in good company. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one getting sucker punched by RL. :)

Hope all is well, Happy Holidays to all!

Sovereign Court

Male hu-man Paladin

Mary Christmas for those that celebrate it, happy holidays everyone else.


God Jul everyone!

Merry Christmas to all!

And Happy Holidays to everyone else! ;P

Going out of town to visit Oklahoma family. Will be out for about a week. SHOULD have internet access. TIME is another matter. But I will check in as able. :)

I hope you all are enjoying the holidays as much as I am. (And hopefully you all have more money left over than I do!) ;P


*sigh*. Folks, again a big sorry. As some of you that follow me on FB might know there's been a lot of changes in my life lately. I have been remiss about updating: Mea Culpa. I will endeavor to get to it by tomorrow, but we have yet another Storm brewing. I'm at a new job and times and money are tight. Please bear with, I love GMing this game and my others. I will resume ASAP

All good Pat.
Not exactly burning up the interwebs with my wordy posts either lately. ;P

Just too busy during day, and too tired at night. :/

I dont face book, (I leave that insanity to my wife!) ;P But I hope that the changes are good! Or at least an improvement! :)

Take your time. I think we all agree it's been worth it! :)

Sovereign Court

Male hu-man Paladin

Thankfully most of the nasty storms have missed us, people to the north and south of us have got hit much harder. We'll be here whenever you have free time.

Hey all, Sorry, still busy.

On the plus side, I'm off TODAY at least.


<Beads to the face!>

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

Hey Patrick and crew. I'm really sorry for my absence on and off for so long: to be honest, I'm not on the boards that much anymore- things have just gotten too busy and I'm down to two games (which ultimately was the only reason I was posting at all for a while). At this point, I think I'm going to have to leave the game for good. Haven't been able to keep up while we're on and I don't think anyone should have to wait for me to get my act together in the future.

Thanks very much for having me, Pat, over all these years- you're an excellent DM and it's been a truly excellent experience playing with you all. Thank you!

Hey James,
I'm sorry to hear that.
It has been slow lately, seems everyone is crazy this year.

I'll be sorry to see you go. I wish you and yours the best in everything.

The good news? In our time together I've seen that we are a most re-welcome-you-back-people. :) I hope I get to play with you again sometime.

Female awww, but that would be telling unknown

Sorry to see you go, James.

Female awww, but that would be telling unknown

And I feel like I should apologize for my contribution to the game slowness. Sometimes I just forget to post here. Not exactly a great excuse. :/
Anyhow, I shall endeavor to do better. Pat can't be responsible for all the energy of the game all by himself. I know I tend to burn out fast when dealing with disengaged players. So I will try very hard not to be one anymore. :)

Female awww, but that would be telling unknown

Maybe we should send Isaac to leave a message for th other group? That gets him out of the direct action while Merle, Rhiannon, and Nari go investigate the Borehole.

Sovereign Court

Male hu-man Paladin

I'm sorry to see you go as well James, you really helped flesh out the setting with your planar cant, and I would loved to have played out the Isaac/ Karrin story a bit more. I'd love to have you back one day but take care and happy gaming if we don't.

Heh, Yeah, Isaac rally helped me to get into the game originally, being a very 'Down to Sigil' PC with the Cant and all. Made it very easy to play off of him. :)

And I add my own apologies. I started a few years ago being OVER aggressive with this new (to me) PbP'ing, and I alienated a couple of folks (Unintentionally I swear!) :)
I may have swung a bit too far the OTHER way now, making a couple of posts and waiting for the GM to tell me what to do next. ;P

I am busy (that and being burnt out in RL are my excuses) But I will try to do better at posting as well.
After all, it isn't like my PC's don't usually have SOMETHING to say. ;P

Thanks for all the fun James! Hope to see you back at some point. Best wishes to all!

Female Human Cavalier 8 (Order of the Dragon)

Sorry to see you go James. It was a pleasure.

Dark Archive

male human

Sorry to hear James; it's been great over these past several years. Hope to see you back someday!


James I am sorry to see you go. Issac has been a really great character

And folks, again I am sorry about my lack of posting :/. All I can say is I'm trying to get my stuff together. It's hard. The time I used to have for my PbPs has really been squeezed out, and I rarely Fire up my laptop these days

I am going to carve out the time. I want to move this game forward and there is a lot of fun stuff coming up

Hey Pat, no worries.
We've all been a little busy/stressed/something lately.
I mean, you know, even more than 'normal'. ;P

Jump back when you can, we'll meet you there! :)

And thanks, For everything. Again. ;)

Female Human Cavalier 8 (Order of the Dragon)

Ugh. will try to get a post up soon. With all the time in between I'm feeling very disconnected from Rhiannon, which makes it difficult to post.

I feel you Mark.
Just do your best! :)

I haven't been dedicating nearly enough time to my remaining games. I need to remedy that. ;P

Just so tired of being busy,... and tired,... ;)


Yeah. Tired and busy is a bad combination. I have also not felt a lot of creative flow. I have always been a free form GM. The downside of this is there is a lot of prep involved. When I started my first PbPs I had a job that allowed me a lot of time to brainstorm and prep maps. Now I don't have that luxury. That and the demands of life in general really make it hard sometime.

However I love this game and my others. My pledge is I will keep plugging as long as people want to play.

Heh, I'll keep playing if you'll keep plugging! :)

Yeah, RL has gotten hectic for everyone lately. I myself am closer to bankruptcy than ever in my life. It is stressful, maddening, and totally non-conducive to writing chuckle-worthy posts as I am fond of (trying) to do. :)

The plus side is PbP is still the easiest,(cheapest) and funnest ways of dealing with those issues. Catch-22. ;P

Female awww, but that would be telling unknown

Apologies for slow posting on my part this week. I will catch up when I can. My grandfather passed away this weekend and I've been trying to deal with that and the ensuing family drama. (I just want to know when the funeral is scheduled,'s not that difficult of a question....). So please be patient with me. Thanks.

Dark Archive

male human

Very sorry to hear of your loss, Lynora.

Female Human Cavalier 8 (Order of the Dragon)

Sorry to hear that Lynora, I hope his memory can be a blessing to you.

Sovereign Court

Male hu-man Paladin

I'm sorry for your loss as well. I was very close to my grandfather and was lucky to have many great memories. His passing brought my mother and aunt closer together then they had been in the past. Try to share your memories while your family is gathered as remembering is how we keep our loved ones alive.


My condolences Lynora. I hope everything smooths out. It's a hard time to go through.

I'm certain we can pick up as we go.

Sympathies Lynora.
Too much of that going on in and around my family lately. I completely understand. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

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