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Current MAP

temple map ground floor

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"It doesn't look or sound like there is anyone inside," Carth stated, "Although, I don't think this is any ordinary fire. It sounds... wrong."

He paused for a moment before continuing,
"However, a weird sounding fire is still a fire, hopefully. It seems to be only on the first floor, so if we can put it out quickly we might be able to stop the fire from spreading, and perhaps find out what started it."

"Anybody got a way to put out a fire?" he asked everyone before turning to Argius, "Is there a lake or a river or some other sizeable body of water close by?"

"Why wouldn't the town help? They stand to lose quite a lot if this gets out of hand." Galacia takes note of the man's tone, folding her arms before addressing him again. "What aren't you telling us Argius?"

Just in case...Sense Motive: 1d20 ⇒ 17

Argius goes to answer you Carth but waits to listen to the fire, "Odd is definitly the word." He then turns back to answer. There is a river it cuts through the forest there" Argius points towards the forest to the east of where you are stood. "It is the same one that runs through the town."

Galacia on your sense motive:
He is not lying as far as you can tell. His anger seems to be that of some one that always gets told problems by those not willing to solve them. He seems to hold a grudge against the towns folk.

Archaouess seeing the fire is smoking more towards the back makes his way closer to it looking for anything suspicious. Strange most fires will smoke from anywhere not in one particular spot

"Hey I mightve found something.

"Argius, do you think you could at least some of the townsfolk to help put this fire out with the river?" Carth asked, "If this spreads to the forest, we'll lose control of the fire."

He then glanced over to Archaouss,
"What is it?"

"Its not to say im experienced with starting fires or nothing but isn't it odd how the smoke just seems to be coming from one spot?" Archaouess says squinting his elven eyes at the fire to reduce the brightness.

Carth nodded in agreement,
"It is quite odd. It could be where the fire started, or it could mean something completely different. Either way, it could do with being investigated."

Male Human

Well sitting around here isn't going to get the investigation started any sooner. Lets get going and look into this place already. The mill is damned close to the forest, and if that goes up in flames then the whole damned town will be in trouble. Dampen your clothes as best as you can so you wont burn so easy, and then lets get on with it.

Elon will follow his own advice, making sure that he is soaking wet before walking as best as he can through the smoke etc to take a look inside the building.

The river is a short way into the forest. you can see it from the forest edge it is not far. Who is following Elon?

"I doubt it, Mr Mirran, any who would be willing to help would of already arrived by this point and my men are helping the wounded and keeping order, I could try but I fear I would come back alone."

He turns to the group, "Forgive my defeatism but the town will not be harmed if the forest sets alight. It is no trouble to them as the river separates it from the town and no one uses resources from the forest, no one. Short minded fools that they are."

Galacia looks over Elon's soaked body, a look of amusement on her face. "While I admire your spirit, I don't think I'll be joining your little investigation. Why should we risk ourselves for a building that no one cares about?" She makes a motion back to the town. "Their mill. Their problem."

Female Dwarf Bard (archaeologist) 1, Initiative +2, Perception +6, Hit Points 9/9

Elon, you are completely and utterly insane. pause... I like that about you.

I run into the river, do a twirl and run back out again sopping wet.

As I near the mill again, I call to Galacia:
The mill may be abandoned but most people are too busy dealing with the attack upon the town. We don't own property there, we're the ones who are free to check this out. Plus, someone said this might be connected to the orbs... and finding out about them is exactly what we're here for.

I tie a sopping scarf around my mouth and head for the back of the mill, lookign for an entrance.

who followed Elon into the forest?and who didn't? other than Velana who I know did and Galacia who is currently heading back to town.

Archaouess squats down on his haunches and watches the group and watches bemusedly as two of the party go to take a quick bath.

"I believe I shall stay out here. No that getting burned doesnt sound utterly enthralling."

I didn't head back to town by the way. I'm just doing the same thing as Archie, watching the crazy ones go inside. =P

Those in the forest/river please roll me perception with a +2 bonus, those outside the forest/river please roll normal perception checks.

Elon and Velana you have not left the forest area yet.

