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Chronicles of the Silver Rose Company

Game Master Patrick Curtin

This campaign is my attempt to play a canonical Planescape campaign using the updated Pathfinder ruleset. The game actually predates the release of Pathfinder, but we have managed to update as we have needed.

Once upon a time in an impossible city, there was an unlikely group of heroes ....

Sigil is the Hub of the Multiverse. Everyone who is anyone comes here eventually. All roads lead to the Cage as they say. When you have a city stuffed full of powerful bloods, you're gonna get conflict. Thing is, you can't just bull your way through your problems like some Prime warlord. Or at least you can't and expect to stay out of the dead book.

Sometimes, when the high-ups come to a disagreement, they need someone to help them straighten it out. Sometimes, when a mystery remains stubbornly unsolved, you need some canny coves to bend their brain-boxes to solving it. Sometimes, when justice seems out of reach for the weak and helpless, you need a group who will right the wrongs.

That's where the Silver Rose comes in:

Mercenaries, heroes, detectives. They wear many hats in the City of a Million Smokes. Soft-hearted yet deadly, this group of misfit heroes have infiltrated the Mortuary, crashed Quake Lavender's moving Xaositect rave at the heart of the Hive, and ridden a tower with four chicken legs.

Currently, they now explore a forbidding fortress secreted in the depths of the Negative Energy Plane...

Relevant Links:

Intro to mystery temple

Mortuary/Plane of Fire fight

Leaf Ghost fight

Khaasta Tower Fight

Entering Crux

Traversing Ranaïs

The planting of Lauralia

Inspirational illustrations

Sigil from the outside

Sigil street scene

Harmonium Ranks (with US ARMY equivalents for comparison):

Notary 1 = Private
Notary 2 = PFC
Notary 3 = Corporal
Notary 4 = Sergeant
Notary 5 = Platoon Sergeant

Measure 1 = 2nd Lieutenant or Master Sergeant (for those who didn't attend OCS at Melodia and advanced later in life)
Measure 2 = 1st Lieutenant/ Sergeant Major
Measure 3 = Captain
Measure 4 = Major
Measure 5 = Lt Colonel

Mover 1 = Colonel
Mover 2 = Brigadier (*) General
Mover 3 = Major (**) General
Mover 4 = Lieutenant (***) General
Mover 5 = [Full] (****) General

Composer = (*****) General of the Army

Timekeeping in Sigil: Sigil has no sun, but her sky lightens and darkens on a 12-hour rotation. The light is weak, those creatures who have a distaste for sunlight only need worry from 10am-2pm (2BP-2AP). The hours of the day are broken into four sections:

    Before Peak (BP)
  • After Peak (AP)
  • Before Antipeak (BAP)
  • After Antipeak (AAP)

Peak is high noon. Antipeak is Midnight. Note that in normal parlance 'Peak' also stands in for 'Day' and 'Antipeak' stands in for night, adding to all the confusion =)

12am-1am: Antipeak/ 1 AAP
1am-2am: 2 AAP
2am-3am: 3 AAP
3am-4am: 4 AAP
4am-5am: 5 AAP
5am-6am: 6 AAP
6am-7am: 6 BP
7am-8am: 5 BP
8am-9am: 4 BP
9am-10am: 3 BP
10am-11am: 2 BP
11am-12pm: 1 BP
12pm-1pm: Peak/ 1 AP
1pm-2pm: 2 AP
2pm-3pm: 3 AP
3pm-4pm: 4 AP
4pm-5pm: 5 AP
5pm-6pm: 6 AP
6pm-7pm: 6 BAP
7pm-8pm: 5 BAP
8pm-9pm: 4 BAP
9pm-10pm: 3 BAP
10pm-11pm: 2 BAP
11pm-12am: 1 BAP

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