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Chronicles of the Silver Rose Company

Game Master Patrick Curtin

This campaign is my attempt to play a canonical Planescape campaign using the updated Pathfinder ruleset. The game actually predates the release of Pathfinder, but we have managed to update as we have needed.

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I am now loading /teching/stage managing the latest youth theater show to cross my stage (Les Mis) also during university finals week.

Access to pc- Small
Time to access- Nil
Look on my face when this show is over- Priceless

Sorry in advance, will catch up when I can, but I figure this is a 2-day lighting programming show, plus the evening rehearsals.

Thanks all, Have a good week!




It will gladden your heart that I am slowly making my way through the Harry Dresden novels. Sigil will be a much more interesting place for Justin nowthat I have an idea how some of your contacts and adversaries work in the books ;)

Vunderbar! :)

Although you were doing just fine before you read them.

Ok,... now I'm a little nervous for our would-be master magus. :/

Hope your enjoying them. I actually plowed through the entire series again to prep for the last new book. It's amazing how many little details he worked in that you find reading them the second time, because you know where it is going, you can find the clues he gave you! :)

Hrm, time permitting, I might just have to do that again to prep for the NEXT book. :)

Enjoy! :D

As we noted in a conversation many moons ago, the second book (I think?) is probably the worst of the series. It has important clues that tie into the series later, but as a work of fiction it is almost as if the publishers insisted on dictating his writing style. Fortunately he fixed that and has sailed smooth ever since.

IMHO, of course.



I did find it entertaining that Dresden was offered a position by Marconi just as Justin was by Macaroni. Great plotters think alike.

Heheh, Yep.
That's one reason I thought you had already read the books.

Just FYI,
(Copy paste across all my PbP's) ;)

I will be out of town for over a week. And then going to have another (minor) surgery the week after.

I should have internet access next week, but will be limited on time. Will post as I can.

Thanks! And have a great week!


Still on break, will post as able.
Nice RP job guys! :D

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Recovering from surgery. Doing alright as long as the pain meds are kicked in.

If I NEVER have another surgery, it will be too soon! ;)



Glad all is well Rags.

Everyone: I am growing more and more disenfranchised with Paizo, since the Kickstarter debacle I am living through. I am about to cut my subscriptions and leave this place for good. How would everyone feel if I ported this game to another message board?


I'll be honest I dont have any intrest going to another message board.



Yeah. I kinda figured that would be the prevailing sentiment. I am so pissed at paizo right now I really just don't want to be here anymore



Well, I'll try to figure out my next move this weekend. I try not to make snap descisions, and my Irish is up right now.

Peace friends

Female awww, but that would be telling unknown

I'm not sure that I would be able to keep up with the game on another message board. I love the game, but like most people have limited time. And thanks to my Avalon game I spend that time on this site, running that game. It's easy to check on this game while it's here, but if it were on a different site I'm not sure how well I'd remember to check it regularly.


If it's about the kickstarter well I hold Goblinworks and more specificly Ryan dancy accountable for that rather than Paizo.

(Seriously moment I knew he was involved I had a feeling it will be a disaster why I only put in money for the Emerald spire and thornkeep Pdf's)



Yep. I might have to let it go fallow. It's had a good run. But, maybe after the weekend I'll have some time to think things through



Kevin, for all they want to call it separate, they are intertwined. Each one is pointing at the other. None of them are helping me. I don't put up with this s~#% at restaurants or grocery stores, I sure as hell wont put up with it with a company I've done thousands (yes literally thousands) of dollars of business with.

Wow. I'm not sure what happened, but it obviously wasn't good.

Sorry they obviously failed you Pat.

I Personally would love to keep this game going. I'm having fun. If that meant following you to another board I wouldn't be against it. I'm just so limited on my personal time that I didn't even know there were other boards out there doing Pbp's! :)

(Yes. I really need to get out more.) ;P

Well, my mother always said to think about it first. (I'm a bit temperamental. My snap decisions are usually not my best ones) ;)

Seriously, take your time Pat. Whatever you decide, whether this game keeps going here, somewhere else, or retires, after all we have seen and been through (digitally) together, I hope we can remain text/email/etc friends. You and few others on this board are my best friends since my few college friends. :)

Have a good weekend all,

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