Male Human

Perception 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27

Elon looks around as he heads back. Noticing that some of the newer people had not followed his lead, he heads around in any case, looking still for a normal not burning too much entrance that he can dive in through

Elon, I will keep the roll you have but just for future reference and so people know, if I give you bonus's or negatives to rolls please put them separately, I.e. 1d20 + (your mod) + (bonus). It is simply DM preference. thank you.

Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (14) + 5 = 19

Choosing to not waste any time heading to the river and back, Carth headed round to where most of the smoke seems to have been coming from to see if there was a relativly safe way to enter the building.

Alch 2|| HP 13/18|| AC 15 FFAC 13 TAC 13 || FRW 4, 5, 1||

Not much point in breaking into a burning building if'n no one is in there to be saved. Not much of a fan of saving a building for a town that ain't none too concerned about it neither but if it is connected to the orbs we'd best get about putting out that fire I suppose.

Uh I ddont know what I should roll so I will roll normally and if I was supposed to get the plus 2 let me know heh

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11 head wound again...yeah...

Where you in the forrest area or the river archaouss? If not roll normally as you have done. It is up to you where your character would be. to be in the forest you would have to move from the road area like Velana and Elon did.

AC 17, FF 16, TAC 11 // HP 13 //F 4 R 1 W 0// Per:0 //Init: 3

Krallek follows Elon into the water and back to the building.

cool Krallek, roll me your perception with a +2

Perception: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 2 = 20

Staying out of the forest unless everyone else goes. Still not getting wet and running into a burning building though. =P

Male Human

If you aren't going into the forest then you shouldn't be using the +2 option I am afraid.

Female Dwarf Bard (archaeologist) 1, Initiative +2, Perception +6, Hit Points 9/9

perception: 1d20 + 6 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 6 + 2 = 23

As you step towards the river and from it, you see a set of foot prints in the soft mud, big, easily twice/three times as big as your own. They are deep set. The curiosity of it is, that is is a shoe print, not feet, no toes, clear crisp shoe outlines. Heading towards the edge of the forest towards the mill. Though you do not see them on the other side of the river. Now that you have seen them clearly in the soft mud you can see them on the hard ground of the road heading towards and from the mill. No where near as pronounced but they are there. You also notice that the rumbling roar from the direction of the mill is most definitely a living thing.

The rumbling roar from the direction of the mill is most definitely a living thing. The smoke seems to be billowing in time to the roars.

Archaouss again the bang on the head is really distracting you at the moment. Galcia I removed the bonus from your roll (so you got a 16) as you had to be in forest or river to get the bonus. so I'm afraid your roll like Archaouss's was not enough to notice anything new.

Male Human

If this thing is as large as it is, and has gone to the mill, then this is not somewhere that we wish to be. Not now. Graves needs to know about this, and soon!

Elon will deviate strongly from the mill, and despite being soaked to the skin, will grab his equipment back and then RUN (160 feet per round) back to town to warn them. If the others follow then great, but he is unnerved by this, and wants to be well away, so will not take his time.

There is now a map at the top of the page, it is not to scale and don't worry it is not a battle map, lol. just to give you an idea of the layout as a few of my players are mixed up on directions. that link will always go to the most recent map.

While he headed around to where the smoke was, Carth noticed a weird connection between the roaring of the fire and the billowing of the smoke. Realising that there is something alive (just not human) in the mill, he withdrew his crossbow and cautiously continued to head towards the smoke.

I cant find the map :'(|


Galacia raises an eyebrow as Elon goes streaking by her, despite his soaked clothes and gear. "Well, there goes our hero." The girl smiles over at Archaouss, the only other person with any sense. That's when she notices Carth pulling out his crossbow as he made his way toward the mill. "Wait. What's going on?" Seeing someone draw their weapons unnerves her a bit and a hint of worry can be heard in her voice.

