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Chronicles of the Silver Rose Company

Game Master Patrick Curtin

This campaign is my attempt to play a canonical Planescape campaign using the updated Pathfinder ruleset. The game actually predates the release of Pathfinder, but we have managed to update as we have needed.

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Karrin's stealing Justin's schtick! ;P

(OK, only in my mind is Justin witty and clever. It's not MY fault that Guy is a better writer than me!) ;)

<sigh> I love this group. :)

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male human

Quick question for the more rules-savvy folks: spells such as magic vestment and greater magic weapon do NOT stack with an existing magical enhancement bonus, correct? In other words, if Ekuur memorized magic vestment (+2 bonus at CL 10) and cast it on his +3 half-plate, it would have no effect, right?

Correct. Both bonuses would be enhancement bonuses.

Yes indeed, bonuses only stack if they have different NAMES (UNnamed bonuses stack with anything, but they are far and few between)

So, (Making up a cheesy example here) IF you had magic armor +1, (Enhancement bonus +1)
ANd you cast 3 spells, each of which gave you a +1 bonus, but were all enhancement bonuses, they would NOT stack,
But if each spell gave you a different bonus, (+1 Natural armor, +1 SHield, +1 Dodge) then they would stack.

Note- Even if a spells BONUSES do not stack with your current gear, any OTHER effect they have other than the actual +# bonus still take effect.

A Shield spell will not stack its numerical bonus on top of your actual shield you are using, BUT it's 'negates magic missiles' power still works fine. Etc.

EDIT- Sorry, was ninja'ed by Philo almost an hour ago, but hadn't hit update my web page before answering! :)

Dark Archive

male human

That's what I thought. Thanks!

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