The +2 was from my normal perception bonus by the way. I don't get +bajillion on my perception like the rest of you so leave my tiny bonus alone.

you added +2 twice. I just minused one of them. left the other one added/

IGNORE MY LAST POST GALACIA, HAVING AN OFF DAY YOU DIDNT ADD IT TWICE LOL MY MISTAKE! SORRY. feel free to read Carths spoiler That what your character notices. that is what I get for reading things after 4 hours sleep lol

As you get closer to the smoke (Carth and anyone else who approaches) it become more and more difficult to see, with a bit of struggle you can find the main door. which is not on fire or as hot as some parts of the building. The smoke is not at it's thickest here but enough to reduce vision. Through what you think is a window you are sure you see a large, hulking silhouette moving away from you. as the creature turns you see a flash of blue light. Argius immediately reacts to it.

"Was that blue? dam it, an orb is there." as he approaches the door it splinters open and a wall of hot air almost knocks you flying. Argius stays upright with no issue.

Keeping his footing, Carth moves to positions himself between Argius and the door.
"Not saying you can't handle yourself Argius," Carth said, "But i think I could take a hit better than you."

"So, mysterious weird creature inside a burning building with one of the orbs," Carth muttered, more to himself than anyone else in paticular, "Well, at least I can safely say it's gonna be interesting."

AC 17, FF 16, TAC 11 // HP 13 //F 4 R 1 W 0// Per:0 //Init: 3

Perception 1d20 ⇒ 16

And for the record, Krallek is completely baffled by Elons apparent about face.

Archaouess chuckles rubbing his head looking at Galacia out of the corner of his eye when she gives her comment on Elon. He didn't hold too much of a grudge against her about her orc friend bashing in his head and maybe he could get over it if she kept up this up.

However when he also sees Carth pulling out his weapons Archaouss growls pulling out one of his many daggers. "I knew this was too easy. Come on girl the others might need our help."

You went into the forest so you do get +2 so 18 all together. As you step towards the river and from it, you see a set of foot prints in the soft mud, big, easily twice/three times as big as your own. The curiosity of it is, that it is a shoe print, not feet, no toes, clear crisp shoe outlines. Heading towards the edge of the forest towards the mill.

As the door splinters and the wall of heat hits you,the smoke around you momentarily clears. You see no sign of the large silhouette, though another blue flash occurs deeper in the building. You don't see as much fire as you expect for the amount of smoke around, though you can still see the flustering red heat of destruction from inside.

Argius allows Carth to pass in front of him.

Anyone joining Carth?

Kinda my intention but unknown distance between getting there and such :) If I see a collossal red dragon step out Im booking it lol

We aren't in combat so if you want to say you are there then you are there. hehe , only red ones? lol

Green, white, gold, silver,black, purple, pink, rainbow!

Also we can probably say Archaouess is very near if not at least 5 feet away from Carth incase of any nasty surprises were to hit our hero lol

Galacia's shoulders slump when Archaouss asks for her to follow him. It's plain to see she didn't like the idea of going in the building. Still, she wanted to remain on Mr. Graves' good side so she follows the elf anyway, crossbow in hand.

When the pair get close to the building, she stops to load the crossbow, fumbling with it a bit before getting it properly loaded. "So umm...bad timing but I've never really uh...fired this thing before." Galacia gives a nervous smile that makes it all too obvious she's being sincere.

Following Archaouss and Carth inside, even though I hate it. Running from any dragons as well.

The pale elf smiles "The bolt with the pointy end is aimed at the target, prefereably not me, and shot by squeezing the trigger."

"At least one orb is in there."

Argius turns to those there. "It must not be destroyed here today"

He brandishes his own weapon. A extremely large and heavy looking hammer. almost dwarfing him as he holds it.

He steps forward motioning to go inside.

Elon, you would of reached the outskirts of town by now, What is it you will do next?

Male Human

I will basically try and find the guards and warn them of the danger before going back to the mill


The first people you come across are purple cloaks from the temple. They are ushering scared or injured people in to the temple or the Judges Ruin.

Male Human

Elon will rush to one of the Purple Cloaks who seems to be in charge and then tell them the news about the fire in the mill. Request that all able bodied people bring fire fighting equipment so that they might be able to help out, and then dash at his best pace back to the mill to help out, assuming that the townspeople know where their own mill is.

Carth smirked as he heard Galacia's comment about the crossbow before entering the building cautiously, scanning the first room with his crossbow and checking for traps, people and other nasty surprises.

Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15 (checking for nasty surprises and such)

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